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Your Letters From Home 1944 P - Z

Paap Lawrence M. 30-Nov-1945
Paden William T 5-Oct-1945
Paden W T 28-Sep-1945
Paden William T. 12-Jan-1945
Page Earl 22-Jun-1945
Page Norman L. 9-Nov-1945
Paige Clayton "Wee" 19-Jan-1945
Pallesen George 5-Oct-1945
Pallos Theodore 9-Nov-1945
Palmer Forrest 26-Jan-1945
Palmer Mrs. Forrest 26-Jan-1945
Palmer Clyde 2-Mar-1945
Palmer Lloyd 2-Mar-1945
Palmer Forrest L. 23-Nov-1945
Pappas Theano 20-Apr-1945
Pappas Nick 10-Aug-1945
Paris Thomas J. 10-Aug-1945
Parker Quentin J L 28-Sep-1945
Parker Ron 16-Mar-1945
Parker L.T. 6-Apr-1945
Parker Quentin 18-May-1945
Parker Quentin J. L., Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Parker A.B. 22-Jun-1945
Parker Linzey T. 6-Jul-1945
Parker E. T. 12-Oct-1945
Parradie George 16-Mar-1945
Parrott Bernard 28-Sep-1945
Parson Gaylen 23-Feb-1945
Parsons R J 19-Jan-1945
Parsons L.B. 20-Apr-1945
Parsons LeRoy B. 16-Nov-1945
Parsons Galen B. 21-Dec-1945
Parsons R. J. 28-Dec-1945
Partchofis Jim 20-Apr-1945
Partello Ernest G. 30-Nov-1945
Pascal Gabrial 30-Mar-1945
Passow Dale 31-Aug-1945
Patterson Robert J 21-Sep-1945
Patterson R. J. 7-Dec-1945
Patton James C. 16-Mar-1945
Patton Shirley 16-Mar-1945
Patton Gerald 29-Jun-1945
Patton Rudolph 14-Dec-1945
Patton General 6-Jul-1945
Patton Mrs. 6-Jul-1945
Patton Jerrold 23-Nov-1945
Patton General 7-Dec-1945
Patz Michael 13-Jul-1945
Paul Ray 2-Mar-1945
Paul Thomas 29-Jun-1945
Paulin R.J. "Bob" 23-Mar-1945
Pavey Robert 7-Sep-1945
Pavey Robert 22-Jun-1945
Pavey Carmen 23-Nov-1945
Payne Betty 31-Aug-1945
Payne Joseph 2-Nov-1945
Pearce Delmer 21-Sep-1945
Pearce Delmer Adel 2-Feb-1945
Pearson Don 22-Jun-1945
Pearson Leonard 14-Dec-1945
Pearson E. Lincoln 26-Oct-1945
Pearson E. L. 7-Dec-1945
Pearson, Jr. Nels 2-Mar-1945
Peart Leonard 17-Aug-1945
Pedersen Glen 11-May-1945
Pederson Thomas E. 16-Nov-1945
Pederson T. E. 19-Oct-1945
Pederson Thomas E. 2-Nov-1945
Peed Ray 23-Mar-1945
Peed Ray 6-Apr-1945
Peed Robt. 13-Apr-1945
Peed Wm., Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Peed Ray 1-Jun-1945
Peed Tom, T/5 8-Jun-1945
Peed Richard M., GM 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Peed W. L. 29-Jun-1945
Peed William 14-Dec-1945
Peed Wm. 6-Jul-1945
Peed William 2-Nov-1945
Peed Helen 23-Nov-1945
Peed Wm. 23-Nov-1945
Peed Helen 30-Nov-1945
Peed Carl 7-Dec-1945
Peltz R.H. 20-Apr-1945
Pendergast Francis 21-Sep-1945
Pendergast Francis C. 13-Apr-1945
Pendergast Francis 13-Jul-1945
Pepper Jack 31-Aug-1945
Perkins Robert 2-Feb-1945
Perkins Don J. 23-Feb-1945
Perrin Dana 11-May-1945
Perrin Dana 23-Feb-1945
Person Lester E 7-Sep-1945
Person Eugene 6-Apr-1945
Person Gene 27-Jul-1945
Person Eugene D. 31-Aug-1945
Person Lester 19-Oct-1945
Person Gene 28-Dec-1945
Peschau J. E. 11-May-1945
Peschau Suzanne 11-May-1945
Peschau Suzanne 7-Dec-1945
Peschu Susan 25-May-1945
Pessica Clarence 15-Jun-1945
Pessica Clarence 13-Jul-1945
Petcoff W.E. 9-Feb-1945
Peters Jim 28-Sep-1945
Peters Jim 4-May-1945
Peters James L. 14-Dec-1945
Peters Walters 10-Aug-1945
Peters Wilburtf 10-Aug-1945
Petersen LeRoy 14-Dec-1945
Peterson Dorothy Jean 19-Jan-1945
Peterson Ernest R 19-Jan-1945
Peterson Laverne 19-Jan-1945
Peterson Wilford 19-Jan-1945
Peterson Donna 26-Jan-1945
Peterson Ken 5-Oct-1945
Peterson Glenn H 5-Oct-1945
Peterson Bobby 21-Sep-1945
Peterson Conrad 21-Sep-1945
Peterson Ken 21-Sep-1945
Peterson Valdo 21-Sep-1945
Peterson Ken 28-Sep-1945
Peterson Donald L 7-Sep-1945
Peterson Lucian 7-Sep-1945
Peterson Omer 5-Jan-1945
Peterson Marvin J. 12-Jan-1945
Peterson Morris A. 2-Feb-1945
Peterson James D. 9-Feb-1945
Peterson Lucian 9-Feb-1945
Peterson Evelyn 16-Feb-1945
Peterson R.H. 2-Mar-1945
Peterson Wilfred 2-Mar-1945
Peterson George E. 2-Mar-1945
Peterson Warren M. 2-Mar-1945
Peterson Dale 16-Mar-1945
Peterson Paul 16-Mar-1945
Peterson Bobby Lou 16-Mar-1945
Peterson Harod 16-Mar-1945
Peterson Lee 23-Mar-1945
Peterson Wilford 30-Mar-1945
Peterson Clayton 6-Apr-1945
Peterson Valdo V. 13-Apr-1945
Peterson Dr. E.T. 20-Apr-1945
Peterson Paul 20-Apr-1945
Peterson Imogene D. 20-Apr-1945
Peterson M. I. 27-Apr-1945
Peterson Doris 27-Apr-1945
Peterson Harold C. 27-Apr-1945
Peterson Drexel 4-May-1945
Peterson R. W. 4-May-1945
Peterson Bobbie 4-May-1945
Peterson Lucian E. 25-May-1945
Peterson Ernest A. 25-May-1945
Peterson Frank 1-Jun-1945
Peterson Drexel 1-Jun-1945
Peterson Charles R., Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Peterson Bert J., Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Peterson Frank 8-Jun-1945
Peterson Imogene, HA 1/C 8-Jun-1945
Peterson Don L. 15-Jun-1945
Peterson Paul 22-Jun-1945
Peterson Morris 23-Feb-1945
Peterson M. J. 29-Jun-1945
Peterson Harold C. 29-Jun-1945
Peterson Glen 29-Jun-1945
Peterson Gilbert 17-Aug-1945
Peterson Donald 14-Sep-1945
Peterson Ernest R. 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Marvin J. 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Maurice 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Marvin J. 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Maurice V. 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Lucian 16-Nov-1945
Peterson James 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Darrell D. 16-Nov-1945
Peterson Valdo 14-Dec-1945
Peterson James D. 14-Dec-1945
Peterson James D. 14-Dec-1945
Peterson Eugene 14-Dec-1945
Peterson Lavern 14-Dec-1945
Peterson Floyd 6-Jul-1945
Peterson Reuben 6-Jul-1945
Peterson E. M. (Everett) 6-Jul-1945
Peterson Ken 13-Jul-1945
Peterson Don 13-Jul-1945
Peterson Pauline 13-Jul-1945
Peterson Leonard 13-Jul-1945
Peterson Warren 20-Jul-1945
Peterson Elaine 27-Jul-1945
Peterson David 27-Jul-1945
Peterson Paul David 27-Jul-1945
Peterson Dale 27-Jul-1945
Peterson Ken 3-Aug-1945
Peterson Richard D. 3-Aug-1945
Peterson Rueben H. 3-Aug-1945
Peterson Ken 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Donna 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Don 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Glenn H. 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Wilford 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Valde 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Welden R. 10-Aug-1945
Peterson Don 31-Aug-1945
Peterson Don, Mrs. 31-Aug-1945
Peterson Ken 31-Aug-1945
Peterson Don 31-Aug-1945
Peterson Donna 31-Aug-1945
Peterson Donald 31-Aug-1945
Peterson Keith 19-Oct-1945
Peterson James D. 26-Oct-1945
Peterson Jeanne D. 26-Oct-1945
Peterson Elinor 26-Oct-1945
Peterson Jean 26-Oct-1945
Peterson John S. 2-Nov-1945
Peterson Wilfred 9-Nov-1945
Peterson Hillis A. 9-Nov-1945
Peterson Elinore 9-Nov-1945
Peterson Wilford O. 9-Nov-1945
Peterson Keith 23-Nov-1945
Peterson Fred 23-Nov-1945
Peterson Valdo 23-Nov-1945
Peterson Imogene D. 30-Nov-1945
Peterson Keith 7-Dec-1945
Peterson Keith 7-Dec-1945
Peterson Valdo 7-Dec-1945
Peterson Dale A. 21-Dec-1945
Peterson Hillis A. 21-Dec-1945
Peterson R. M. 21-Dec-1945
Peterson Clayton 21-Dec-1945
Peterson Curtis Donald 21-Dec-1945
Peterson Omer 28-Dec-1945
Peterson, Jr. Gerald 2-Feb-1945
Petrie A.B. 15-Jun-1945
Pfaff Scott 5-Jan-1945
Pfaff Edward N. 12-Jan-1945
Pfaff Bob 16-Feb-1945
Pfaff Scott 23-Mar-1945
Pfaff O.C. 8-Jun-1945
Pfaff Bob 29-Jun-1945
Pfaff Stew 14-Sep-1945
Pfaff O.C. 6-Jul-1945
Pfaff Scott C., Lt & Mrs. 13-Jul-1945
Pfaff 1Lt and Louis H. 27-Jul-1945
Pfaff Robert 12-Oct-1945
Pfaff Scott C. 7-Dec-1945
Phillips Oscar 5-Oct-1945
Phillips George N. 16-Mar-1945
Phillips Warren E. 20-Apr-1945
Phillips R.D. 20-Apr-1945
Phillips Earl 25-May-1945
Phillips Earl 25-May-1945
Phillips Donald 13-Jul-1945
Phillips Warren E. 31-Aug-1945
Phillips Dean 26-Oct-1945
Phillips Ralph 21-Dec-1945
Phillips Ralph E, 21-Dec-1945
Phipps Melvyn O. 5-Jan-1945
Phipps Bob 5-Jan-1945
Phipps Melvin O. 16-Feb-1945
Phipps William 13-Apr-1945
Phipps Melvin Oscar 4-May-1945
Phipps Robert W. 18-May-1945
Phipps Wm. H. 6-Jul-1945
Phipps William H. 3-Aug-1945
Phipps William H. 3-Aug-1945
Pickford Mary 4-May-1945
Pieper Alvin 5-Jan-1945
Pieper Curtis 25-May-1945
Pieper Al 20-Jul-1945
Pieper, Jr. Alvin E 5-Oct-1945
Pierce Frank V. 2-Mar-1945
Pigman Walter Irvin 27-Apr-1945
Pilcher Nancy 19-Jan-1945
Pilcher C.B. 16-Feb-1945
Pilcher C.B. 2-Mar-1945
Pilcher C.J. 2-Mar-1945
Pilcher C.B. 16-Mar-1945
Pilcher 30-Mar-1945
Pilcher C.B. 30-Mar-1945
Pilcher Jim 30-Mar-1945
Pilcher Marie 30-Mar-1945
Pilcher Nancy 20-Apr-1945
Pilcher Jim 4-May-1945
Pilcher Jim, Ensign 8-Jun-1945
Pilcher John 29-Jun-1945
Pilcher C. J. 10-Aug-1945
Pilcher James 9-Nov-1945
Pilcher Marie 9-Nov-1945
Pilcher C. G. 21-Dec-1945
Pilcher C. J. 21-Dec-1945
Pill Marvin S 28-Sep-1945
Pill M. S. 19-Oct-1945
Piltingsrud Arnold K. 16-Mar-1945
Piltingsrud Eleanor 27-Apr-1945
Piltingsrud Myron G. 28-Dec-1945
Pingel Stanley 7-Sep-1945
Pingel Stanley 9-Feb-1945
Pingel Stanley 27-Apr-1945
Pingel Stanley 11-May-1945
Pingel Marian Amme 25-May-1945
Pingel Marion 22-Jun-1945
Pingel Stanley 29-Jun-1945
Pingel Merlin 14-Sep-1945
Pingel Eugene F. 16-Nov-1945
Pingel Stan 6-Jul-1945
Pingel Stanley 19-Oct-1945
Pingel Robert I. 21-Dec-1945
Pint Leonard 26-Jan-1945
Pint Bonnie 7-Sep-1945
Pint Leonard 7-Sep-1945
Pint Leonard J. 28-Dec-1945
Pitkin Helen 23-Feb-1945
Pitsor Chuck 19-Oct-1945
Pliner Henry Thomas 13-Apr-1945
Pliner Henry T. 13-Apr-1945
Pliner James Mr&Mrs 27-Apr-1945
Pliner Bernice 27-Apr-1945
Pliner Henry 14-Dec-1945
Pliner Laurence 14-Dec-1945
Pliner Laurence 2-Nov-1945
Pliner Henry T. 7-Dec-1945
Ploog Helen 21-Dec-1945
Plotner John C 5-Oct-1945
Plotner John C. 19-Oct-1945
Pobjecky John 17-Aug-1945
Podlisack Charley F. 20-Jul-1945
Pogeler Leo B. J. 10-Aug-1945
Pohl Lloyd 28-Sep-1945
Pohl Lloyd 30-Nov-1945
Poisnick Jack 5-Jan-1945
Poisnick Shirley 3-Aug-1945
Pollack Howard 2-Mar-1945
Pollard 20-Apr-1945
Pollard Melvin 4-May-1945
Pollard 11-May-1945
Pollard 18-May-1945
Pollard 25-May-1945
Ponzi Paul 21-Dec-1945
Ponzi Joe 21-Dec-1945
Poole Mayor 2-Feb-1945
Poole Jesse 2-Mar-1945
Poole (Mayor) 16-Mar-1945
Poole Jess 16-Mar-1945
Poole (Mayor) 30-Mar-1945
Poole Jesse 4-May-1945
Poole Mayor 22-Jun-1945
Poole Mayor 14-Sep-1945
Poole Jessie 20-Jul-1945
Poole Mayor 31-Aug-1945
Poole Wayne J. 12-Oct-1945
Poole Mayor 9-Nov-1945
Porter D M 26-Jan-1945
Porter Garland 26-Jan-1945
Porter Myron 7-Sep-1945
Porter Newll S. 5-Jan-1945
Porter Robert G. 16-Feb-1945
Porter Delbert 2-Mar-1945
Porter Ray V. 6-Apr-1945
Porter G.J. 13-Apr-1945
Porter Florence 20-Apr-1945
Porter Garland J. 20-Apr-1945
Porter R. W. 27-Apr-1945
Porter Arthur D. 11-May-1945
Porter Arthur 15-Jun-1945
Porter Delbert 15-Jun-1945
Porter Newell S. 22-Jun-1945
Porter Bob 23-Feb-1945
Porter Robert G. 29-Jun-1945
Porter Francis 16-Nov-1945
Porter Roy 16-Nov-1945
Porter Garland 16-Nov-1945
Porter Al 16-Nov-1945
Porter M. J. 16-Nov-1945
Porter James M. 20-Jul-1945
Porter Floyd 3-Aug-1945
Porter Floyd 3-Aug-1945
Porter Arthur 31-Aug-1945
Porter Virginia 31-Aug-1945
Porter Virginia 31-Aug-1945
Porter Emil 31-Aug-1945
Porter Newell S. 31-Aug-1945
Porter Newell S. 31-Aug-1945
Porter Robert 26-Oct-1945
Porter Carl 26-Oct-1945
Porter Delbert M. 26-Oct-1945
Porter Newell 26-Oct-1945
Porter Delbert 2-Nov-1945
Porter Robert G. 9-Nov-1945
Porter Robert G. 9-Nov-1945
Porter Robert G. 9-Nov-1945
Porter Garland 23-Nov-1945
Porter Newell S. 23-Nov-1945
Porter Allan 30-Nov-1945
Porter Robert B. 21-Dec-1945
Porter Robert W. 21-Dec-1945
Porter Newell S. 11-May-1945
Porter (Mrs.) Maxine 28-Sep-1945
Porter, Mrs. Maxine G 5-Oct-1945
Post Robert 28-Dec-1945
Potenza A.K. 16-Feb-1945
Pottebaum LaVern M. 17-Aug-1945
Potter Al 26-Jan-1945
Potter Al 5-Oct-1945
Potter Al 28-Sep-1945
Potter Al 7-Sep-1945
Potter D.E. 9-Feb-1945
Potter John 9-Feb-1945
Potter 20-Apr-1945
Potter John 27-Apr-1945
Potter Richard L. 17-Aug-1945
Potter Al 19-Oct-1945
Potter Al 26-Oct-1945
Potter Al 9-Nov-1945
Potter John F., Ensign and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Powell Harold G. 16-Nov-1945
Powell Harold G. 26-Oct-1945
Powers Tom 21-Sep-1945
Powers Robert J. 30-Mar-1945
Powers Pauline 13-Apr-1945
Powers Vince 4-May-1945
Powers Vince 11-May-1945
Powers Vincent F., T/S 8-Jun-1945
Powers William 29-Jun-1945
Powers Paul 29-Jun-1945
Powers Joe 14-Sep-1945
Powers Robert J. 14-Sep-1945
Powers Thomas N. 16-Nov-1945
Powers Vincent 14-Dec-1945
Powers Vincent 20-Jul-1945
Powers James 27-Jul-1945
Powers Steve 27-Jul-1945
Powers Tom 31-Aug-1945
Poynter Lee 18-May-1945
Poynter Lee 12-Oct-1945
Prang E W "Jim" 26-Jan-1945
Prang Eldred 13-Jul-1945
Prang Emerson W. 31-Aug-1945
Prang Eldred 28-Dec-1945
Pratt Edward 11-May-1945
Pratt Ed 14-Sep-1945
Pray John 5-Jan-1945
Pray W. 5-Jan-1945
Pray Tom 16-Feb-1945
Pray Tom, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Pray William 13-Jul-1945
Pray Tom 12-Oct-1945
Pray Jr. Tom 2-Nov-1945
Pray, Jr Tom C W 5-Oct-1945
Prendergast Francis 26-Jan-1945
Price David 9-Feb-1945
Price Alan 16-Mar-1945
Price Bud 16-Mar-1945
Price David 23-Feb-1945
Price John M. 23-Feb-1945
Price Roger 31-Aug-1945
Pride Woodrow 16-Mar-1945
Pride Woodrow 4-May-1945
Prime Howard L. 16-Nov-1945
Prime Orville L. 19-Oct-1945
Prine Forest 2-Feb-1945
Prine John 13-Jul-1945
Prine Loretta 19-Oct-1945
Proeschold 8-Jun-1945
Proeschold 22-Jun-1945
Prohaska Raymond 23-Feb-1945
Prohaska Ray 6-Jul-1945
Prokop John 12-Oct-1945
Prokop John 12-Oct-1945
Pugh Verl S 7-Sep-1945
Pugh Verl S 7-Sep-1945
Pugh Verl S. 9-Feb-1945
Pugh Verl 18-May-1945
Pugh Verl S. 17-Aug-1945
Pugh Torrance 6-Jul-1945
Pugh Marvin 27-Jul-1945
Pulis Earl G. 21-Dec-1945
Pum William 25-May-1945
Purcell Tony 16-Feb-1945
Purcell Tony 20-Jul-1945
Purkapile Richard 5-Oct-1945
Purkapile Mrs. George 13-Apr-1945
Purkapile Richard 4-May-1945
Purkapile Dick 8-Jun-1945
Purkapile Richard 22-Jun-1945
Purkapile Dick 20-Jul-1945
Purkapile Richard 12-Oct-1945
Purkapile Richard 19-Oct-1945
Purkapile Richard 2-Nov-1945
Purvis Meredith 16-Feb-1945
Purvis A. L. "Junior" 31-Aug-1945
Puth Mary Grace 16-Mar-1945
Putzke Harris E. 2-Mar-1945
Pyle Ernie 5-Oct-1945
Pyle Ernie 20-Apr-1945
Pyle Ernie 11-May-1945
Pyle Ernie 25-May-1945
Quade Durwood 16-Feb-1945
Quade Elmer 27-Jul-1945
Quade Anna, Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Quealy Robert 16-Nov-1945
Quely William T. 20-Jul-1945
Quick Elmer, S 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Quick Arthur 31-Aug-1945
Quick Arthur 31-Aug-1945
Quick Elmer 23-Nov-1945
Quinn R.J. 12-Jan-1945
Quinn Robert J 2-Mar-1945
Quinn Kenneth 13-Apr-1945
Quinn Kenneth J. 16-Nov-1945
Quinn Kenneth 3-Aug-1945
Quinn Kenneth 31-Aug-1945
Quinn Robert J. 31-Aug-1945
Quinn Kenneth 30-Nov-1945
Quinn Kenneth 7-Dec-1945
Quist Oliver P 21-Sep-1945
Rabbitt R. W, 14-Dec-1945
Rabbitt E. R. 19-Oct-1945
Rabiner A L 19-Jan-1945
Rabiner Gary 16-Mar-1945
Rabiner Al 27-Apr-1945
Rabiner Al 4-May-1945
Rabiner Sam 4-May-1945
Rabiner Gary 1-Jun-1945
Rabiner Al 6-Jul-1945
Rabiner Gary 6-Jul-1945
Rabiner Gary 3-Aug-1945
Rabiner Sam, Mr. and Mrs. 3-Aug-1945
Rabiner Al 3-Aug-1945
Rabiner Gary 26-Oct-1945
Rae Inez 21-Sep-1945
Rae Russell 23-Feb-1945
Ragel Peggy M. 7-Dec-1945
Rains Claude 30-Mar-1945
Ralston Jim 15-Jun-1945
Ramler Betty Ann 4-May-1945
Ramsde Wesley 28-Dec-1945
Ramsden John 5-Oct-1945
Ramsvig Lester 13-Apr-1945
Ramus Erwin 9-Nov-1945
Ranconi Silvio 31-Aug-1945
Rankin Llewellen W 26-Jan-1945
Rankin Bob 23-Mar-1945
Rankin Floyd 27-Apr-1945
Rankin L. W. 29-Jun-1945
Rankin Red 14-Sep-1945
Rankin Bob 19-Oct-1945
Rasch Milfred 2-Mar-1945
Rasmussen Ellen 21-Sep-1945
Rasmussen Wm. R. 27-Apr-1945
Rasmussen Ellen 19-Oct-1945
Rathermel Bob 18-May-1945
Rathermel Bob 12-Oct-1945
Rathouz Leon J. 17-Aug-1945
Raven Walt 10-Aug-1945
Ray Mr. 16-Feb-1945
Ray Wm. S. 14-Dec-1945
Ray Matthew 3-Aug-1945
Ray M. P., Mr and Mrs. 3-Aug-1945
Ray William S. 21-Dec-1945
Raymond Maxine 28-Sep-1945
Raymond Gordon C. 16-Nov-1945
Rebman Dale S. 30-Nov-1945
Rebmann Dale A. 11-May-1945
Rebmann Dale 15-Jun-1945
Reece S. E. 18-May-1945
Reeck Leland K. 2-Nov-1945
Reed Wendell J 5-Oct-1945
Reed Carl L 5-Oct-1945
Reed Carl L. 2-Mar-1945
Reed Wendell 4-May-1945
Reed Wendell 16-Nov-1945
Reed Pershing 27-Jul-1945
Reed Daniel R. 2-Nov-1945
Reed Wendell J. 2-Nov-1945
Reed Dale C. 9-Nov-1945
Reed Wendell J. 30-Nov-1945
Reed Carl 7-Dec-1945
Reed Carl L. 21-Dec-1945
Reed Carl L. 21-Dec-1945
Reedholm Herman 14-Dec-1945
Reedy Paul 13-Apr-1945
Reedy Paul 14-Sep-1945
Reedy Paul 27-Jul-1945
Reedy Paul R. 10-Aug-1945
Reese C. W. 16-Nov-1945
Reeve Howell Cornell 13-Jul-1945
Reichart Dale, Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Reichert Dale 9-Feb-1945
Reichert Dale 16-Feb-1945
Reichert Dale 16-Mar-1945
Reichert 22-Jun-1945
Reichert Dale 23-Feb-1945
Reid Harlen 9-Feb-1945
Reid Harlen F. 9-Nov-1945
Reimers Betty 25-May-1945
Reinartson Robert C. 13-Apr-1945
Reis Adam 6-Apr-1945
Reis Peter 13-Jul-1945
Reis George A. 7-Dec-1945
Reisner Herbert H 5-Oct-1945
Reisner Herb S. 12-Oct-1945
Remington Walter L. 26-Oct-1945
Renquist John M. 17-Aug-1945
Renquist John 6-Jul-1945
Renquist Harris C. 23-Nov-1945
Reuvers Roger E. 6-Jul-1945
Rezabek Glenn 9-Feb-1945
Rezabek Glenn 6-Apr-1945
Rezabek Glenn R. 12-Oct-1945
Rhinehart Barbara Lou 11-May-1945
Rhinesmith R. K. 17-Aug-1945
Rhodes John 26-Jan-1945
Rhodes Manford 2-Mar-1945
Rhodes John 16-Mar-1945
Rhodes Manford 20-Apr-1945
Rhodes Manford 18-May-1945
Rhodes John M. 25-May-1945
Rhodes R.L., Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Rhodes Russell 23-Feb-1945
Rhodes Russell 29-Jun-1945
Rhodes Jim 16-Nov-1945
Rhodes Richard L. 19-Oct-1945
Rhodes Russell 19-Oct-1945
Rhodes Mary 23-Nov-1945
Rice Everett 5-Jan-1945
Rice Robert 23-Mar-1945
Rice Robert 27-Apr-1945
Rice Everette E. 1-Jun-1945
Rice Robert R., S/Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Rice Wm. 15-Jun-1945
Rice Robert 17-Aug-1945
Rice William 13-Jul-1945
Rice William 28-Dec-1945
Rice Jr. William 20-Jul-1945
Rich Guy "Rookie" 8-Jun-1945
Rich George 23-Feb-1945
Rich, Jr. Willis F. 28-Dec-1945
Richards Vera 25-May-1945
Richardson 27-Apr-1945
Richenberg Merle J. 6-Apr-1945
Richenburg Merle J. 11-May-1945
Richey Donn J 7-Sep-1945
Richey Donn 5-Jan-1945
Richey Don 30-Mar-1945
Richey James 6-Jul-1945
Richie Jim 28-Sep-1945
Ricke A. R. 27-Apr-1945
Ricke Ray 14-Sep-1945
Ricke A. R. 10-Aug-1945
Ricke August 12-Oct-1945
Ricke Raymond 12-Oct-1945
Ricke August 26-Oct-1945
Rickett Carl C. 27-Jul-1945
Ricketts Lyle 2-Nov-1945
Ricketts Lyle 21-Dec-1945
Ricketts Carl 21-Dec-1945
Ricketts Kenneth 21-Dec-1945
Rickey Donn 5-Jan-1945
Rickey Donn 14-Sep-1945
Rider Dwight G. 16-Nov-1945
Riechenberg Merle J. 23-Feb-1945
Riechenberg Merle 31-Aug-1945
Rielenberg Betty 2-Feb-1945
Rigby Mrs 19-Jan-1945
Rigby James W 28-Sep-1945
Rigby Jim W. 9-Feb-1945
Rigby James 16-Mar-1945
Rigby Ma 30-Mar-1945
Rigby James 27-Apr-1945
Rigby J. W. 14-Dec-1945
Rigby Mrs. 6-Jul-1945
Rigby Jamesd 6-Jul-1945
Rigby Ma 31-Aug-1945
Rigby John "Tubby" 2-Nov-1945
Riggs Robert 26-Jan-1945
Riggs Bobby 20-Apr-1945
Riggs Robt. 23-Feb-1945
Riggs Robert 14-Dec-1945
Riles Robert J. 13-Apr-1945
Riles Robert 23-Feb-1945
Riley Lucius W 21-Sep-1945
Riley Edward 28-Dec-1945
Risdall Norton 30-Nov-1945
Risdell Norton, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Rist Clement M. 16-Nov-1945
Ritts Joe "Danny" 9-Feb-1945
Ritts Joe 23-Mar-1945
Roach Harry 19-Oct-1945
Robb Gerald T 5-Oct-1945
Robb Gerald 21-Sep-1945
Robbins William C. 14-Dec-1945
Robbins Gale 31-Aug-1945
Robbins Bill 12-Oct-1945
Roberts Ward 23-Feb-1945
Roberts William M. 17-Aug-1945
Roberts LeRoy 20-Jul-1945
Roberts Ward 19-Oct-1945
Roberts Dan 2-Nov-1945
Roberts James K. 30-Nov-1945
Roberts, Jr. Wm. M. 2-Mar-1945
Robertson George 21-Sep-1945
Robertson George M. 14-Dec-1945
Robeson George C. 20-Apr-1945
Robeson Paul 14-Sep-1945
Robeson George C. 7-Dec-1945
Robeson George C. 7-Dec-1945
Robins Bill 6-Jul-1945
Robinson Irv 28-Sep-1945
Robinson Winivere 6-Apr-1945
Robinson Aline, Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Robinson Irvin 3-Aug-1945
Robinson Irv 19-Oct-1945
Robinson Irv 19-Oct-1945
Robinson Irv 9-Nov-1945
Robinson Irv 30-Nov-1945
Rockey George W., Mr & Mrs. 16-Nov-1945
Rod Willard B. 14-Dec-1945
Rod Willard B. 14-Dec-1945
Rodenberg Francis 6-Apr-1945
Rodenborn Maxine 7-Sep-1945
Rodenborn E.P. 16-Feb-1945
Rodenborn Don L. 30-Mar-1945
Rodenborn Don 13-Apr-1945
Rodenborn Bill 13-Apr-1945
Rodenborn Vincent 20-Apr-1945
Rodenborn James L. 25-May-1945
Rodenborn Pete 27-Jul-1945
Rodenborn Bill 27-Jul-1945
Rodenborn Eugene P. 26-Oct-1945
Rodenborn W.A. 21-Dec-1945
Rodereick Clyde 30-Mar-1945
Roderick Tom 17-Aug-1945
Roderick Tom 20-Jul-1945
Rodewald Wallace G. 5-Jan-1945
Rodewald Floyd 2-Feb-1945
Rodewald Lewis 31-Aug-1945
Rodewald Lewis 9-Nov-1945
Rodman Dan 5-Jan-1945
Rodman Paul W. 2-Mar-1945
Rodman Paul W. 13-Jul-1945
Rodreick Clyde 29-Jun-1945
Rodreick Clyde L. 14-Dec-1945
Rodreick Clyde L. 14-Dec-1945
Rodriguez Mary 16-Nov-1945
Roepke Fred 5-Oct-1945
Rofdal R. E. 27-Apr-1945
Roger Fevold 18-May-1945
Rogers Don 21-Sep-1945
Rogers L S 28-Sep-1945
Rogers Wally 13-Jul-1945
Rogers Earl Linden 3-Aug-1945
Rogers Artie 19-Oct-1945
Rogers Warren 23-Nov-1945
Rogers Earl 30-Nov-1945
Rogness Emile C 5-Jan-1945
Rohden Glenn O 26-Jan-1945
Rohden G.O. 23-Mar-1945
Rohn Jack 9-Nov-1945
Rohr Jack 12-Jan-1945
Rohrer Glenn 7-Sep-1945
Rohrer H. R. 18-May-1945
Rohrer Harold 15-Jun-1945
Rohrer G. E. 29-Jun-1945
Rohrer Glenn E. 2-Nov-1945
Rohrer Glenn E. 30-Nov-1945
Rohrer Harold 28-Dec-1945
Rohrer, Mrs. Rosella 5-Oct-1945
Rojhon Leo Clifton 16-Mar-1945
Rolow Leo V. 10-Aug-1945
Rolow William 31-Aug-1945
Ronconi Silvio 28-Sep-1945
Rooney Mickey 6-Apr-1945
Rooney Mickey 14-Sep-1945
Roosevelt 20-Apr-1945
Rosales Ralph 19-Jan-1945
Rosales Ralph 26-Jan-1945
Rose Leslie 7-Sep-1945
Rosen E.R. 16-Feb-1945
Rosen Carrie 23-Mar-1945
Rosen Mr. & Mrs. E. R. 23-Mar-1945
Rosen Norman L. 14-Sep-1945
Rosen Norman L. 16-Nov-1945
Rosen Norman L. 13-Jul-1945
Rosendahl Arthur 12-Jan-1945
Rosendahl Elmon 16-Feb-1945
Rosendahl Arthur 30-Mar-1945
Rosendahl Elmer 6-Jul-1945
Rosendahl Elmon 27-Jul-1945
Rosendahl Joe 31-Aug-1945
Rosendahl Leonard C. 31-Aug-1945
Rosendalhl Elmon 2-Nov-1945
Rosene Phyllis 19-Jan-1945
Rosien Richard, SM 2/C 1-Jun-1945
Rosien Richard 16-Nov-1945
Roske Bob 13-Apr-1945
Ross Art 12-Jan-1945
Ross Arthur, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Ross Art 16-Nov-1945
Rossing Harold 4-May-1945
Rossow Willard 16-Feb-1945
Rossow Willard 6-Jul-1945
Rossow Willard 31-Aug-1945
Roth Gerald O. 9-Feb-1945
Roth Allen T. 19-Oct-1945
Roth Allen 23-Nov-1945
Rotman Nate 19-Oct-1945
Rounds Harry 28-Dec-1945
Rowe Geo. A. 5-Jan-1945
Rowe Wanda 2-Feb-1945
Rowell William 27-Jul-1945
Rowell Williams 27-Jul-1945
Rowell William 19-Oct-1945
Rowley Earl J. 16-Feb-1945
Rowley Keith 13-Apr-1945
Rowley Keith B. 27-Apr-1945
Rowley Keith B. 18-May-1945
Rowley Keith, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Rowley Earl S. 2-Nov-1945
Rozen Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Rubas Olga 30-Nov-1945
Rubel Bill 16-Feb-1945
Rubenstein Charlie 16-Feb-1945
Rubenstein Charlie 23-Mar-1945
Rubios Olga 9-Nov-1945
Ruby Clinton 16-Feb-1945
Ruby Clinton I. 11-May-1945
Ruby Cinton 18-May-1945
Ruby Clinton 25-May-1945
Ruby L. L., Mrs. 21-Dec-1945
Rudolph M.A. 5-Jan-1945
Rudolph Mrs. 4-May-1945
Rudolph M. A., Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Rudolph Marj 13-Jul-1945
Rudolph, Mrs. Marjorie 5-Oct-1945
Ruebel Bill 16-Mar-1945
Ruebel William C. 11-May-1945
Ruebel Wm. 6-Jul-1945
Ruebel W. C. 6-Jul-1945
Ruebel Wm. C. 9-Nov-1945
Ruebel Tom J. 9-Nov-1945
Ruebel William C. 9-Nov-1945
Ruebel William C. 23-Nov-1945
Rufer Merlin S. 17-Aug-1945
Rufer Merlin S. 26-Oct-1945
Rufer Merlin 9-Nov-1945
Rufer Merlin 21-Dec-1945
Rufer Merlin S. 28-Dec-1945
Ruge Eugene 31-Aug-1945
Ruhl Chuck 21-Sep-1945
Rule Ted 19-Jan-1945
Rule Ted 26-Jan-1945
Rule Ted 2-Feb-1945
Rule Ted 16-Feb-1945
Rule Ted 16-Mar-1945
Rule Ted 13-Apr-1945
Rule Ted 27-Apr-1945
Rule Ted 4-May-1945
Rule Ted 18-May-1945
Rule Ted 15-Jun-1945
Rule Stan 17-Aug-1945
Rule Bert J. 31-Aug-1945
Rule Ted, Mr. and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Rumme Chas, Mr.& Mrs. 27-Apr-1945
Rumme Al 14-Dec-1945
Rumme Louis F. 14-Dec-1945
Rumme Al 13-Jul-1945
Rumme Al 3-Aug-1945
Rumme Carl A. 10-Aug-1945
Rumme Carl A. 10-Aug-1945
Runge Norman 11-May-1945
Runge N. W. 16-Nov-1945
Rush Wilbur R 5-Oct-1945
Rush Wilbur A. 2-Mar-1945
Rusnak Stephen 11-May-1945
Russell Dean 5-Oct-1945
Russell Carl 9-Feb-1945
Russell Elaine "Jane" 30-Mar-1945
Russell Robert 6-Apr-1945
Russell Carl Edward 27-Apr-1945
Russell Robt E. 18-May-1945
Russell Ruth 10-Aug-1945
Russell Peter 12-Oct-1945
Russell Ruth 2-Nov-1945
Ruthart Felix 16-Feb-1945
Ruthart Felix 16-Mar-1945
Ruthart Victor L. 11-May-1945
Rutherford Lowene 5-Jan-1945
Rutherford Lowene 6-Apr-1945
Rutland Victor L. 6-Apr-1945
Rutledge Joe 19-Jan-1945
Rutledge Foster 7-Sep-1945
Rutledge Joe 2-Feb-1945
Rutledge Foster 15-Jun-1945
Rutledge Ralph 20-Jul-1945
Rutledge J. G. 20-Jul-1945
Rutledge Joe 27-Jul-1945
Rutledge Foster 3-Aug-1945
Ryan H T (Bish) 19-Jan-1945
Ryberg John 13-Jul-1945
Ryberg Jr. John W. 23-Nov-1945
Ryberg, Jr. John, A/C 1-Jun-1945
Ryden Ernest A.V. 16-Feb-1945
Ryden Ernest A. V. 16-Nov-1945
Rydland John E. 26-Oct-1945
Rydman Edwin 21-Sep-1945
Rydman 20-Apr-1945
Ryerson Kenneth 23-Mar-1945
Ryno Bob 1-Jun-1945
Saboe Herb L. 16-Feb-1945
Saboe Al 23-Feb-1945
Sabre Al 4-May-1945
Sadler Bernard 23-Feb-1945
Saeger Elizabeth Mrs. 18-May-1945
Saeger Jack 23-Nov-1945
Saigh James 5-Oct-1945
Saigh James 12-Jan-1945
Saigh Dean "Pat" 16-Feb-1945
Saigh Dean "Pat" 23-Mar-1945
Saigh Dean "Pat" 13-Apr-1945
Saigh Dean Pat 27-Apr-1945
Saigh James 27-Apr-1945
Saigh Dean "Pat" 13-Jul-1945
Saigh James 3-Aug-1945
Saigh James 12-Oct-1945
Salvadore Benny 16-Feb-1945
Salvadore Ben 16-Mar-1945
Salvadore Benny 20-Apr-1945
Salvadore Benny 23-Feb-1945
Salvatore Benny 18-May-1945
Salvatore Ben, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Salveson Ray 23-Feb-1945
Sampson Walter E. 9-Feb-1945
Sampson Walter 23-Mar-1945
Sampson L.G. 23-Mar-1945
Sampson Donald 21-Dec-1945
Samuelson Beverly 7-Sep-1945
Samuelson Gordon 7-Sep-1945
Samuelson Donald J 5-Jan-1945
Samuelson Gordon A. 12-Jan-1945
Samuelson G.A. 6-Apr-1945
Samuelson Robert E. 13-Apr-1945
Samuelson Robert E. 20-Apr-1945
Samuelson Robt. 18-May-1945
Samuelson Bob 18-May-1945
Samuelson Donald J., Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Samuelson R. D. 29-Jun-1945
Samuelson Gordon 27-Jul-1945
Samuelson Eugene A. 19-Oct-1945
Samuelson Donald J. 2-Nov-1945
Samuelson Donald J. 2-Nov-1945
Samuelson Earl R. 14-Dec-1945
Sanch Curtis 30-Nov-1945
Sanck Curtis 16-Nov-1945
Sanck Curtis 3-Aug-1945
Sanck Curtis 9-Nov-1945
Sandahl Carl A 19-Jan-1945
Sandahl Joe 7-Sep-1945
Sandahl Marie 14-Sep-1945
Sandberg Karl H. 3-Aug-1945
Sandburg Wilbur 29-Jun-1945
Sandeline Jeanne E. 7-Dec-1945
Sandell Joe 19-Jan-1945
Sandell Wesley 2-Mar-1945
Sandell Joe Thomas 21-Dec-1945
Sanders Cpt. 3-Aug-1945
Sanders Fern 31-Aug-1945
Sandholm Maurice H. 31-Aug-1945
Sandquist Mr. & Mrs. C.E. 23-Mar-1945
Sankholm Maurice, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Sapp S. R. 25-May-1945
Sapp Glenn A. 13-Jul-1945
Sapp Earl 13-Jul-1945
Sapp Glenn A. 2-Nov-1945
Sapp Glenn A. 2-Nov-1945
Satterlee Francis 21-Sep-1945
Saucke Orlan 27-Jul-1945
Saucke Orlan A. 7-Dec-1945
Saucke Orlan A. 7-Dec-1945
Saul Trafford 2-Nov-1945
Saunders Merril 26-Jan-1945
Saunders Merrill 11-May-1945
Saunders Katherine 25-May-1945
Saunders Katherine 14-Dec-1945
Saunders Katherine 23-Nov-1945
Saunders Merrill 23-Nov-1945
Saunders Merrill 21-Dec-1945
Saunders Merrill 28-Dec-1945
Savage Eugene 5-Oct-1945
Savage Paul 20-Apr-1945
Savage John 4-May-1945
Savage Paul 18-May-1945
Savage Paul 14-Sep-1945
Savage Paul 13-Jul-1945
Savage John 31-Aug-1945
Savage Richard 2-Nov-1945
Savill Violet 25-May-1945
Sawyer Duke 6-Apr-1945
Saxton John W. 31-Aug-1945
Sayre Herbert 16-Nov-1945
Sazton John 2-Nov-1945
Schaeffer Charlene 26-Oct-1945
Schaeffer Roy 28-Dec-1945
Schaffer Ralph E. 2-Nov-1945
Schalk Roy 31-Aug-1945
Scharf Mr. & Mrs. Fred 20-Apr-1945
Scharf Fred Mr. & Mrs. 23-Feb-1945
Scharf John E. 14-Dec-1945
Scharf Harry W. 10-Aug-1945
Scharfenberg Joe 19-Jan-1945
Scharfenberger Joseph F, 26-Oct-1945
Schaupp John 28-Sep-1945
Schaupp John 4-May-1945
Schaupp John M. Judge 1-Jun-1945
Schaupp John Judge 3-Aug-1945
Schaupp John M. 10-Aug-1945
Schaupp jr. John M. 26-Oct-1945
Scheaff, Jr G F 28-Sep-1945
Scheerer James 26-Jan-1945
Scheerer James 25-May-1945
Scheerer Jim 23-Nov-1945
Scheidel George 1-Jun-1945
Scheidemann L.W. Mr. & Mrs. 27-Apr-1945
Scherff Oda 2-Mar-1945
Scherff Ray 13-Apr-1945
Scherff Ray, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Scherff Ray 12-Oct-1945
Schill H A "Andy" 28-Sep-1945
Schill Don 9-Feb-1945
Schill Harold A. "Andy" 27-Apr-1945
Schill Carolyn 11-May-1945
Schill Donald 17-Aug-1945
Schill Don 6-Jul-1945
Schill Andy 3-Aug-1945
Schill Carolyn C. 12-Oct-1945
Schill Harold (Andy) 12-Oct-1945
Schive Maxine A. 30-Nov-1945
Schlatter Archie D. 17-Aug-1945
Schlesinger Clifford 25-May-1945
Schmadeke Don 19-Jan-1945
Schmalenberger Carl, F. O. 8-Jun-1945
Schmalenburger Carl H. 22-Jun-1945
Schmidt Willard 5-Oct-1945
Schmidt Richard 2-Mar-1945
Schmidt Delmar 11-May-1945
Schmidt Delmar 25-May-1945
Schmidt Kurt 15-Jun-1945
Schmidt Richard H. 14-Sep-1945
Schmidt Delmar 14-Dec-1945
Schmidt Robert, Mrs. 3-Aug-1945
Schmidt Willard R. 10-Aug-1945
Schmidt Richard 9-Nov-1945
Schmoker Gerald 2-Feb-1945
Schmoker Kenny 18-May-1945
Schmoker Gerald D. 2-Nov-1945
Schnell Frank L 7-Sep-1945
Schnell F.L. 30-Mar-1945
Schnell F. L. 29-Jun-1945
Schnell Frank 16-Nov-1945
Schnurr Glenn R "Dick" 26-Jan-1945
Schnurr Gretchen 26-Jan-1945
Schnurr Gib 16-Mar-1945
Schnurr Donna 16-Mar-1945
Schnurr Dick 27-Apr-1945
Schnurr George 30-Nov-1945
Schoeberlein Don 2-Feb-1945
Schoeberlein Don 2-Mar-1945
Scholl Eileen 25-May-1945
Schon Marie 31-Aug-1945
Schoolcraft Harold 6-Apr-1945
Schoolcraft George 28-Dec-1945
Schrandt Fritz 13-Jul-1945
Schrandt W. J. "Fritz" 30-Nov-1945
Schrank Alma E. 2-Nov-1945
Schrepfer Stanley 22-Jun-1945
Schrodt Hubert N. 2-Nov-1945
Schroeder Wilbur 12-Oct-1945
Schroeder William 26-Oct-1945
Schroeder John 9-Nov-1945
Schubert Dorothy 28-Sep-1945
Schubert Dorothy 5-Jan-1945
Schubert Dorothy 9-Feb-1945
Schubert Dorothy 16-Nov-1945
Schubert W. H. 16-Nov-1945
Schubert Walter 16-Nov-1945
Schubert Dorothy 6-Jul-1945
Schuh Glenn 7-Sep-1945
Schuh Walter 7-Sep-1945
Schuh Lyle 2-Feb-1945
Schuh 20-Apr-1945
Schuh Glenn 14-Sep-1945
Schuh Cheryl 14-Sep-1945
Schuh Walter 14-Dec-1945
Schuh Glenn 14-Dec-1945
Schultz Werner 26-Jan-1945
Schultz Russell L. 16-Feb-1945
Schultz William H. 8-Jun-1945
Schultz Russell L., T/Sgt 8-Jun-1945
Schultz Lloyd E. 29-Jun-1945
Schultz Billy 13-Jul-1945
Schultze R. L. 25-May-1945
Schuly Russell L. 23-Feb-1945
Schulz Russell L. 17-Aug-1945
Schulze Vernice 5-Jan-1945
Schumacher Randall 12-Jan-1945
Schuster Chas. 14-Sep-1945
Schuster Charles T. 3-Aug-1945
Schuster Frank P. 7-Dec-1945
Schwendeman Ronald L. 17-Aug-1945
Schwendemann Lloyd D 19-Jan-1945
Schwendemann Grant 26-Jan-1945
Schwendemann Francis 12-Jan-1945
Schwendemann Ron 2-Feb-1945
Schwendemann R.E. 2-Feb-1945
Schwendemann Grant 6-Apr-1945
Schwendemann Lloyd D. 11-May-1945
Schwendemann Ronald L. 14-Sep-1945
Schwendemann Grant 31-Aug-1945
Schwendemann Richard E. 19-Oct-1945
Schwendemann W. E. 30-Nov-1945
Schwering Paul 21-Sep-1945
Schwering Paul 22-Jun-1945
Schwering Paul 3-Aug-1945
Schwidder Delma, Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Schwidder H. J. 7-Dec-1945
Schwieger R.B. 23-Mar-1945
Schwieger R. B. 14-Sep-1945
Schwinghammer Leo 16-Nov-1945
Scire James 9-Feb-1945
Scott Howard 5-Jan-1945
Scott C.C. 30-Mar-1945
Scott Curtis R. 13-Apr-1945
Scott Curtis K. 17-Aug-1945
Scott Cecil 10-Aug-1945
Scott Curtis 26-Oct-1945
Scribner Eva 5-Oct-1945
Scully John "Ed" 5-Jan-1945
Scully John E. 12-Jan-1945
Scully John E. 23-Mar-1945
Scully John 20-Apr-1945
Scully John E. 27-Apr-1945
Scully John E. 23-Feb-1945
Scully John E. 19-Oct-1945
Seaton Donald W. 30-Nov-1945
Seaver Wesley I. 23-Nov-1945
Seavers Edgar A., Mr.and Mrs. 7-Dec-1945
Sederholm John 26-Jan-1945
Seevers Jeroldyne 22-Jun-1945
Segar Robert E 5-Oct-1945
Segar Joe E.W. 23-Mar-1945
Sege Sylvester 31-Aug-1945
Segreto 28-Sep-1945
Segreto Joe 12-Jan-1945
Segreto Joe 4-May-1945
Segreto Joe 14-Sep-1945
Segreto L. M., and Mrs.and son Frank 9-Nov-1945
Segretto Lawrence 30-Nov-1945
Seidensticker Betty 14-Sep-1945
Seidles R. H. 25-May-1945
Seifert Alma 8-Jun-1945
Seka Joseph S. 27-Apr-1945
Seko Joe 29-Jun-1945
Sells James A 26-Jan-1945
Sells James R. 19-Oct-1945
Semon Marie C. 17-Aug-1945
Semprini Jimmy 26-Jan-1945
Semprini James 11-May-1945
Serth Cecil 21-Sep-1945
Sestak Stan 23-Mar-1945
Sestini Richard 5-Oct-1945
Sestini Bruno 5-Oct-1945
Sestini Bruno 23-Nov-1945
Sforza Carlo 26-Oct-1945
Shaffer F.S. 9-Feb-1945
Shaffer Ralph 31-Aug-1945
Shaffer Ralph E. 9-Nov-1945
Shamberger Al 1-Jun-1945
Shamberger George 1-Jun-1945
Shanahan James (Father) 25-May-1945
Shanahan Father 15-Jun-1945
Shanahan James 19-Oct-1945
Shannon Lee 13-Apr-1945
Shappell Paul R 21-Sep-1945
Shappell Paul 6-Apr-1945
Sharp Mrs. R.C. 23-Mar-1945
Sharp Mrs. 23-Mar-1945
Sharp Vernon 6-Apr-1945
Sharp Vernon 18-May-1945
Shaw Bill 22-Jun-1945
Sheaff Jr. George F. 12-Oct-1945
Sheehy Maurice S. 10-Aug-1945
Sheehy F. E. 10-Aug-1945
Sheeky David, Ensign 1-Jun-1945
Sheerer Janie 16-Mar-1945
Sheker Enid Marie 26-Jan-1945
Sheker Howard 21-Sep-1945
Sheker Leonard 2-Feb-1945
Sheker Richard 16-Feb-1945
Sheker Lewis 14-Sep-1945
Sheker Dick 16-Nov-1945
Sheker Dick 23-Nov-1945
Shelby Warren 21-Sep-1945
Shelby Warren 26-Oct-1945
Shelly Jack 23-Mar-1945
Shelly Jack 31-Aug-1945
Shelton Paul E. 27-Apr-1945
Shelton Ralph 20-Jul-1945
Shelton Kenneth 30-Nov-1945
Shepard Lola 5-Jan-1945
Sherff Oda 11-May-1945
Sheridan Thomas P. 27-Apr-1945
Sherman Ralph "Swede" 20-Jul-1945
Sherratt Robert 23-Mar-1945
Sherratt Bob 12-Oct-1945
Sherril Floyd T. 23-Nov-1945
Sherrill Floyd 18-May-1945
Sherrill Floyd T. 15-Jun-1945
Sherwood Bob 16-Mar-1945
Shill John V 5-Oct-1945
Shimon Bernard F. 2-Mar-1945
Shimon Bernard 25-May-1945
Shofer Wayne 27-Jul-1945
Short Duane 2-Nov-1945
Shourek Harry L. 16-Mar-1945
Shourek Veon, Mrs. 16-Nov-1945
Showers Dorothy 20-Apr-1945
Showers Chester 27-Jul-1945
Showers Delmar 19-Oct-1945
Showers James 19-Oct-1945
Shrader John C 26-Jan-1945
Shrader John 21-Sep-1945
Shrader John C. 12-Jan-1945
Shrader John C. 6-Apr-1945
Shrader John C. 18-May-1945
Shrader John 23-Feb-1945
Shrader John 31-Aug-1945
Shrader John C. 21-Dec-1945
Shrank Alma 5-Jan-1945
Shulz R.L. 6-Apr-1945
Siefert Alma 22-Jun-1945
Sigurdson Arthur 26-Jan-1945
Sigurdson Morris K. 20-Apr-1945
Sill Robt. L. 16-Mar-1945
Simmons Leo 26-Jan-1945
Simmons Doris 5-Oct-1945
Simmons Leo J. 30-Mar-1945
Simmons Leo E. 6-Apr-1945
Simmons Leo 6-Apr-1945
Simmons Doris 15-Jun-1945
Simmons Leo 14-Sep-1945
Simmons Donald 19-Oct-1945
Simmonson Bill 19-Oct-1945
Simon J. J. 18-May-1945
Simonson Sigwel, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Simonson Sigwell 22-Jun-1945
Simonson Sigwel J. 14-Sep-1945
Simonson Sigwell 14-Sep-1945
Simonson Sigwel 21-Dec-1945
Simonson William 21-Dec-1945
Simpson Jack 13-Jul-1945
Simpson Jack 20-Jul-1945
Simpson J. F. 19-Oct-1945
Sims Frank 26-Jan-1945
Sims Frank 21-Sep-1945
Sims Frank 28-Sep-1945
Sims Frank J 7-Sep-1945
Sims Frank J. 12-Jan-1945
Sims Frank 1-Jun-1945
Sims Frank, Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Sims Frank J. 6-Jul-1945
Sims Frank 20-Jul-1945
Sims Frank J. 31-Aug-1945
Sims Frank 12-Oct-1945
Sims Frankie 9-Nov-1945
Sims Frankie 7-Dec-1945
Sinclair Lavern R. 12-Jan-1945
Sinclair Lavern 16-Feb-1945
Sinclair LaVern 15-Jun-1945
Sinclair Dave 22-Jun-1945
Sinclair Dave 27-Jul-1945
Sinclair L. R. 12-Oct-1945
Sinkey Don B. 16-Feb-1945
Sinkey J.G. 16-Feb-1945
Sinkey Don B. 27-Apr-1945
Sinnot Albert W. 26-Oct-1945
Sinnott Al 6-Apr-1945
Sittig Nancy 5-Jan-1945
Sittig Nancy 12-Oct-1945
Sittig Nancy 26-Oct-1945
Siverson Orval 30-Mar-1945
Siverson Orville 20-Jul-1945
Skinkaytis John 22-Jun-1945
Skinner James R. 28-Dec-1945
Skogland Verne D. 10-Aug-1945
Skohammer W.M. 9-Feb-1945
Skoland Verne D., S 1/C 1-Jun-1945
Skoland Verne 27-Jul-1945
Skoog Herbert 5-Oct-1945
Skoog Robert E 5-Oct-1945
Skoog Robert 29-Jun-1945
Skoog Herbert 29-Jun-1945
Skoog Herbert 28-Dec-1945
Skophammer Bill 19-Jan-1945
Skophammer Jim 21-Sep-1945
Skophammer Jim 28-Sep-1945
Skophammer Jim 28-Sep-1945
Skophammer W.W. 12-Jan-1945
Skophammer Duke 16-Mar-1945
Skophammer W. M. 23-Mar-1945
Skophammer Bill 30-Mar-1945
Skophammer W.M. 13-Apr-1945
Skophammer Bill 4-May-1945
Skophammer W. M. 18-May-1945
Skophammer W. M. 18-May-1945
Skophammer Jack, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Skophammer Jack 23-Feb-1945
Skophammer W. M. 23-Feb-1945
Skophammer A. H. 3-Aug-1945
Skophammer Jim 26-Oct-1945
Skophammer Robert 26-Oct-1945
Skophammer Robert 23-Nov-1945
Skophammer Robert 21-Dec-1945
Slagenweit Guy 29-Jun-1945
Slagenweit Gaylord 12-Oct-1945
Slagenweit Guy F. 2-Nov-1945
Slason Warren 31-Aug-1945
Slawson Warren 9-Feb-1945
Slawson Warren 23-Mar-1945
Slawson Warren 14-Sep-1945
Sleezer Wayne 14-Dec-1945
Slidell Jr. Kemper 31-Aug-1945
Slifer 25-May-1945
Sloan Jack, Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Sloan James 14-Dec-1945
Sloan Jack 13-Jul-1945
Slotten Emil 25-May-1945
Slotten Emil H. 6-Jul-1945
Slotten Emil H. 30-Nov-1945
Smead Roberta A. 10-Aug-1945
Smiley Foster 20-Jul-1945
Smith R N 19-Jan-1945
Smith R N 26-Jan-1945
Smith Walter 26-Jan-1945
Smith Genese 21-Sep-1945
Smith R N 28-Sep-1945
Smith Walter E 28-Sep-1945
Smith Dean E 7-Sep-1945
Smith Deane E 7-Sep-1945
Smith Raymond 7-Sep-1945
Smith Shirley 7-Sep-1945
Smith Bud 2-Feb-1945
Smith Chet 16-Feb-1945
Smith Wayne 2-Mar-1945
Smith Deane 2-Mar-1945
Smith Herb 16-Mar-1945
Smith Clare B. 23-Mar-1945
Smith V.L. 23-Mar-1945
Smith Chester 23-Mar-1945
Smith Wayne 30-Mar-1945
Smith Eugene 30-Mar-1945
Smith Mr. & Mrs. D. P. 30-Mar-1945
Smith Cpl. & Mrs. Ray 30-Mar-1945
Smith Bud 30-Mar-1945
Smith Leon F. 30-Mar-1945
Smith Karl 30-Mar-1945
Smith Leslie M. 30-Mar-1945
Smith Gene R. 13-Apr-1945
Smith Bud 13-Apr-1945
Smith Joe 20-Apr-1945
Smith Verle T. 27-Apr-1945
Smith Verle T. 4-May-1945
Smith Chet 4-May-1945
Smith Howard 11-May-1945
Smith Herbert M. 18-May-1945
Smith R.N., Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Smith Katherine 15-Jun-1945
Smith Irvin O. 22-Jun-1945
Smith Oliver H. 23-Feb-1945
Smith Don 23-Feb-1945
Smith Eugene 23-Feb-1945
Smith Vernon 29-Jun-1945
Smith Joe 29-Jun-1945
Smith Deane E. 29-Jun-1945
Smith Arthur Eugene 17-Aug-1945
Smith Orville 14-Sep-1945
Smith Orville 14-Sep-1945
Smith L. F. 16-Nov-1945
Smith George 16-Nov-1945
Smith Chester F. 16-Nov-1945
Smith Eugene 16-Nov-1945
Smith Maxwell 20-Jul-1945
Smith Robert G. 27-Jul-1945
Smith Cpt/Dr. 3-Aug-1945
Smith Herbert M. 10-Aug-1945
Smith Richard N. 10-Aug-1945
Smith L. F. 10-Aug-1945
Smith Shirley 31-Aug-1945
Smith Shirley 31-Aug-1945
Smith Arthur 31-Aug-1945
Smith Dr. 31-Aug-1945
Smith Verle 31-Aug-1945
Smith Robert G. 12-Oct-1945
Smith Robert G. 19-Oct-1945
Smith Karl 26-Oct-1945
Smith Chester F. 2-Nov-1945
Smith Irvin O. 2-Nov-1945
Smith Oliver 2-Nov-1945
Smith Karl L. 2-Nov-1945
Smith Verne W. 9-Nov-1945
Smith George 23-Nov-1945
Smith Dorothy 30-Nov-1945
Smith L. F. 21-Dec-1945
Smokested Kenneth 31-Aug-1945
Smokstad Keith 9-Feb-1945
Smokstad Keith 16-Mar-1945
Smokstad Keith, Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Smokstad Keith 23-Feb-1945
Smokstead Keith 16-Feb-1945
Smoksted 22-Jun-1945
Smyth Robert, Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Snearly Helen Louise 14-Sep-1945
Snook John 19-Jan-1945
Snook John 29-Jun-1945
Snook John 17-Aug-1945
Snook Ed 13-Jul-1945
Snook John 27-Jul-1945
Snyder Betty 2-Feb-1945
Soeldner Arnold 19-Jan-1945
Soldow D. D. 16-Nov-1945
Soldow D. D. 2-Nov-1945
Soldow D. D. 2-Nov-1945
Somerville James E. 2-Mar-1945
Somerville James 27-Jul-1945
Sonderleiter Kenneth 8-Jun-1945
Soppeland Eugene 26-Jan-1945
Soppeland Herbert 26-Jan-1945
Soppeland Mrs. E.B. 5-Jan-1945
Soppeland Eugene 2-Feb-1945
Soppeland S.T. 2-Feb-1945
Soppeland Willard 16-Feb-1945
Soppeland Mrs. 16-Feb-1945
Soppeland Willard 2-Mar-1945
Soppeland Eugene 23-Mar-1945
Soppeland Gene 13-Apr-1945
Soppeland Willard D. 20-Apr-1945
Soppeland Willard 23-Feb-1945
Soppeland Eugene 12-Oct-1945
Sorenson Andrew 26-Jan-1945
Sorenson Lawo 5-Oct-1945
Sorenson Gene 5-Jan-1945
Sorenson Leslie M. 2-Feb-1945
Sorenson Rollie 16-Mar-1945
Sorenson Andrew 27-Apr-1945
Sorenson Andrew 11-May-1945
Sorenson Curt, Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Sorenson Rolland 14-Dec-1945
Sorenson Leslie M. 6-Jul-1945
Sorlie Carol A. 12-Jan-1945
Sorlie Johnnie 29-Jun-1945
Sorlie Carol A. 10-Aug-1945
Southwick Glen 8-Jun-1945
Spackman Mel 18-May-1945
Spangler Russell 16-Nov-1945
Spangler Howard E. 10-Aug-1945
Speery Don 28-Sep-1945
Spence Chuck 10-Aug-1945
Spencer Harley 16-Feb-1945
Spencer Jimmy 23-Mar-1945
Spencer Dorothy 2-Nov-1945
Sperlan R D 5-Oct-1945
Sperlin Richard D. 9-Nov-1945
Sperry R K 19-Jan-1945
Sperry Don 16-Feb-1945
Sperry Dale 25-May-1945
Sperry Dale M. 3-Aug-1945
Spilka Seymour 18-May-1945
Spilka Alvin 14-Dec-1945
Spillman Don 19-Jan-1945
Spillman Donald 2-Feb-1945
Spillman Don 2-Mar-1945
Spillman Don 27-Apr-1945
Spinharney V.A. 2-Mar-1945
Spinharney R. J. 4-May-1945
Spinharney V.A. 15-Jun-1945
Spinharney R. J. 31-Aug-1945
Spinharney V. A. 7-Dec-1945
Spittal Harold 19-Jan-1945
Spittal Harold T. 2-Feb-1945
Spittal Harold 9-Nov-1945
Spocharski Sophie 20-Apr-1945
Sprick Helen 19-Jan-1945
Sprick Curt 7-Sep-1945
Sprigel S.E. 6-Apr-1945
Springer Helen 12-Jan-1945
Springer Wilbur C. 23-Feb-1945
Spurlin Dale 2-Feb-1945
Spurlin Dale L. 14-Dec-1945
Sromberg Wayne 5-Jan-1945
Stahl Leonard 19-Jan-1945
Stahl Leonard 5-Jan-1945
Stahl Ruth 31-Aug-1945
Stahr Cpt. And Mrs. Richard 27-Jul-1945
Stalnaker E J 26-Jan-1945
Stanek Marcella Mae 21-Sep-1945
Stanek Lawrence 15-Jun-1945
Stanek Ray 13-Jul-1945
Stanek Marcella Mae 13-Jul-1945
Stanfield R.L. 2-Mar-1945
Stanfield Ed 3-Aug-1945
Stapelton Joe 4-May-1945
Stapleton Tom 5-Oct-1945
Stapleton Jim 23-Mar-1945
Stapleton Joe 6-Apr-1945
Stapleton Joe 16-Nov-1945
Stapleton Tom 3-Aug-1945
Stapleton Thomas 19-Oct-1945
Stapleton Joseph R. 9-Nov-1945
Stapleton Tom 7-Dec-1945
Starr Werner W. 21-Dec-1945
Staska Robert 6-Apr-1945
Staton Willis 12-Jan-1945
Staufer Earl 14-Dec-1945
Staver Paul 19-Jan-1945
Staver Edwin 16-Nov-1945
Staver Edwin 7-Dec-1945
Steberg Don 27-Apr-1945
Steburg Mrs. Jess 5-Jan-1945
Steburg Betty Jane 23-Feb-1945
Steburg Walter 14-Sep-1945
Steburg Orval 16-Nov-1945
Steburg Walter 23-Nov-1945
Steburg Orval D. 7-Dec-1945
Stedman Don J. 23-Mar-1945
Stedman Don 9-Nov-1945
Steib John J. 2-Feb-1945
Steib Conrad 9-Feb-1945
Steib Conrad J. 9-Feb-1945
Steib John 30-Mar-1945
Steib C.J., S1/C 1-Jun-1945
Steib Jacob, S1/C 1-Jun-1945
Steib C.J., S 1/C 8-Jun-1945
Steib Conrad J. 10-Aug-1945
Steib Conrad J. 21-Dec-1945
Steib, Jr. John J. 16-Feb-1945
Steib, Jr. John J. 2-Mar-1945
Steib, Jr. John J. 13-Apr-1945
Steigerwald Jean 9-Nov-1945
Stein Johnny, S 2/C 1-Jun-1945
Stein VelvavON 26-Oct-1945
Steinberg Joe 28-Sep-1945
Steinberg Ted 28-Sep-1945
Steiner D. M. 27-Apr-1945
Steiner Delbert, Capt. 8-Jun-1945
Steinhoff 26-Jan-1945
Steinhoff Howard 2-Feb-1945
Steinhoff Ed 29-Jun-1945
Steinhoff Eddie 29-Jun-1945
Steinhoff Eddie 6-Jul-1945
Steinhoff Edward 31-Aug-1945
Steinmaus Joe 22-Jun-1945
Steinmaus Paul 23-Feb-1945
Steinmaus Paul 29-Jun-1945
Stell Richard 23-Mar-1945
Stell Richard B. 16-Nov-1945
Stell Richard B. 14-Dec-1945
Stell George 13-Jul-1945
Stell Richard B. 2-Nov-1945
Stensrud Burton 19-Jan-1945
Stensrud Hank 26-Jan-1945
Stensrud Sterling 26-Jan-1945
Stensrud Andy 2-Feb-1945
Stensrud Sterling "Andy" 16-Feb-1945
Stensrud Henry 30-Mar-1945
Stensrud Andy 20-Jul-1945
Stephan Dick 26-Jan-1945
Stephan Dick 30-Mar-1945
Stephan Richard, Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Stephan Ralph 23-Feb-1945
Stephan K. 13-Jul-1945
Stephan Ralph 3-Aug-1945
Stephen Dick 16-Nov-1945
Sterling John J. 21-Dec-1945
Sternititzke Richard O. 16-Feb-1945
Sternitzke Eldo 26-Jan-1945
Sternitzke Richard 4-May-1945
Sternitzke David 25-May-1945
Sternitzke Kenneth 7-Dec-1945
Sternitzke Dick 28-Dec-1945
Steussy Jerry 21-Sep-1945
Steussy Gerald, 1st Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Steussy Gerald H. 7-Dec-1945
Stevens Melvin 26-Jan-1945
Stevens Melvin 13-Apr-1945
Stevens Ertle Mae 19-Oct-1945
Stevenson W. W. 29-Jun-1945
Stewart Donald 2-Feb-1945
Stewart Harold 9-Feb-1945
Stewart Dona 16-Mar-1945
Stewart Hal 20-Apr-1945
Stewart Robert 27-Apr-1945
Stewart Harold T. 27-Apr-1945
Stewart Bob 4-May-1945
Stewart Fielden S. 1-Jun-1945
Stewart Louise 14-Dec-1945
Stewart Donald 31-Aug-1945
Stewart Hal 9-Nov-1945
Stewart Hal 30-Nov-1945
Stewart Clair 7-Dec-1945
Steyer Jack 2-Mar-1945
Steyer R.O. 13-Apr-1945
Steyer Bob 27-Apr-1945
Steyer Robert 13-Jul-1945
Steyer Robert 20-Jul-1945
Stice Chester 2-Nov-1945
Stieb Jacob 27-Apr-1945
Stiles Edmund 5-Oct-1945
Stiles Jake 13-Jul-1945
Stiles Dale J. 10-Aug-1945
Stiles Dale J. 30-Nov-1945
Stillman Roland 20-Apr-1945
Stillman Robert J. 15-Jun-1945
Stillman Rolland 15-Jun-1945
Stillman Judge 29-Jun-1945
Stillman Roland G. 26-Oct-1945
Stine Stanley G. 2-Feb-1945
Stine Reginald H. 19-Oct-1945
Stockwell Emerson 27-Apr-1945
Stoddard Richard 15-Jun-1945
Stoddard Francis 23-Feb-1945
Stoddard Francis W. 17-Aug-1945
Stolberg Jack 1-Jun-1945
Stone Ray 18-May-1945
Stoner Viola 26-Jan-1945
Stoner Floyd R 21-Sep-1945
Stoner Clayton 13-Jul-1945
Stoufer Clarence E 19-Jan-1945
Stoufer Clarence E. 17-Aug-1945
Stowe Douglas 6-Apr-1945
Stowe Wilmer 15-Jun-1945
Stowe Beulah 15-Jun-1945
Stowe Douglas 23-Nov-1945
Stowe Beulah 23-Nov-1945
Straight Gilbert 25-May-1945
Strain K.O. 6-Apr-1945
Strait Gilbert 5-Oct-1945
Strait Donald 28-Sep-1945
Strait Gilbert J. 16-Feb-1945
Strait Lue Edward 2-Mar-1945
Strait Gilbert J. 22-Jun-1945
Strait Lew Edward 14-Sep-1945
Strait Donald E. 14-Sep-1945
Strait Donald E. 31-Aug-1945
Strait Stratton Mary 7-Dec-1945
Strand Cliff 23-Feb-1945
Strand C. F. 31-Aug-1945
Strand C. F. 31-Aug-1945
Strand Vincent 2-Nov-1945
Stratton Mary I. 2-Mar-1945
Stratton Robert L. 2-Mar-1945
Straub D.K. 6-Apr-1945
Strauss Genevieve 28-Sep-1945
Strauss Wilbur 28-Sep-1945
Strauss Will 13-Jul-1945
Streff Richard 21-Dec-1945
Striker R. G. 13-Jul-1945
Stringer Gale F. 9-Feb-1945
Stringer Raymond E. 16-Nov-1945
Strobel Phyllis 6-Jul-1945
Strohschoen Carl 17-Aug-1945
Strom Palmer 21-Sep-1945
Strom Wilma Iren 28-Sep-1945
Strom W.C. 5-Jan-1945
Strom W.C. 16-Mar-1945
Strom (Sgt.) 23-Mar-1945
Strom Palmer 30-Mar-1945
Strom W.C. 30-Mar-1945
Strom Carl E. 6-Apr-1945
Strom Irene 13-Apr-1945
Strom W. C. 4-May-1945
Strom Gus 18-May-1945
Strom Wilbur 18-May-1945
Strom W. C. 25-May-1945
Strom Wilma I. 17-Aug-1945
Strom W. C. 3-Aug-1945
Strom W. C. 3-Aug-1945
Strom w. C. 31-Aug-1945
Strom Irene 31-Aug-1945
Strom W. C. 12-Oct-1945
Strom W. C. 9-Nov-1945
Strong Geo. John 22-Jun-1945
Strong Harold 29-Jun-1945
Strong Bert 23-Nov-1945
Stroufe Garth 19-Oct-1945
Strough Carlton 12-Oct-1945
Stroust Bill 27-Apr-1945
Struhar Sam 5-Jan-1945
Struhar August 9-Feb-1945
Struhar Sam 9-Feb-1945
Struhar John 9-Feb-1945
Struhar John 2-Mar-1945
Struhar Margaret 2-Mar-1945
Struhar August 1-Jun-1945
Stufflebean Katherine 1-Jun-1945
Stufflebean Helen 27-Jul-1945
Stugart Earlyne 10-Aug-1945
Stuhar John 2-Nov-1945
Stump Warren 30-Mar-1945
Stupka Lawrence 16-Feb-1945
Stupka Laurence 27-Jul-1945
Stupls Lawrence F., Mr&Mrs 27-Apr-1945
Sturdevant Duane 7-Sep-1945
Sturdevant Robert 7-Sep-1945
Sturdevant Duane 31-Aug-1945
Sturdevant Duane 31-Aug-1945
Suer John D. 23-Mar-1945
Suer Burnita 30-Nov-1945
Suer Jr. Clarence L. 12-Oct-1945
Suer, Jr. Clarence 22-Jun-1945
Suer, Jr. Clarence 22-Jun-1945
Suizback Jack, Capt. 1-Jun-1945
Sullivan Don 5-Jan-1945
Sullivan Roy 9-Feb-1945
Sullivan Don 16-Feb-1945
Sullivan Gerald 16-Feb-1945
Sullivan Don 16-Feb-1945
Sullivan Don 23-Mar-1945
Sullivan J.E. 1-Jun-1945
Sullivan Jane 29-Jun-1945
Sullivan Gerald 20-Jul-1945
Sullivan Bob 20-Jul-1945
Sullivan Barnett 31-Aug-1945
Sullivan J. R. 9-Nov-1945
Sully John E. 23-Feb-1945
Sulzbach John F. 16-Mar-1945
Sulzbach John F. 16-Nov-1945
Sulzback Capt. 27-Jul-1945
Summers Kenneth 21-Sep-1945
Sunick Joe 17-Aug-1945
Swalla Robert 19-Jan-1945
Swaney James 7-Sep-1945
Swaney Blank 30-Mar-1945
Swaney Blank 13-Apr-1945
Swaney Blank 27-Apr-1945
Swaney Blank 15-Jun-1945
Swaney Blank 22-Jun-1945
Swaney Colleen 22-Jun-1945
Swaney Black 6-Jul-1945
Swaney James 31-Aug-1945
Swaney Jim 31-Aug-1945
Swank James R. 13-Apr-1945
Swank James R. 20-Apr-1945
Swanson Loren 19-Jan-1945
Swanson Vern C 28-Sep-1945
Swanson Vern C 28-Sep-1945
Swanson Arden 5-Jan-1945
Swanson Willard 27-Apr-1945
Swanson Wilbur J. 27-Apr-1945
Swanson Wilber J. 18-May-1945
Swanson Wilbur J. 25-May-1945
Swanson Loren T., RM 1/C 8-Jun-1945
Swanson Willard 29-Jun-1945
Swanson A. C. 6-Jul-1945
Swanson A. C. 13-Jul-1945
Swanson Bob 13-Jul-1945
Swanson Vince 20-Jul-1945
Swanson Wilbur "Swede" 31-Aug-1945
Swanson Merle 12-Oct-1945
Swanson A. O. 19-Oct-1945
Swanson Walter F. 19-Oct-1945
Swanson W. R. 23-Nov-1945
Swanson Lester E. 30-Nov-1945
Swanson William R. 7-Dec-1945
Swanson Wilbur J. 28-Dec-1945
Swartz Tom 23-Mar-1945
Swartz Allen 23-Mar-1945
Swasy Blair E. 30-Mar-1945
Sweeney William D 26-Jan-1945
Sweeney George B. 23-Mar-1945
Sweeney Audrey 6-Apr-1945
Sweeney George 15-Jun-1945
Sweeney John M. 29-Jun-1945
Sweeney John M. 17-Aug-1945
Sweeney Eugene 16-Nov-1945
Sweeney Pat 20-Jul-1945
Sweeney Audrey 28-Dec-1945
Sweet Merton 28-Sep-1945
Sweet Dwight 9-Feb-1945
Sweet Dorothy 27-Apr-1945
Sweet Merton T. 18-May-1945
Swendleman Dick Martin 13-Apr-1945
Swendson Kenneth 12-Oct-1945
Swenson Walt 2-Mar-1945
Swindel Earl, Mrs. 17-Aug-1945
Tabot John 16-Nov-1945
Taff Lucy 16-Feb-1945
Tague Merle 16-Nov-1945
Takes Donald E., Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Talbot John 27-Jul-1945
Talcott Everett N. 5-Jan-1945
Tangora Albert 16-Mar-1945
Tanner June E. 7-Dec-1945
Tapscott Donald 14-Dec-1945
Tato Gen. 22-Jun-1945
Taylor Eugene 21-Sep-1945
Taylor Conrad 5-Jan-1945
Taylor Eugene 12-Jan-1945
Taylor Conrad 16-Feb-1945
Taylor Floyd 16-Feb-1945
Taylor Dean 2-Mar-1945
Taylor Eugene 16-Mar-1945
Taylor Robert 30-Mar-1945
Taylor R.W. 6-Apr-1945
Taylor Dale 6-Apr-1945
Taylor Eugene 6-Apr-1945
Taylor Joe R. 20-Apr-1945
Taylor Dorothy 20-Apr-1945
Taylor Virgil "Bob" 4-May-1945
Taylor Bob 18-May-1945
Taylor Joe 18-May-1945
Taylor Robert, T/Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Taylor Joe "Rock" 15-Jun-1945
Taylor Conrad 22-Jun-1945
Taylor Richard M. 16-Nov-1945
Taylor Bob 16-Nov-1945
Taylor Dale J. 13-Jul-1945
Taylor Eugene 20-Jul-1945
Taylor J. R. 31-Aug-1945
Taylor Richard C. 12-Oct-1945
Taylor Bob 19-Oct-1945
Taylor Virgil O. 19-Oct-1945
Taylor Dale 19-Oct-1945
Taylor Dick 19-Oct-1945
Taylor R. W. 9-Nov-1945
Taylor Phillipa 21-Dec-1945
Taylor Conrad 28-Dec-1945
Teichert R.D. 23-Mar-1945
Teleen H. T. 25-May-1945
Telleen Martin 21-Sep-1945
Telleen Bob 15-Jun-1945
Tempel 2-Mar-1945
Tennant Tipton A. 10-Aug-1945
Tepfer Don 27-Apr-1945
Tepfer Donald G. 19-Oct-1945
Tepfer Duane 26-Oct-1945
Tepfer Duane R. 30-Nov-1945
Terrill William J. 22-Jun-1945
Terrill William J. 7-Dec-1945
Tessum Curtis, Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Tessum Curtis E. 21-Dec-1945
Tessum Curt 21-Dec-1945
Tetrault Alex 14-Dec-1945
Thaanum Mrs. F. W. 2-Feb-1945
Thanos Mrs. 30-Mar-1945
Thatcher Don 26-Jan-1945
Thatcher Wilbur 21-Sep-1945
Thatcher Wilbur 7-Sep-1945
Thatcher W.C. 23-Mar-1945
Thatcher (Doc.) 6-Apr-1945
Thatcher Bill 23-Feb-1945
Thatcher Wilbur C. 17-Aug-1945
Thatcher Bill 27-Jul-1945
Thatcher Bill 3-Aug-1945
Thayer Kathleen 21-Sep-1945
Thayer Kathleen 15-Jun-1945
Theiler R. W. 25-May-1945
Theiler Robert W. 26-Oct-1945
Theiss Carl 21-Sep-1945
Theiss Elmer F 21-Sep-1945
Theiss Carl E. 5-Jan-1945
Theiss Elmer 9-Feb-1945
Theiss Carl 16-Mar-1945
Theiss Carl E. 6-Apr-1945
Theiss Robert V. 20-Apr-1945
Theiss Carl E. 20-Apr-1945
Theiss Carl E., WT 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Theiss Carl 22-Jun-1945
Theiss Carl E. 20-Jul-1945
Theissen Jack 13-Jul-1945
Thie Paul C 5-Oct-1945
Thie Paul C. 5-Jan-1945
Thie 12-Jan-1945
Thie Paul C. 9-Feb-1945
Thie 20-Apr-1945
Thie Paul E. 26-Oct-1945
Thies Ray 5-Oct-1945
Thill Jim 18-May-1945
Thissen Eugene H. 13-Apr-1945
Thode Joe A., Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Thomas Bernard J. 9-Feb-1945
Thomas Marvin 16-Mar-1945
Thomas Marvin 30-Mar-1945
Thomas Lloyd L. 11-May-1945
Thomas William J. 18-May-1945
Thomas Mervin P. 13-Jul-1945
Thomas Eleanor 13-Jul-1945
Thomas Patty 31-Aug-1945
Thomas M. A., Mr. and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Thompsom Sidney 15-Jun-1945
Thompson Neva 19-Jan-1945
Thompson Oral G 5-Oct-1945
Thompson Glen 21-Sep-1945
Thompson Joyce 21-Sep-1945
Thompson Neva 21-Sep-1945
Thompson Glen 21-Sep-1945
Thompson Neva 28-Sep-1945
Thompson Vearl 5-Jan-1945
Thompson Sidney 9-Feb-1945
Thompson Alfred 16-Mar-1945
Thompson John Leslie 16-Mar-1945
Thompson Nuella 30-Mar-1945
Thompson Maurice 6-Apr-1945
Thompson Gladys 4-May-1945
Thompson Oral G. 1-Jun-1945
Thompson Helen 1-Jun-1945
Thompson 1-Jun-1945
Thompson Oral 15-Jun-1945
Thompson Neva, Mrs. 22-Jun-1945
Thompson Wendell 29-Jun-1945
Thompson Neva Phipps 16-Nov-1945
Thompson Oral 31-Aug-1945
Thompson Jim 12-Oct-1945
Thompson Zella 19-Oct-1945
Thompson Kermit 19-Oct-1945
Thompson Max 26-Oct-1945
Thompson Kenneth B. 2-Nov-1945
Thompson Alfred 9-Nov-1945
Thompson Alfred 9-Nov-1945
Thompson Wendell, Mr. and Mrs. 30-Nov-1945
Thorn Clifford 26-Jan-1945
Thorn Robert J. 30-Mar-1945
Thorness Lowell J. 30-Nov-1945
Thorness Ray 30-Nov-1945
Thornton D. L. 31-Aug-1945
Thornton Daniel 31-Aug-1945
Thorsbakken, Jr. Leonard 20-Jul-1945
Thorsen Johan 13-Apr-1945
Thorsen Ellen 8-Jun-1945
Thorsnes David H 19-Jan-1945
Thorsness Lowell 19-Jan-1945
Thorsness Ray G. 11-May-1945
Thorsness Lowell J. 10-Aug-1945
Thorsness David H. 10-Aug-1945
Thorsness David H. 10-Aug-1945
Thorsness R. G. 7-Dec-1945
Thorson Ellen 26-Jan-1945
Thorson Jacob 26-Jan-1945
Thorson Leroy 21-Sep-1945
Thorson Thorwald 13-Apr-1945
Thorson 20-Apr-1945
Thorson Jake 27-Apr-1945
Thorson Leroy T. 11-May-1945
Thorson Ellen 18-May-1945
Thorson LeRoy 31-Aug-1945
Thorson Leroy 12-Oct-1945
Thurston James A. 26-Oct-1945
Tierman Leo 23-Mar-1945
Tierney Maurice J 5-Oct-1945
Tierney Ross 7-Sep-1945
Tierney Joe 12-Jan-1945
Tierney Moe 12-Jan-1945
Tierney Robt. 2-Mar-1945
Tierney Maurice "Moe" 16-Mar-1945
Tierney Maurice "Moe" 4-May-1945
Tierney M. J. "Moe" 18-May-1945
Tierney Tom 22-Jun-1945
Tierney Joe 23-Feb-1945
Tierney Maurice J. 23-Feb-1945
Tierney Thomas E. 13-Jul-1945
Tierney Ross 10-Aug-1945
Tierney Don 12-Oct-1945
Tierney Thomas E. 12-Oct-1945
Tierney Thomas E. 19-Oct-1945
Tierney Joe 9-Nov-1945
Tierney Ross 9-Nov-1945
Tierney John,Maurice, Don 23-Nov-1945
Tierney Ross J. 23-Nov-1945
Tigner Richard W. 3-Aug-1945
Till Wade 18-May-1945
Tilp Paul J. 27-Apr-1945
Tilp Paul J. 27-Jul-1945
Timberlane Cass 28-Dec-1945
Timmons Tom 15-Jun-1945
Timmons Tom 13-Jul-1945
Timmons Gerald 13-Jul-1945
Timmons Jr. Tom 30-Nov-1945
Tobaben John G. 30-Nov-1945
Todd William 7-Sep-1945
Todd William 22-Jun-1945
Tollefson A E "Bud" 26-Jan-1945
Tomlinson Maurice 23-Feb-1945
Tomlinson Ruth 7-Dec-1945
Tonsfeldt Jordon F. 20-Apr-1945
Tonsfeldt J. E. 16-Nov-1945
Tonsfeldt Jordan 19-Oct-1945
Tonsfeldt Jordan E. 26-Oct-1945
Tonsfeldt Jordan E. 23-Nov-1945
Toohey John 2-Mar-1945
Toohey Nora 11-May-1945
Toohey Gerald 16-Nov-1945
Toohey John J. 23-Nov-1945
Toohey Nora M. 28-Dec-1945
Toohney John 27-Apr-1945
Torgerson LuVerne 30-Nov-1945
Tornabane Roy 30-Nov-1945
Tornabone Roy 5-Jan-1945
Tornbane Sam 21-Dec-1945
Towers Alvin W. 27-Jul-1945
Townsend Mrs. Dan 16-Mar-1945
Townsend Dan F. 14-Sep-1945
Tracy Ila Mae 4-May-1945
Treloar Beverly Jean 26-Jan-1945
Treloar Max 28-Sep-1945
Treloar Max 22-Jun-1945
Tremain George 1-Jun-1945
Tribby Chadyne Joy 13-Jul-1945
Trickle Ray 13-Apr-1945
Tripp Truth 14-Dec-1945
Troast Bud 4-May-1945
Trost Ewald 16-Feb-1945
Trost Bud 27-Jul-1945
Trost Henry R. 19-Oct-1945
Trost Fern 30-Nov-1945
Trost Henry 30-Nov-1945
Trowbridge T. John 22-Jun-1945
Trowbridge T. John 13-Jul-1945
Truckenbrodt George 14-Dec-1945
Truman Pres. 11-May-1945
Truman President 1-Jun-1945
Truman President 31-Aug-1945
Trusty Paul 27-Apr-1945
Trusty Paul E. 12-Oct-1945
Tscherter Henry E. 27-Jul-1945
Tscherter Evelyn 27-Jul-1945
Tscherter Evelyn J. 27-Jul-1945
Tucker Robert 28-Sep-1945
Tucker James Mrs. 27-Apr-1945
Tucker Jim, 1st Lt. & Mrs. 15-Jun-1945
Tucker Gary 15-Jun-1945
Tucker Bob 23-Feb-1945
Tucker Jim 20-Jul-1945
Tuel Mark 5-Oct-1945
Tuel William 5-Jan-1945
Tuel Dean 20-Jul-1945
Tuel Ross 19-Oct-1945
Tuel Mark 23-Nov-1945
Tuel Dean 28-Dec-1945
Tuel Jr. Ross 13-Jul-1945
Tullar Lyle 19-Oct-1945
Tungesvik Jacob 22-Jun-1945
Tungesvik Jacob 7-Dec-1945
Tungevisk Silas 29-Jun-1945
Tunwall John W. 9-Nov-1945
Turgesvik Jacob 21-Sep-1945
Turvell W.R. 12-Jan-1945
Turvell Mrs. W.R. 12-Jan-1945
Tyler Melvin 8-Jun-1945
Tyler Roy, Mrs. 22-Jun-1945
Tyler Duane 26-Oct-1945
Tyrell Herbert 22-Jun-1945
Tyrell Herbie 22-Jun-1945
Tyrrell Herbie 14-Sep-1945
Tyrrell Herbert J. 23-Nov-1945
Ulish Ernest 16-Feb-1945
Ulish Frank 1-Jun-1945
Ulish Ernest L. 16-Nov-1945
Ulm Isabelle 1-Jun-1945
Ulm Rena Isabelle 14-Dec-1945
Ulm R. I. 27-Jul-1945
Ulrich Stanley R 19-Jan-1945
Ulrich Stan 23-Mar-1945
Ulrich Stanley R. 31-Aug-1945
Ulrich Stanley R. 31-Aug-1945
Ulstad Phil E. 5-Jan-1945
Ulstad Duane 13-Apr-1945
Ulstad Robert 14-Sep-1945
Ulstad Lt. 13-Jul-1945
Ulstad R. L. 20-Jul-1945
Ulstad Duane 31-Aug-1945
Ulstad Kenneth 31-Aug-1945
Ulstad Bob 31-Aug-1945
Ulstad Duane 31-Aug-1945
Ulstad Duane 26-Oct-1945
Umbaugh Bernard 13-Jul-1945
Umbaugh Herbert 19-Oct-1945
Umbaugh Herbert G. 26-Oct-1945
Umsted Mary Ann 26-Jan-1945
Umsted Mary Ann 2-Feb-1945
Umsted Earl 16-Nov-1945
Umsted Irwin 7-Dec-1945
Umsted W. I., Mr. and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Umsted Bob 28-Dec-1945
Underwood Joe 30-Mar-1945
Urban James 28-Sep-1945
Urban Eugene, Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Urban James 31-Aug-1945
Urbon Eugene 23-Nov-1945
Vaccaro Donna V. 29-Jun-1945
Valashek Tourney 21-Sep-1945
Valashek Frank 22-Jun-1945
Valashek Frank 10-Aug-1945
Valashek, Jr. Frank D. 2-Mar-1945
Valassiades Stephanos I. 3-Aug-1945
Van Alstine Francis 13-Jul-1945
Van Alstine Gaylord 2-Nov-1945
Van Horrsen Marvin H. 12-Oct-1945
Van Horssen M. H. 4-May-1945
Van Horssen Ruth 4-May-1945
Van Horssen M. H. 17-Aug-1945
Van Horssen M. H. (Joe) 9-Nov-1945
Van Tasell Golda I. 21-Dec-1945
Van Tassel Golda 21-Dec-1945
Van Winkle Donn 12-Oct-1945
Vancil Archie 13-Apr-1945
Vanderhoff John 5-Jan-1945
Vanderhoff John 2-Mar-1945
Vanderhoff John 16-Nov-1945
Vanderhoff Lloyd 2-Nov-1945
Vandermeer Bill 19-Oct-1945
Vanderslice Ed 13-Apr-1945
Vanderslice Ed, Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Vanderslice Edward O. 21-Dec-1945
Vandi Servia 26-Jan-1945
Vandi Queento L. 5-Jan-1945
Vandi Q.L. 2-Feb-1945
Vandi Thomas 23-Mar-1945
Vandi Servia 6-Apr-1945
Vandi Q.L. 20-Apr-1945
Vandi Fred, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Vandi Queento 3-Aug-1945
Vandi Q. L. 12-Oct-1945
Vandi Fred 12-Oct-1945
Vandi Leon 19-Oct-1945
VanGundy Jim 11-May-1945
Vanhorn Richard 18-May-1945
VanHorssen M. H. 27-Apr-1945
Vannoni Fred 9-Feb-1945
Vannoni Fred 16-Feb-1945
Vannoni Vacilli P. 23-Mar-1945
Vannoni Vasilli P. 4-May-1945
Vannoni Vasilli 23-Feb-1945
Vannoni Fred 23-Feb-1945
Vannoni Eddie 27-Jul-1945
Vannoni Vasilli 27-Jul-1945
Vannoni Eddie 27-Jul-1945
Vannoni Eddie 12-Oct-1945
VanVoast Richard L 5-Oct-1945
Vargason Walter "Buck" 22-Jun-1945
Vargason Mary 22-Jun-1945
Vargason Walter "Buck" 27-Jul-1945
Vargason Mary 27-Jul-1945
Varner Marian 28-Sep-1945
Vaughan L.A. "Red" 20-Apr-1945
Vaughan L. A. 18-May-1945
Vaughin Edward 9-Feb-1945
Vaughn L A (Red) 26-Jan-1945
Vedvig 20-Apr-1945
Vegors D.D., Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Verbik Rudy 19-Oct-1945
Verle Floyd M. 2-Feb-1945
Vermule Arthur F 28-Sep-1945
Vermule Arthur F. 31-Aug-1945
Vermule Arthur F. 26-Oct-1945
Vernon T.W. 12-Jan-1945
Vevle Floyd 9-Feb-1945
Vevle Lloyd 9-Feb-1945
Vevle Lloyd 13-Jul-1945
Vevle Floyd 13-Jul-1945
Vevle Rudolph 13-Jul-1945
Vieg Roy M., C PhM 8-Jun-1945
Vieg Roy M. 16-Nov-1945
Vieg Marvin 14-Dec-1945
Vieg Marvin 27-Jul-1945
Vieg Roy 27-Jul-1945
Vieg Oscar 27-Jul-1945
Vieg Roy M. 23-Nov-1945
Viergever W. L. 14-Sep-1945
Viergever W. L. 26-Oct-1945
Viergiver W.L. 13-Apr-1945
Viers Roger E 21-Sep-1945
Viers Doug 2-Mar-1945
Viers Roger E. 30-Mar-1945
Viers Douglas, T/4 1-Jun-1945
Viers Roger E. 23-Feb-1945
Viers Douglas 6-Jul-1945
Viers Roger E. 10-Aug-1945
Viers Roger 31-Aug-1945
Viers Roger E. 26-Oct-1945
Vieth Kenneth William 2-Feb-1945
Vieth Kenneth W. 23-Nov-1945
Vincent Don 2-Mar-1945
Vining, Mrs Lois 5-Oct-1945
Vining, Mrs Lois 21-Sep-1945
Vinnes Marvin N. 27-Apr-1945
Vinsand Almer 7-Sep-1945
Vinson Kenneth 21-Sep-1945
Vinson Robert D. 13-Jul-1945
Vinson Ken 13-Jul-1945
Vish Chester A., Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Vit Lillian 23-Mar-1945
Vladeff Verne F. 14-Dec-1945
Vladeff Verne F. 14-Dec-1945
Vogel Margaret 14-Sep-1945
Vohs John E 21-Sep-1945
Vohs John 13-Apr-1945
Vohs Richard, Sgt & Mrs. 18-May-1945
Vohs Susan Kay 18-May-1945
Vohs John E. 7-Dec-1945
Vohs John 21-Dec-1945
Volberding James, Mrs. 9-Nov-1945
Volberding Lt. 9-Nov-1945
Von Alstine Gail 16-Mar-1945
Von Stein Velva 23-Nov-1945
Vosika Edmond 5-Jan-1945
Voss Vernon E 21-Sep-1945
Voss Vernon E. 9-Feb-1945
Voss Paul 11-May-1945
Voss Milo 29-Jun-1945
Voss Milo D. 17-Aug-1945
Voss . 14-Sep-1945
Voss Milo 16-Nov-1945
Voss V. E. 2-Nov-1945
Voss Vernon E. 9-Nov-1945
Vought Earl 11-May-1945
Vought Earl L. 23-Nov-1945
Vranty Frank 6-Jul-1945
Vranty Joseph 20-Jul-1945
Vratney Joseph 14-Dec-1945
Vratny Joe 26-Jan-1945
Vratny Frank 18-May-1945
Waddell Dick 19-Jan-1945
Waddell Dick 2-Feb-1945
Waddell R.A. 2-Mar-1945
Wafful Edward 19-Jan-1945
Wafful Ed 16-Mar-1945
Waggoner Jack Dean 13-Apr-1945
Wagner John "Al" 5-Jan-1945
Wagner Elaine 20-Apr-1945
Wagner Pat Bernard 27-Jul-1945
Wagner Bernard 30-Nov-1945
Wahlgren Donald 16-Nov-1945
Wahlgren Donald 13-Jul-1945
Walberg Maxine 17-Aug-1945
Waldschmidt Ralph 20-Apr-1945
Waldschmidt Ralph A. 12-Oct-1945
Walker Charles S. 5-Jan-1945
Walker Robert 2-Feb-1945
Walker Robert 16-Feb-1945
Walker Charles 16-Feb-1945
Walker Charles 30-Mar-1945
Walker Charles 6-Apr-1945
Walker Glenn 20-Apr-1945
Walker Charles 27-Apr-1945
Walker Chas. 13-Jul-1945
Walker Bob 20-Jul-1945
Wall Joseph F. 2-Feb-1945
Wall Joseph J. 21-Dec-1945
Wallace Art 26-Jan-1945
Wallace Fred 5-Oct-1945
Wallace Fred 2-Mar-1945
Walrod Dale 18-May-1945
Walrod Vere 10-Aug-1945
Walsh Ray, Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Walsh Clement 19-Oct-1945
Walstrom Wally 21-Sep-1945
Walters Bucky 5-Jan-1945
Walters Orville 20-Apr-1945
Walters Orville 18-May-1945
Walters Roger G., Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Walters Orville, S 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Walters Orville 20-Jul-1945
Walters Orville 12-Oct-1945
Walton Owen 11-May-1945
Walton Owen 29-Jun-1945
Walton Owen 17-Aug-1945
Walton G. R. 17-Aug-1945
Wamsley Marjorie 26-Jan-1945
Wangler Gerald 12-Oct-1945
Ward Dwight E 21-Sep-1945
Ward Bill 2-Nov-1945
Ward Fred E., Mr. and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Warden Everett 16-Feb-1945
Warden Everett 2-Mar-1945
Warland C. E. 16-Nov-1945
Warneke Ed 17-Aug-1945
Warneke Charles (Chuck) 17-Aug-1945
Warner Katherine 5-Jan-1945
Warner Katherine 16-Feb-1945
Warner Max 26-Oct-1945
Warren Wayne 29-Jun-1945
Wasem Heinie 5-Oct-1945
Wasem Heinie 21-Sep-1945
Wasem Heinie 28-Sep-1945
Wasem Henie 7-Sep-1945
Wasem Robert 16-Feb-1945
Wasem 20-Apr-1945
Wasem Henry 20-Apr-1945
Wasem Henry 27-Apr-1945
Wasem Henry 4-May-1945
Wasem 11-May-1945
Wasem 18-May-1945
Wasem 25-May-1945
Wasem Bob 15-Jun-1945
Wasem Heinie 14-Sep-1945
Wasem Heinie 16-Nov-1945
Wasem Richard 14-Dec-1945
Wasem Heinie 12-Oct-1945
Wasem Heinie 26-Oct-1945
Wasem Henry 30-Nov-1945
Wasem Mary 21-Dec-1945
Waske/o Chas. 25-May-1945
Wasko Charles 18-May-1945
Wasrm Heinie 9-Nov-1945
Wassem Robert 23-Feb-1945
Watrous Earl 28-Sep-1945
Watrous Earl 31-Aug-1945
Watson Jack 16-Mar-1945
Watson Chas. H. 7-Dec-1945
Watts Edgerly 29-Jun-1945
Watts Edgerly 14-Sep-1945
Watts Roger 14-Sep-1945
Watts Wendell 9-Nov-1945
Watts Wendell C. 21-Dec-1945
Watts Edgerly 28-Dec-1945
Waughtal Bob 2-Feb-1945
Wearmouth Ron 2-Feb-1945
Wearmouth, Cox. Ronald 23-Mar-1945
Weaver Jack B. 12-Oct-1945
Webb George M 28-Sep-1945
Webb Paul 2-Feb-1945
Webb Keith C. 2-Mar-1945
Webb Paul 20-Apr-1945
Webb Keith C. 18-May-1945
Webb George M. 27-Jul-1945
Webb George M. 19-Oct-1945
Webb Paul E. 28-Dec-1945
Webber Allen E. 23-Feb-1945
Weber Allen E 5-Oct-1945
Weber Wm. D. 16-Mar-1945
Weber Adam 27-Apr-1945
Weber Allen E. 17-Aug-1945
Weber Allen E. 17-Aug-1945
Weber Chester R. 19-Oct-1945
Weber Allen E. 7-Dec-1945
Webster Richard B. 12-Oct-1945
Wegman Clarence 5-Oct-1945
Wegman Clarence 14-Dec-1945
Wegman Clarence 31-Aug-1945
Wegman Clarence A. 31-Aug-1945
Wegman Clarence 12-Oct-1945
Wegman Clarence A. 9-Nov-1945
Wegman C. A. 28-Dec-1945
Wehrheim Melvin 26-Jan-1945
Wehrheim Melvin V. 15-Jun-1945
Wehrheim Melvin 31-Aug-1945
Weiberg L. L. 11-May-1945
Weideman Louis 6-Jul-1945
Weideman Harris 10-Aug-1945
Weidman Harris 3-Aug-1945
Weidman Francis E. 3-Aug-1945
Weihrheim Melvin V. 23-Mar-1945
Weishaar Don 5-Oct-1945
Weishaar Don 16-Nov-1945
Weiss Harvey C 28-Sep-1945
Weiss Adolph 5-Jan-1945
Weiss Frank 13-Apr-1945
Weiss Clarence W. 20-Apr-1945
Weiss Hilda 20-Apr-1945
Weiss John L. 4-May-1945
Weiss E. E. 25-May-1945
Weiss Frank 15-Jun-1945
Weiss Frank 29-Jun-1945
Weiss Wertzel 29-Jun-1945
Weiss Harvey C. 17-Aug-1945
Weiss Adolf 19-Oct-1945
Weiss Frank 26-Oct-1945
Weiss Edward L. 26-Oct-1945
Weiss Frank 2-Nov-1945
Weiss Harvey C. 30-Nov-1945
Welberg Lenus 9-Nov-1945
Welch Mitchell J 5-Oct-1945
Welch Mary F. 5-Jan-1945
Welch Ernest 23-Mar-1945
Welch Mary 18-May-1945
Welch Richard "Dick" 23-Feb-1945
Welch W. Harold 14-Sep-1945
Welch Mary 19-Oct-1945
Welch Tom 28-Dec-1945
Welch Frank 28-Dec-1945
Wells Alven H 5-Oct-1945
Wells John 4-May-1945
Welp Bob 30-Mar-1945
Welp Robert 13-Apr-1945
Welp Robt. 25-May-1945
Welp Romuald 17-Aug-1945
Welp Robert R. 9-Nov-1945
Welsh Dick 14-Sep-1945
Wempe Floyd 2-Mar-1945
Wempe Floyd 25-May-1945
Wempe Floyd 23-Feb-1945
Wempe Floyd 14-Dec-1945
Wempe Floyd 19-Oct-1945
Wempe Floyd J. 19-Oct-1945
Wendelken Roland G. 16-Nov-1945
Wendt Earl 20-Jul-1945
Wenzel Bob 13-Jul-1945
Werling Clarence G. 2-Mar-1945
Werling Clarence G. 10-Aug-1945
Werte Iola 31-Aug-1945
Wertz Kenneth O 19-Jan-1945
Wertz Kenneth O. 12-Jan-1945
Wertz Kenneth O. 2-Feb-1945
Wertz Kenneth O. 9-Feb-1945
Wertz Kenneth O. 30-Mar-1945
Wertz Doris 16-Nov-1945
Wertz Iola 3-Aug-1945
Wertz Iola 10-Aug-1945
Wessar Paul J. 14-Sep-1945
West Ray, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Westbrook Sam 23-Feb-1945
Westbrook Sam 14-Dec-1945
Westbrook Sam 26-Oct-1945
Westphal Glenn 31-Aug-1945
Weyen Jack 7-Dec-1945
Whalen Wm. J 28-Sep-1945
Whalen William J. 9-Nov-1945
Wheat Ron 6-Jul-1945
Wheat Ron 10-Aug-1945
Wheat Ron 31-Aug-1945
Wheat Ronald V. 26-Oct-1945
Wheaton Ralph 18-May-1945
Wheeler Elmer 5-Oct-1945
Wheeler Elmer 28-Sep-1945
Wheeler Mrs. L.W. 2-Mar-1945
Wheeler Elmer 18-May-1945
Wheeler Chas. 14-Sep-1945
Whipple Russell 18-May-1945
Whitaker Henry L 26-Jan-1945
Whitcomb Dick 10-Aug-1945
Whitcome Willard 4-May-1945
Whitcome Willard 20-Jul-1945
Whitcome Richard 26-Oct-1945
White Alice 5-Oct-1945
White Margaret Bourke 28-Sep-1945
White Betty 2-Feb-1945
White Marv 16-Feb-1945
White Shirley Mae 6-Apr-1945
White John 27-Apr-1945
White J. R. 4-May-1945
White Alice 27-Jul-1945
Whitecotton Robert 8-Jun-1945
Whitehill James 30-Nov-1945
Whiting Gaylord L. 3-Aug-1945
Whiting Robert E. 10-Aug-1945
Whiting Gaylord L. 19-Oct-1945
Whiting Lloyd 23-Nov-1945
Whitlock Fred B. 6-Apr-1945
Whitman Max 30-Nov-1945
Whitted Gerald D. 16-Nov-1945
Whittemore O.J. 16-Mar-1945
Whittemore James H. 12-Oct-1945
Whittemore James 30-Nov-1945
Whittemore, Jr. O. J. 31-Aug-1945
Whittington Richard 21-Sep-1945
Whittington Joe 12-Jan-1945
Whittington Paul F. 22-Jun-1945
Whittington John 6-Jul-1945
Whittington Paul 20-Jul-1945
Whittington John 7-Dec-1945
Wicke Charlotte 12-Jan-1945
Wicke Norman 9-Feb-1945
Wickersheim M.L., S/Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Wicks Ralph 5-Oct-1945
Wickwire Bob 4-May-1945
Wickwire Bob 11-May-1945
Wickwire Bob 8-Jun-1945
Wickwire Robert G. 16-Nov-1945
Wickwire Robt. 16-Nov-1945
Wickwire Bob 23-Nov-1945
Widener Jack 30-Nov-1945
Widlund Stan 23-Mar-1945
Widlund Stanley 22-Jun-1945
Wieberg Lenus 5-Jan-1945
Wieberg Lenus 10-Aug-1945
Wieberg Jerome 31-Aug-1945
Wieberg Jerome 12-Oct-1945
Wieberg Lenus 9-Nov-1945
Wiese Dorothy 21-Dec-1945
Wigdahl Francis 2-Feb-1945
Wilcox Ray 21-Sep-1945
Wilcox Ray 5-Jan-1945
Wilcox Howard 9-Feb-1945
Wilcox Ray 18-May-1945
Wilcox Raymond T. 15-Jun-1945
Wilcox Dean 23-Feb-1945
Wilcox Dean 14-Sep-1945
Wilcox R. L. 14-Sep-1945
Wilcox Ray T. 2-Nov-1945
Wilcox Dean 23-Nov-1945
Wilcox H. L. 7-Dec-1945
Wilder B.H. 2-Mar-1945
Wiley John C. 23-Mar-1945
Wiley Harold E. 22-Jun-1945
Wiley Harold E. 17-Aug-1945
Wiley David A. 9-Nov-1945
Wiley David A. 9-Nov-1945
Wiley J. A. 30-Nov-1945
Wiley Harold E. 30-Nov-1945
Wilke Paul W. 6-Apr-1945
Wilkie Wendell 26-Oct-1945
Wilkins Georgia Ann 16-Mar-1945
Wilkinson W. S. 9-Feb-1945
Will Clarence A. 27-Apr-1945
Will Elsie 4-May-1945
Will Clarence 15-Jun-1945
Willardson F.W. 22-Jun-1945
Willardson Fred 13-Jul-1945
Willcox Pat 17-Aug-1945
Wille Nielan F. 23-Mar-1945
Wille J. 20-Jul-1945
Wille Byron J. 31-Aug-1945
Willey Marlin G. 13-Jul-1945
Willey Harold F. 23-Nov-1945
Williams Oscar D 19-Jan-1945
Williams E H 26-Jan-1945
Williams Harold 5-Oct-1945
Williams Bob 5-Oct-1945
Williams E H 21-Sep-1945
Williams Marilyn 7-Sep-1945
Williams Bobbie 2-Feb-1945
Williams R.W. "Doc" 9-Feb-1945
Williams Otto C. 9-Feb-1945
Williams George 2-Mar-1945
Williams (brothers) 16-Mar-1945
Williams Mert 16-Mar-1945
Williams Bobbie 6-Apr-1945
Williams Esme Grace 20-Apr-1945
Williams James E. 27-Apr-1945
Williams Fred E. 11-May-1945
Williams Bobbie, A/C 1-Jun-1945
Williams Otto C., Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Williams Elroye 15-Jun-1945
Williams Mert 22-Jun-1945
Williams Merlin James 23-Feb-1945
Williams Newton 23-Feb-1945
Williams Mert 29-Jun-1945
Williams JoAnne 14-Sep-1945
Williams William H. 16-Nov-1945
Williams Merle J. 14-Dec-1945
Williams Bob E. 13-Jul-1945
Williams Delores 20-Jul-1945
Williams Bobbie 20-Jul-1945
Williams Doris 3-Aug-1945
Williams Mert 3-Aug-1945
Williams Robert B. 10-Aug-1945
Williams William H. 10-Aug-1945
Williams Sterling R. 12-Oct-1945
Williams Dick 19-Oct-1945
Williams Mert 2-Nov-1945
Williams Dennis P. 2-Nov-1945
Williams Merlin James 2-Nov-1945
Williams Jimmie 9-Nov-1945
Williams Delores 23-Nov-1945
Williams Robert 21-Dec-1945
Williamson Barbara 23-Mar-1945
Williamson Carol Ann 23-Mar-1945
Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Claire 23-Mar-1945
Williamson Beverly 6-Apr-1945
Williamson Harlan 13-Apr-1945
Williamson Gerald 15-Jun-1945
Williamson Harlan 12-Oct-1945
Williamson Beverly 26-Oct-1945
Williamson Beverly 9-Nov-1945
Williamson Delbert E. 30-Nov-1945
Williamson Gerald 30-Nov-1945
Willis Don 9-Feb-1945
Willis B. J. 28-Dec-1945
Willits Robert 23-Feb-1945
Willoughby Gerald 5-Jan-1945
Willoughby Gerald 23-Mar-1945
Willoughby Gerald 13-Jul-1945
Wills Cecil L 28-Sep-1945
Wills Francis E. 13-Apr-1945
Wills Cecil L. 17-Aug-1945
Wills Cecil L. 17-Aug-1945
Wills Cecil L. 23-Nov-1945
Wilshusen Delbert E 21-Sep-1945
Wilshusen Delbert 21-Sep-1945
Wilshusen Del 27-Apr-1945
Wilshusen D. E. 18-May-1945
Wilshusen Delbert E. 15-Jun-1945
Wilshusen Delbert E. 26-Oct-1945
Wilson H Jack 19-Jan-1945
Wilson Ivola Mae 16-Mar-1945
Wilson R. W. " Bob" 4-May-1945
Wilson Lewis 14-Sep-1945
Wilson C.E. 27-Jul-1945
Wilson R. W. 19-Oct-1945
Wilson R. W. 26-Oct-1945
Wilson Earl 2-Nov-1945
Wilson H. L. 7-Dec-1945
Windchantz Don 9-Feb-1945
Windchanz Donald J. 4-May-1945
Winders Donn 19-Jan-1945
Wing Cornell 27-Apr-1945
Wing Cornell 16-Nov-1945
Wing Cornell 21-Dec-1945
Wingert Rita 2-Feb-1945
Wingert Agnes V, 7-Dec-1945
Winkelman R. L. 13-Jul-1945
Winkleman Charles W. 30-Mar-1945
Winniger Joe 23-Feb-1945
Winniger Joe 27-Jul-1945
Winninger Joe 19-Jan-1945
Winninger Mary 5-Oct-1945
Winninger Mary 21-Sep-1945
Winslow Warren 5-Jan-1945
Winslow Warren "Bud" 2-Feb-1945
Winslow Warren 2-Mar-1945
Winslow Warren "Bud" 16-Mar-1945
Winslow Warren 4-May-1945
Winslow Warren 11-May-1945
Winslow Bud 1-Jun-1945
Winslow Robert 22-Jun-1945
Winslow Warren 31-Aug-1945
Winslow Warren W. 9-Nov-1945
Winslow Robert 7-Dec-1945
Winslow Warren W. 7-Dec-1945
Winslowe Bud 14-Sep-1945
Winter Albert J. 31-Aug-1945
Winter Albert J. 31-Aug-1945
Wise Marie 2-Mar-1945
Wise Dale 23-Mar-1945
Wise Wallace 23-Mar-1945
Wise Wallace J. 7-Dec-1945
Wiss Harvey C. 26-Oct-1945
Witte Arlo 28-Sep-1945
Witte Garth 28-Sep-1945
Witte Garth 7-Sep-1945
Witte Garth L. 19-Oct-1945
Witte Arlo 19-Oct-1945
Wittman Pat 5-Oct-1945
Wittman John 5-Oct-1945
Wittman John D. 5-Jan-1945
Wogensen I. C. 23-Feb-1945
Wogensen Irvin C. 29-Jun-1945
Wogenson I. C. 29-Jun-1945
Wohldoefer Charles 27-Apr-1945
Wold Dick 21-Sep-1945
Wold Dick 7-Sep-1945
Wold John 6-Apr-1945
Wold 20-Apr-1945
Wold Dick 16-Nov-1945
Wold John 20-Jul-1945
Wold Johnny 7-Dec-1945
Wold John R. 7-Dec-1945
Wolfe J.H. 9-Feb-1945
Wolfe John H. 16-Feb-1945
Wolfe John 30-Mar-1945
Wolff Leonard 7-Sep-1945
Wonders Richard 11-May-1945
Wonders R. F. 18-May-1945
Wonders Richard F. 12-Oct-1945
Wood Bob 13-Apr-1945
Wood Dale E. 4-May-1945
Wood Bob 23-Feb-1945
Wood Dale 23-Feb-1945
Wood Stanley 14-Sep-1945
Woodard Ernest 26-Jan-1945
Woodard Ralph 21-Sep-1945
Woodard Ralph 28-Sep-1945
Woodard Ralph 28-Sep-1945
Woodard 12-Jan-1945
Woodard Harold A. 9-Feb-1945
Woodard Lloyd C. 20-Apr-1945
Woodard Richard "Dick" 27-Apr-1945
Woodard Ralph 27-Apr-1945
Woodard 11-May-1945
Woodard John 18-May-1945
Woodard Dick 28-Dec-1945
Woodard Richard E. 28-Dec-1945
Woodbury Stephen, Mr. and Mrs. 19-Oct-1945
Woodle Lewis Dean 9-Feb-1945
Woodle Lewis Dean 9-Nov-1945
Woodle Dean 30-Nov-1945
Woodman Walter, EM 3/C 1-Jun-1945
Woodman Walter 2-Nov-1945
Woodman Walter 9-Nov-1945
Woodman Walter 9-Nov-1945
Woodman Walter 9-Nov-1945
Woodruff Betty 13-Jul-1945
Woods Max D. 30-Nov-1945
Woodward John A 19-Jan-1945
Woodward Carl E 26-Jan-1945
Woodward 20-Apr-1945
Woolsey Dean 15-Jun-1945
Woolsey Alice B. 9-Nov-1945
Woosley Alice B. 25-May-1945
Worrel Floyd "Skinny" 7-Sep-1945
Worrel Floyd E. 16-Nov-1945
Worrel Floyd 26-Oct-1945
Worrick Kenneth 7-Sep-1945
Worrick Kenneth 3-Aug-1945
Worrick Kenneth 10-Aug-1945
Worrick Kenneth 31-Aug-1945
Worrick Kenneth 31-Aug-1945
Wortman Max S. 12-Jan-1945
Wortman Max S. 23-Feb-1945
Wray Jett, Mrs. 15-Jun-1945
Wrede Clara Ann 5-Oct-1945
Wrede Clare Ann 19-Oct-1945
Wreiman Dick 16-Nov-1945
Wretman Rube 4-May-1945
Wretman Richard 25-May-1945
Wretman Ralph 8-Jun-1945
Wretman Rube 22-Jun-1945
Wretman Richard 22-Jun-1945
Wright Jeanette 7-Sep-1945
Wright Robt 18-May-1945
Wright Dean 23-Feb-1945
Wright Lilyan 30-Nov-1945
Yancey Warren H. 23-Nov-1945
Yancy Warren Harding 23-Feb-1945
Yates Pete 12-Jan-1945
Yates Harland R. 9-Feb-1945
Yates Harland 11-May-1945
Yates John R., T/5 1-Jun-1945
Yates Pete 17-Aug-1945
Yeager Gertrude 16-Nov-1945
Yeoman Harold R. 23-Mar-1945
Yetmar Eugene 5-Jan-1945
Yetmar Melvin 16-Feb-1945
Yetmar Arlene 6-Apr-1945
Yetmar M.J. 27-Apr-1945
Yetmar M.J. 22-Jun-1945
Yetmar Eugene 31-Aug-1945
Yoder Amzie 2-Nov-1945
Young Robert 4-May-1945
Young Vernon R. 16-Nov-1945
Young Frank A. 19-Oct-1945
Young Ned 26-Oct-1945
Young Art 9-Nov-1945
Youngclass Bruce 14-Sep-1945
Youngdale Carl 23-Feb-1945
Youngdale C. A. 12-Oct-1945
Youngquist Carl L. 30-Nov-1945
Youngren Clarence 16-Mar-1945
Youngren Clarence 25-May-1945
Youngren Clarence F. 29-Jun-1945
Youngren Chester 29-Jun-1945
Youngstrom Joe 2-Mar-1945
Youngstrom Irma Marie 2-Mar-1945
Youngstrom Earl 2-Mar-1945
Youngstrom Bud 20-Apr-1945
Youngstrom Irma 14-Sep-1945
Youngstrom Joe F. 10-Aug-1945
Youngstrom Earl 30-Nov-1945
Youngstrom Joe 30-Nov-1945
Youngstrom Jr. Joe 18-May-1945
Youngstrom Jr. Joe 16-Nov-1945
Zabrosky Robert 23-Mar-1945
Zabrosky Gilbert 23-Mar-1945
Zakeer Don 7-Sep-1945
Zakeer Karl 16-Nov-1945
Zeba Floyd 29-Jun-1945
Zeer Elbert J 28-Sep-1945
Zeer Robert J 28-Sep-1945
Zehr Elbert J 5-Oct-1945
Zehr Elbert J. 13-Jul-1945
Zeigler Mary Alice 9-Feb-1945
Zeigler Mary Alice 13-Apr-1945
Zeka Floyd 26-Jan-1945
Zeka Floyd 26-Jan-1945
Zeka Robert 26-Jan-1945
Zeka Bob 5-Oct-1945
Zeka Floyd 28-Sep-1945
Zeka Robert 28-Sep-1945
Zeka Bob 12-Jan-1945
Zeka Robert 12-Jan-1945
Zeka Robert 2-Feb-1945
Zeka Bob 2-Feb-1945
Zeka Bob 9-Feb-1945
Zeka Robert 16-Feb-1945
Zeka Robert 16-Feb-1945
Zeka Floyd 16-Feb-1945
Zeka Floyd 23-Mar-1945
Zeka Floyd 30-Mar-1945
Zeka Robert 6-Apr-1945
Zeka Floyd 27-Apr-1945
Zeka Floyd 25-May-1945
Zeka Robert 25-May-1945
Zeka Floyd, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Zeka Floyd 23-Feb-1945
Zeka Bob 23-Feb-1945
Zeka Floyd 16-Nov-1945
Zeka Floyd 6-Jul-1945
Zeka Robert 6-Jul-1945
Zeka Robert 3-Aug-1945
Zeka Bob 31-Aug-1945
Zeka Bob 31-Aug-1945
Zeka Robert 12-Oct-1945
Zeka Robert 2-Nov-1945
Zeka Floyd 7-Dec-1945
Zeka Bob 21-Dec-1945
Zeka Floyd 21-Dec-1945
Zeka Henry 21-Dec-1945
Zemke Albert 7-Sep-1945
Zemke Albert 14-Sep-1945
Zempke E.C. 12-Jan-1945
Zenor Frank 26-Jan-1945
Zenor C E (Gene) 5-Oct-1945
Zenor Harrison F. 16-Feb-1945
Zenor Russell 23-Mar-1945
Zenor Frank 20-Jul-1945
Zenor C. P. 20-Jul-1945
Zenor Frank J. 3-Aug-1945
Zenor H. F. 31-Aug-1945
Zenor Darrell 2-Nov-1945
Zens L. C. 19-Oct-1945
Zeutlaw Arthur 30-Mar-1945
Ziegler Miss 5-Oct-1945
Ziegler Mary 13-Jul-1945
Zierke Duane 20-Apr-1945
Zierke Paul 16-Nov-1945
Zierke Paul 16-Nov-1945
Zierke Paul R. 6-Jul-1945
Zimbalist Lt. 14-Sep-1945
Zimmer Zeke 5-Oct-1945
Zimmer Dick 28-Sep-1945
Zimmer Zeke 28-Sep-1945
Zimmer Dick 13-Apr-1945
Zimmer Richard T. 22-Jun-1945
Zimmer Zeke 20-Jul-1945
Zimmer Zeke 20-Jul-1945
Zimmer "Zeke" 31-Aug-1945
Zimmer R. T. 31-Aug-1945
Zimmer "Zeke" 19-Oct-1945
Zimmerman A.C. 8-Jun-1945
Zimmerman Loretta 8-Jun-1945
Zimmerman Loretta 15-Jun-1945
Zimmerman Zeke 29-Jun-1945
Zimmers Zeke 27-Jul-1945
Zinn E. N., Dr. 6-Jul-1945
Zinn E. N. 13-Jul-1945
Zoss Fred S. 6-Jul-1945
Zoss Fredrick LuVerne 2-Nov-1945
Zuerrer Ernie 2-Mar-1945
Zuerrer Ernest W. 23-Nov-1945
Zuetlan D.E. 13-Apr-1945
Zuetlan Arthur 22-Jun-1945
Zuetlau Arthur 7-Sep-1945
Zuetlau Art 4-May-1945
Zuetlau Dan E. 2-Nov-1945
Zuetlaw Art 26-Jan-1945
Zuetlaw Dan E 26-Jan-1945
Zuetlaw Evoldt A. 5-Jan-1945
Zuetlaw Evoldt A. 16-Feb-1945
Zuetlaw Dan 20-Jul-1945
Zuetlaw Arthur 19-Oct-1945
Zuetlaw D. E. 19-Oct-1945
Zuetlaw D. E. 26-Oct-1945
Jeanne 12-Jan-1945
Mickey 12-Jan-1945
Gene 12-Jan-1945
R.W. 16-Feb-1945
Mel 16-Mar-1945
Scotty 16-Mar-1945
Adam 30-Mar-1945
Rody 30-Mar-1945
Gene 30-Mar-1945
Walley 6-Apr-1945
George 6-Apr-1945
Feddy 13-Apr-1945
Phil 13-Apr-1945
Dennis 27-Apr-1945
Mr. 8-Jun-1945
Carl 19-Oct-1945

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