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Your Letters From Home 1945 F - J

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Faiferlick Claire, Mrs. 16-Nov-1945
Faine Fred 21-Sep-1945
Faine Fred 15-Jun-1945
Faine Fred L. 15-Jun-1945
Faine Eldon 22-Jun-1945
Faine Eldon D. 31-Aug-1945
Faine Fred 31-Aug-1945
Faine Alvin C. 2-Nov-1945
Fairbanks James A. 2-Mar-1945
Fairbanks James A. 23-Feb-1945
Falco Frank 7-Sep-1945
Falco Charles 5-Jan-1945
Falco Frank 18-May-1945
Falco Joe 19-Oct-1945
Fallon Ray 9-Feb-1945
Fallon R.E. 15-Jun-1945
Fallon Bobbie 23-Feb-1945
Fallon Gene 10-Aug-1945
Fallon Roger 31-Aug-1945
Fallon Eugene P. 9-Nov-1945
Fantle . 10-Aug-1945
Farmer Glen 23-Feb-1945
Farmer Robert J. 14-Dec-1945
Farmer Glen 10-Aug-1945
Farmer Glen 7-Dec-1945
Farrell Tommy 14-Sep-1945
Farrell Gene 13-Jul-1945
Farrell Marvin E. 19-Oct-1945
Farrell James A. 19-Oct-1945
Faulk Merle M 7-Sep-1945
Faulkner George 30-Nov-1945
Faust James H. 7-Dec-1945
Fawcett Merlin D., Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Fawcett Merlin 15-Jun-1945
Fawcett Edward M. 26-Oct-1945
Fawkes N H 26-Jan-1945
Fawkes Gordon, M/Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Fawkes Dwight 8-Jun-1945
Fawkes Marilyne 14-Dec-1945
Fawkes Marion 20-Jul-1945
Fawkes Newell 26-Oct-1945
Fawkes, Jr. Dwight E. 13-Apr-1945
Fay Charles P. 2-Feb-1945
Fearing Ray 19-Oct-1945
Featherling Paula 16-Nov-1945
Feeley Guy E. 6-Apr-1945
Feeley Guy E. 2-Feb-1945
Feeley Guy 9-Nov-1945
Feely Guy E. 29-Jun-1945
Felky Roy C 5-Oct-1945
Felky Roy C. 2-Mar-1945
Fellers Theron 28-Sep-1945
Fennessy Wm. 9-Nov-1945
Fennessy Marc 9-Nov-1945
Fennessy Mark 30-Nov-1945
Fennessy William 30-Nov-1945
Ferden Bernard 23-Mar-1945
Ferden Olie 3-Aug-1945
Ferguson Henry Forrest 28-Sep-1945
Ferguson Irene 7-Sep-1945
Ferguson Dr. 5-Jan-1945
Ferguson F.H. "Doc" 2-Feb-1945
Ferguson F.H. 2-Mar-1945
Ferguson Forrest 14-Sep-1945
Ferguson Irene 14-Sep-1945
Ferguson Floyd 20-Jul-1945
Ferris Earl 29-Jun-1945
Ferry Elwood 16-Feb-1945
Fetrow John A., S 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Fevold Maurice 12-Jan-1945
Fevold 20-Apr-1945
Fevold Roger L. 23-Feb-1945
Fevold Maurice J. 3-Aug-1945
Fevold Roger L. 10-Aug-1945
Fevold Roger L. 19-Oct-1945
Fevold Roger 21-Dec-1945
Fiala Dale 19-Jan-1945
Fiala Joe 25-May-1945
Fiala Dale 15-Jun-1945
Fiala Dale 16-Nov-1945
Fiala Dale J. 16-Nov-1945
Fiala Edith 2-Feb-1945
Fiala Delores 31-Aug-1945
Fiddler Louie, Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Fiddler Louis 24-Aug-1945
Fiddler Louis 19-Oct-1945
Fideler Quentin 4-May-1945
Fideler, Jr Louis 21-Sep-1945
Fideler, Jr. Louis 14-Sep-1945
Fiderlick Vernon 18-May-1945
Fiderlick Edith 31-Aug-1945
Fiderlick Edith 19-Oct-1945
Fiderlick Edith 2-Nov-1945
Fiderlick Vernon 30-Nov-1945
Fiderlick Edith 28-Dec-1945
Fidler, Jr. Louis E. 22-Jun-1945
Field Maurice W. 7-Dec-1945
Fields Edna, Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Fieseler John 5-Oct-1945
Fieseler John 21-Sep-1945
Fieseler Dr. 11-May-1945
Fieseler John 16-Nov-1945
Fieseler John 19-Oct-1945
Fieseler John 30-Nov-1945
Fiesler John 28-Sep-1945
Fiesler John 19-Oct-1945
Fiesler John 9-Nov-1945
Fiesler Walter R. 9-Nov-1945
Fiferlick Maurice A. 30-Mar-1945
Fiferlick Maurice A. 25-May-1945
Filby Norma M. 23-Mar-1945
Files J. Ray 25-May-1945
Files J. Ray 25-May-1945
Finch Ray 21-Dec-1945
Finck Raymond 12-Jan-1945
Finck Ray 23-Mar-1945
Findlay C V 26-Jan-1945
Findley C. V. 23-Feb-1945
Finney Norma Jean 13-Jul-1945
Fischer Elizabeth Jeanne 5-Oct-1945
Fischer John W. 2-Nov-1945
Fish Olive 12-Jan-1945
Fishel Harold D. 14-Dec-1945
Fishel Harold D. 30-Nov-1945
Fisher Bud 21-Sep-1945
Fisher Bud 28-Sep-1945
Fisher Eliz. Jeanne 28-Sep-1945
Fisher Eddie 7-Sep-1945
Fisher R.J. 2-Feb-1945
Fisher William J. 20-Apr-1945
Fisher Wm. H. 18-May-1945
Fisher Eddie 14-Dec-1945
Fisher John 13-Jul-1945
Fisher Frank A. 13-Jul-1945
Fisher Frank A. 26-Oct-1945
Fisher William, Mr. and Mrs. 30-Nov-1945
Fisher Robert 7-Dec-1945
Fisher Jr. Edward 27-Apr-1945
Fitch Ruth 5-Jan-1945
Fitchhorn Mary 2-Nov-1945
Fitzerald Richard P. 24-Aug-1945
Fitzgerald Richard 5-Jan-1945
Fitzgerald Robert 12-Jan-1945
Fitzgerald J.H. 9-Feb-1945
Fitzgerald Richard (Dick) 9-Feb-1945
Fitzgerald James 16-Mar-1945
Fitzgerald (M/Sgt.) 23-Mar-1945
Fitzgerald Jim 30-Mar-1945
Fitzgerald Jim 30-Mar-1945
Fitzgerald Jack 18-May-1945
Fitzgerald Dick, S 1/C 8-Jun-1945
Fitzgerald Jack M. 23-Feb-1945
Fitzgerald R. E. 14-Dec-1945
Fitzgerald Jack 24-Aug-1945
Fitzgerald James 12-Oct-1945
Fitzgerald Jack 26-Oct-1945
Fitzgerald David 2-Nov-1945
Fitzgerald Patricia 23-Nov-1945
Fitzgerald Patricia 30-Nov-1945
Fitzgerald Jack 21-Dec-1945
Fitzgerald Jr. James F. 30-Nov-1945
Fitzke Elden 5-Jan-1945
Fitzner A. B. 23-Feb-1945
Fjetland Byron 28-Dec-1945
Flaherty William 5-Jan-1945
Flaherty Pat 16-Feb-1945
Flaherty Hugh 23-Mar-1945
Flaherty Isabelle 15-Jun-1945
Flaherty Wm. 13-Jul-1945
Flaherty Helen 30-Nov-1945
Flattery Edward 19-Jan-1945
Flattery E J 26-Jan-1945
Flattery E.J. 2-Mar-1945
Flattery E. J. 29-Jun-1945
Flattery G. J. 31-Aug-1945
Fleissner Betty Lou 26-Jan-1945
Fleissner Betty Lou 2-Feb-1945
Fletcher Gil 16-Mar-1945
Fletcher Gill 18-May-1945
Fletcher Gill 15-Jun-1945
Fletcher Gill 22-Jun-1945
Fletcher G. 9-Nov-1945
Flickinger Margaret 19-Jan-1945
Flickinger Ronald 2-Feb-1945
Flickinger Ernest 16-Feb-1945
Flickinger Glen E. 16-Feb-1945
Flickinger Glen E. 10-Aug-1945
Flickinger Glen E. 10-Aug-1945
Flickinger Glen E. 19-Oct-1945
Flickinger Glen E. 19-Oct-1945
Flickinger Ernest C. 26-Oct-1945
Flickinter C. C. SGT and Mrs. 23-Feb-1945
Flinn Dorothy 12-Jan-1945
Flinn Dorothy 23-Mar-1945
Flowers William M. 30-Nov-1945
Floyd John 18-May-1945
Flynn Frank 5-Jan-1945
Flynn Carl 2-Feb-1945
Flynn John P. 2-Nov-1945
Flynn John P. 30-Nov-1945
Folden Nick 14-Dec-1945
Foley J.J., Dr. 22-Jun-1945
Foley Jack 16-Nov-1945
Foley John B. 21-Dec-1945
Folvag L.R. 23-Mar-1945
Folvag Lester R. 17-Aug-1945
Folvog Lester R. 19-Oct-1945
Fontana W. C. 20-Jul-1945
Foote Louise 7-Sep-1945
Foote Merle 12-Oct-1945
Foran Harold 7-Sep-1945
Foran Harold 2-Mar-1945
Foran Harold 27-Apr-1945
Foran Harold J. 29-Jun-1945
Foran Harold 17-Aug-1945
Ford John E 28-Sep-1945
Ford John E 28-Sep-1945
Ford Alice 7-Sep-1945
Ford John 7-Sep-1945
Ford Clem 2-Feb-1945
Ford Perry 18-May-1945
Ford Charlotte 25-May-1945
Ford Mrs. 1-Jun-1945
Ford Charlotte, Miss 8-Jun-1945
Ford John, Mayor 8-Jun-1945
Ford Charlotte 13-Jul-1945
Ford Alice 27-Jul-1945
Forness Pat Chester 27-Jul-1945
Forsberg Russell 7-Sep-1945
Forsberg Russell 20-Apr-1945
Forslund Chas. 23-Mar-1945
Forslund Clarence A. 4-May-1945
Forslund Clarence 23-Feb-1945
Forslund Clarence A. 16-Nov-1945
Forslund Arnold 30-Nov-1945
Forslund Marvin 21-Dec-1945
Fortney Charles 16-Nov-1945
Fortney Charles 2-Feb-1945
Fortney Don 31-Aug-1945
Fortney Robert M. 23-Nov-1945
Foskett Doris E. 17-Aug-1945
Foster Leo 6-Apr-1945
Foster Gordon 25-May-1945
Foster Earl D., Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Foster PFC 29-Jun-1945
Foster Gerald N. 17-Aug-1945
Foster Gordon R. 14-Sep-1945
Foster Jack 13-Jul-1945
Foster Earl 27-Jul-1945
Foster Leo 3-Aug-1945
Foster Leo 19-Oct-1945
Foster Bonnie Mae 26-Oct-1945
Foster Jack 2-Nov-1945
Foster Jack 28-Dec-1945
Foust James 17-Aug-1945
Fox George 1-Jun-1945
Fox Ruth 15-Jun-1945
Fox Ray 24-Aug-1945
Foy Virginia 27-Jul-1945
Francis Russell 13-Jul-1945
Frank Peter 15-Jun-1945
Franklin R B 5-Oct-1945
Franklin R. B. 26-Oct-1945
Franklin Robert B. 23-Nov-1945
Fransden John 29-Jun-1945
Franzeen Russell 30-Mar-1945
Franzeen Arnold C. 7-Dec-1945
Freden Peter 3-Aug-1945
Freed D A 19-Jan-1945
Freed Chas. 12-Jan-1945
Freed R.C. 23-Mar-1945
Freed William A. 4-May-1945
Freed Chas. D. 22-Jun-1945
Freed Charles D. 27-Jul-1945
Freed Willard 19-Oct-1945
Freed Charles 26-Oct-1945
Freed Dorence H. 2-Nov-1945
Freed Charles D. 21-Dec-1945
Freed Richard C. 21-Dec-1945
Freimuth Richard 14-Dec-1945
Freitag Dean 21-Sep-1945
Freitag Dean 20-Apr-1945
Freitag Ed 28-Dec-1945
Fretheim Terrance 24-Aug-1945
Freud Merle 2-Feb-1945
Freund Merle H. 20-Apr-1945
Freund Neil 2-Feb-1945
Freund Merle 23-Nov-1945
Freyer H.E. 23-Mar-1945
Freyer H. E. 18-May-1945
Freyer H. E. 2-Nov-1945
Friday Emory G. 5-Jan-1945
Friday Emory G. 3-Aug-1945
Fridell Maurice 30-Mar-1945
Friedrich Robert 23-Nov-1945
Friedrich Robert 7-Dec-1945
Friesth Mervin R 7-Sep-1945
Friesth E. R. 17-Aug-1945
Friesth Dick 2-Feb-1945
Friesth Dick 13-Jul-1945
Frisch Frankie 5-Jan-1945
Fritts Clarence F 16-Feb-1945
Fritz Charles 16-Nov-1945
Fritz Chas. L. 16-Nov-1945
Fritz John 9-Nov-1945
Fritz John 9-Nov-1945
Fritz Tom 23-Nov-1945
Fry 20-Apr-1945
Fry Judge 27-Apr-1945
Frye Kenneth E (Mrs.) 7-Sep-1945
Frye (Lt.) 23-Mar-1945
Frye Kenneth 18-May-1945
Frye Vyron, A/C 1-Jun-1945
Frye Vyron 13-Jul-1945
Frye Alyce 19-Oct-1945
Frye Vyron W. 2-Nov-1945
Frye Ginny Brofer 9-Nov-1945
Frye Kenny 9-Nov-1945
Fryer H. E. 23-Feb-1945
Fryer H. E. 9-Nov-1945
Fuget Gwendolyn 2-Feb-1945
Fuhrmeister Loyd and wife, Ensign 8-Jun-1945
Fuhrmeister Marianne 29-Jun-1945
Fuhrmeister Marianne 2-Nov-1945
Fuhrmeister Lloyd 28-Dec-1945
Fuller Raymond 27-Apr-1945
Fuller Leonard 4-May-1945
Fuller Leonard 22-Jun-1945
Fuller Ray 23-Feb-1945
Fuller Raymond 19-Oct-1945
Fulton Michael D. 16-Feb-1945
Funk Delbert 19-Jan-1945
Funk Foster 5-Oct-1945
Funk R Rex 5-Oct-1945
Funk Foster 21-Sep-1945
Funk Foster 28-Sep-1945
Funk Foster F 7-Sep-1945
Funk Foster 5-Jan-1945
Funk Foster 2-Feb-1945
Funk Foster 16-Mar-1945
Funk Foster 30-Mar-1945
Funk Foster 6-Apr-1945
Funk Foster F. 6-Apr-1945
Funk Foster 13-Apr-1945
Funk Foster F. 13-Apr-1945
Funk Foster F. 27-Apr-1945
Funk Foster F. 4-May-1945
Funk Foster 18-May-1945
Funk Foster 25-May-1945
Funk Foster F. 25-May-1945
Funk Foster, Ptc. 8-Jun-1945
Funk R. Rex 22-Jun-1945
Funk Foster 22-Jun-1945
Funk Foster 23-Feb-1945
Funk Foster F. 23-Feb-1945
Funk Forter F. 17-Aug-1945
Funk Foster 2-Feb-1945
Funk Foster 13-Jul-1945
Funk Foster 20-Jul-1945
Funk Foster 27-Jul-1945
Funk Foster 3-Aug-1945
Funk Foster 10-Aug-1945
Funk Foster 24-Aug-1945
Funk Foster 31-Aug-1945
Funk Foster 26-Oct-1945
Funk Foster 23-Nov-1945
Funk Foster 7-Dec-1945
Funk R. Rex 21-Dec-1945
Gabrish Ernest 4-May-1945
Gadbury William H. 5-Jan-1945
Gadbury Jack 9-Feb-1945
Gadbury Dean 16-Mar-1945
Gadbury Wm. H. 13-Apr-1945
Gadbury William H. 20-Apr-1945
Gadbury Dick 11-May-1945
Gadbury Richard, 1/Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Gadbury Richard 22-Jun-1945
Gadbury Jack 14-Sep-1945
Gadbury Deon 16-Nov-1945
Gadbury Wm. H. 20-Jul-1945
Gadd Richard 12-Jan-1945
Gadd Bob 27-Apr-1945
Gaffey Betty 22-Jun-1945
Galino F O John 7-Sep-1945
Gallentine Arthur 21-Sep-1945
Gallentine Arthur 23-Mar-1945
Gallentine Arthur 23-Nov-1945
Galliart Mel 30-Mar-1945
Galliart Mel 15-Jun-1945
Galliart Mel 10-Aug-1945
Galliart Melville 2-Nov-1945
Gallup Ted 23-Feb-1945
Gammack Gordon 23-Mar-1945
Gammack Gordon 20-Jul-1945
Gamper Howard 13-Apr-1945
Gamper Howard B. 11-May-1945
Gamper Howard 10-Aug-1945
Gamper Howard 30-Nov-1945
Gangler Patrolman 19-Oct-1945
Gansz Elmer W. 20-Apr-1945
Gardini Deno 6-Apr-1945
Gardini D.J. 15-Jun-1945
Gardner H. E. 4-May-1945
Gargano Anthony 28-Sep-1945
Gargano Tony 5-Jan-1945
Gargano Louis J. 10-Aug-1945
Garlock Charles A 19-Jan-1945
Garlock Chas. A. 23-Mar-1945
Garlock C. A. 4-May-1945
Garlock C.A. 22-Jun-1945
Garlock C. A. 23-Feb-1945
Garlock Betty Ann 2-Feb-1945
Garlock Betty Ann 23-Nov-1945
Garner Jack 23-Feb-1945
Garrett Everett A. 30-Mar-1945
Garrett Floyd 4-May-1945
Garrett Ruby 25-May-1945
Garrett Everett 14-Sep-1945
Garrod Lloyd W. 23-Mar-1945
Garrod Lloyd W. 4-May-1945
Garton H B 21-Sep-1945
Garton Hamilton B. 10-Aug-1945
Garton Boyd 24-Aug-1945
Garton H. B. 24-Aug-1945
Garvholt Wynn 2-Nov-1945
Gaster Lloyd M 7-Sep-1945
Gaster Lloyd M. 23-Nov-1945
Gaster Lloyd M. 23-Nov-1945
Gates Aloysius 5-Oct-1945
Gawrey Don 26-Oct-1945
Gawtry Don R. 5-Jan-1945
Gawtry Bob 16-Mar-1945
Gawtry Kenneth 19-Oct-1945
Gayette Eunice Marie 23-Feb-1945
Gayle Col. 30-Nov-1945
Geer Larry 26-Jan-1945
Geer Larry 2-Feb-1945
Geer Larry 2-Feb-1945
Geer Larry 30-Mar-1945
Geer Larry 18-May-1945
Geer Larry 22-Jun-1945
Geer Larry 23-Feb-1945
Geer Larry 16-Nov-1945
Geer Larry 13-Jul-1945
Geer Larry 13-Jul-1945
Geer Larry 20-Jul-1945
Geer Larry 20-Jul-1945
Geer Larry 24-Aug-1945
Geer Larry V. 26-Oct-1945
Geer Larry 2-Nov-1945
Gehling P. A. 13-Jul-1945
Geiger Robert 19-Jan-1945
Geiger J.P. 2-Feb-1945
Geiger Alan 2-Feb-1945
Geizer Alan 30-Nov-1945
Gelino F O John 7-Sep-1945
Gelpen 5-Jan-1945
Gembler Howard 12-Jan-1945
Genco L. Joan 23-Mar-1945
Genco Paul 23-Nov-1945
George Betty 7-Sep-1945
George Betty 5-Jan-1945
George William 9-Feb-1945
George Mahlon 27-Apr-1945
George C. Brown 11-May-1945
George Jr. William C. 20-Jul-1945
George Jr. William 19-Oct-1945
George, Jr Wm C 7-Sep-1945
Gerald Paul 20-Apr-1945
Gerald P.J. 20-Apr-1945
Gerard Harold D. 16-Mar-1945
Gerard Emil 14-Sep-1945
Gerhart Bill 5-Jan-1945
Gerhart Wm. 16-Mar-1945
Gerow 20-Apr-1945
Gerrard Harold Dell 14-Dec-1945
Gerrard Jr. George F. 19-Oct-1945
Gerrard, Jr. George F. 23-Nov-1945
Gerth Chester 28-Sep-1945
Gerth Chester W. 11-May-1945
Gesperowicz John 27-Apr-1945
Gibbs Marion 2-Nov-1945
Gibbs June 28-Dec-1945
Gibson E V 7-Sep-1945
Gibson Jim 7-Sep-1945
Gibson Claude 13-Apr-1945
Gibson J. G. 18-May-1945
Gibson Elbert 14-Sep-1945
Gibson James G. 24-Aug-1945
Gibson James G. 24-Aug-1945
Gibson Helen 12-Oct-1945
Giese Bernard 29-Jun-1945
Giese Bernard 24-Aug-1945
Gilbert K.E. 12-Jan-1945
Gilbert K. E. 25-May-1945
Gilbert Catherine 17-Aug-1945
Gilbert Kenneth E. 16-Nov-1945
Gilbert Mary Catherine 20-Jul-1945
Gilbranson Robert E. 11-May-1945
Gilbranson Robert 15-Jun-1945
Gilbranson Robert E. 2-Feb-1945
Gilchrist Dick 1-Jun-1945
Gilday Earl James 17-Aug-1945
Gilday James 20-Jul-1945
Gilday Beverly A. 21-Dec-1945
Gilday, Jr Walter 19-Jan-1945
Gillespie Bernard, 1/Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Gillespie Bernard 14-Sep-1945
Gillespie Bernard 20-Jul-1945
Gillespie Bernard 3-Aug-1945
Gilligan John 4-May-1945
Gilligan John M. 10-Aug-1945
Gilliland Carl O. 14-Sep-1945
Gillispie Bernard 1-Jun-1945
Gillispie Bernard 22-Jun-1945
Gillman George 2-Mar-1945
Gillman Roy 2-Mar-1945
Gillman Howard 15-Jun-1945
Gilman Howard 16-Mar-1945
Gilman Georgeann 13-Jul-1945
Gimble John 9-Feb-1945
Girard SGT. 23-Feb-1945
Glaman Lyle 16-Feb-1945
Glaser Gus, Mr. & Mrs. 17-Aug-1945
Gleason Lowell S 5-Oct-1945
Gleason Lowell 4-May-1945
Gleason Kenneth 23-Feb-1945
Gleason Morris E. 21-Dec-1945
Gleason Morris E. 21-Dec-1945
Gleim Harry 6-Apr-1945
Glendening Richard 5-Oct-1945
Glendening Richard 2-Feb-1945
Glendenning Dick 30-Mar-1945
Glenn Leo H. 20-Apr-1945
Glenn Leo H. 23-Feb-1945
Glesne Otto 21-Sep-1945
Glesne Otto 5-Jan-1945
Glesne Otto 15-Jun-1945
Glesne N. G. 2-Feb-1945
Glesne Nels 30-Nov-1945
Glesne Nels 7-Dec-1945
Goche Budd E. 2-Nov-1945
Goche Diamond P. 2-Nov-1945
Gochee Edmond 12-Jan-1945
Gochee D.P. 12-Jan-1945
Gochee Edmund 23-Feb-1945
Gochee E. J. 3-Aug-1945
Gochee Diamond 23-Nov-1945
Godfrey Arlo 27-Jul-1945
Godfrey DeWayne 30-Nov-1945
Gody, Jr. Tom 12-Jan-1945
Gohee Bud E. 21-Dec-1945
Gollob Thomas 16-Mar-1945
Good Fred 19-Jan-1945
Good F J 26-Jan-1945
Good Frederick J 5-Oct-1945
Good Fred 13-Apr-1945
Good F.J., Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Good Fred 29-Jun-1945
Good Fred 2-Feb-1945
Good Fred 12-Oct-1945
Good Frederick J. 19-Oct-1945
Goodman Billy Russell 6-Apr-1945
Goodman Frances 6-Apr-1945
Goodman Billy Russell 22-Jun-1945
Goodman W. R. 3-Aug-1945
Goodman Bill, Sgt. And Mrs. 9-Nov-1945
Goodman Jack Harold 9-Nov-1945
Goodman Billy Russell 23-Nov-1945
Goodman Frances, Bill and Jackie 21-Dec-1945
Goodrich Berwin E. 16-Nov-1945
Goodrich Ellen Louise 13-Jul-1945
Goodspeed Calvin M. 21-Dec-1945
Gordon Clem 24-Aug-1945
Gormally James W 21-Sep-1945
Gormally W L 21-Sep-1945
Gormally 12-Jan-1945
Gormally Bud 2-Mar-1945
Gormally Wm. 16-Mar-1945
Gormally James "Bud" 6-Apr-1945
Gormally Alice Isabell 27-Apr-1945
Gormally Alice 4-May-1945
Gormally Bud 1-Jun-1945
Gormally Bill 22-Jun-1945
Gormally Elizabeth Lenore 3-Aug-1945
Gormally Bill 3-Aug-1945
Gormally Jim 12-Oct-1945
Gormally James "Bud" 9-Nov-1945
Gorman Merle 18-May-1945
Gorman Merle V. 23-Feb-1945
Goumer Norman 16-Mar-1945
Graffunder Charles W 26-Jan-1945
Graffunder C.W. 23-Mar-1945
Graffunder Chas., T/4 1-Jun-1945
Graffunder C.W. 15-Jun-1945
Graffunder C.W. 3-Aug-1945
Graffunder Charles W. 2-Nov-1945
Graham R. D. 28-Dec-1945
Grahl Chas. 18-May-1945
Grahl Chas., Gen. 8-Jun-1945
Gram E. D. 23-Nov-1945
Gramenz Robert F. 14-Dec-1945
Gramenz Robert 14-Dec-1945
Gramerz Robert 19-Oct-1945
Grannan Earl 19-Oct-1945
Grant Roger F. 2-Feb-1945
Grant R. H. 10-Aug-1945
Grant Roger 31-Aug-1945
Grant Roger F. 19-Oct-1945
Grave Roger 16-Mar-1945
Grave Roger 16-Mar-1945
Graves C.J. 22-Jun-1945
Gravman Earl 16-Mar-1945
Gray Lynn 20-Apr-1945
Gray Lynn 15-Jun-1945
Gray Ward 22-Jun-1945
Gray Ward 14-Dec-1945
Gray Glen 20-Jul-1945
Gray Lynn 7-Dec-1945
Gray Jack 7-Dec-1945
Grazier Glen W. 2-Feb-1945
Grazier Glen 27-Apr-1945
Grazier Glen 4-May-1945
Grazier Glen 29-Jun-1945
Grazier Glen 2-Nov-1945
Green Howard W. 5-Jan-1945
Green Marilyn 12-Jan-1945
Greene Russell 26-Oct-1945
Greenfield Lawrence O 19-Jan-1945
Greenfield Lawrence 9-Feb-1945
Greenlee Onnalee 5-Jan-1945
Greenlief H.J. 15-Jun-1945
Greenlief Irwin 9-Nov-1945
Greenway Mary Jane 14-Sep-1945
Greenway Beverly 9-Nov-1945
Gregerson Lyle 5-Oct-1945
Gregerson Lyle 5-Oct-1945
Gregerson L.K. 15-Jun-1945
Grell James 16-Nov-1945
Grell Jr Frank 10-Aug-1945
Grell Jr. Frank 3-Aug-1945
Grell Jr. Frank 31-Aug-1945
Grell Jr. Frank 12-Oct-1945
Grell Jr. Frank 23-Nov-1945
Grell Jr. Frank 30-Nov-1945
Grell, Jr Frank 5-Oct-1945
Grell, Jr Frank 7-Sep-1945
Grell, Jr. Frank 16-Nov-1945
Grether Harris 6-Apr-1945
Gribble Rosalie 9-Feb-1945
Grice Thomas Allen 3-Aug-1945
Griep A.K. 5-Jan-1945
Grifffith Stafford 7-Dec-1945
Griffith F.W. 5-Jan-1945
Griffith F. W. 11-May-1945
Griffith Stanford 17-Aug-1945
Griffith Frank 14-Sep-1945
Griffith Frank 12-Oct-1945
Griffith Frank W. 19-Oct-1945
Griffith Frank 7-Dec-1945
Griffiths Margaret 20-Jul-1945
Griggs William 16-Feb-1945
Griggs Al 16-Feb-1945
Griggs W.H. 6-Apr-1945
Griggs Wm. 31-Aug-1945
Grimes Edward M 5-Oct-1945
Griswold Larry 31-Aug-1945
Groat Allen C 26-Jan-1945
Groat Allen 20-Jul-1945
Groat Allen C. 19-Oct-1945
Grode Fred 2-Feb-1945
Groff Howard 28-Sep-1945
Gronwall G.H. 5-Jan-1945
Gronwall Gerald H. 2-Mar-1945
Gronwall Gerald 20-Apr-1945
Gronwall Gerald H. 25-May-1945
Gronwall Gerald H. 14-Dec-1945
Gronwall Gerald W. 12-Oct-1945
Grooters Howard B. 2-Mar-1945
Grooters Howard 20-Jul-1945
Grooters Howard B. 2-Nov-1945
Grooters Howard B. 7-Dec-1945
Gross Griz 12-Jan-1945
Gross Elmer H. 4-May-1945
Gross C.K., Capt. 8-Jun-1945
Gross Jane 23-Feb-1945
Grossmark Ruth 17-Aug-1945
Grove Roger 18-May-1945
Grove Rober 14-Sep-1945
Grove Roger 27-Jul-1945
Grundon Doris Y3/C 1-Jun-1945
Grunwald Raymond H. 16-Nov-1945
Guarill A. A. 18-May-1945
Guderian LeRoy 23-Feb-1945
Guderian LeRoy 26-Oct-1945
Guderian LeRoy F. 9-Nov-1945
Guffey Bob H 5-Oct-1945
Guffey Robert 30-Mar-1945
Guffey Robert H., F1/C 1-Jun-1945
Guffey Bob H. 14-Dec-1945
Guffey Robert H. 31-Aug-1945
Guggisberg Bernard 11-May-1945
Guild Clifford C. 21-Dec-1945
Gunderson Robert E 5-Oct-1945
Gunderson Mary H. 23-Feb-1945
Gunderson Robert E. 29-Jun-1945
Gunderson Irene Phipps 16-Nov-1945
Gunderson Robert 31-Aug-1945
Gunderson L. R. 9-Nov-1945
Gunderson, Jr. Irene 15-Jun-1945
Gunderson, Mr and Mrs Leonard 5-Oct-1945
Gunderspm Johnnie 5-Oct-1945
Gunnerson Howard 20-Jul-1945
Gunnerson Harley 20-Jul-1945
Gurnett John Mr. & Mrs. 27-Apr-1945
Gustafson 2-Mar-1945
Gustafson Frank 16-Mar-1945
Gustafson F.S. 23-Mar-1945
Gustafson Frank 11-May-1945
Gustafson Frank SC 1/C 8-Jun-1945
Gustafson John M. 23-Nov-1945
Guthrie Don 2-Mar-1945
Guttenfelder J.V. 9-Feb-1945
Guttenfelder J. V. 12-Oct-1945
H. George 23-Feb-1945
Haack Frederick 2-Nov-1945
Haase Sidney 14-Sep-1945
Haase Sidney 9-Nov-1945
Habben Edward 14-Sep-1945
Habhab Anver 5-Jan-1945
Habhab Oscar 13-Apr-1945
Habhab Albert 20-Apr-1945
Habhab Hassan 18-May-1945
Habhab 18-May-1945
Habhab Anver 25-May-1945
Habhab Abbas, T/5 1-Jun-1945
Habhab Al, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Habhab Anver 20-Jul-1945
Habhab Albert 28-Dec-1945
Hackett Lyle D. 17-Aug-1945
Hadden Ed 21-Sep-1945
Hade Ronald 13-Apr-1945
Hade Martin, Mr. & Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Hadjes Geo. 12-Jan-1945
Hadjes Willard 18-May-1945
Hagar Orville F. 30-Nov-1945
Hagberg Kenneth 2-Feb-1945
Hagburg K. M. 19-Oct-1945
Hagen Lee 23-Mar-1945
Hagen Lee 4-May-1945
Hager H. R. "Bob" 20-Jul-1945
Hagerman Forrest 8-Jun-1945
Hagge Arnold A. 14-Sep-1945
Hagge Arnold 19-Oct-1945
Haglund Elmer 5-Oct-1945
Haglund Francis 9-Feb-1945
Haglund Francis 1-Jun-1945
Haglund Francis 2-Feb-1945
Hahn Tyrus 4-May-1945
Hahn Clifford, Pvt. 1-Jun-1945
Hahn Clifford 16-Nov-1945
Hahn Clifford 16-Nov-1945
Hahn Cliff 16-Nov-1945
Hahn Clifford 28-Dec-1945
Hahn Jr. Harold 2-Nov-1945
Hair Cletus D 28-Sep-1945
Hair Eugene 27-Jul-1945
Hair Eugene 30-Nov-1945
Haire Mrs. W.W. 12-Jan-1945
Haire Mason 2-Mar-1945
Haire George 2-Mar-1945
Haire Cletus 6-Apr-1945
Haire Bob 25-May-1945
Haire George, T/5 1-Jun-1945
Haire Bob 1-Jun-1945
Haire George 23-Feb-1945
Haire George 31-Aug-1945
Haire Mason 26-Oct-1945
Haire Eugene 2-Nov-1945
Hakes Kenneth 22-Jun-1945
Halbach Robert 7-Sep-1945
Halbach Robert 20-Jul-1945
Halbach Robert 27-Jul-1945
Halbach Robert J. 12-Oct-1945
Halback Bob 2-Feb-1945
Hale Henry 5-Jan-1945
Hale Wendel 9-Feb-1945
Hale Verne 23-Mar-1945
Hale Herman 13-Jul-1945
Hale Bob 20-Jul-1945
Hale Herman 21-Dec-1945
Hall Dale 21-Sep-1945
Hall Elmer 5-Jan-1945
Hall Elmer 16-Mar-1945
Hall Dale S. 17-Aug-1945
Hall Bernard 16-Nov-1945
Hall Robert W. 12-Oct-1945
Halliday John 28-Sep-1945
Halliday Robert 28-Sep-1945
Halligan Julian 5-Oct-1945
Halligan John 5-Oct-1945
Halligan John 28-Sep-1945
Halligan Paul J. 12-Jan-1945
Halligan Paul 22-Jun-1945
Halligan Julian 14-Sep-1945
Halligan Paul J. 16-Nov-1945
Halligan John 20-Jul-1945
Halsey Don 11-May-1945
Halverson Carole Mae 19-Jan-1945
Hamann John H. 18-May-1945
Hamann Arthur 9-Nov-1945
Hamann John H. 7-Dec-1945
Hamann Arthur 7-Dec-1945
Hambelton Lloyd 29-Jun-1945
Hambelton Galen 14-Sep-1945
Hambleton Galen 7-Sep-1945
Hambleton Lloyd 13-Apr-1945
Hambleton Galen 25-May-1945
Hambleton Lloyd 25-May-1945
Hambleton Lloyd, Ens. 8-Jun-1945
Hambleton Lloyd 15-Jun-1945
Hambleton Lloyd 26-Oct-1945
Hambleton L. A. 28-Dec-1945
Hamilton George T. 9-Feb-1945
Hamilton K.C. 16-Mar-1945
Hamilton C. Bernard 23-Mar-1945
Hamilton Howard 30-Mar-1945
Hamilton C.B. 6-Apr-1945
Hamilton W.L. "Bill" 13-Apr-1945
Hamilton George T. 20-Apr-1945
Hamilton Howard 18-May-1945
Hamilton Barbara Ann 18-May-1945
Hamilton Barbara Ann 8-Jun-1945
Hamilton Frank 15-Jun-1945
Hamilton W. L. "Bill" 23-Feb-1945
Hamilton Charles N. 16-Nov-1945
Hamilton G. T. 19-Oct-1945
Hamilton C. Bernard 2-Nov-1945
Hamilton Don 7-Dec-1945
Hamilton Don 7-Dec-1945
Hamlom Bob 19-Oct-1945
Hamlow Robert 2-Feb-1945
Hamlow Bob 2-Feb-1945
Hamm Jack 30-Nov-1945
Hammond Arthur 22-Jun-1945
Hampston Harold W. 12-Jan-1945
Handeland Leonard 13-Apr-1945
Hanna John 22-Jun-1945
Hannon Paul 22-Jun-1945
Hannon Paul 24-Aug-1945
Hannon Paul 19-Oct-1945
Hanrahan Joseph, Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Hanrahan Donna 14-Sep-1945
Hanrahan J. L., Mr & Mrs. 2-Feb-1945
Hanrahan George 2-Feb-1945
Hanrahan Jim 2-Feb-1945
Hanrahan Donna 13-Jul-1945
Hanrahan Kathleen 13-Jul-1945
Hanrahan Don 31-Aug-1945
Hanrahan Geo. 23-Nov-1945
Hanrahan James 23-Nov-1945
Hanrahan James 28-Dec-1945
Hansch Donald 23-Mar-1945
Hansch 20-Apr-1945
Hansch Irma 17-Aug-1945
Hansch Laurence 27-Jul-1945
Hansch Irma 3-Aug-1945
Hansen Carlyle 19-Jan-1945
Hansen Alvin 21-Sep-1945
Hansen Elmer Eugene 21-Sep-1945
Hansen Kermit H 28-Sep-1945
Hansen Farrell 5-Jan-1945
Hansen Kermit H. 5-Jan-1945
Hansen Evelyn 12-Jan-1945
Hansen Bob 18-May-1945
Hansen Richard 25-May-1945
Hansen Floyd, MOMM 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Hansen Dick 15-Jun-1945
Hansen Bob 14-Sep-1945
Hansen Robert 20-Jul-1945
Hansen Richard 27-Jul-1945
Hansen Richard 24-Aug-1945
Hansen Don 12-Oct-1945
Hansen Donald 12-Oct-1945
Hansen Alvin 30-Nov-1945
Hansen Kermit H. 7-Dec-1945
Hansen Otto C. S. 21-Dec-1945
Hanson Ralph 19-Jan-1945
Hanson Ralph M. 5-Jan-1945
Hanson Cleo 12-Jan-1945
Hanson Ellis G. 9-Feb-1945
Hanson Cleo D. 2-Mar-1945
Hanson Arne 6-Apr-1945
Hanson 20-Apr-1945
Hanson Cleo D. 27-Apr-1945
Hanson Bruce 4-May-1945
Hanson Cleo 4-May-1945
Hanson Victor 11-May-1945
Hanson Bruce 25-May-1945
Hanson Jay G. 25-May-1945
Hanson Chester Bruce, Lt 1-Jun-1945
Hanson Bruce, Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Hanson Cleo D. 15-Jun-1945
Hanson Otto 15-Jun-1945
Hanson Bruce 22-Jun-1945
Hanson John 29-Jun-1945
Hanson Glen H. 2-Feb-1945
Hanson Geraldine 20-Jul-1945
Hanson Chester E. 3-Aug-1945
Hanson Richard 3-Aug-1945
Hanson Ellis G. 3-Aug-1945
Hanson . 24-Aug-1945
Hanson Curtis A. 12-Oct-1945
Hanson E. G. 12-Oct-1945
Hanson Carlyle 19-Oct-1945
Hanson R. D. 26-Oct-1945
Hanson G. J. 23-Nov-1945
Hanson Alava,. Mrsd. 21-Dec-1945
Happ Dale 9-Feb-1945
Haraldson A M 21-Sep-1945
Harbacheck Rita 22-Jun-1945
Harbacheck Rita 13-Jul-1945
Harders Clarence 24-Aug-1945
Hardie Philip R. 2-Nov-1945
Hare Marion B. 14-Dec-1945
Harign Cox Kenneth 15-Jun-1945
Haring Jim 5-Jan-1945
Haring Jimmy 12-Jan-1945
Haring Don 2-Feb-1945
Haring Marjorie 16-Feb-1945
Haring Marjorie 27-Apr-1945
Haring D. E. 17-Aug-1945
Haring D. E. 13-Jul-1945
Haring Don 12-Oct-1945
Haring Cox James E. 15-Jun-1945
Haring Cox Mrs. 15-Jun-1945
Harjes Orval M. 11-May-1945
Harley Peggy 7-Sep-1945
Harley Peggy 29-Jun-1945
Harmon Winifred 5-Jan-1945
Harmon Paul 23-Nov-1945
Harmon Paul E. 23-Nov-1945
Haroldson Henry T. 12-Jan-1945
Haroldson A.M., SM 1/C 8-Jun-1945
Haroldson H. T. 13-Jul-1945
Harp R.A. 5-Jan-1945
Harp Rosette A. 2-Mar-1945
Harp R.H. 23-Mar-1945
Harp Rosette 6-Apr-1945
Harp R. A. 27-Apr-1945
Harp Rosette 27-Apr-1945
Harp R. A. 4-May-1945
Harp R.A., Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Harp Rossette A., Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Harp Rossette 29-Jun-1945
Harp Rosette 17-Aug-1945
Harp R. A. 14-Sep-1945
Harp R. R. 16-Nov-1945
Harp Rossette 14-Dec-1945
Harp R. A. 13-Jul-1945
Harp Rosette 20-Jul-1945
Harp Rosette 20-Jul-1945
Harp Rosette 20-Jul-1945
Harp Lucile 27-Jul-1945
Harp R.A. 3-Aug-1945
Harp Rossette A. 24-Aug-1945
Harp R. A. (Rossette) 31-Aug-1945
Harp R. A. 2-Nov-1945
Harp Rossette 2-Nov-1945
Harper Waldermer D 5-Oct-1945
Harper Waldermer D. 9-Feb-1945
Harper D.W. 23-Mar-1945
Harrelson Sylvester 14-Sep-1945
Harrington Duane 5-Oct-1945
Harrington Joe 22-Jun-1945
Harrington Bob 29-Jun-1945
Harrington Donald 19-Oct-1945
Harrington Joe 26-Oct-1945
Harrington Donald 2-Nov-1945
Harris Duane 27-Apr-1945
Harris Carol 23-Feb-1945
Harris Vernealle 17-Aug-1945
Harrison John 2-Feb-1945
Harrison Clarence LeRoy 20-Jul-1945
Harriss Vernealle 10-Aug-1945
Harrold Vincent E 19-Jan-1945
Harrold Vincent 27-Apr-1945
Harrold Vincent E. 12-Oct-1945
Harrold Myron L. 19-Oct-1945
Hart Vernon J (Foxy) 19-Jan-1945
Hart Jim 9-Feb-1945
Hart James 16-Mar-1945
Hart Jim 30-Mar-1945
Hart Larry 27-Apr-1945
Hart Duane 22-Jun-1945
Hart Francis 29-Jun-1945
Hart Dwain L. 14-Dec-1945
Hart LeRoy 9-Nov-1945
Hart Francis E. 30-Nov-1945
Hart R. F. 28-Dec-1945
Harter Cleo 14-Dec-1945
Hartman Kermie 21-Sep-1945
Hartman William 21-Sep-1945
Hartman Bill 2-Mar-1945
Hartman Francis 18-May-1945
Hartman Francis 2-Nov-1945
Hartman F. R. 9-Nov-1945
Hartman LT 30-Nov-1945
Hartquist John 16-Mar-1945
Hartquist Bert 13-Apr-1945
Hartquist John N. 28-Dec-1945
Hartung Chuck 21-Dec-1945
Harvey Virgil 5-Jan-1945
Harvey Virgil 30-Mar-1945
Harvey V. F. 25-May-1945
Harvey Rev. 1-Jun-1945
Harvey Harold L. 22-Jun-1945
Harvey Harold 14-Sep-1945
Harvey T. V. L., Chaplin 28-Dec-1945
Haskell Morris 4-May-1945
Haskell Maurice B. 7-Dec-1945
Haskell Maurice B. 7-Dec-1945
Hasse Sid 14-Sep-1945
Hasselman Paul 5-Jan-1945
Hasselmann Paul 6-Apr-1945
Hastings 2-Feb-1945
Hatcher Hubert 7-Sep-1945
Hathaway Clayton 21-Dec-1945
Hauck Byrl 8-Jun-1945
Hauge Maxine 5-Jan-1945
Haugen Carl "Chet" 26-Jan-1945
Haugen Kenneth 21-Sep-1945
Haugen R. M. 2-Feb-1945
Haugen Chet 16-Mar-1945
Haugen Kenneth 4-May-1945
Haugen Kenneth 14-Sep-1945
Haugen Carl C. 16-Nov-1945
Haugen Kenneth 14-Dec-1945
Haugen Richard m. 14-Dec-1945
Haugen Kenneth 12-Oct-1945
Hauggen Einar 6-Apr-1945
Haupts Donald 15-Jun-1945
Hauser Don 2-Feb-1945
Hauser Jack 16-Feb-1945
Hauser Don 13-Apr-1945
Hauser Jack 25-May-1945
Hauser Dale R. 23-Feb-1945
Hauser Dick 12-Oct-1945
Hauser Jack 23-Nov-1945
Hauser Don 23-Nov-1945
Hauser Don 28-Dec-1945
Havens Dorothy 26-Jan-1945
Havens Dorothy J. 2-Mar-1945
Havens Dorothy J. 22-Jun-1945
Havens Dorothy 29-Jun-1945
Havens D. J. 16-Nov-1945
Havens Dorothy J. 16-Nov-1945
Havick Lois 8-Jun-1945
Havighurst Connie 21-Sep-1945
Havoc June 20-Apr-1945
Hawlett Robert 12-Jan-1945
Hay Mary Louise 4-May-1945
Hay Robert 11-May-1945
Hay Velva 22-Jun-1945
Hay Earl 29-Jun-1945
Hay Earl T. 19-Oct-1945
Hay Earl T. 21-Dec-1945
Hay Earl T. 28-Dec-1945
Hayden Bernard 28-Sep-1945
Hayden Pauline 9-Feb-1945
Hayden Oleta 18-May-1945
Hayden Bernard 16-Nov-1945
Hayden Ray R. 20-Jul-1945
Hayek Theodore E. 20-Jul-1945
Hayes 2-Feb-1945
Hayes Johnny 18-May-1945
Hayes John H. 25-May-1945
Hayes Milo 31-Aug-1945
Hazelton E A 21-Sep-1945
Headlee Bill 26-Jan-1945
Healy Tom 23-Feb-1945
Healy Thomas M. 16-Nov-1945
Healy Tom 3-Aug-1945
Heath Bob 11-May-1945
Heath Marion, Master Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Hedburg Robert E 26-Jan-1945
Hedburg Robt. E. 2-Mar-1945
Hedded Lee 16-Nov-1945
Heden John l. 15-Jun-1945
Hedron Roy 18-May-1945
Heffner Carl S. 6-Apr-1945
Hefley John 28-Dec-1945
Heggen Emil 16-Nov-1945
Heggen Earl 23-Nov-1945
Heggin Emil 30-Mar-1945
Heidick Fred 2-Mar-1945
Heidick Walter 19-Oct-1945
Heileman Betty Jane 6-Apr-1945
Heileman Walter 23-Nov-1945
Heinlen Elmont M 21-Sep-1945
Heinlen Richard E. 16-Nov-1945
Heinonen Lloyd 15-Jun-1945
Heinonen Lloyd 2-Feb-1945
Heinz Carl 14-Sep-1945
Heinze R. J. 9-Nov-1945
Heiser Frank J. 14-Dec-1945
Heitcamp Leonard 29-Jun-1945
Heitkamp Kenneth 26-Jan-1945
Heldreth Everett 13-Jul-1945
Helferich Thomas 5-Oct-1945
Helferick Tom 25-May-1945
Heller Jeanne 13-Apr-1945
Helmke Mr. & Mrs. H. G. 5-Jan-1945
Helsell Frank 2-Mar-1945
Helsell Frank H. 26-Oct-1945
Heman Dick 25-May-1945
Hemann John 24-Aug-1945
Hemerson D.R. 16-Mar-1945
Hemerson Gordon 4-May-1945
Hemerson D. R. 13-Jul-1945
Henderson Jack 18-May-1945
Henderson J. H. 23-Feb-1945
Henderson Earl D. 14-Dec-1945
Henderson Paul 20-Jul-1945
Henderson R. R. 10-Aug-1945
Hendricks Lt 19-Jan-1945
Hendricks George 28-Sep-1945
Hendricks George G. 9-Feb-1945
Hendricks Mrs. George G. 9-Feb-1945
Hendricks Don 25-May-1945
Hendricks Geo., Mr, & Mrs. 2-Feb-1945
Hendricks George G. 19-Oct-1945
Hendricks Don 19-Oct-1945
Hendricks Don 23-Nov-1945
Hendrickson Wayne 6-Apr-1945
Hendrickson Wayne 18-May-1945
Hendrickson Henry 13-Jul-1945
Hendrickson Doris Pauline 9-Nov-1945
Hendrickson Wilbur 28-Dec-1945
Hendrson Paul 23-Nov-1945
Henean Bill 13-Apr-1945
Heneberry W. J. Bill 12-Oct-1945
Henkle Doralene 11-May-1945
Henn John E. 6-Apr-1945
Hennessy Edward J. 16-Feb-1945
Henriksen, Mrs. Noreen 5-Oct-1945
Henry Robert J. 20-Apr-1945
Henry Junior 20-Apr-1945
Henry Clinton 11-May-1945
Henry PFC 23-Feb-1945
Henry Grant 14-Sep-1945
Henry Grant 16-Nov-1945
Henry Grant 2-Nov-1945
Hensen Elmer 20-Apr-1945
Hepperle Robert D 7-Sep-1945
Hepperle Louis 19-Oct-1945
Herbison Donna 12-Oct-1945
Hergenreter Nick A. 2-Mar-1945
Hergenreter Margaret 28-Dec-1945
Heringlake Charles W. 2-Mar-1945
Heringlake Charles 16-Nov-1945
Herkenrider Joe 28-Dec-1945
Herman Woody 27-Apr-1945
Herman John P. 13-Jul-1945
Hernkel Harold and Robert 21-Dec-1945
Herring Clyde 21-Sep-1945
Herrington Delbert H. 21-Dec-1945
Hertel Frieda 3-Aug-1945
Hesser William 2-Feb-1945
Hesser Wm. G, Lt & Mrs. 18-May-1945
Hesser Wm. G. 29-Jun-1945
Hessler Jewell Hix 26-Jan-1945
Hetlund Dale 30-Nov-1945
Heun John E. 16-Nov-1945
Heun Bill 2-Feb-1945
Heun Hubert J. 10-Aug-1945
Hewett Arlo 14-Dec-1945
Hice Phyllis 12-Oct-1945
Hicks D.J. 2-Feb-1945
Hicks Don 20-Apr-1945
Hicks Donald 18-May-1945
Hicks Don 29-Jun-1945
Hicks Donald J. 14-Dec-1945
Hicks Frank 21-Dec-1945
Hide Danny 25-May-1945
Higby Albert 26-Jan-1945
Higginbotham Mrs. Loretta 2-Mar-1945
Higgins Leroy 14-Sep-1945
Hill Merle 19-Jan-1945
Hill Leonard 5-Oct-1945
Hill John R 7-Sep-1945
Hill Dave 9-Feb-1945
Hill Richard 2-Mar-1945
Hill Kenneth 2-Mar-1945
Hill James 2-Mar-1945
Hill Richard 16-Mar-1945
Hill David 6-Apr-1945
Hill Wesley 13-Apr-1945
Hill James J. 13-Apr-1945
Hill David D. 20-Apr-1945
Hill James J. 27-Apr-1945
Hill Allison 11-May-1945
Hill Allison, Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Hill Kenneth A. 15-Jun-1945
Hill Russell 22-Jun-1945
Hill Dave 22-Jun-1945
Hill Bob 29-Jun-1945
Hill Kenny 29-Jun-1945
Hill Conly 14-Sep-1945
Hill James J. 27-Jul-1945
Hill John 27-Jul-1945
Hill Harold H. 3-Aug-1945
Hill Kenneth A. 3-Aug-1945
Hill Leonard 3-Aug-1945
Hill Raymond 10-Aug-1945
Hill Allison 24-Aug-1945
Hill Harold 19-Oct-1945
Hill Merle 2-Nov-1945
Hill Conly 23-Nov-1945
Hill David D. 23-Nov-1945
Hill John R. 23-Nov-1945
Hillesland Peter 31-Aug-1945
Hillesland Peter A. 23-Nov-1945
Hillisland Peter 5-Jan-1945
Hilsabeck Leo H 19-Jan-1945
Hilsbeck Leo 23-Nov-1945
Hinds Neil F. 17-Aug-1945
Hinkle Garth P. 16-Nov-1945
Hinks John 28-Sep-1945
Hinks John E. 16-Nov-1945
Hinsch Bill 19-Jan-1945
Hintch Harold 31-Aug-1945
Hinton K. T. 16-Nov-1945
Hinton James E. 23-Nov-1945
Hinton James E. 21-Dec-1945
Hinton James E. 28-Dec-1945
Hitler Adolf 5-Jan-1945
Hitler 2-Mar-1945
Hively Clarence 21-Sep-1945
Hively Lawrence 7-Sep-1945
Hively Lawrence 27-Apr-1945
Hively Earl 27-Jul-1945
Hively Clarence 2-Nov-1945
Hively Lawrence W. 23-Nov-1945
Hively George 30-Nov-1945
Hobart F. W. 12-Oct-1945
Hockemier Julius 14-Dec-1945
Hodges George 19-Jan-1945
Hoeflin Arthur 12-Jan-1945
Hoeflin Arthur 2-Nov-1945
Hoeflin Arthur 21-Dec-1945
Hoevet Eleanor 30-Mar-1945
Hoffman Ruth Margaret 8-Jun-1945
Hoffman Max 27-Jul-1945
Hoffman Ed C. 26-Oct-1945
Hoffman Vanna 21-Dec-1945
Hofman Ruth 22-Jun-1945
Hogan Bob 26-Jan-1945
Hogan Raymond 7-Sep-1945
Hogan Mr. & Mrs. James 9-Feb-1945
Hogan Thomas Jordan 16-Mar-1945
Hogan Robert J. 23-Mar-1945
Hogan Robt. 6-Apr-1945
Hogan Paul 25-May-1945
Hogan Austin 2-Feb-1945
Hogan Jerry 13-Jul-1945
Hogan Jack 20-Jul-1945
Hogan Dick 20-Jul-1945
Hogan Julian 10-Aug-1945
Hogan Harold 12-Oct-1945
Holberg Capt., and Mrs. Ray 27-Jul-1945
Holbrook Allan 2-Feb-1945
Holland Edward C 7-Sep-1945
Holland Edward 17-Aug-1945
Holland Ed C. 9-Nov-1945
Holliday Eva 20-Apr-1945
Holliday Eva Marie 23-Feb-1945
Hollingsworth John 19-Oct-1945
Hollingsworth John 19-Oct-1945
Hollis C F 19-Jan-1945
Hollis C F 26-Jan-1945
Hollis Cliff 5-Oct-1945
Hollis C.F. 6-Apr-1945
Hollis Lloyd B., Chief Petty Officer 1-Jun-1945
Hollis Lloyd R., CEM 8-Jun-1945
Hollis Cliff & Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Hollis Billy 8-Jun-1945
Hollis Lloyd 8-Jun-1945
Hollman Meinhard 12-Jan-1945
Hollman Meinhard 24-Aug-1945
Holm Dick 19-Jan-1945
Holm L. Marvel 5-Jan-1945
Holm Aljean 12-Jan-1945
Holm Joe 13-Apr-1945
Holm Aaron 11-May-1945
Holm Harold 16-Nov-1945
Holm Alfred 7-Dec-1945
Holmberg Carl J. 2-Nov-1945
Holmes Burton 5-Jan-1945
Holmes J.O. 2-Mar-1945
Holmquist Jack 16-Nov-1945
Holmstrom Bev 20-Jul-1945
Holmstrom Beverly 2-Nov-1945
Holop Billy 14-Sep-1945
Holst Florence 23-Mar-1945
Holst Florence 6-Apr-1945
Holst Gertrude 30-Nov-1945
Hood Robert M. 5-Jan-1945
Hood Herbert 16-Mar-1945
Hood Robert M. 13-Apr-1945
Hood Marvin 25-May-1945
Hood Jerry, MMM 2/C 1-Jun-1945
Hood Maxine 17-Aug-1945
Hood Jack 14-Sep-1945
Hood Hubert R. 16-Nov-1945
Hood Hubert R. 10-Aug-1945
Hood J. H. 10-Aug-1945
Hood John T. 12-Oct-1945
Hood Albert 19-Oct-1945
Hood Mayme 19-Oct-1945
Hood Mervin 19-Oct-1945
Hood Mervin J. 28-Dec-1945
Hoop Bill 1-Jun-1945
Hoop Roger 13-Jul-1945
Hoove Bob 24-Aug-1945
Hoover E.E. 5-Jan-1945
Hoover Bill 14-Sep-1945
Hoover Robert F. 24-Aug-1945
Hoover Thelma G. 2-Nov-1945
Hoover Delbert 30-Nov-1945
Hoover Earl 21-Dec-1945
Hope Bob 2-Mar-1945
Hope Bob 25-May-1945
Hope Bob 14-Sep-1945
Hope Bob 24-Aug-1945
Hopkins Carl W. 21-Dec-1945
Horn Herb 9-Feb-1945
Horn Walt 17-Aug-1945
Horn Walter 14-Dec-1945
Horn Walter 13-Jul-1945
Horn Herb 24-Aug-1945
Horn Robert 12-Oct-1945
Horn Verne 19-Oct-1945
Horn Vern 30-Nov-1945
Horne Verne 9-Nov-1945
Horner Kenneth 2-Feb-1945
Horner Hubert 4-May-1945
Horner Don 22-Jun-1945
Horner Don L. 22-Jun-1945
Horner W. P. 29-Jun-1945
Horton Robert 5-Jan-1945
Horton Bob 2-Mar-1945
Horton Bob 20-Apr-1945
Horton Robert 29-Jun-1945
Hosford Frank 3-Aug-1945
Hosford Frank 19-Oct-1945
Hotek Bill 9-Feb-1945
Hottman Audrey Cheryl 18-May-1945
Hottman Marlin 3-Aug-1945
Hovey Conrad 12-Oct-1945
Hovick 20-Apr-1945
Howard Merle F. 25-May-1945
Howard Roger 30-Nov-1945
Howard Merle F. 30-Nov-1945
Howard Jr. W. C. 13-Jul-1945
Howell Robert 28-Sep-1945
Howick Betty Lou 14-Sep-1945
Howie R.B. 16-Mar-1945
Hoye Richard 19-Jan-1945
Hoye Francis L 26-Jan-1945
Hoye Paul R 26-Jan-1945
Hoye Francis L 5-Oct-1945
Hoye Paul 5-Jan-1945
Hoye Paul 2-Feb-1945
Hoye Francis L. 2-Mar-1945
Hoye Paul 2-Mar-1945
Hoye Paul 29-Jun-1945
Hoye Francis 29-Jun-1945
Hoye . 27-Jul-1945
Hoyer Jack 28-Sep-1945
Hoyer George 11-May-1945
Hoyt Clarence 26-Jan-1945
Hoyt Clarence S. 2-Nov-1945
Hubbard Art C. 26-Oct-1945
Hubel William 2-Feb-1945
Hubel Edward 13-Apr-1945
Hubel Edward 27-Apr-1945
Hubel William 4-May-1945
Hudson Dale W. 17-Aug-1945
Hudson Dale W. 17-Aug-1945
Hudson Dale W. 14-Dec-1945
Huebner Helen 26-Jan-1945
Huebner Helen 2-Feb-1945
Huebsch 12-Jan-1945
Huebsch James M 27-Apr-1945
Huff Harry 1-Jun-1945
Huffman Max 15-Jun-1945
Hufford Stephen D. 11-May-1945
Hughes Ellis 26-Jan-1945
Hughes Joe 26-Jan-1945
Hughes C.H. 5-Jan-1945
Hughes Ellis 12-Jan-1945
Hughes Verne 30-Mar-1945
Hughes Joseph A. 23-Feb-1945
Hughes Vern C. 10-Aug-1945
Hughes Cecil 10-Aug-1945
Hughes Phyllis 24-Aug-1945
Hughes Phyllis 24-Aug-1945
Hughes Howard 23-Nov-1945
Hughetts M. A., Mr. & Mrs. 27-Apr-1945
Hulett Bob 19-Jan-1945
Hulett Bob 8-Jun-1945
Hulett Robert 23-Nov-1945
Huling Floyd 23-Mar-1945
Huling Floyd 20-Jul-1945
Hull Cordell 26-Oct-1945
Humphrey Richard W. 25-May-1945
Humphrey Richard W. 19-Oct-1945
Humphreys Mildred 15-Jun-1945
Hunifield Don 15-Jun-1945
Hunt Phillip N. 23-Feb-1945
Hunt Raymond F. 30-Nov-1945
Hunter Ivan 19-Jan-1945
Hunter Ivan F., Sgt 1-Jun-1945
Hurley Walter 19-Oct-1945
Huskey William K 28-Sep-1945
Huskey W. K. 27-Apr-1945
Husky William K. 4-May-1945
Husske Eugene 14-Sep-1945
Hutchinsion Mary 26-Oct-1945
Hutchinson Robert 7-Sep-1945
Hutchinson 18-May-1945
Hutchinson Robert 13-Jul-1945
Hutchinson Wm. 10-Aug-1945
Hutchinson Ernest 23-Nov-1945
Hutchinson Howard L. 23-Nov-1945
Hutchinson Roy 30-Nov-1945
Hutchison H L 28-Sep-1945
Hutton Betty 14-Sep-1945
Hyde Daniel 7-Sep-1945
Hyde Donald 7-Sep-1945
Hyde Delvera 5-Jan-1945
Hyde Daniel 5-Jan-1945
Hyde Clarence 16-Feb-1945
Hyde Clarence 29-Jun-1945
Hyde Clarence 16-Nov-1945
Hyde Clarence 27-Jul-1945
Hyde Delvera P. 21-Dec-1945
I Kenn R. 12-Oct-1945
I Frank 12-Oct-1945
Ingebritsen M. 3-Aug-1945
Ingebritsen M. B. 12-Oct-1945
Ingerbritsen Melvin, Major 8-Jun-1945
Ingram Pauline 12-Oct-1945
Ingrebritsen M. 3-Aug-1945
Inman Mel 19-Jan-1945
Inman Marvin 5-Jan-1945
Inman Melvin 9-Feb-1945
Inman Melvin 2-Mar-1945
Inman Marvin A. "Addy" 27-Apr-1945
Inman Melvin, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Inman Marvin 23-Feb-1945
Inman Melvin 27-Jul-1945
Inman Marvin 9-Nov-1945
Intermill Marvin L. 13-Apr-1945
Intermill M. L. 30-Nov-1945
Irish Lynn 21-Sep-1945
Irish Lynn F. 31-Aug-1945
Irvine Neal V. 16-Mar-1945
Irvine Neal V. 23-Mar-1945
Irvine Neal V. 2-Feb-1945
Irvine Neal V. 9-Nov-1945
Irvine Dale 28-Dec-1945
Isaacson Harley 5-Oct-1945
Isaacson Chuck 6-Apr-1945
Isaacson Fenton 13-Apr-1945
Isaacson Robert 18-May-1945
Isaacson Fenton R. 25-May-1945
Isaacson Lloyd, Mrs. 14-Sep-1945
Isaacson "Ike" 14-Sep-1945
Isaacson Harley 14-Dec-1945
Isaacson Charles 2-Feb-1945
Isaacson Helen 13-Jul-1945
Isaacson Nels 31-Aug-1945
Isaacson Charles 31-Aug-1945
Isaacson Fenton 19-Oct-1945
Isaacson Charles A. 2-Nov-1945
Isaacson Fenton 9-Nov-1945
Isaacson Ronald 9-Nov-1945
Isaacson Bob 9-Nov-1945
Isaacson Robert 21-Dec-1945
Isaacson Robert A. 21-Dec-1945
Iseminger F. H. 19-Oct-1945
Ivory Joe 20-Jul-1945
Ivory Joseph 2-Nov-1945
Jackowell Carl 20-Jul-1945
Jacobs H.L., Rev. 15-Jun-1945
Jacobson Francis M 5-Oct-1945
Jacobson Albert 21-Sep-1945
Jacobson Merle 21-Sep-1945
Jacobson Carl T. 5-Jan-1945
Jacobson Albert C. 16-Feb-1945
Jacobson Dale O. 19-Oct-1945
Jacobson Dale O. 19-Oct-1945
Jacobson Jr. Otto 25-May-1945
Jacox Fred 13-Jul-1945
Jaeschke Fern 26-Jan-1945
Jaeschke Wm., Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Jahn, Jr. Harry 14-Dec-1945
James Willard W. 22-Jun-1945
James Jimmy 14-Sep-1945
James Willard W. 16-Nov-1945
James Jerrold 14-Dec-1945
James Willard W. 3-Aug-1945
James Willard 24-Aug-1945
Jamison Willard 28-Dec-1945
Janson Howard J. 26-Oct-1945
Janssen Junior 26-Jan-1945
Janssen 12-Jan-1945
Janssen Kenneth 4-May-1945
Janssen Kenneth R. 23-Feb-1945
Janssen Willie 13-Jul-1945
Janvrin Jim 21-Sep-1945
Jarosiovsky L. 18-May-1945
Jaroslovsky Jon 5-Jan-1945
Jaroslovsky Lon 12-Jan-1945
Jarrett William 16-Feb-1945
Jarrett Bill 2-Mar-1945
Jeffers Betty 16-Mar-1945
Jeffers Charles "Dale" 30-Mar-1945
Jeffers Charles D. 19-Oct-1945
Jeffers Chas. D. 19-Oct-1945
Jeffires Evelyn 21-Sep-1945
Jeffries Patricia Anne 4-May-1945
Jenison Milford 7-Sep-1945
Jenison Milford 27-Jul-1945
Jenk Robert L. 5-Jan-1945
Jenks Kermit 9-Feb-1945
Jenks James 15-Jun-1945
Jennings Andrew, Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Jennings Andrew, Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Jennings Andy 9-Nov-1945
Jennings Andrew 9-Nov-1945
Jensen John K 26-Jan-1945
Jensen Lyle C 5-Oct-1945
Jensen Dorothy 12-Jan-1945
Jensen Robert 9-Feb-1945
Jensen Frank 23-Mar-1945
Jensen Frank 15-Jun-1945
Jensen Roy B. 15-Jun-1945
Jensen Clifford O. 15-Jun-1945
Jensen Frank W. 22-Jun-1945
Jensen Donald P. 14-Sep-1945
Jensen Eli 16-Nov-1945
Jensen John K. 20-Jul-1945
Jensen Paul 20-Jul-1945
Jensen Alfred 10-Aug-1945
Jensen Donald P. 31-Aug-1945
Jensen Leonard M. 12-Oct-1945
Jensen Andrew 19-Oct-1945
Jenson Orville H. 12-Oct-1945
Jergen Dick 20-Jul-1945
Jergens Dick 8-Jun-1945
Jessen Embert F. 16-Nov-1945
Jessen Embert F. 21-Dec-1945
Jewell R.H. 15-Jun-1945
Jewell Dick 10-Aug-1945
Jeys Byron D 21-Sep-1945
Jeys Byron D. 6-Apr-1945
Jeys Byron Dale 20-Apr-1945
Jeys Byron D. 27-Apr-1945
Jeys Byron D. 2-Feb-1945
Jochimsen Hans 20-Jul-1945
Jodison Helen Marie 16-Mar-1945
Johanson D. R. 12-Oct-1945
Johlfs Virginia 7-Sep-1945
Johlfs Virginia 27-Jul-1945
Johnson Leonard 19-Jan-1945
Johnson Lynn 19-Jan-1945
Johnson Don 26-Jan-1945
Johnson Leonard R 26-Jan-1945
Johnson Dick 5-Oct-1945
Johnson Duane 5-Oct-1945
Johnson R E 5-Oct-1945
Johnson Karl R 5-Oct-1945
Johnson Art 21-Sep-1945
Johnson Lawrence E 21-Sep-1945
Johnson Art 28-Sep-1945
Johnson Art 28-Sep-1945
Johnson Carl R 28-Sep-1945
Johnson Everett L 28-Sep-1945
Johnson Stanley G 28-Sep-1945
Johnson Joie 7-Sep-1945
Johnson Raymond C R 7-Sep-1945
Johnson Rueben 5-Jan-1945
Johnson Gene C. 5-Jan-1945
Johnson Dick 5-Jan-1945
Johnson Allan 12-Jan-1945
Johnson Robert E. 12-Jan-1945
Johnson Robert Lee 2-Feb-1945
Johnson C.T. 2-Feb-1945
Johnson Arnold 9-Feb-1945
Johnson Oscar 9-Feb-1945
Johnson Don "Stub" 9-Feb-1945
Johnson R.E. 9-Feb-1945
Johnson Oscar 16-Feb-1945
Johnson R.A. 2-Mar-1945
Johnson Dick 2-Mar-1945
Johnson Gale 16-Mar-1945
Johnson Helen Marie 16-Mar-1945
Johnson R.A. 16-Mar-1945
Johnson Donald 23-Mar-1945
Johnson Florine 23-Mar-1945
Johnson Enfrid 23-Mar-1945
Johnson Everette 13-Apr-1945
Johnson Howard B. 13-Apr-1945
Johnson K.E. 13-Apr-1945
Johnson Oscar 27-Apr-1945
Johnson Gene L. 27-Apr-1945
Johnson Fern 4-May-1945
Johnson Alvin O. Mr&Mrs 4-May-1945
Johnson D. L. 4-May-1945
Johnson John 4-May-1945
Johnson Roy 4-May-1945
Johnson William H. 4-May-1945
Johnson Edward K. 11-May-1945
Johnson Robert D. 11-May-1945
Johnson Leonard R. 11-May-1945
Johnson Harold S. 18-May-1945
Johnson Clifford O. 18-May-1945
Johnson Marvin 18-May-1945
Johnson Clifford O. 18-May-1945
Johnson R. E. 18-May-1945
Johnson Milt 18-May-1945
Johnson A. P. 25-May-1945
Johnson Dick 1-Jun-1945
Johnson Herschel 8-Jun-1945
Johnson Harris, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Johnson C.D. 15-Jun-1945
Johnson Art J., Mr. & Mrs. 15-Jun-1945
Johnson Russell 15-Jun-1945
Johnson Milford 22-Jun-1945
Johnson Joe 29-Jun-1945
Johnson Fay 17-Aug-1945
Johnson Fay 14-Sep-1945
Johnson Dennis A. 14-Sep-1945
Johnson Raymond N. 16-Nov-1945
Johnson Melford 16-Nov-1945
Johnson karl R. 16-Nov-1945
Johnson Art 14-Dec-1945
Johnson Raymond C. R. 14-Dec-1945
Johnson Melford 14-Dec-1945
Johnson Russell D. 14-Dec-1945
Johnson Roy R. 14-Dec-1945
Johnson William & Angie 14-Dec-1945
Johnson Evelyn 14-Dec-1945
Johnson Selmer 2-Feb-1945
Johnson Naomi 13-Jul-1945
Johnson Marion 13-Jul-1945
Johnson Pat Dennis 13-Jul-1945
Johnson Ray N. 13-Jul-1945
Johnson Clarence 13-Jul-1945
Johnson Dale A. 20-Jul-1945
Johnson Duane O. 27-Jul-1945
Johnson M. T., Dr. 3-Aug-1945
Johnson Richard A. 10-Aug-1945
Johnson Richard A. 10-Aug-1945
Johnson Robert E. 10-Aug-1945
Johnson Duane 24-Aug-1945
Johnson Raymond G. 24-Aug-1945
Johnson Earl 24-Aug-1945
Johnson William D. 12-Oct-1945
Johnson Willis T. 12-Oct-1945
Johnson Carl M. 12-Oct-1945
Johnson Lawrence E. 12-Oct-1945
Johnson Robert D. 12-Oct-1945
Johnson Clyde Robert 19-Oct-1945
Johnson D. R. 19-Oct-1945
Johnson Bob 19-Oct-1945
Johnson Milton J. 2-Nov-1945
Johnson Richard 2-Nov-1945
Johnson Stanley G. 2-Nov-1945
Johnson Arnold H. 2-Nov-1945
Johnson Mildred V. 9-Nov-1945
Johnson Howard B. 9-Nov-1945
Johnson Raymond 30-Nov-1945
Johnson Dan 30-Nov-1945
Johnson Karl R. 30-Nov-1945
Johnson W. B. 30-Nov-1945
Johnson Keith 7-Dec-1945
Johnson Raymond G. 7-Dec-1945
Johnson Dan 7-Dec-1945
Johnson Charles E. 21-Dec-1945
Johnson Evelyn 28-Dec-1945
Johnson Clarence T. 28-Dec-1945
Johnston W.E. 2-Mar-1945
Johnston Bill 16-Mar-1945
Johnston 30-Mar-1945
Johnston W.E. 30-Mar-1945
Johnston Eugene L. 6-Apr-1945
Johnston Robert 6-Apr-1945
Johnston W.D. 20-Apr-1945
Johnston Vernon L. 11-May-1945
Johnston Lawrence "Larry" R. 11-May-1945
Johnston Vernon 1-Jun-1945
Johnston Tommy 8-Jun-1945
Johnston William 15-Jun-1945
Johnston Thos. W. 16-Nov-1945
Johnston Gene l. 14-Dec-1945
Johnston Wm. 2-Feb-1945
Johnston William D. 2-Feb-1945
Johnston Donald W. 2-Feb-1945
Johnston boys 2-Feb-1945
Johnston Vernon 3-Aug-1945
Johnston Richard E. 10-Aug-1945
Johnston Vernon G. 28-Dec-1945
Jondle Russell 5-Oct-1945
Jondle W.D. 9-Feb-1945
Jondle Wayne C. 2-Mar-1945
Jondle Mayme 27-Apr-1945
Jondle Bill 18-May-1945
Jondle W. D. 25-May-1945
Jondle Willliam D. 2-Nov-1945
Jondle Doris 2-Nov-1945
Jones Ralph 26-Jan-1945
Jones Jack 21-Sep-1945
Jones William J. 5-Jan-1945
Jones Jack 12-Jan-1945
Jones William R. 23-Mar-1945
Jones Jack 4-May-1945
Jones Jack L. 4-May-1945
Jones Jack 11-May-1945
Jones Paul 11-May-1945
Jones Bill 11-May-1945
Jones Candy 11-May-1945
Jones Carl 25-May-1945
Jones Erwin O. 22-Jun-1945
Jones Jack 23-Feb-1945
Jones R. W. 23-Feb-1945
Jones Jesse 23-Feb-1945
Jones Jack L. 29-Jun-1945
Jones Jack J. 17-Aug-1945
Jones Clarence 17-Aug-1945
Jones Jack 16-Nov-1945
Jones R. W. 2-Feb-1945
Jones Percy 27-Jul-1945
Jones Virgil E. 10-Aug-1945
Jones Nellie 31-Aug-1945
Jones Calvin E. 12-Oct-1945
Jones Erwin O. 19-Oct-1945
Jones W. G., Mr. and Mrs. 26-Oct-1945
Jones William 26-Oct-1945
Jones Henry 9-Nov-1945
Jones Calvin E. 23-Nov-1945
Jones Erwin 23-Nov-1945
Jones Jack 30-Nov-1945
Jordan Thomas 5-Oct-1945
Jordan Tom 28-Sep-1945
Jordan E A 7-Sep-1945
Jordan Tom 18-May-1945
Jordan Lyle 15-Jun-1945
Jordan Paul 29-Jun-1945
Jordan Howard F. 3-Aug-1945
Jordison Elbert 5-Oct-1945
Jordison Ray V 7-Sep-1945
Jordison William 2-Mar-1945
Jordison John R. 2-Mar-1945
Jordison Earl 16-Mar-1945
Jordison William R. 6-Apr-1945
Jordison Hazel 23-Feb-1945
Jordison Richard 29-Jun-1945
Jordison Don 10-Aug-1945
Jordison Bill 24-Aug-1945
Jordison Richard 12-Oct-1945
Jordison Bill 19-Oct-1945
Jordison Bill 2-Nov-1945
Jordon Horward 13-Apr-1945
Jordon Eugene V. 19-Oct-1945
Jorganson Carol 17-Aug-1945
Jorgenson Kenneth R. 2-Feb-1945
Jorgenson Nels 15-Jun-1945
Jorgesen Nels 2-Feb-1945
Josella Mary, Sister 2-Nov-1945
Joselyn Marion 31-Aug-1945
Josephson Herb 21-Sep-1945
Josephson Herb 27-Apr-1945
Jr. Joe 2-Mar-1945
Juengel W.H. Robert 16-Mar-1945
Juengel Robert, W.H. 1-Jun-1945
Julander Gordon 30-Nov-1945
Julius Clarence T. 20-Apr-1945
Julius Carl, S/Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Julius Cecil, S/Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Julius Cecil 16-Nov-1945
Jurgen Dick 31-Aug-1945
Jurgens Dick 13-Apr-1945
Jurgens Dick 22-Jun-1945
Jurgens Dick 20-Jul-1945
Jurgins Dick 29-Jun-1945
Jurisin Faye 7-Sep-1945
Jurisin Faye M 7-Sep-1945
Jurisin Faye 2-Mar-1945
Jurisin Faye 23-Mar-1945
Jurisin Faye 18-May-1945
Jurisin Faye 29-Jun-1945
Jurisin Faye 17-Aug-1945
Jurisin Faye 14-Dec-1945
Jursion Faye M. 2-Feb-1945

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