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1996 Biographies

Mikkelsen - Nesteby

Transcribed by ABBYY FineReader® 12, Adapted to the Web by Bill Waters

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ScanNames Transcription
S-96Mikkelsen, Anna S-96
M-21Mikota, Angela M-21
K-25Mikota, Anna K-25
K-28Mikota, Anna, K-28
M-20Mikota, Frantisek M-20
M-21Mikota, Lawrence M-21
M-20Mikota, Marie M-20
K-59Mikota, Mary K-59
M-22Miles, Edna M-22
B-54Miller, Diane B-54
B-29Miller, Donna B-29
M-12Miller, Dora M-12
M-22Miller, Edna M-22
M-21Miller, Esther M-21
M-21Miller, Frank M-21
A-15Miller, Marilyn A-15
M-22Miller, Roy M-22
A-15Moberg, Karen A-15
M-22Moe, Aase M-22
A-17Moe, Caroline A-17
K-10Moe, Helene K-10
H-27Moe, Lilly Amanda H-27
H-3Moe, Myrtle Luella H-3
M-22Moe, Ole O. M-22
H-73Moeller, Elberta H-73
M-23Moellers, Christina M-23
M-23Moellers, Frank M-23
G-3Moen, Agnes G-3
M-23Moen, Amund M-23
M-24Moen, August M-24
M-26Moen, Christina M-26
R-29Moen, Elsie R-29
M-23Moen, Guri M-23
M-25Moen, James M-25
O-8Moen, Janmarie O-8
M-25Moen, Johannes M-25
M-26Moen, John M-26
M-27Moen, Kenneth M-27
M-28Moen, Larry M-28
M-28Moen, Lynn M-28
M-24Moen, Marie M-24
S-68Moen, Renee S-68
M-28Moen, Richard M-28
M-25Moen, Sharon M-25
M-28Moen, Sharon M-28
M-25Moen, Synneve M-25
M-27Moen, Virginia M-27
L-24Mollman, Mary L-24
M-29Monroe, Betty M-29
M-29Monroe, Edwin M-29
M-29Monroe, Henry Jr. M-29
M-29Monroe, James M-29
M-29Monroe, Lloyd M-29
M-29Monroe, Lorraine M-29
M-29Monroe, Marjorie M-29
M-29Monroe, Virginia M-29
M-22Monson, Aase M-22
M-31Montgomery Children, Fifth Generation M-31
M-30Montgomery, Barbara Louise M-30
M-34Montgomery, Emily M-34
M-33Montgomery, Henry Irving M-33
M-34Montgomery, Jehiel Halsey M-34
M-34Montgomery, Martha Grace M-34
M-35Montgomery, Michael Henry M-35
M-35Montgomery, Sarah M-35
M-32Montogmery, Henry "Harry" Biggs M-32
M-37Moore, Anna Maria M-37
M-36Moore, Anne M-36
M-36Moore, Archibald M-36
M-36Moore, Charles O. M-36
M-37Moore, Donald E. M-37
M-38Moore, Elizabeth M-38
M-37Moore, George F. M-37
M-36Moore, Gustava M-36
M-37Moore, Ilene M-37
M-38Moore, Samuel J. M-38
T-8Mork, Bona T-8
J-23Morrison, Elva J-23
S-25Morse, Jean S-25
H-60Morss, Clara H-60
M-38Mosbo, Edward M-38
M-39Mosbo, Edward Paul M-39
O-1Mosbo, Eloise O-1
M-39Mosbo, Erik M-39
M-38Mosbo, Esther M-38
M-39Mosbo, Mariellen M-39
M-40Mosbo, Rolf M-40
M-40Mosbo, Valeria M-40
M-39Mosbo, Vivian M-39
M-40Moser, Daniel M-40
M-40Moser, Mary M-40
L-39Mosher, Mary K. L-39
M-51Mryen, Maud M-51
W-4Mueller, Caroline W-4
W-38Muether, Mary W-38
M-41Mundt, Craig M-41
S-12Mundt, Katherine S-12
M-41Mundt, Leora M-41
M-41Mundt, Leslie John M-41
M-41Mundt, Linda M-41
B-86Murphy, Patricia B-86
D-22Murphy, Ramona D-22
M-42Murphy, Ruby M-42
M-42Murphy, William M-42
M-42Murray, Daniel M-42
M-42Murray, Miidred M-42
M-42Musser, Bertha M-42
M-42Musser, David A. M-42
M-44Musser, David H. M-44
M-44Musser, Delia M-44
M-45Musser, Elizabeth M-45
M-47Musser, Emelia M-47
F-4Musser, Grace F-4
M-45Musser, Ilyn M-45
Y-1Musser, Mary Y-1
M-45Musser, Michael M-45
M-45Musser, Willard M-45
M-47Musser, William M-47
M-47Musser, William H. M-47
M-49Myrah, Andrew P. M-49
M-49Myrah, Caroline M-49
M-49Myrah, Gustav P. M-49
M-49Myrah, Olive M-49
B-56Myran, Christina B-56
M-50Myran, Helge M-50
M-50Myran, Ingri M-50
M-50Myran, Kjersti M-50
M-50Myran, Ole M-50
M-50Myran, Turi M-50
M-51Myren, Halvor M-51
M-51Myren, Ottilie M-51
A-7Myren, Ruth A-7
B-11Naab, Ella B-11
F-24Naasen, Guri F-24
N-1Naley, Alfred N-1
N-1Naley, Anna N-1
N-3Naley, Jeanette N-3
N-2Naley, Lars N-2
A-12Naley, Marcella A-12
N-2Naley, Martha N-2
N-3Naley, Merlin N-3
F-6Nali, Tomina F-6
V-6Narum, Marie B. V-6
N-4Narveson, Ellen N-4
K-8Narveson, Eunice K-8
W-34Narveson, Glorianne W-34
N-4Narveson, Theodore N-4
P-13Nedahl, Ingeborg P-13
A-20Nedrolo, Anna Nilsdtr. A-20
E-8Neiswanger, Ann E-8
N-5Nelson, Albin N-5
O-19Nelson, Alice O-19
N-7Nelson, Barbara N-7
N-6Nelson, Berit N-6
O-3Nelson, Clara O-3
N-6Nelson, Corinne N-6
N-8Nelson, Dorothy N-8
H-30Nelson, Evelyn H-30
S-34Nelson, Florence S-34
L-39Nelson, Florence L-39
R-17Nelson, Grace R-17
N-6Nelson, Halvor N-6
F-23Nelson, Hannah F-23
N-6Nelson, Harland N-6
N-5Nelson, Julia N-5
B-31Nelson, Louise B-31
N-7Nelson, Mari N-7
A-28Nelson, Maria A-28
R-38Nelson, Marie R-38
A-43Nelson, Marie A-43
N-7Nelson, Nels N-7
N-8Nelson, Ralph N-8
F-41Nerdalen, Olaug F-41
N-9Nerlie, Gunder N-9
N-9Nerlie, Laura N-9
K-21Nesheim, Martha K-21
Q-2Nesheim, Sarah Q-2
N-10Ness, Anne Mathiide N-10
N-10Ness, Carl K. N-10
N-10Ness, George Sr. N-10
N-11Ness, Guri "Julia" N-11
N-11Ness, Hans Erickson N-11
N-1Ness, Ingeborg Hansdtr N-1
N-11Ness, Jens Erickson N-11
N-10Ness, Luella N-10
N-12Nesteby, James N-12
N-12Nesteby, Phyllis N-12

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