On 14 May 1895 Josephine married Charles Krumm a railroad worker. They had one child, Irvin. Josephine died in 1957. She and Charles were buried in Huron, S.D.

Rosena and Henry Etteldorf were married 11 Oct 1892. They lived in Ossian where Henry was a merchant and Sena gave lessons in oil painting. Their 3 children were born in Ossian. Henry died in 1937, Sena in 1938. Both were buried in St. Francis Cemetery, Ossian.

Huber, Michael and Barbara and Ursula (Schreiber)

(Mary Richmond)

According to his naturalization statement, Michael Huber was born in 1787 in Canton Aargau, Switzerland. In his early 20’s he married Barbara Schreiber. Seven children are known to have been born to this marriage: Franz Joseph (1811); Mary Ann (1814); Fredolin (1815); Anthony (1816); Louise (1824); Louis (1830) and Henry (1832).

After Barbara’s death Michael married her sister Ursula Schreiber.

The Huber family was living in France when they made the decision to come to the U.S, They left in April 1836 aboard the ship Havre. The ship’s passenger list reveals that Ursula gave birth to a son while at sea. The child, George, died before 1841.

From New York, the port of arrival, the Hubers went to Pittsburgh following the extensive canal system then in use. A few days later they took a riverboat to Cincinnati where they lived until July then moved to Franklin Co., IN. By November Michael had purchased all of section 34 in Ray Township for $1.00 an acre. In Indiana 6 more children were born: John (1837); Theresa (1839); George (1841); Caroline (1843); Jacob (ca. 1844) and Barbara (ca.1846).

Michael and Ursula came to Winneshiek Co. about 1854 and lived south of Spillville. Michael, a good clarinetist, played for many wedding dances and house warmings. He died 1 Dec 1872, Ursula died 5 Aug 1860. They are buried in St. Clement Cemetery south of Spillville.

All of Michael’s living children also came to Winneshiek Co. Seven remained here all their lives. F Joseph married Marie Anna Gaertner in Indiana on 10 Oct 1843. They came to Winneshiek Co. in 1849 bringing with them 3 children. Eleven more children were born on their Old Mission farm. F Joseph died in 1887, Marie Anna died in 1902. Both were buried in St. Anthony Cemetery, Washington Twp.

On 27 Apr 1828 Mary Ann married Martin Bachel in Indiana. They brought 7 children to Winneshiek Co. in 1849 and lived near Spillville. Four more children were born in Iowa. Mary Ann died in 1894, Martin died in 1903. Both were buried at North Washington.

Little is known of Fredolin. It is said he married in 1851. He died in 1902 and was buried in St. John Cemetery, Fort Atkinson.

Anthony came to Winneshiek Co. in 1849. After a few months he returned to Indiana and married Mary Huegel. Their 5 children were born there. Anthony died in 1896, Mary died in 1901. Both were buried in St. Mary Cemetery, Greensburg, IN.

Louise married George Bachel in Indiana on 11 June 1846 and came to Winneshiek Co. in 1849. Ten of their 11 children were born here. George was one of the founders of

St. Clement Catholic Church built in 1856. Louise died in 1908 and George died in 1880. They were buried in St. Mary Cemetery, Festina.

Louis married Josephine Zahasky on 20 Aug 1863 and lived just south of the Winneshiek Co. border in Fayette Co. Their 5 children were born in Auburn Twp. Louis died in 1906 of sunstroke on the same day his son died of smallpox. He was buried in St. John Cemetery, Fort Atkinson. Josephine died in 1916 and was buried at Woonsocket, SD.

Henrv married Anna Sobolik on 11 Nov 1858. He died in 1864 six months before the youngest of his 4 children were born. Anna married Joseph Swehla and had 8 more children. Henry was buried in St, Mary Cemetery, Festina, Anna is buried in St. John Cemetery, Fort Atkinson.

John married Magdalene Herzog on 15 June 1863 and farmed west of Spillville where their 11 children were born. Both John and Magdalene died in 1915 and were buried in St. Clement Cemetery, rural Spillville.

Theresa married Joseph Schafer on 7 Mar 1859. She died in 1871 and was buried in St. Clement Cemetery, rural Spillville.

George married Josephine Mashek on 12 Apr 1866 at Festina. They lived near Fort Atkinson where their 5 children were born, then moved to Cresco. Both died in 1925 and were buried in Calvary Cemetery, Cresco.

Caroline married Peter Ludwig on 15 Feb 1863. Only 2 of their 11 children survived to adulthood. Caroline died in 1935, Peter died in 1915. Both are buried at Wesley, IA.

Jacob married Wilhelmina Rastetter and lived near St. Cloud, MN. They had at least 4 children.

Barbara married Leopold Loesch on 29 Sep 1873 and had at least 3 children. The family moved to California at an early date.

Huber, Zeno Phillip and Mildred (Riehle)

(Helen Langreck)

Bio Photo

Zeno R and Mildred Huber family
Back row: Coletta, Thelma, Zeno W. Jr., Marie, Robert and Richard.
Standing in front are Rose, Ruth, Grace, Helen and Jim.

Zeno Phillip Huber was born 10 Apr 1898 (Easter Sunday) at the Huber farm in Washington Twp. Winneshiek Co., IA. Zeno was the second son of Frank Joseph and Veronica Mary (Sluka) Huber.

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