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¥e can find very little on this church organization. An item of January, 1891, notes that Dr. Jewell and M. J. Carter, the trustees of the M. E. Church, have made arrangements to allow use of the church building for services of the German Lutherans on every third Sunday. An article published in the winter of 1894 notes that the German E. L. Church of St. John was incorporated in Ossian by the following members: Frank Frantzen, Henry Breitspecher, Louis Schweinifus, Henry Behrens, Henry Scheve and Charles Grnipp (sic) . A professional card in a November, 1903» edition reads: "German Lutheran Church Services at call—Rev. G. Blessen, pastor."


We are limiting our coverage of this federal count to Ossian businessmen plus the names of farmers that are reconizable in later periods of the town's history.

Wm. JonesdruggistWales
A. H. DanielscarpenterN. Y.
John B. Allenproduce dealerN. Y.
H. MoephysicianN. Y.
F. D. StotttinsmithN. Y.
R. W. WhaplescarpenterOhio
Ettie ChapelmillinerIllinois
Engle HansonsaloonkeeperNorway
Edgar Johnsonstation agentN. Y.
Manley RowleymerchantVermont
W. W. Stowproduce dealerOhio
P. H. Millsproduce dealerN. Y.
N. A. DrakephysicianOhio
Nils TasselandwatchmakerNorway
F . E. WolfeclergymanKentucky
Hanna PorterschoolteacherIndiana
F. M. RowleymerchantVermont
James HenrypainterN. Jersey
Robert SmallphysicianIowa
Bradford FreemanblacksmithN. Y.
James HampsoncabinetmakerEngland
James MalloysaloonkeeperIreland
Nicholas MiltertshoemakerHesse
J. J. SchmittcooperPrussia
Wm. E. EdgardruggistPenn.
M. H. Stowellinsurance agentPenn.
0 . G. Blodgetwheat buyerWisconsin
Geo. McWilliamwheat buyerN. Y.
Andrew Johnsonwagon makerNova Scotia
J. E. JordanhotelkeeperPenn.
Aaron SpikeblacksmithCanada
Josephine LedgerschoolteacherOhio
Hiram ScottcarpenterOhio
T . H . WictorsaloonkeeperLuxenberg
Conrad HelvigsaloonkeeperPrussia
Herman Henningwagon makerPrussia
James Johnsonwagon makerPrussia
Charles HoehnblacksmithPrussia
James KennedyhotelkeeperPenn.
Charles B. CornelllaborerN. Y.
C . E. BrooksfarmerN. Y.
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