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Gottlob Krumm family

Germany 17 May 1819. The second Johann Gottlob was known as Gottlob and will be referred to by that name in this article. Gottlob, with his wife Regina, two small children, Christian two and a half years and Christiane, 16 months and Gottlob’s younger brother Gottlieb, age 20, arrived from Germany and settled near Ft. Atkinson, IA 29 Jun 1848, after 47 days on the ocean, a land trip to the Ohio River, a boat trip to St. Louis and a trip up the Mississippi to Prairie du Chien. There the family stayed while Gottlob continued on foot to stake out his claim. He returned to Prairie du Chien to get the family. They were brought by wagon to Ft. Atkinson. The 29 Jun 1848 arrival date made them the second permanent settlers in Winneshiek County. The family lived in a deserted Indian wigwam until a log cabin could be erected. Regina acted as midwife for many of the pioneer neighbor women. Her daughter Rose claimed that her mother had delivered 300 babies in the Ft. Atkinson area. Regina had eight of her own.

Gottlob and Regina’s children were: Christian born 18 Oct 1845 in Neurtingen, Germany and married Lena Scheller 15 Oct 1872. Lena was born 4 Dec 1851. In later years Christian and Lena moved to El Reno, OK. Christian Krumm is the grandfather of Ruth Krumm Price of Decorah, the only living descendant of Gottlob Krumm still living in Winneshiek Co. Christianne “Nanny" born 14 Jan 1847 in Neurtingen, Germany married Jacob Weiler who was born in Sep 1837. In later years they moved to Charles City, IA. Louis N. born in Oct 1850 married Cora Blanche Warren 11 Jun 1889. Louis and Cora moved to Tilden, NE, along with brother and sister George and Isabelle Krumm. George W. born in Apr 1853 married Isabelle Charlotte Warren in 1888 or 89. Isabelle was born 23 Dec 1851 and was a sister to Louis Krumm’s wife, Cora. Matilda born in Oct 1856 married Henry Summers in 1874 or 75. They moved to Charles City. Catherine born in Dec 1857 married Mallory C. Lawrence in 1877 or 78. In later years they moved to Richey, MT. Rose born 17 Jul 1860 and died 27 Dec 1962 at the age of 102. Rose never married. Mary died at the age of 14. Gottlob and Regina lived the rest of their lives in Ft. Atkinson. Gottlob died in 1892 and Regina died 12 Aug 1905. Both are buried in

Ft. Atkinson. Their daughter Rose lived on the homestead until about 1943 when she moved to Charles City.

Gottlob’s parents followed their sons to Ft. Atkinson in the 1850's and brought three daughters with them. The parents are buried in Ft. Atkinson.

At one time Gottlob nearly lost his life in a snowstorm. He had gone with a team and sleigh to McGregor to get supplies and was caught in a blizzard on the way home. He lost the trail and darkness was approaching. The temperature was well below zero, so he overturned the sleigh, wrapped his feet in sacks, and kicked the side of the sleigh all night to keep his feet from freezing. In the morning he found that he was less than two miles from home. Another family story is of the time Christian and “Nanny” wandered and were lost as toddlers in the tall prairie grass. After many anxious hours, a search party found them asleep.

Gottlob became a citizen of this country in June 1853. It is interesting to note that the clerk who made out his papers, unfamiliar with the name Gottlob, recorded his name as Theopholus Krumm. This remained a mystery to the descendants until they realized that the clerk gave him a Greek name, misspelled, somewhat similar in translation: God love. But even there, the clerk was wrong. They believe Gottlob means God praise. Gottlieb is God love.

Kuboushek, Albert and Christina (Luzum)

(Dolores Kuboushek)

Albert Kuboushek, was born in Czechoslovakia 7 Apr 1886, the son of Wenceslaus and Katherine Kuboushek. Albert came to America in 1891 on a boat with his parents, a brother Frank, and a sister Mary. They settled in Benton Co, Norway, IA. In the early 1900’s the family came to the Spillville, IA area and Wenceslaus purchased a farm in Winneshiek Co, Calmar Twp, Section 9. Wenceslaus later bought another farm, only about a mile away in Section 8,

On 19 Sep 1911, Albert married Christina Luzum and they farmed in Section 8. Albert and Christina became the parents of eight children, one of which died in infancy. Christina died 10 Sep 1948 and Albert died 30 Jun 1970.

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