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The Rowley Bros, are preparing for a large trade this fall. Their stocks are already extensive, but they propose not to be outdone either in variety or price.

Schmitz & Wictor have opened a new store, and they are young men of energy and good business qualifications.

L. Freeman keeps up with the times in keeping his store well stocked with goods and giving the people good bargains.

The prescription department of Tom McMurtrie's drug store is deserving of mention. It is the finest arranged we have seen in this part of the country; the whole store is a credit to Tom and the enterprising village in which it is situated."

An Independence Day celebration was held at Ossian on July 4, I869. The following citizens were appointed committee members by chairman John DeCow: Finance--J. Fisher, J. L. Pennington, W. W. Stow, W. Dow, Q. B. Robertson, P. Hustad and G. L. Faust; Program—G. L. Faust, D. Campbell, and G. E. Brooks; Arrangements—John DeCow, G. E. Brooks, A. Patterson, B. Bort, D. Rosa, P. Husted, J. Cameron, N. Sawyer, D. Clark, Dr. N. A. Drake, U. Johnson and J. Malloy.

C. E. Brooks was elected President of the Day; the Rev. Adams, Orator; G. L.Faust was selected to read the Declaration of Independence; M. S. Rowley was Marshal of the Day; and Rev. F. C. Wolfe appointed Chaplain.

The program committee adopted this order of exercises: the procession to form at the intersection of Lydia and Main Sts., and preceded by the Ossian Cornet Band, will march to Ellefson's grove; music by the band upon arrival; prayer; reading of the Declaration of Independence; singing by the Sabbath School; music by the band; picnic dinner; athletic events including sack and wheelbarrow races; Fantastic display in which all are invited to participate.

The editor of the Republican was in attendance and wrote the following account: The celebration was clearly a success. It was held in a grove planted by the daughters of Porter some twelve years ago; the trees now being 18 inches in diameter.

The speaker of the day, Rev. Adams, spoke of the marvelous development of the State of Iowa: 'We could accommodate the entire people of three of the New England states; indeed, we could bring over and set down all of Old Ireland in our midst, and still have a margin left unoccupied; nay, we could accommodate all of Old England without being seriously jostled.'

Mr. Adams spoke with only brief notes. The address was heard by a 'square half-acre' of people; there were enough more wandering about town to occupy a full acre (estimated at 3000) .

Then followed a dinner that was a dinner! Five tables were spread in the grove —three were 125 feet in length, two 70 ft., for a total of 515'. The procession was marched to the tables and stationed around them. They were loaded with good eating; a credit to the ladies of Ossian for their large generosity.

In the afternoon, the Fantastics paraded in large force. The Ossian boys can beat the Decorians all out in this line. There were some of the most fantastical of the Fantastics, and comical of the comicals, we have ever seen; and they were still marching, countermarching and orating when we left."

The years of the Church in Military Township began in I869. The first Catholic was dedicated this year; the construction of the present Stavanger was started as was the Methodist Church. The Universalist's All Souls Chapel was dedicated on Sept. 22, I892 and the Ossian Lutheran Church on June 12, 1910.


We borrow from the "History of the Ossian Parish" written by the Rev. Roman Schares in 1938, and make minor additions from our own research in this account. Father Schares' work is in the Ossian Library.

During the early years, prior to the construction of a church building, mass was held at the Milwaukee depot and in the residence of pioneer John Collins on an irregular schedule. Many walked to Festina for Sunday services.

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