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New American Citizens

November 1898

Submitted by Christina

Saturday, November 5, 1898
Fort Dodge Semi Weekly Chronicle
Page 2
The Usual Number of New Citizens Brought Into the Fold in Time For Election

The approach of election always adds an impetus to the desire for citizenship among the foreign population and Judge HINDMAN has already turned out quite a batch of brand new American citizens. Those who have already sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States are here given:

Eric HEDSTROM, Sweden
N.C. ANDERSON, Denmark
P.H. MILLER, Denmark
John SANDBERG, Sweden
Anthony VIT, Bohemia
John WARWICK, England
Frans Oskor SKULT, Norway
Ole HANSON, Norway
Emil Wilhelm GUSTAFON, Sweden
Ignace BETTINGER, France
Charles BETTINGER, France
Louis Peter NEILSON, Denmark
Christian JOHNSON, Denmark
J.P. JOHNSON, Denmark
Rasmus LARSON, Norway
John BRESS, Germany
Those who have taken out their first papers are:

Frank J. STANEK, Bohemia
Nels OLESON, Norway
Chris A. FREMMING, Norway
Albert BLOOMQUIST, Sweden

An examination of the different countries gives an idea of the proportion of the foreign population. Of the new citizens the great majority hail from Sweden and Norway, nine of the new citizens being from the land of Ibsen. Denmark has the next largest representation and has given us five new citizens, Bohemia gives us two citizens France two, while England and Germany contribute one each. These citizens are the most desirable on the face of the globe and more from these northern European countries would be gladly welcomed.

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