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Origin of Name Decorah

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Where we got our Name
Not long ago it was asked of the REPUBLICAN what the meaning of Decorah was. Not being up in what we supposed was Indian lore we referred to Dr. Frank Powell, (White Beaver) of La Crosse, who has lately been elected chief of the Winnebago’s, because that tribe inhabited this valley in the early days. From him we learn that “Decorah is not of Indian origin, but became a family name among the Winnebago’s through the marriage of an old French trader named De Corre to the daughter of a famous chief. The name became corrupted into Decorah as time passed. The name Waukon is Sioux. It means a spirit something more than average—something not to be lightly spoken of.” From this it would appear that we are half breeds. We mention it ourselves to forestall some irreverent “cuss” who might want to throw stones at our glass house.

Source: Decorah Republican Feb. 28, 1895 P 4 C 1

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