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Your Letters From Home 1945 A - E

___ville Joe 28-Sep-1945
Aabye Carl 05-Jan-1945
Abbot Bud 11-May-1945
Acher A E 19-Jan-1945
Acher Marva 19-Jan-1945
Acher Carlin 9-Feb-1945
Acher (Major) 23-Mar-1945
Acher C.C. 1-Apr-1945
Acher Chester C. 23-Feb-1945
Acher Chester 26-Oct-1945
Acher, Dr. A E 5-Oct-1945
Ackerman James W. 16-Mar-1945
Ackerman Kenneth 20-Apr-1945
Ackerman James W. 23-Feb-1945
Ackermann Kenneth 27-Apr-1945
Ackerson , 19-Jan-1945
Ackerson Ned 21-Sep-1945
Ackerson Robert L 7-Sep-1945
Ackerson Leonard 2-Feb-1945
Ackerson Ned 2-Feb-1945
Ackerson Robert L. 30-Mar-1945
Ackerson Wilma 30-Mar-1945
Ackerson Bobby 30-Mar-1945
Ackerson Ned 1-Apr-1945
Ackerson Ned 11-May-1945
Ackerson Robt 18-May-1945
Ackerson Ned 18-May-1945
Ackerson Bob 17-Aug-1945
Ackerson Walter H. 13-Jul-1945
Ackerson Ned 3-Aug-1945
Ackerson Ned 10-Aug-1945
Ackerson Ned 10-Aug-1945
Ackerson Walter 24-Aug-1945
Ackerson Leonard C. 31-Aug-1945
Ackerson L. C. 31-Aug-1945
Adams L.B. 2-Feb-1945
Adams G. W. 23-Feb-1945
Adams L. B. 14-Sep-1945
Adams Judson 16-Nov-1945
Adams Damon Jay 31-Aug-1945
Adams Eldred C. 31-Aug-1945
Adams Edmond 26-Oct-1945
Adams Judson 26-Oct-1945
Adams Richard 26-Oct-1945
Adams L. Byron 2-Nov-1945
Adams Jay 23-Nov-1945
Adcock George 23-Mar-1945
Adcock G.L. 13-Apr-1945
Adson Edwin A 21-Sep-1945
Adson Edwin A. 14-Sep-1945
Adson Edwin A. 14-Sep-1945
Adson Dean 10-Aug-1945
Aeling Verne E., Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Ahlborn Irene 5-Oct-1945
Ahlborn Irene 16-Feb-1945
Ahrens Dick 26-Jan-1945
Ahrens Richard H. 18-May-1945
Ahrens Richard 22-Jun-1945
Ahrens Mr. and Mrs Richard 27-Jul-1945
Ahrens Dick 12-Oct-1945
Ainslie Fred R. 14-Sep-1945
Akerson Bob Mrs 4-May-1945
Akerson Bob 4-May-1945
Albright Leonard F. 4-May-1945
Albright Elmer J. 3-Aug-1945
Albright Leonard 24-Aug-1945
Albright Richard 28-Dec-1945
Aldrich Henry 14-Sep-1945
Alexander Elmer H. 7-Dec-1945
Algoe Merlin D. 2-Mar-1945
Algoe 2-Nov-1945
Algood Bill 30-Mar-1945
Algood Bill 13-Jul-1945
Algood Bill 2-Nov-1945
Algood Bill E. 9-Nov-1945
Allan Mel 23-Mar-1945
Allard Orin R. 14-Dec-1945
Allen Robert E 5-Oct-1945
Allen Ann Marie 16-Feb-1945
Allen 2-Mar-1945
Allen Terry 16-Mar-1945
Allen Robert E. 30-Mar-1945
Allen Fred 1-Apr-1945
Allen W. C. 4-May-1945
Allen Beverly 14-Sep-1945
Allen Bob 6-Jul-1945
Allen Wallace C. 31-Aug-1945
Allen Bob 7-Dec-1945
Allen Francis H. 21-Dec-1945
Alpin P.J. 30-Mar-1945
Alstead (brothers) 1-Apr-1945
Amandus O W 28-Sep-1945
Amandus Oliver 28-Sep-1945
Amandus John J. 05-Jan-1945
Amandus John J. 29-Jun-1945
Amanzio 05-Jan-1945
Amanzio Tony 27-Apr-1945
Amo Lehr J. 31-Aug-1945
Amo Verne 12-Oct-1945
Amo Lehr 19-Oct-1945
Amo Verne E. 26-Oct-1945
Amond John 15-Jun-1945
Andeberg Salathiel and Duane 28-Dec-1945
Anderson Russell J 19-Jan-1945
Anderson Wyatt 19-Jan-1945
Anderson Charles D 26-Jan-1945
Anderson Lawrence O 26-Jan-1945
Anderson Wyatt 26-Jan-1945
Anderson Charles D 5-Oct-1945
Anderson Rudi 7-Sep-1945
Anderson Kathryn 05-Jan-1945
Anderson Kathryn 12-Jan-1945
Anderson Rudi 12-Jan-1945
Anderson Viola 2-Feb-1945
Anderson Mrs. Minnie 16-Feb-1945
Anderson Charles 16-Feb-1945
Anderson M.J. 2-Mar-1945
Anderson Duane 2-Mar-1945
Anderson C.E. 16-Mar-1945
Anderson Frank J. 16-Mar-1945
Anderson Merrill J. 16-Mar-1945
Anderson Raymond E. 16-Mar-1945
Anderson Curtis 23-Mar-1945
Anderson V.L. 23-Mar-1945
Anderson Don E. 30-Mar-1945
Anderson Mr. & Mrs. H.L. 1-Apr-1945
Anderson W.J. 1-Apr-1945
Anderson Arthur J. 1-Apr-1945
Anderson Stan 1-Apr-1945
Anderson Wyatt D. 1-Apr-1945
Anderson W.J. 20-Apr-1945
Anderson Floyd 20-Apr-1945
Anderson Wyatt 4-May-1945
Anderson Duane 11-May-1945
Anderson Rudi 11-May-1945
Anderson Eugene C. 11-May-1945
Anderson Orville 18-May-1945
Anderson Mary 18-May-1945
Anderson Dorothy M. 18-May-1945
Anderson J. B. 25-May-1945
Anderson Alvin I., Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Anderson Carl E., Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Anderson Wyatt D. 15-Jun-1945
Anderson Don 22-Jun-1945
Anderson F. W. 23-Feb-1945
Anderson Robert G. 29-Jun-1945
Anderson Chas. D. 29-Jun-1945
Anderson Franz 17-Aug-1945
Anderson W. R. 17-Aug-1945
Anderson D. M. 17-Aug-1945
Anderson Richard C. 14-Sep-1945
Anderson Stanley 14-Sep-1945
Anderson Eddie 16-Nov-1945
Anderson Duane C. 16-Nov-1945
Anderson Ward 16-Nov-1945
Anderson Charles D. 16-Nov-1945
Anderson O. J. 16-Nov-1945
Anderson Edward E. 14-Dec-1945
Anderson Mark 14-Dec-1945
Anderson Kenneth 14-Dec-1945
Anderson Donald G. 6-Jul-1945
Anderson Edward 13-Jul-1945
Anderson Donald E. 13-Jul-1945
Anderson Robert 20-Jul-1945
Anderson Don 27-Jul-1945
Anderson Russell J. 10-Aug-1945
Anderson Alvin 24-Aug-1945
Anderson Alvin I. 24-Aug-1945
Anderson Terrill 31-Aug-1945
Anderson Rudi 31-Aug-1945
Anderson Vyron 31-Aug-1945
Anderson Rudolph R. 31-Aug-1945
Anderson Stanley 12-Oct-1945
Anderson Glenn 19-Oct-1945
Anderson Ernie 19-Oct-1945
Anderson Ernest H. 26-Oct-1945
Anderson J. B. 26-Oct-1945
Anderson Carl W. 26-Oct-1945
Anderson Kenneth R. 2-Nov-1945
Anderson Richard C. 2-Nov-1945
Anderson Ted 2-Nov-1945
Anderson Eddie 23-Nov-1945
Anderson Frank J. 23-Nov-1945
Anderson Carl W. 23-Nov-1945
Anderson Walter 23-Nov-1945
Anderson Charles D. 30-Nov-1945
Anderson Walter J. 30-Nov-1945
Anderson Keith 30-Nov-1945
Anderson Doris 30-Nov-1945
Anderson Mark E. 7-Dec-1945
Anderson Kenneth B. 7-Dec-1945
Anderson . 7-Dec-1945
Anderson Evelyn 7-Dec-1945
Anderson Octavius L. 21-Dec-1945
Anderson Ted 21-Dec-1945
Anderson Harriet 21-Dec-1945
Anderson John 28-Dec-1945
Anderson George R. 28-Dec-1945
Anderson Francis 28-Dec-1945
Anderson Lundquist Dorothy 16-Nov-1945
Andrews Meredith 5-Oct-1945
Andrews (sisters) 16-Mar-1945
Andrews Marvin 16-Mar-1945
Andrews R.L. A/S 1-Jun-1945
Andrews Richard D., Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Andrews Richard D., Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Andrews Marvin 14-Dec-1945
Andrews Richard 6-Jul-1945
Andrews R. L. "Bob" 20-Jul-1945
Andrews Richard 10-Aug-1945
Andrews Robert L. 2-Nov-1945
Andrews Bob 23-Nov-1945
Anglin Mary C. 12-Jan-1945
Anglin Raymond 22-Jun-1945
Anglin Joseph M. 3-Aug-1945
Ankrum 20-Apr-1945
Anshutz Howard 16-Nov-1945
Anshutz Howard 16-Nov-1945
Apland Jack B. 9-Feb-1945
Apt Elmer 05-Jan-1945
Apt Elmer 12-Jan-1945
Apt Elmer 9-Feb-1945
Apt Elmer 16-Mar-1945
Apt Walter 20-Jul-1945
Apt Walter 2-Nov-1945
Apt Elmer 9-Nov-1945
Arata A. A. 21-Dec-1945
Archibald Gayle 23-Feb-1945
Arent Bill 13-Apr-1945
Arkoff Sam 24-Aug-1945
Arm R. E. 14-Sep-1945
Armstrom Joe 27-Apr-1945
Armstrong Louie 19-Jan-1945
Armstrong Harold 21-Sep-1945
Armstrong Harold 28-Sep-1945
Armstrong Yvonne 12-Jan-1945
Armstrong William 9-Feb-1945
Armstrong Gould W. 16-Feb-1945
Armstrong Louis 23-Mar-1945
Armstrong Louie 30-Mar-1945
Armstrong 27-Apr-1945
Armstrong Louse 27-Apr-1945
Armstrong J. L. 27-Apr-1945
Armstrong Robert 11-May-1945
Armstrong Louis 18-May-1945
Armstrong Gould W. 18-May-1945
Armstrong 25-May-1945
Armstrong Bill 25-May-1945
Armstrong Joan 15-Jun-1945
Armstrong G. W. 29-Jun-1945
Armstrong William 16-Nov-1945
Armstrong Joan Dawn 6-Jul-1945
Armstrong Harold 6-Jul-1945
Armstrong Jack 13-Jul-1945
Armstrong Louis 27-Jul-1945
Armstrong Gould 2-Nov-1945
Arn Eugene 21-Sep-1945
Arn Robert E. 2-Feb-1945
Arn Bob 27-Apr-1945
Arn R. E. 25-May-1945
Arn Bob 25-May-1945
Arn Robert A. 13-Jul-1945
Arnold Walt 19-Jan-1945
Arnold L.B. 9-Feb-1945
Arnold W.G. 23-Mar-1945
Arnold Walt 30-Mar-1945
Arnold L. R. 27-Apr-1945
Arnold Walt 4-May-1945
Arnold L. B. 4-May-1945
Arnold Larry 8-Jun-1945
Arnold Laurence 15-Jun-1945
Arnold Joe 30-Nov-1945
Arnold William D. 30-Nov-1945
Ascherl John 29-Jun-1945
Ash, Jr. H S 19-Jan-1945
Asher Blaine 11-May-1945
Asher Blaine 28-Dec-1945
Asher Jr. Blain 30-Nov-1945
Ashford Robert Keith 6-Jul-1945
Ashkenaze Sol 23-Feb-1945
Ashkeneze Sol, Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Ashkeneze Sol 1-Jun-1945
Askelson Alvin 28-Sep-1945
Askelson Arnold 05-Jan-1945
Askelson Alvin L. 19-Oct-1945
Aspenson Gene 29-Jun-1945
Atherton Colleen 16-Nov-1945
Atkins Ivan 29-Jun-1945
Atwell John 5-Oct-1945
Atwell John R 28-Sep-1945
Atwell C.R. 16-Feb-1945
Atwell Charles 1-Apr-1945
Atwell Chas R. 29-Jun-1945
Atwell John 14-Sep-1945
Atwell Sue 14-Sep-1945
Atwell John 21-Dec-1945
Atwell John 28-Dec-1945
Atwell John 28-Dec-1945
Auger Fred 15-Jun-1945
Augustine Joe 05-Jan-1945
Augustine Joe 20-Jul-1945
Augustine Joe 24-Aug-1945
Ault Robert J 21-Sep-1945
Ault Robert J. 05-Jan-1945
Ault Johnny 12-Jan-1945
Ault Bob 16-Feb-1945
Ault R.D. "Bob" 30-Mar-1945
Ault Robert 18-May-1945
Ault Robert J. 29-Jun-1945
Ault Raymond 17-Aug-1945
Ault Robert J. 17-Aug-1945
Ault Raymond E. 16-Nov-1945
Ault Raymond 14-Dec-1945
Ault John 14-Dec-1945
Ault Bob 31-Aug-1945
Ault Robert J. 28-Dec-1945
Aurand Wayne G 5-Oct-1945
Aurand Wayne 20-Apr-1945
Aurand Elmer 15-Jun-1945
Aurand Elmer C. 14-Sep-1945
Aurand Elmer 16-Nov-1945
Aurand Elmer 10-Aug-1945
Aurand Elmer 10-Aug-1945
Austin F. J., Dr. 3-Aug-1945
Avelleyra, Jr. August 30-Mar-1945
Axen Arthur H. 7-Dec-1945
Axness Sterling B. 2-Nov-1945
Babcock Wilbert 05-Jan-1945
Babcock Wilbert 16-Mar-1945
Babcock W.P. "Bill" 26-Oct-1945
Babcock Wilbert 21-Dec-1945
Backoven Jersome, Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Bacock H. W. 19-Oct-1945
Bade Miss Evelyn 16-Feb-1945
Baedke Mavis 21-Sep-1945
Bahls Carl 21-Sep-1945
Bahls Carl 12-Jan-1945
Bahls Carl R. 4-May-1945
Bailey Darrell 21-Sep-1945
Bailey F D 21-Sep-1945
Bailey Mary Ann 12-Jan-1945
Bailey C.D. 16-Feb-1945
Bailey Darrell Wayne 23-Mar-1945
Bailey Donald 27-Apr-1945
Bailey C. F. Mrs 27-Apr-1945
Bailey C. F. 27-Apr-1945
Bailey Clayton, BM 1/C 1-Jun-1945
Bailey Darrell 15-Jun-1945
Bailey F. D. 29-Jun-1945
Bailey Charles F. 16-Nov-1945
Bailey F. D. 27-Jul-1945
Bailey David E. 26-Oct-1945
Bailey F. D. 30-Nov-1945
Bailey Clint 28-Dec-1945
Baird Stuart 27-Jul-1945
Baird Stuart 7-Dec-1945
Baker Charles 2-Feb-1945
Baker E. J. 11-May-1945
Baker Robert 18-May-1945
Baker Lt. 3-Aug-1945
Bakkenta Arnold 9-Nov-1945
Balchis Leo J. 21-Dec-1945
Balchitis Joe 11-May-1945
Bales Helen I. 2-Mar-1945
Bales Wm. 25-May-1945
Bales Wm. Byron 15-Jun-1945
Ball Earl H. 23-Mar-1945
Ball Robert 6-Jul-1945
Ball Earl H. 6-Jul-1945
Ball Earl H. 30-Nov-1945
Ball, Jr. Russell 23-Feb-1945
Ballhorn Waldo 23-Feb-1945
Ballow Robert 23-Feb-1945
Balm Willard A. 05-Jan-1945
Balm William A. 13-Jul-1945
Bamberger Glenn 1-Apr-1945
Banister Florence 26-Oct-1945
Bannister Robert 28-Dec-1945
Barbee M.O. 16-Feb-1945
Barbee M. O. 11-May-1945
Barbee M.O. 1-Jun-1945
Barbee Pete, M.O. 15-Jun-1945
Barbee M. O. 28-Dec-1945
Barber George 5-Oct-1945
Barber Harry J. 12-Jan-1945
Barber Lyle 4-May-1945
Barber George 18-May-1945
Barber Dave, BM 1/C 1-Jun-1945
Barber Lyle M. 26-Oct-1945
Bargar Paul 05-Jan-1945
Bargar Paul, Pvt. 8-Jun-1945
Barkhaus Fred 14-Dec-1945
Barnes Ralph 28-Sep-1945
Barnes Ralph 15-Jun-1945
Barnes Ralph 13-Jul-1945
Barnes Harold Vere 28-Dec-1945
Barnhill Basil 19-Jan-1945
Barnhill Basil 21-Sep-1945
Barnhill Basil 27-Apr-1945
Barnhill Basil 24-Aug-1945
Barnhill Basil L. 26-Oct-1945
Barnum P.T. 16-Mar-1945
Barr Don 4-May-1945
Barrett Janet 18-May-1945
Barrett Gordon 6-Jul-1945
Barrett Janet 3-Aug-1945
Barrett Janet 23-Nov-1945
Barry Kenneth R 5-Oct-1945
Barry Frank 23-Mar-1945
Basler Barbara 19-Jan-1945
Basler Barbara 21-Sep-1945
Basler Barbara 12-Oct-1945
Bass Harold L. 12-Jan-1945
Bass James M. 13-Apr-1945
Bass Harold L. 13-Apr-1945
Bass Harold 22-Jun-1945
Bass Harold L. 14-Sep-1945
Bass Harold L. 23-Nov-1945
Bassett John W. 7-Dec-1945
Bastain Glenn 13-Jul-1945
Bastian Ralph W 5-Oct-1945
Bastian Ralph 21-Sep-1945
Bastian Ralph 28-Sep-1945
Bastian Ralph 9-Feb-1945
Bastian Ralph W. 16-Nov-1945
Bastian Kenneth 16-Nov-1945
Bastian Ralph W. 19-Oct-1945
Bastion Ralph 18-May-1945
Bates Gaylord 12-Oct-1945
Bath Howard 27-Apr-1945
Bath Howard A. 24-Aug-1945
Baughman Lewis D. 23-Mar-1945
Baughman Lewis D. 4-May-1945
Baughman Lewis D. 20-Jul-1945
Baughman Robert A. 12-Oct-1945
Baughton Merlyn 20-Jul-1945
Baumann C. B. 16-Nov-1945
Bayles William 13-Jul-1945
Beadle Thomas, F 1/C 1-Jun-1945
Bearman Charles 6-Jul-1945
Beasley Virginia 05-Jan-1945
Beaulieu Burdette 23-Feb-1945
Beavers Harvey 9-Nov-1945
Becher Don 5-Oct-1945
Becher Don 19-Oct-1945
Bechtel Arnold 21-Sep-1945
Beck Lewis 28-Sep-1945
Beck Malcolm G. 9-Feb-1945
Beck John 16-Feb-1945
Beck Cleo 23-Mar-1945
Beck Paul 23-Mar-1945
Beck Ruth Marjorie 1-Apr-1945
Beck Ed 13-Apr-1945
Beck Glen I. 17-Aug-1945
Beck Glenn 13-Jul-1945
Beck Lewis 24-Aug-1945
Beck Francis L. 19-Oct-1945
Beckenbaugh Fred 16-Mar-1945
Beckenbaugh Fred 13-Apr-1945
Becker Justin 5-Oct-1945
Becker Justine 7-Sep-1945
Becker Lorraine 23-Mar-1945
Becker Wilbur H. 30-Mar-1945
Becker Bud 22-Jun-1945
Becker Justine 17-Aug-1945
Becker Justine 16-Nov-1945
Becker Lois 13-Jul-1945
Beckett Mrs. 1-Apr-1945
Beckett William R. 17-Aug-1945
Beckett Wm. 14-Dec-1945
Beckman Donald G. 7-Dec-1945
Beckman Donald G. 7-Dec-1945
Beckman Verle W. 21-Dec-1945
Beddow Joe 15-Jun-1945
Bednar Michael J. 26-Oct-1945
Beeh Dr. 27-Apr-1945
Beem Maurice 26-Jan-1945
Beer Winford, Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Beers Pink 16-Feb-1945
Beers Bob 14-Sep-1945
Beers Samuel S. (Pinky) 13-Jul-1945
Beers Bill 20-Jul-1945
Beh Carleton 9-Feb-1945
Behrens 1-Apr-1945
Behrens Glen W. 15-Jun-1945
Behrens Glen W. 30-Nov-1945
Beier Walter 19-Oct-1945
Beightol Miriam 1-Jun-1945
Beiser Connie 16-Mar-1945
Beisser Conrad 30-Mar-1945
Beisser Louie 6-Jul-1945
Beletti Manico 20-Jul-1945
Belknap Willis 29-Jun-1945
Bell Robert 26-Jan-1945
Bell W.I. 9-Feb-1945
Bell Robert L. 2-Mar-1945
Bell Don 8-Jun-1945
Bell Robert Lee 15-Jun-1945
Bell Robert 23-Feb-1945
Bell Virgil L. 17-Aug-1945
Belsheim H.G. 23-Mar-1945
Belsheim Harold G., Chaplain 8-Jun-1945
Belsheim Harold 23-Nov-1945
Belthins George 2-Feb-1945
Belthius Gordon & brother 27-Apr-1945
Belthuis George 10-Aug-1945
Beminio P.V. 13-Apr-1945
Beminio Fanncey 11-May-1945
Beminio Fauncey 13-Jul-1945
Beminio F. 24-Aug-1945
Benda Harold 30-Nov-1945
Bendixen Jeanne 30-Nov-1945
Bendixen Forrest 7-Dec-1945
Benedict Harold L. 13-Jul-1945
Bennett Richard S. 10-Aug-1945
Benny Jack 25-May-1945
Benson Irene 19-Jan-1945
Benson Robert A 21-Sep-1945
Benson Russell R. 16-Feb-1945
Benson Ken 27-Jul-1945
Benson H. G. 9-Nov-1945
Benson Leland A. 23-Nov-1945
Bentley Harold E. 28-Dec-1945
Benton F J 5-Oct-1945
Benton J J 5-Oct-1945
Beresford C. W. 26-Oct-1945
Berg Herbert 7-Sep-1945
Berg 1-Apr-1945
Berg Marcella Mae 13-Apr-1945
Berg Walt 19-Oct-1945
Bergman Edwin A. 9-Nov-1945
Bergstrom Paul 30-Mar-1945
Bergstrom Jack 30-Mar-1945
Bergstrom Robert 30-Mar-1945
Bergstrom John Aaron 30-Mar-1945
Bergstrom John, Mr. and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Berhow Donald D "Don" 30-Mar-1945
Berhow Donald D. 30-Mar-1945
Berhow Donald D. 27-Jul-1945
Berner E. L. 29-Jun-1945
Berner E. L. 13-Jul-1945
Berner E. L. 20-Jul-1945
Bernier Enamarie De Smidt 2-Nov-1945
Berrier Ray 5-Oct-1945
Berrier Richard 21-Sep-1945
Berrier Ray 7-Dec-1945
Berry Robert 26-Jan-1945
Berry Dennis 9-Feb-1945
Berry Dennis 16-Feb-1945
Berry John 30-Mar-1945
Berry Dennis 11-May-1945
Berry Bob 1-Jun-1945
Berry John 15-Jun-1945
Berry J. D. "Don" 23-Feb-1945
Berry Robert 6-Jul-1945
Berry J. S. 3-Aug-1945
Berry Robert H. 2-Nov-1945
Berry Thomas G. 21-Dec-1945
Berryhill Howard 29-Jun-1945
Bertram A. H. 14-Sep-1945
Bertram A. H. Ch. 3-Aug-1945
Bertram Arnold H. 26-Oct-1945
Bertram Arnold, Rev. 28-Dec-1945
Bestick Vincent 1-Apr-1945
Bestick Maurice L. 27-Apr-1945
Bestick Maurice 25-May-1945
Bestick Maurice L. 25-May-1945
Bestick Vincent 29-Jun-1945
Bestick John, Mr. & Mrs. 13-Jul-1945
Bestick "Beef" 13-Jul-1945
Bestick Maurie 13-Jul-1945
Betters Stan C. 27-Apr-1945
Betters Stan 27-Jul-1945
Betters Stanley 27-Jul-1945
Bevelin Ernest E. 27-Apr-1945
Beverlin Ernest E. 27-Apr-1945
Beverlin Ernest E. 23-Feb-1945
Beyer Virgil A. 25-May-1945
Bice John 12-Jan-1945
Bice John 9-Feb-1945
Bice J. E. (John) 10-Aug-1945
Bice John M. 19-Oct-1945
Bickal Sam 16-Mar-1945
Bickford Marshall 5-Oct-1945
Bickford Charles 2-Feb-1945
Bickford Marshall E. 23-Mar-1945
Bickford M.C. 1-Apr-1945
Bickford Marshall 1-Apr-1945
Bickford Bernard 23-Feb-1945
Bickford Marshall 13-Jul-1945
Bickford Marshall E. 26-Oct-1945
Bilek Lewis 7-Sep-1945
Bilek Lewis F. 1-Apr-1945
Bilek Karl J. 20-Apr-1945
Bilek Lewis F. 26-Oct-1945
Bilette Mercurio 20-Apr-1945
Bilionis Stanley 17-Aug-1945
Bilionis Stanley H. 2-Nov-1945
Billonis Stanley 19-Oct-1945
Bingham Bob 20-Jul-1945
Bird Bill 1-Jun-1945
Bird Robert T. 16-Nov-1945
Bird Virgil F. 13-Jul-1945
Bird Virgil 20-Jul-1945
Birocci Lydia 14-Sep-1945
Birocci Libero 2-Nov-1945
Birocci Libero 7-Dec-1945
Bisacchi Preno 5-Oct-1945
Bishop Ralph E. 14-Sep-1945
Bittner Earl 19-Jan-1945
Bittner Earl 2-Feb-1945
Bittner Earl 2-Mar-1945
Bittner Stanley 24-Aug-1945
Bittner Stanley 24-Aug-1945
Bixby Merril 12-Oct-1945
Bjork Betty Louise 16-Feb-1945
Bjorke Paul, Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Bjorke Paul E. 13-Jul-1945
Black Barbara 19-Jan-1945
Black Ray 26-Jan-1945
Black Dutch 21-Sep-1945
Black Rodney 7-Sep-1945
Black Rodney 12-Jan-1945
Black Jean 9-Feb-1945
Black R.O. 2-Mar-1945
Black Ray 13-Apr-1945
Black R. O. 18-May-1945
Black Richard 25-May-1945
Black C.A. 23-Feb-1945
Black Richard 29-Jun-1945
Black Ray 14-Sep-1945
Black Dick 20-Jul-1945
Black Barbara 3-Aug-1945
Black R. F. 10-Aug-1945
Black Raymond R. 10-Aug-1945
Black Barbara A. 19-Oct-1945
Black Richard 30-Nov-1945
Black Bobbie 28-Dec-1945
Blaha Clarence Chaw. 14-Sep-1945
Blaha Frank 23-Nov-1945
Blain James 31-Aug-1945
Blaine Vaughn C. 9-Nov-1945
Blair Kenneth E. 9-Nov-1945
Blanchet Bill 19-Jan-1945
Blanchet James 25-May-1945
Blanchet William 3-Aug-1945
Blasen Edward J. 14-Sep-1945
Blaskovich A. L. 18-May-1945
Blaskowich Guy 16-Nov-1945
Bliss John F. 19-Oct-1945
Block Dick 26-Jan-1945
Block Richard 1-Apr-1945
Block Arnold 20-Apr-1945
Block Mary A., Mrs. 7-Dec-1945
Block, Mrs. 21-Sep-1945
Blomberg Don 19-Oct-1945
Blomgren Stan 26-Jan-1945
Blomquist Lyle A 7-Sep-1945
Blomquist Lyle O. 31-Aug-1945
Bloomquist Dale 19-Jan-1945
Bloomquist Lennis W 26-Jan-1945
Bloomquist Lyle O 21-Sep-1945
Bloomquist Lyle O 7-Sep-1945
Bloomquist R.M. 9-Feb-1945
Bloomquist C.M. 2-Mar-1945
Bloomquist L.W. 16-Mar-1945
Bloomquist Laurence 20-Apr-1945
Bloomquist Norman 20-Apr-1945
Bloomquist R. M. 4-May-1945
Bloomquist Lennis 18-May-1945
Bloomquist Lyle O. 23-Feb-1945
Bloomquist Norman 23-Feb-1945
Bloomquist Paul 23-Feb-1945
Bloomquist Vance 29-Jun-1945
Bloomquist Lennis W. 14-Sep-1945
Bloomquist Lennis 14-Sep-1945
Bloomquist Paul 6-Jul-1945
Bloomquist Conrad 13-Jul-1945
Bloomquist Lennis W. 20-Jul-1945
Bloomquist Lyle O. 10-Aug-1945
Bloomquist Lyle O. 10-Aug-1945
Bloomquist Lennis E. 19-Oct-1945
Bloomquist Vance E. 19-Oct-1945
Blue Robert 7-Sep-1945
Blue Bob 9-Feb-1945
Blue Bob 16-Feb-1945
Blue Robert D. 26-Oct-1945
Bluedorn V. E. 6-Jul-1945
Bluedorn CPT 23-Nov-1945
Blunk Joella 19-Jan-1945
Blunk Roy 28-Sep-1945
Blunk Roy 9-Feb-1945
Blunk Joella 27-Apr-1945
Blunk Geo., S 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Blunk George 27-Jul-1945
Bock V H 5-Oct-1945
Bock Vernon H 5-Oct-1945
Bock Laurence 5-Oct-1945
Bock Earl D 21-Sep-1945
Bock Lawrence 16-Mar-1945
Bock Earl D. 23-Feb-1945
Bock Everett L. 17-Aug-1945
Bock Thelia 13-Jul-1945
Bock Laurence 12-Oct-1945
Bock Jr. Earl D. (Butch) 23-Feb-1945
Bockert John D 28-Sep-1945
Bockert Johnny 28-Sep-1945
Bockert John D. 16-Mar-1945
Bockert Johnny 18-May-1945
Bockert Tom 15-Jun-1945
Bockert John 27-Jul-1945
Bockert John D. 9-Nov-1945
Bockert John D. 28-Dec-1945
Bockoven Jerome 9-Feb-1945
Bocock H. W. 19-Oct-1945
Bodaken Eddie 9-Feb-1945
Bodaken Edward 14-Dec-1945
Bodenstein Donna Bell 22-Jun-1945
Bodensteiner H G 28-Sep-1945
Boeckman Luverne 13-Jul-1945
Bofers Helen 19-Oct-1945
Bogart Bill 22-Jun-1945
Boge Charlotte 27-Apr-1945
Boge Ralph 28-Dec-1945
Boggs Harwood 11-May-1945
Boggs Jimmy 25-May-1945
Boggs Harwood 31-Aug-1945
Bohannan O. H. 29-Jun-1945
Bohannan Herb 3-Aug-1945
Bohannan O. H. 19-Oct-1945
Bohannon O H 26-Jan-1945
Bohannon O.H. 9-Feb-1945
Bohbrink Vincent 16-Nov-1945
Boland Margaret "Peggy" 26-Jan-1945
Boland Tommy 30-Mar-1945
Boland Margaret L. 23-Nov-1945
Boland Margaret "Peggy" 30-Nov-1945
Bollard Robert D. 9-Feb-1945
Bollard Robert D. 9-Feb-1945
Bollard R. D. 1-Jun-1945
Bollard Ruth 1-Jun-1945
Bollard Floyd 15-Jun-1945
Bollard Bob 15-Jun-1945
Bollard R. D. 23-Feb-1945
Bollard Bob 6-Jul-1945
Bollard Floyd M. 24-Aug-1945
Bollard Bob 19-Oct-1945
Bollard F. Merle 23-Nov-1945
Bomberry, Jr. George 19-Jan-1945
Bonine David 13-Jul-1945
Bonnell Dwayne Elliot 5-Oct-1945
Bonnell Jack 05-Jan-1945
Bonnell Wayne Mrs. 11-May-1945
Bonnell Jack 31-Aug-1945
Bonnell Donald 9-Nov-1945
Bonnell Robert 7-Dec-1945
Bonnell Robert 28-Dec-1945
Booheister Virgil 23-Feb-1945
Bookleister Virgil 18-May-1945
Boots W. K. 11-May-1945
Boots Windell K. 13-Jul-1945
Boots Wendell 3-Aug-1945
Borer Delmer 28-Sep-1945
Borer Delmar 20-Apr-1945
Borer Delmer 29-Jun-1945
Borer Delmar L. 21-Dec-1945
Borges Jessie 29-Jun-1945
Borges Jessie 2-Nov-1945
Borges Jessie 23-Nov-1945
Borgsten Waldo 13-Apr-1945
Bornholt Wm. 2-Mar-1945
Bornholt Dorothy J. 10-Aug-1945
Bosford Jack 12-Oct-1945
Bosworth Clarence 2-Nov-1945
Bothe Harold 1-Apr-1945
Bothe Harold A. 18-May-1945
Bothe Harold 15-Jun-1945
Bothe Harold A. 17-Aug-1945
Bothe Harold A. 10-Aug-1945
Bothe Harold 2-Nov-1945
Bothwell Robert R. 31-Aug-1945
Bottieri W.R. 1-Apr-1945
Bottieri William R. 17-Aug-1945
Bottieri Wm. R. 14-Dec-1945
Bourke John 2-Feb-1945
Bourke-White Margaret 26-Oct-1945
Bourke-White Margaret 7-Dec-1945
Bovee Bill 7-Sep-1945
Bovee F W 7-Sep-1945
Bovee Frank W. 9-Feb-1945
Bovee F. W. 29-Jun-1945
Bovee F. W. 26-Oct-1945
Bowens Jim 2-Feb-1945
Bower Marvin 10-Aug-1945
Bowers Helen Marie 9-Feb-1945
Bowers Bob 2-Mar-1945
Bowers Helen 16-Mar-1945
Bowers Kenneth G. 23-Mar-1945
Bowers Bob 20-Apr-1945
Bowers Marvin 4-May-1945
Bowers Robert 15-Jun-1945
Bowers Marvin 14-Sep-1945
Bowers Glen 16-Nov-1945
Bowers Robert C. 27-Jul-1945
Bowers Clyde 19-Oct-1945
Bowers Narvin 9-Nov-1945
Bowman Mervin, Cpl. 8-Jun-1945
Bowman M. D. 14-Dec-1945
Bowman Mervin 27-Jul-1945
Boxwell Miss 25-May-1945
Boytim John E. 2-Nov-1945
Bradish Edward 10-Aug-1945
Bradley Neil L. 7-Dec-1945
Bradshaw Marvin 26-Jan-1945
Bradshaw Marvin 2-Mar-1945
Brady John J. 16-Mar-1945
Brady John 22-Jun-1945
Brady John 14-Sep-1945
Brady Jr John J. 2-Nov-1945
Brady, Jr. John J. 30-Nov-1945
Bragg Charles H. 19-Oct-1945
Braginton A. J. 26-Oct-1945
Brake Bob 18-May-1945
Brake Robert 13-Jul-1945
Brand Darwin 5-Oct-1945
Brand Dale 21-Sep-1945
Brand Darwin 9-Feb-1945
Brand Dar 16-Feb-1945
Brand Johnny 16-Mar-1945
Brand Darwin 25-May-1945
Brand John 25-May-1945
Brand Vivian 29-Jun-1945
Brand Darwin A. 17-Aug-1945
Brand Dale E. 6-Jul-1945
Brand Darwin 12-Oct-1945
Brand Darr 9-Nov-1945
Brand Don 30-Nov-1945
Brandel Charles 14-Dec-1945
Brandrup R. R. 6-Jul-1945
Brattmiller Robert 28-Sep-1945
Brechwald Bob 16-Mar-1945
Brechwald J. A. 17-Aug-1945
Breckwald Jacob A 21-Sep-1945
Breeden Darlene 3-Aug-1945
Breeden Darlene 10-Aug-1945
Breeden Darlene 31-Aug-1945
Breen Alan V 19-Jan-1945
Breen Alan 20-Apr-1945
Breen Alan V. 4-May-1945
Breen Maurice 11-May-1945
Breen Ed 17-Aug-1945
Breen Bobby 14-Sep-1945
Breen Al 20-Jul-1945
Breen Ed 3-Aug-1945
Breen Ed 3-Aug-1945
Breen Al 24-Aug-1945
Breen Alan V. 30-Nov-1945
Breen Ed 21-Dec-1945
Breese D. E. 26-Oct-1945
Brehm Geo. L. 16-Feb-1945
Brehm Geo. L. 23-Mar-1945
Brehm James F. 30-Nov-1945
Brennan Bernard 16-Feb-1945
Brennan John J. 13-Apr-1945
Brennan Joe 20-Apr-1945
Brennan B.B., S 2/C QM 8-Jun-1945
Brennan Michael E. 26-Oct-1945
Breno Angelo 05-Jan-1945
Breno A. 16-Mar-1945
Breno Angelo, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Brewer Russell 23-Mar-1945
Brewer Clayton 13-Apr-1945
Brewer Lee E. 24-Aug-1945
Brewster Paul 5-Oct-1945
Brezovan Joe C. 4-May-1945
Brezovsky Helen 23-Nov-1945
Briggs Eugene 1-Jun-1945
Briggs Eugene, Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Briggs Eugene W. 19-Oct-1945
Brighi Fred 9-Feb-1945
Brink Marlys 7-Sep-1945
Broadstone Dick 16-Mar-1945
Broadstone Bob 16-Mar-1945
Broadstone Robert 4-May-1945
Brockman Walter 23-Feb-1945
Broe John 19-Jan-1945
Brofer Helen 7-Sep-1945
Brofer Genevieve 05-Jan-1945
Brofer Helen 16-Mar-1945
Brofer Genevieve 18-May-1945
Brofer Helen 29-Jun-1945
Brofer Helen 24-Aug-1945
Brooks Arthur L 5-Oct-1945
Brooks Art 12-Jan-1945
Brooks Paul 2-Feb-1945
Brooks Art 20-Apr-1945
Brooks Ralph 27-Apr-1945
Brooks M. M. 18-May-1945
Brooks Art 15-Jun-1945
Brooks Robert 17-Aug-1945
Brooks Robert T. 9-Nov-1945
Brooks Clarence L. 23-Nov-1945
Brough John 2-Feb-1945
Brown Howard 26-Jan-1945
Brown Howard L 5-Oct-1945
Brown George C 28-Sep-1945
Brown Glen 7-Sep-1945
Brown Roger 7-Sep-1945
Brown Regina 05-Jan-1945
Brown Howard 05-Jan-1945
Brown Arthur 05-Jan-1945
Brown George 05-Jan-1945
Brown Joe 12-Jan-1945
Brown Arthur K. 9-Feb-1945
Brown Harry 16-Feb-1945
Brown Howard 2-Mar-1945
Brown O.L. 16-Mar-1945
Brown Ray A. 23-Mar-1945
Brown Robert F. 23-Mar-1945
Brown Harold E. 30-Mar-1945
Brown John 13-Apr-1945
Brown Phyllis 13-Apr-1945
Brown Eugene 18-May-1945
Brown George 25-May-1945
Brown John 25-May-1945
Brown Roger J., HA2/C 1-Jun-1945
Brown H.E., F 1/C 1-Jun-1945
Brown Harry, T/3 8-Jun-1945
Brown Irene 15-Jun-1945
Brown Stan 22-Jun-1945
Brown Junior 29-Jun-1945
Brown Harry W. 29-Jun-1945
Brown Harry 14-Sep-1945
Brown Tom 14-Sep-1945
Brown Bob 16-Nov-1945
Brown Bazil 16-Nov-1945
Brown Joe 14-Dec-1945
Brown Harold 6-Jul-1945
Brown Harold 13-Jul-1945
Brown Harry 20-Jul-1945
Brown J. W. 20-Jul-1945
Brown Gene 3-Aug-1945
Brown Jack D. 3-Aug-1945
Brown H. F. 10-Aug-1945
Brown John W. 10-Aug-1945
Brown Eugene 24-Aug-1945
Brown Harry Walter 12-Oct-1945
Brown George 12-Oct-1945
Brown George C. 26-Oct-1945
Brown Dillard 9-Nov-1945
Brown Roger 23-Nov-1945
Brown George L. 28-Dec-1945
Brown Jack D. 28-Dec-1945
Broz Albert J. 27-Apr-1945
Broz Albert 22-Jun-1945
Bruce M. B. 27-Apr-1945
Bruce Lt 3-Aug-1945
Bruce Mack 26-Oct-1945
Bruce Mack 9-Nov-1945
Brueland L.K. 23-Mar-1945
Brueland Lowell K. 13-Apr-1945
Brueland Lowell K., Major 8-Jun-1945
Brugman Albert E 5-Oct-1945
Bruner Jean 24-Aug-1945
Brunnenkant Dick 30-Mar-1945
Brunson James Neil 10-Aug-1945
Bruntlett Don E. 23-Mar-1945
Bruntlett Don E. 25-May-1945
Bruntlett Don 15-Jun-1945
Brush Solomon, Mr. and Mrs. 7-Dec-1945
Bryson Harry 2-Mar-1945
Bryson Harry 23-Feb-1945
Bryson Harry 6-Jul-1945
Bryson Jr. Harry 27-Apr-1945
Buck Don 19-Jan-1945
Buck Jim 30-Mar-1945
Buck Don, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Buck Dean 14-Sep-1945
Buckingham R. L. 31-Aug-1945
Buckner Ollie 5-Oct-1945
Buckner Ollie 21-Sep-1945
Buckner Ollie 28-Sep-1945
Buckroyd Jim 19-Jan-1945
Buckroyd James R. 30-Mar-1945
Buckroyd James E. 18-May-1945
Buckroyd James 23-Feb-1945
Buehler W.F. 15-Jun-1945
Bullard Rupert 13-Jul-1945
Bumey Lady 30-Mar-1945
Bunda Lawrence R 7-Sep-1945
Bunda Lawrence 10-Aug-1945
Bunda Lawrence R. 7-Dec-1945
Bunker Jack 27-Apr-1945
Bunns Lawrence J. 10-Aug-1945
Burch Paul 21-Sep-1945
Burch Harold 9-Feb-1945
Burch Paul 17-Aug-1945
Burch Karl 16-Nov-1945
Burch Harold 31-Aug-1945
Burch Paul 21-Dec-1945
Burch Jr. Harold 23-Feb-1945
Burelson Warren 6-Jul-1945
Burger Erna 26-Jan-1945
Burk Mable 16-Mar-1945
Burk John F. 1-Apr-1945
Burk John 16-Nov-1945
Burke DeWayne G 5-Oct-1945
Burke John 27-Apr-1945
Burke Jimmie 4-May-1945
Burke DeWayne 25-May-1945
Burke DeWayne 8-Jun-1945
Burke Harold 14-Dec-1945
Burke Robert J. 14-Dec-1945
Burke Gene 20-Jul-1945
Burke Melvin H. 12-Oct-1945
Burke E. G. 26-Oct-1945
Burke Edward S. 2-Nov-1945
Burke Mabel 2-Nov-1945
Burkgran Marvin 27-Apr-1945
Burkgren Omar 05-Jan-1945
Burkgren Omar 12-Jan-1945
Burkgren Donald 20-Apr-1945
Burkgren Donald 18-May-1945
Burkgren Marvin C. 18-May-1945
Burkgren Omar, Mr & Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Burkgren Donald C. 6-Jul-1945
Burkgren Omar 6-Jul-1945
Burkgren Omar L. 31-Aug-1945
Burleson F. C. 27-Jul-1945
Burleson Ferris 19-Oct-1945
Burnet George 18-May-1945
Burnet Geo., Lt. 8-Jun-1945
Burnet George 29-Jun-1945
Burnet, Jr. George 16-Nov-1945
Burnet, Jr. George 21-Dec-1945
Burnham Clarence 05-Jan-1945
Burnham C. L. 3-Aug-1945
Burnham C. L. "Jack" 31-Aug-1945
Burnquist B.B. 2-Mar-1945
Burnquist W.S. 30-Mar-1945
Burnquist 1-Apr-1945
Burnquist William 11-May-1945
Burnquist Bill 15-Jun-1945
Burnquist Bill 23-Feb-1945
Burnquist Bert 14-Sep-1945
Burnquist B. B. 23-Nov-1945
Burnquist William S. 21-Dec-1945
Burns Lawrence 16-Mar-1945
Burns Robert 18-May-1945
Burtis Durwood 22-Jun-1945
Burtis Daryl 22-Jun-1945
Burtis Darly E. 21-Dec-1945
Burton W J 7-Sep-1945
Burton George Dale 29-Jun-1945
Bushell Chas. E. 2-Mar-1945
Buss Charles F. 15-Jun-1945
Butler Pat H 26-Jan-1945
Butler Pat 18-May-1945
Butler Leigh 19-Oct-1945
Butrick Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow W. 30-Mar-1945
Butrick Otis 4-May-1945
Butrick Fred 4-May-1945
Butrick Lorraine 13-Jul-1945
Butzier Ralph 30-Nov-1945
Butzier Ralph E. 28-Dec-1945
Byrd 12-Jan-1945
Byrne Mr. 2-Mar-1945
Byrne Floyd 27-Apr-1945
Byron Lee Roy 28-Sep-1945
Cacciopo Jim 16-Nov-1945
Cacioppo Albert J. 9-Feb-1945
Cacioppo J. A. "Tony" 23-Nov-1945
Cadwell W.E. 16-Mar-1945
Cadwell Bill 23-Mar-1945
Cadwell W.E. 30-Mar-1945
Cady Clifford R. 17-Aug-1945
Cahill Emmett 19-Jan-1945
Cahill Stephen A 19-Jan-1945
Cahill Eddie 21-Sep-1945
Cahill Emmett M. 05-Jan-1945
Cahill Michael 05-Jan-1945
Cahill Edward James 13-Jul-1945
Cahill Emmett M. 19-Oct-1945
Cahill Joseph C. 30-Nov-1945
Cain James P 5-Oct-1945
Cain James 21-Sep-1945
Cain James 21-Sep-1945
Cain Paul J. 3-Aug-1945
Caldwell George 29-Jun-1945
Caldwell Clyde 16-Nov-1945
Caldwell C. L. 16-Nov-1945
Caldwell Clyde L. 26-Oct-1945
Caldwell W. E. 9-Nov-1945
Calisesi 05-Jan-1945
Calisesi John 10-Aug-1945
Calkin Dale, Lt&Mrs 4-May-1945
Calkin Burris 27-Jul-1945
Callahan John E. 16-Mar-1945
Callahan Maurice J. 2-Nov-1945
Callahan Maurice J. 21-Dec-1945
Calligan Garold G. 29-Jun-1945
Callissis John 1-Apr-1945
Calvert Jack R 5-Oct-1945
Camelin Thomas B 26-Jan-1945
Campbell June 26-Jan-1945
Campbell Don 21-Sep-1945
Campbell Sam 05-Jan-1945
Campbell Dean C. 12-Jan-1945
Campbell Gould 9-Feb-1945
Campbell Harold E. 2-Mar-1945
Campbell Don 2-Mar-1945
Campbell Leo D. 1-Apr-1945
Campbell June 13-Apr-1945
Campbell Harold E. 27-Apr-1945
Campbell Don 4-May-1945
Campbell Don 1-Jun-1945
Campbell Leo 8-Jun-1945
Campbell Leo 22-Jun-1945
Campbell Jime 22-Jun-1945
Campbell Frank 29-Jun-1945
Campbell Harold E. 16-Nov-1945
Campbell Bernadine 14-Dec-1945
Campbell Bill 27-Jul-1945
Campbell Leo 3-Aug-1945
Campbell Melvin "Red" 19-Oct-1945
Campbell Jim 19-Oct-1945
Campbell Mel 23-Nov-1945
Campbell Leo 28-Dec-1945
Candell J. R. 31-Aug-1945
Canin Stuart 14-Sep-1945
Cannon Virgil E 7-Sep-1945
Cannon Virgil E. 16-Nov-1945
Cannon Sam E. 16-Nov-1945
Cannon James 13-Jul-1945
Cannon V. E. (Joe) 23-Nov-1945
Carl Harold 05-Jan-1945
Carl Harold 23-Mar-1945
Carlberg Bertil 30-Nov-1945
Carlon Richard 23-Mar-1945
Carlson A A 19-Jan-1945
Carlson Lorraine 19-Jan-1945
Carlson Phyllis 28-Sep-1945
Carlson Eugene 7-Sep-1945
Carlson Ray 7-Sep-1945
Carlson Dean 05-Jan-1945
Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Robert 05-Jan-1945
Carlson Linda Carol 05-Jan-1945
Carlson Mrs. Bob 05-Jan-1945
Carlson Roy 12-Jan-1945
Carlson Ray 2-Feb-1945
Carlson Mahlon 16-Feb-1945
Carlson Kenny 2-Mar-1945
Carlson Roger 2-Mar-1945
Carlson Victor 16-Mar-1945
Carlson Helen 23-Mar-1945
Carlson Willard 23-Mar-1945
Carlson Cpl. & Mrs. Robert W. 1-Apr-1945
Carlson Linda Carol 1-Apr-1945
Carlson Luella 1-Apr-1945
Carlson Pauline 13-Apr-1945
Carlson Cpl. & Mrs. Robert 13-Apr-1945
Carlson Linda 13-Apr-1945
Carlson Roy 13-Apr-1945
Carlson Roy 13-Apr-1945
Carlson Pauline 20-Apr-1945
Carlson Lorraine 1-Jun-1945
Carlson Ray 14-Sep-1945
Carlson Robert J, 14-Dec-1945
Carlson Roy 13-Jul-1945
Carlson Bob 27-Jul-1945
Carlson Roy 27-Jul-1945
Carlson Frank 3-Aug-1945
Carlson Roger 3-Aug-1945
Carlson Willard 24-Aug-1945
Carlson Don 24-Aug-1945
Carlson Will 12-Oct-1945
Carlson Mahlon 19-Oct-1945
Carlson Willard 19-Oct-1945
Carlson Don 19-Oct-1945
Carlson Dorothy 26-Oct-1945
Carlson Robert W. 2-Nov-1945
Carlson Roy 30-Nov-1945
Carlson Ray 7-Dec-1945
Carlson Dorothy E. 7-Dec-1945
Carlton D. W. 10-Aug-1945
Carlton Del W. 2-Nov-1945
Carlton John 21-Dec-1945
Carney Roberta 11-May-1945
Carney E. J. 9-Nov-1945
Caron Mrs. Robert 20-Apr-1945
Caron Michael Alan 20-Apr-1945
Carpenter Geneva 7-Sep-1945
Carpenter Joe 16-Nov-1945
Carpenter Joe 20-Jul-1945
Carpenter Joe 19-Oct-1945
Carpenter Joe 26-Oct-1945
Carpenter Joseoh 23-Nov-1945
Carr Ernest L 5-Oct-1945
Carr Franklin W. 30-Nov-1945
Carrell Robert J. 25-May-1945
Carrol Bob 17-Aug-1945
Carroll Gerald Vincent 05-Jan-1945
Carroll Clyde 12-Jan-1945
Carroll Loretta 23-Mar-1945
Carroll Gerald V. 30-Mar-1945
Carroll Loretta 1-Apr-1945
Carroll Bill 13-Apr-1945
Carroll C. W. 18-May-1945
Carroll Norm 8-Jun-1945
Carroll Lou 17-Aug-1945
Carroll Gerald V. 16-Nov-1945
Carroll Robert E. 3-Aug-1945
Carroll W. J. 2-Nov-1945
Carroll Herb 2-Nov-1945
Carroll Jerry 9-Nov-1945
Carroll Gerald 7-Dec-1945
Carroll Norman 28-Dec-1945
Cartee Mary 21-Sep-1945
Carter William J. "Bill" 13-Apr-1945
Carter Robert 16-Nov-1945
Caruthers Barnes 27-Jul-1945
Carver, Jr C G "Bill" 26-Jan-1945
Casanova Bud 13-Jul-1945
Case Clarence 9-Feb-1945
Case Gene 13-Apr-1945
Case Clarence 20-Apr-1945
Case Clarence 29-Jun-1945
Case Clarence 6-Jul-1945
Case Eugene C. 21-Dec-1945
Casey George 2-Mar-1945
Casey Leo 10-Aug-1945
Casey Leo C. 2-Nov-1945
Caskey Walter 2-Nov-1945
Cassen Glenn 28-Sep-1945
Castagnoli Abe 05-Jan-1945
Castagnoli Deno 23-Nov-1945
Castenson Norman T. 9-Nov-1945
Castignoli Mickey 16-Nov-1945
Castle Mrs. 4-May-1945
Castle Imogene 22-Jun-1945
Castor Bob 19-Jan-1945
Castor Willard 28-Dec-1945
Caughey Jack 2-Nov-1945
Cavanaugh Joan 21-Sep-1945
Cavanaugh Gordon 16-Mar-1945
Cavanaugh Gordon 29-Jun-1945
Cavanaugh Dana E. 14-Dec-1945
Cavanaugh E. E. 20-Jul-1945
Cavanaugh Dana 20-Jul-1945
Cavanaugh Mary Jane 24-Aug-1945
Cavanaugh Mary Jane 24-Aug-1945
Cavanaugh Mary Jane 31-Aug-1945
Cavanaugh Marcus 19-Oct-1945
Cavanaugh Gordon T. 2-Nov-1945
Cavanaugh Luke 23-Nov-1945
Cavanaugh Frank M. 23-Nov-1945
Cavanaugh Kerr Vyva 22-Jun-1945
Cavanaugh, Jr Gordon 19-Jan-1945
Cavanaugh, Jr Marcus 19-Jan-1945
Cavanaugh, Jr. M J 5-Oct-1945
Cawelti John 21-Sep-1945
Cawelti John 8-Jun-1945
Cedarholm Jack 25-May-1945
Cervene Dick 21-Sep-1945
Cervene Betty 14-Sep-1945
Cervene Dick 14-Dec-1945
Cervene Richard 24-Aug-1945
Cervene Dick 12-Oct-1945
Cervene Rich 2-Nov-1945
Cervene Richard 23-Nov-1945
Chada Edward, Pfc. 8-Jun-1945
Chada Edward 6-Jul-1945
Chada Theodore N. 26-Oct-1945
Chada Edward 26-Oct-1945
Chada Ted 26-Oct-1945
Chada Edward c. 28-Dec-1945
Chaim Betty Ann 9-Nov-1945
Chalgren Iris M 19-Jan-1945
Challberg Lester 16-Feb-1945
Challberg Lester 16-Mar-1945
Challberg Lester 30-Mar-1945
Challberg Lester 29-Jun-1945
Challberg Mae 3-Aug-1945
Chalstrom Clayton D. 10-Aug-1945
Chalus Ed 30-Nov-1945
Champlin D. R. 4-May-1945
Chantland Clifford 28-Sep-1945
Chantland Henry 28-Sep-1945
Chantland Henry 1-Apr-1945
Chapman Don 23-Feb-1945
Chapman Walter 23-Feb-1945
Chapman Cheryl Darlene 6-Jul-1945
Chardonlias Tony 4-May-1945
Chardoulias Chris 9-Feb-1945
Chardoulias Tony, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Chardoulies Tony 13-Jul-1945
Chardoulis Anthony 9-Nov-1945
Charles Don 20-Apr-1945
Charon Maurice 21-Sep-1945
Charon Louis 1-Apr-1945
Charon Louis 25-May-1945
Charon Maurice 27-Jul-1945
Chase M.H. 05-Jan-1945
Chase M.H. Charley 23-Mar-1945
Chase Robert 4-May-1945
Chellberg Harry 13-Apr-1945
Chelleen 20-Apr-1945
Chelleen 4-May-1945
Chelleen 11-May-1945
Chellen W. W. 25-May-1945
Chellenn 20-Apr-1945
Chenault General 6-Jul-1945
Chesley Albert B. 2-Nov-1945
Chinberg Luther 18-May-1945
Chinberg Ld. L., T/5 1-Jun-1945
Chinberg L.L. 22-Jun-1945
Chinberg L. L. 29-Jun-1945
Chinberg Luther 27-Jul-1945
Chinberg Luther 26-Oct-1945
Chingren J. W. 17-Aug-1945
Chingren O. L. 2-Nov-1945
Chingren James W. 9-Nov-1945
Chittenden Glen Clyde 21-Sep-1945
Christensen Ralph E. 2-Feb-1945
Christensen Ed 21-Dec-1945
Christenson Art 21-Sep-1945
Christenson Ralph E 28-Sep-1945
Christenson Betty 05-Jan-1945
Christenson Ralph E. 18-May-1945
Christenson Ralph E. 10-Aug-1945
Christenson Ralph E. 31-Aug-1945
Christenson Boyd 7-Dec-1945
Christian James A. 30-Nov-1945
Christians Glenn A. 27-Apr-1945
Christians Glenn A., SM 2/C 1-Jun-1945
Christians Glenn A. 17-Aug-1945
Christians Glenn A. 20-Jul-1945
Christianson Robert E 7-Sep-1945
Christofferson Roy K 21-Sep-1945
Christofferson Roy K 21-Sep-1945
Christofferson Ray 14-Sep-1945
Chruchill Prime Minister 11-May-1945
Clabaugh Clifford L. 22-Jun-1945
Clabaugh Clifford L. 9-Nov-1945
Clamo Kenneth 23-Mar-1945
Clare Leland L. 11-May-1945
Clark Don 5-Oct-1945
Clark Donald W 21-Sep-1945
Clark Donald W 21-Sep-1945
Clark Mary 7-Sep-1945
Clark Bill 05-Jan-1945
Clark Bill 05-Jan-1945
Clark Bill 12-Jan-1945
Clark Fred 9-Feb-1945
Clark Clyde 16-Mar-1945
Clark Don 16-Mar-1945
Clark Kenneth 1-Apr-1945
Clark Kenneth 20-Apr-1945
Clark W. P. 1-Jun-1945
Clark W.P. 8-Jun-1945
Clark Fred 22-Jun-1945
Clark Gen. 22-Jun-1945
Clark Jim 22-Jun-1945
Clark Richard T. 14-Sep-1945
Clark Don W. 13-Jul-1945
Clark W. P. "Bill" 27-Jul-1945
Clark Bill 31-Aug-1945
Clark Jean K. 26-Oct-1945
Clark Muriel 26-Oct-1945
Clark Bill 9-Nov-1945
Clark Bill 23-Nov-1945
Clark Rita 21-Dec-1945
Clark Jack H. 21-Dec-1945
Clark Fred J., Mr. and Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Clarken Thomas W. 27-Apr-1945
Clarken Woody 3-Aug-1945
Clarne K. W. 4-May-1945
Clarno Kenneth W. 20-Apr-1945
Clausen LaVerne 21-Sep-1945
Clausen LaVerne E. 22-Jun-1945
Clausen LaVerne E. 17-Aug-1945
Clausen LaVerne 13-Jul-1945
Clauss Charles R. 16-Nov-1945
Clawson Shirley 21-Sep-1945
Clemens Donald 7-Sep-1945
Clemens Donald 24-Aug-1945
Clemens Donald 24-Aug-1945
Cleveland Grover 05-Jan-1945
Cleveland "Butch" 18-May-1945
Cleveland Evelyn 22-Jun-1945
Cleveland Richard 16-Nov-1945
Cleveland R. R. 16-Nov-1945
Cleveland R. E. 6-Jul-1945
Cleveland R. E. 3-Aug-1945
Cleveland Robert 12-Oct-1945
Cleveland R. E. 19-Oct-1945
Click Gladys 11-May-1945
Clipperton Dick 10-Aug-1945
Clouss Chas. R. 16-Mar-1945
Coat Maurice E. 3-Aug-1945
Coats Ralph 1-Apr-1945
Coats Ralph W. 4-May-1945
Coats Ralph 11-May-1945
Cobb L.D. 05-Jan-1945
Cobb L. D. 11-May-1945
Cobb L.D., Sgt. 8-Jun-1945
Cobb L. D. 20-Jul-1945
Cobb Leland D. 31-Aug-1945
Cobb Donald 26-Oct-1945
Cobb Donald L. 21-Dec-1945
Cochran Wesley L. 16-Mar-1945
Cochran 20-Apr-1945
Cochran 20-Apr-1945
Cochran 27-Apr-1945
Cochran Dale 22-Jun-1945
Cochran Lloyd A. 10-Aug-1945
Cochran D. C. 19-Oct-1945
Cochran Welker 19-Oct-1945
Cody Julia 21-Sep-1945
Cody John 28-Sep-1945
Cody John M. 26-Oct-1945
Cody Joe 26-Oct-1945
Cody John 2-Nov-1945
Coe F. R. 27-Jul-1945
Coil Gayard E. 14-Dec-1945
Cole Joe 8-Jun-1945
Cole Beverly Jean 31-Aug-1945
Coleman Eugene 2-Mar-1945
Coleman Earnest (Speedy) 18-May-1945
Collingsworth Mrs. Anna 12-Jan-1945
Collins Maurice 12-Jan-1945
Collins W.H. 16-Feb-1945
Collins Tom 16-Mar-1945
Collins Edmund 1-Jun-1945
Collins Jim 29-Jun-1945
Collins Dorothy 14-Sep-1945
Collins Francis 16-Nov-1945
Collins Jack 16-Nov-1945
Collins Jim 6-Jul-1945
Collins George 20-Jul-1945
Collins Francis T. 20-Jul-1945
Collins Richard 27-Jul-1945
Collins James J. 10-Aug-1945
Collins Jim 24-Aug-1945
Collins George 19-Oct-1945
Collins Glen F. 19-Oct-1945
Collins Edward T. 7-Dec-1945
Collins R. H. 21-Dec-1945
Collins Frank 21-Dec-1945
Collson Elliott 29-Jun-1945
Colona Jerry 24-Aug-1945
Colonna Jerry 14-Sep-1945
Condon Helen 20-Jul-1945
Condon John D. 19-Oct-1945
Cone Wm. E. 2-Nov-1945
Conley Louis 20-Jul-1945
Conner Bill 18-May-1945
Connor Harry 3-Aug-1945
Conrad Carl L. 9-Feb-1945
Conrad R. A. 18-May-1945
Conrad R.A. 15-Jun-1945
Conrad Carl L. 12-Oct-1945
Conrad Richard A. 19-Oct-1945
Constable Doral 27-Jul-1945
Constable Robert E. 26-Oct-1945
Constantine George 5-Oct-1945
Constantine George 21-Sep-1945
Constantine George 28-Sep-1945
Constantine Louise 05-Jan-1945
Constantine Steve 13-Apr-1945
Constantine 20-Apr-1945
Constantine Steve 27-Apr-1945
Constantine Jim 27-Apr-1945
Constantine Geo. 22-Jun-1945
Constantine George 14-Sep-1945
Constantine Steve 20-Jul-1945
Constantine George 20-Jul-1945
Constantine Steve 3-Aug-1945
Constantine Steve 10-Aug-1945
Constantine George 31-Aug-1945
Constantine George 12-Oct-1945
Constantine George 19-Oct-1945
Constantine George 30-Nov-1945
Constatine George 16-Nov-1945
Constatine Chris 9-Nov-1945
Conway Eugene 21-Sep-1945
Conway Eugene 28-Sep-1945
Conway Eugene 4-May-1945
Conway John 11-May-1945
Conway E. J. 11-May-1945
Conway Raymond L. 11-May-1945
Conway Eugene J., S1/C 1-Jun-1945
Conway Eugene 23-Feb-1945
Conway Eugene 6-Jul-1945
Conway Eugene 23-Nov-1945
Cook Lewis 19-Jan-1945
Cook Harold A 7-Sep-1945
Cook Lewis 16-Feb-1945
Cook Donald 1-Apr-1945
Cook D.W. 15-Jun-1945
Cook John D. 22-Jun-1945
Cook "Al" 14-Sep-1945
Cook Harold 16-Nov-1945
Cook Melvin W. 16-Nov-1945
Cook John D. 14-Dec-1945
Cook Lewis 6-Jul-1945
Cook LeRoy 3-Aug-1945
Cook John D. 12-Oct-1945
Cook LeRoy 26-Oct-1945
Cook Harold (Al) 23-Nov-1945
Cook Donald F. 7-Dec-1945
Cooklin Walter 7-Sep-1945
Cooklin Clarence 05-Jan-1945
Cooklin Jack 12-Jan-1945
Cooklin Walter 16-Mar-1945
Cooklin Walter 18-May-1945
Cooklin Clarence 15-Jun-1945
Cooklin Walter 23-Feb-1945
Cooley Frank 9-Nov-1945
Cooley Jr. Frank 23-Nov-1945
Cooper Fred 5-Oct-1945
Cooper Fred 5-Oct-1945
Cooper Fred 28-Sep-1945
Cooper Fred 7-Sep-1945
Cooper 9-Feb-1945
Cooper Fred 2-Mar-1945
Cooper Fred N. "Bud" 16-Mar-1945
Cooper Fred 22-Jun-1945
Cooper Fred 29-Jun-1945
Cooper Fred 14-Sep-1945
Cooper Fred 14-Sep-1945
Cooper W. K. 16-Nov-1945
Cooper Fred 20-Jul-1945
Cooper Fred 3-Aug-1945
Cooper Fred N. 10-Aug-1945
Cooper Fred 12-Oct-1945
Cooper Wayne K. 12-Oct-1945
Cooper Fred 12-Oct-1945
Cooper Evan 7-Dec-1945
Cooper Evan E. 21-Dec-1945
Cooper Jr. Fred N. 25-May-1945
Cordaro Tony 23-Nov-1945
Core Clayton M. 23-Nov-1945
Corey Abe 12-Oct-1945
Corey Abe 2-Nov-1945
Cornejo Marie 9-Feb-1945
Cornell Royce A. 9-Feb-1945
Cornell Royce 11-May-1945
Cornell William W. 12-Oct-1945
Cornell William 26-Oct-1945
Cortright E. S. 14-Sep-1945
Cossack Chorus Don 14-Sep-1945
Costello Lou 11-May-1945
Cote Arthur Raymond 19-Jan-1945
Cote Andy J. 17-Aug-1945
Cote A. J. 27-Jul-1945
Cote Arthur R. 12-Oct-1945
Cottrell Don 16-Mar-1945
Cottrell Milton 23-Mar-1945
Cottrell Don 18-May-1945
Cottrell Donn 12-Oct-1945
Coug____ Ed, Sgt. 1-Jun-1945
Coughlan Charlie 05-Jan-1945
Coughlan Henry 05-Jan-1945
Coughlan Edmond 05-Jan-1945
Coughlan Isabel 12-Jan-1945
Coughlan Jerry 12-Jan-1945
Coughlan Jerry 2-Feb-1945
Coughlan Ed 23-Nov-1945
Coughlin Joe 23-Feb-1945
Coughlin Heinie 19-Oct-1945
Couglan C. H. 28-Dec-1945
Courcelle David 05-Jan-1945
Courter E. L. 23-Feb-1945
Courter Elmer J. 28-Dec-1945
Courtney Wilbur 1-Apr-1945
Courtright Robert 2-Nov-1945
Cowan Cecil C. 30-Nov-1945
Cowie Mary 7-Sep-1945
Cox Ross 26-Jan-1945
Cox James Ryan 20-Apr-1945
Cox Capt 1-Jun-1945
Cox W. R. 28-Dec-1945
Craft Mrs. James Elmer 2-Feb-1945
Craft James E. 2-Feb-1945
Craft John 16-Mar-1945
Craft John R. 30-Mar-1945
Craft John, Pvt 1-Jun-1945
Craft James E. 13-Jul-1945
Craft John H. 3-Aug-1945
Craft James E. 21-Dec-1945
Crans 9-Feb-1945
Crawford Edward 16-Nov-1945
Crawford Edward W. 16-Nov-1945
Crawford Vincent A. 20-Jul-1945
Crilly John 12-Jan-1945
Crimmins Earl 28-Sep-1945
Crimmins Earl 14-Sep-1945
Crimmins Earl E. 23-Nov-1945
Crimmins Charles 7-Dec-1945
Crinnigan Dewayne 28-Sep-1945
Crinnigan Davy 4-May-1945
Crinnigan Dwayne H. 19-Oct-1945
Crinningan Dewayne 3-Aug-1945
Crinningan Dwayne 26-Oct-1945
Cripps Faber 5-Oct-1945
Cripps Faber 6-Jul-1945
Cripps Faber H. 26-Oct-1945
Cripps Walter H. 9-Nov-1945
Crist Robert 29-Jun-1945
Crist Ray 29-Jun-1945
Crist Raymond 19-Oct-1945
Crist Robert 21-Dec-1945
Critz 13-Apr-1945
Crockett Merle R 21-Sep-1945
Crockett Merle R. 11-May-1945
Croley Leo G 5-Oct-1945
Croley Leo B 28-Sep-1945
Crosby Harry 21-Sep-1945
Crosby Bing 16-Mar-1945
Crosby Bob 20-Apr-1945
Crosby Bing 25-May-1945
Crosby James 6-Jul-1945
Crosby Robert P. 3-Aug-1945
Crosby Howard 9-Nov-1945
Crosby Ralph 28-Dec-1945
Cross J. E. 9-Nov-1945
Crouse Duane 22-Jun-1945
Crouse Fred 29-Jun-1945
Crouse Fred 14-Dec-1945
Crouse Fred W. 6-Jul-1945
Crouse F. W. 23-Nov-1945
Crouse Patricia 30-Nov-1945
Crouse F. W. 30-Nov-1945
Crouse, Jr. Fred W. 22-Jun-1945
Crow Glenwood 05-Jan-1945
Crow Glenwood 27-Jul-1945
Crow Glenwood A. 7-Dec-1945
Crowe Clem 23-Mar-1945
Crowl Mary Ellen 16-Mar-1945
Crowley Ambrose 2-Feb-1945
Crraft John H. 3-Aug-1945
Crummer Howard 13-Jul-1945
Cuckie John A. 23-Nov-1945
Cuckie John C. 21-Dec-1945
Culmer Lyle E. 05-Jan-1945
Culver Don L 21-Sep-1945
Culver Richard 21-Sep-1945
Culver Don L 21-Sep-1945
Culver Richard 05-Jan-1945
Culver H.L. 12-Jan-1945
Culver Nina 2-Feb-1945
Culver D.G. 9-Feb-1945
Culver Jay 9-Feb-1945
Culver Richard 20-Apr-1945
Culver H. L. 18-May-1945
Culver H. L. 29-Jun-1945
Culver Don G. 29-Jun-1945
Culver Richard 13-Jul-1945
Culver Don G. 27-Jul-1945
Culver Don 19-Oct-1945
Cumming John 16-Nov-1945
Cummingham Don 19-Oct-1945
Cummings Vernon 27-Apr-1945
Cummings Virgil 27-Apr-1945
Cummings Dean 18-May-1945
Cummings Dale 18-May-1945
Cummings Dale 29-Jun-1945
Cummings Dean 29-Jun-1945
Cummings L. R. 14-Dec-1945
Cummings Dale 13-Jul-1945
Cummings Dean 13-Jul-1945
Cummings Vernon D. 10-Aug-1945
Cummings Virgil D. 10-Aug-1945
Cummings Twins 12-Oct-1945
Cummings Clark 30-Nov-1945
Cummins Charles 21-Dec-1945
Cummins Virginia M. 28-Dec-1945
Cunningham Otis 4-May-1945
Cunningham W. D. 29-Jun-1945
Cunningham William 14-Sep-1945
Cunningham Robert 20-Jul-1945
Cunningham R. D. 23-Nov-1945
Cunningham Don 7-Dec-1945
Curl Eugene 9-Feb-1945
Curl Eugene 16-Mar-1945
Curl Eugene H. 10-Aug-1945
Curl Eugene H. 10-Aug-1945
Curtis Elmer 11-May-1945
Curtis Elmer 11-May-1945
Curyea T. L. 27-Apr-1945
Curyea T. L. 16-Nov-1945
Daehn Bob 5-Oct-1945
Daehn Bob 21-Dec-1945
Dahl Kenneth C. 30-Nov-1945
Dahlien Margaret 18-May-1945
Dahlke 22-Jun-1945
Dahlquist Paul 20-Jul-1945
Dahms M. M. 13-Jul-1945
Dahms Milford M. 23-Nov-1945
Daiker LeRoy 5-Oct-1945
Daiker LeRoy 28-Sep-1945
Daiker LeRoy A. 16-Mar-1945
Daiker LeRoy 6-Jul-1945
Daiker LeRoy 28-Dec-1945
Dailey Philip J., Ch. Major 1-Jun-1945
Dallam Roy 9-Feb-1945
Dallam Richard 4-May-1945
Dallam Richard F. 10-Aug-1945
Dalvey Mel 4-May-1945
Dalvey Fred 4-May-1945
Dalvey Fred M. 21-Dec-1945
Damon Kent 22-Jun-1945
Damon Mason 9-Nov-1945
Dangelowsky Eric C. 23-Mar-1945
Dangelowsky Eric 13-Apr-1945
Daniel George 1-Apr-1945
Daniel Alexander 16-Nov-1945
Daniel George 30-Nov-1945
Daniels O. 16-Mar-1945
Daniels Dean E. 20-Apr-1945
Daniels George 8-Jun-1945
Danielson Everett 05-Jan-1945
Danielson Mervin 2-Mar-1945
Danielson Mary 27-Apr-1945
Danielson Richard 13-Jul-1945
Danielson Eldon 12-Oct-1945
Danielson Shirley 9-Nov-1945
Darby Pat 14-Sep-1945
Darby Vincent 19-Oct-1945
Davenoort F. L. 31-Aug-1945
Davenport F. L. 27-Apr-1945
Davenport F. L. 18-May-1945
Davenport F.L. 15-Jun-1945
Davenport Joe 15-Jun-1945
Davenport F. L. 31-Aug-1945
Davidson Merle 19-Jan-1945
Davidson Merle 26-Jan-1945
Davidson Merle 5-Oct-1945
Davidson Merle 12-Jan-1945
Davidson Merle 12-Jan-1945
Davidson George 16-Feb-1945
Davidson O.J. 16-Mar-1945
Davidson H.L. 1-Apr-1945
Davidson Paul 25-May-1945
Davidson George 1-Jun-1945
Davidson George, Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Davidson Annabel 22-Jun-1945
Davidson Merle 6-Jul-1945
Davidson Fred L. 13-Jul-1945
Davidson Merle 13-Jul-1945
Davidson George 13-Jul-1945
Davidson George 27-Jul-1945
Davidson Merle 12-Oct-1945
Davidson Paul 19-Oct-1945
Davidson Merle 26-Oct-1945
Davis Edwin T 26-Jan-1945
Davis Dale 7-Sep-1945
Davis Jim 7-Sep-1945
Davis Dale 05-Jan-1945
Davis Dale 05-Jan-1945
Davis James E. 4-May-1945
Davis J. J. 11-May-1945
Davis Dale 11-May-1945
Davis C. E. 11-May-1945
Davis Weldon R. 18-May-1945
Davis R. E. 25-May-1945
Davis Weldon, ARM 1-Jun-1945
Davis Charles A., Ensign 1-Jun-1945
Davis Eugene 15-Jun-1945
Davis Arthur 29-Jun-1945
Davis Ben 17-Aug-1945
Davis Deloris 14-Sep-1945
Davis Dale 14-Dec-1945
Davis C. A. 14-Dec-1945
Davis Richard 6-Jul-1945
Davis Art 20-Jul-1945
Davis Calvin E. 27-Jul-1945
Davis Charlotte 27-Jul-1945
Davis Louis Leroy 12-Oct-1945
Davis Duane C. 19-Oct-1945
Davis Louis L. 26-Oct-1945
Davis LeRoy 2-Nov-1945
Davis Richard E. 9-Nov-1945
Davis Dale 7-Dec-1945
Davis Dale J. 21-Dec-1945
Davison George 19-Jan-1945
Dawson E.B. 05-Jan-1945
Dawson (Dr.) 16-Mar-1945
Dawson Shirlee 1-Apr-1945
Dawson Dr. Emerson B. 1-Apr-1945
Dawson (Doc.) 1-Apr-1945
Dawson (Doc.) 20-Apr-1945
Dawson Emerson 31-Aug-1945
Dawson Emerson B. 7-Dec-1945
Day William 5-Oct-1945
Day William M 5-Oct-1945
Day Dick 5-Oct-1945
Day Laurence E. 22-Jun-1945
Day Bill 22-Jun-1945
Day Jess 20-Jul-1945
Day William 21-Dec-1945
Dayton Delmar 12-Jan-1945
Dayton Albert 1-Apr-1945
Dayton Albert, S2/C 1-Jun-1945
De Pew Marie 20-Jul-1945
De Pue H. E. 19-Oct-1945
De Smidt Robert 2-Nov-1945
Deal Chuck 31-Aug-1945
Deaton J.R. 2-Feb-1945
DeBakey George 26-Oct-1945
Deck J.E. 16-Mar-1945
Deck J. D. 18-May-1945
Decker Paul H 21-Sep-1945
Decker Benner A. 9-Feb-1945
Decker Dale 13-Apr-1945
Decker Dale 25-May-1945
Decker Dale, Pvt. & Mrs. 14-Sep-1945
Decker Paul 12-Oct-1945
DeFoe Phil 2-Mar-1945
DeFoe Phil 16-Mar-1945
Degner Edwin C. 23-Mar-1945
Degner Ed 12-Oct-1945
DeHart Francis G. 12-Jan-1945
DeHart C.A. 13-Apr-1945
DeHart C. A. 3-Aug-1945
Dehart C. A. 3-Aug-1945
DeHart C. A. 19-Oct-1945
DeHart C. A. 26-Oct-1945
Dehmlow Arlene 21-Dec-1945
Delamore Leo 16-Mar-1945
Delamore Leo J. 23-Mar-1945
Delamore Leo 30-Mar-1945
Delamore Leo J. 1-Apr-1945
Delamore Lee J. 9-Nov-1945
DeLanoit Robert 9-Feb-1945
DeLanoit R.M. 20-Apr-1945
DeLanoit Mrs. P. 20-Apr-1945
Dellachiesa Nello O. 6-Jul-1945
Demery Robert F. 9-Feb-1945
Demitroff Bud 1-Apr-1945
Demitroff Bud 3-Aug-1945
Demmon W. W. 17-Aug-1945
Denas Ruth 24-Aug-1945
Dencker S. Henry 4-May-1945
Dencklau Mel 18-May-1945
Dencklau Glenn 17-Aug-1945
Dencklau Ray 14-Sep-1945
Dencklau Melvin 14-Sep-1945
Dencklau Glenn 3-Aug-1945
DeNio Walter 13-Apr-1945
Denklau Roy 12-Jan-1945
Denklau Raymond 1-Apr-1945
Dennery Jean 19-Oct-1945
Dennis James E. 13-Apr-1945
Denser Wally 1-Apr-1945
Denyes William 16-Nov-1945
Depew Kenneth 25-May-1945
Depew Kenneth F. 6-Jul-1945
Depew Kenneth 19-Oct-1945
DePue H.E. 05-Jan-1945
DePue Thos A. 11-May-1945
DePue Henry E. 25-May-1945
DePue Thos. A. 6-Jul-1945
Derrig Francis 26-Jan-1945
Derrig Pat 5-Oct-1945
Derrig Pat 2-Feb-1945
Derrig Don 2-Feb-1945
Derrig Don 2-Mar-1945
Derrig Pat 13-Apr-1945
Derrig Floyd "Buck" 20-Apr-1945
Derrig Pat 25-May-1945
Derrig Maria 29-Jun-1945
Derrig Pat 29-Jun-1945
Derrig Wilber 14-Sep-1945
Derrig Wilbur 14-Sep-1945
Derrig Pat 20-Jul-1945
Derrig Don 20-Jul-1945
Derrig F. M. 21-Dec-1945
DeSmidt Devine 23-Mar-1945
DeSmidt Betty 9-Nov-1945
Dessinger John 9-Feb-1945
Dessinger R.W. 30-Mar-1945
Dessinger John R. 27-Apr-1945
Dessinger Harold 25-May-1945
Dessinger Harold A. 29-Jun-1945
Dessinger John R. 16-Nov-1945
Dessinger Robert 10-Aug-1945
Dessinger Harold (Bud) 10-Aug-1945
Dessinger Harold 12-Oct-1945
Dessinger Robert W. 12-Oct-1945
Deuhring Mel 22-Jun-1945
DeVilbiss Bernard 17-Aug-1945
Dewey Everett L. 17-Aug-1945
Dewey Tom 26-Oct-1945
DeWitt Del J. 4-May-1945
DeWitt Edward 12-Oct-1945
Di Noto Joe 23-Mar-1945
Dial Tex A. 27-Apr-1945
Diane Neno F. 23-Feb-1945
Dick Jack 2-Mar-1945
Dick R.M. 2-Mar-1945
Dick Dwight 13-Apr-1945
Dick Dwight 18-May-1945
Dick Dwight 15-Jun-1945
Dick Wallace 12-Oct-1945
Dick Paul 12-Oct-1945
Dickerson Clyde C 5-Oct-1945
Dickerson R R 7-Sep-1945
Dickerson Richard 05-Jan-1945
Dickerson Jim 30-Mar-1945
Dickerson James C. 30-Mar-1945
Dickerson Norman 4-May-1945
Dickerson Richard R. 4-May-1945
Dickerson Norman 18-May-1945
Dickerson Jim 18-May-1945
Dickerson Jim, Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Dickerson R. D. 16-Nov-1945
Dickerson James C. 6-Jul-1945
Dickerson Jim 20-Jul-1945
Dickerson Bob 3-Aug-1945
Dickerson Clyde C. 3-Aug-1945
Dickerson James 10-Aug-1945
Dickerson Jim 12-Oct-1945
Dickerson Bob 19-Oct-1945
Dickerson R. R. 21-Dec-1945
Dickerson Donald 28-Dec-1945
Dickey Chas. 29-Jun-1945
Dickey Harris 12-Oct-1945
Dickinson unknown 7-Sep-1945
Diehl Robert J. 18-May-1945
Dilges Art 18-May-1945
Dillman Don 21-Sep-1945
Dillman Don 11-May-1945
Dillman Don, Ensign 1-Jun-1945
Dillman Don 14-Dec-1945
Dillman Don 20-Jul-1945
Dillman Don 12-Oct-1945
Dillon Donita Marie 27-Jul-1945
Dilocker Norman 20-Apr-1945
Dilocker Norman 17-Aug-1945
Dilocker Marvin 7-Dec-1945
Dingman Varick 20-Apr-1945
Dishman John T. 4-May-1945
Dishman Roy 26-Oct-1945
Ditsworth Orlando, S 2/C 8-Jun-1945
Ditzenberger Robert G 7-Sep-1945
Ditzenberger Robert 2-Feb-1945
Ditzenberger Robt. G. 2-Mar-1945
Ditzenberger Robert G. 27-Apr-1945
Ditzenberger R. G. 16-Nov-1945
Ditzenberger Robert G. 3-Aug-1945
Ditzenberger Robert 26-Oct-1945
Ditzenburger Bob 29-Jun-1945
Divine Loren H. 26-Oct-1945
Divine Glenn 23-Nov-1945
Dixon Ray 25-May-1945
Dixon 22-Jun-1945
Dixon Florence 23-Feb-1945
Dixon Raymond W. 16-Nov-1945
Dixon Florence 16-Nov-1945
Doak J.R. 2-Mar-1945
Dodgen Johnny 4-May-1945
Dodgen Joe Bill 18-May-1945
Dodgen Bill, Ensign 1-Jun-1945
Dodgen Joe W., Ens. 1-Jun-1945
Dodgen John H. 16-Nov-1945
Dodgen Joseph W. 14-Dec-1945
Dodgen Joe 3-Aug-1945
Dodgen Joe W. 28-Dec-1945
Dodgen John M. 28-Dec-1945
Doliver Mary 27-Apr-1945
Dolliver Mary 26-Jan-1945
Dolliver Jim 12-Jan-1945
Dolliver Mary 2-Mar-1945
Dolliver Jim 30-Mar-1945
Dolliver James M. 30-Mar-1945
Dolliver Mary 20-Apr-1945
Dolliver Mary 4-May-1945
Dolliver James M. 4-May-1945
Dolliver Jim 18-May-1945
Dolliver Mary 8-Jun-1945
Dolliver James L. 23-Feb-1945
Dolliver Jim 27-Jul-1945
Dolliver Congressman and Mrs. James I. 3-Aug-1945
Dolliver James 10-Aug-1945
Dolliver Jim 9-Nov-1945
Dolliver Mary M. 30-Nov-1945
Donahue Tom 20-Jul-1945
Donald Robert 19-Oct-1945
Donly Robert J. 05-Jan-1945
Donly Hugh 13-Jul-1945
Donner A.D. 05-Jan-1945
Donner Arthur 23-Nov-1945
Donohoe, Jr John J 26-Jan-1945
Donovan 2-Mar-1945
Dooley James 2-Feb-1945
Doolittle Jimmie 6-Jul-1945
Doornbos Bernard F. 27-Jul-1945
Dopita Joe 23-Mar-1945
Dopita Mr. & Mrs. James 23-Mar-1945
Dorheim Fred H. 05-Jan-1945
Dorheim Fred H. 26-Oct-1945
Dorr (Doctor) 2-Mar-1945
Dorsey Tom 9-Feb-1945
Dorsey Joe 4-May-1945
Dorsey Tom 16-Nov-1945
Dorweiler Phil 19-Jan-1945
Dorweiler Phil 26-Jan-1945
Dorweiler Phil 7-Sep-1945
Dorweiler Phil 05-Jan-1945
Dorweiler Phil 2-Feb-1945
Dorweiler "Boot" 2-Feb-1945
Dorweiler Phil 2-Mar-1945
Dorweiler Phil 16-Mar-1945
Dorweiler Phil 23-Mar-1945
Dorweiler Phil J. 30-Mar-1945
Dorweiler Phil 13-Apr-1945
Dorweiler Phil J. 20-Apr-1945
Dorweiler Phil 11-May-1945
Dorweiler Phil J., S1/C (Y) 1-Jun-1945
Dorweiler Phil 13-Jul-1945
Dorweiler Phil J. 24-Aug-1945
Dorweiler Phil 12-Oct-1945
Dorweiler Phil 12-Oct-1945
Dorweiler Phil 19-Oct-1945
Dorweiler Phil 19-Oct-1945
Dorweiler Phil 7-Dec-1945
Doty F J 26-Jan-1945
Doty Floyd 25-May-1945
Doty Jr. Floyd J. 4-May-1945
Doud John 20-Apr-1945
Doud John S. 27-Apr-1945
Doud John 15-Jun-1945
Doud John 22-Jun-1945
Doud John 17-Aug-1945
Doud John S. 16-Nov-1945
Doud R. C. 31-Aug-1945
Dougherty Robert (Father) 11-May-1945
Douglas Keith 21-Sep-1945
Douglas Keith 05-Jan-1945
Douglas Jack 20-Apr-1945
Douglas Jack, Major 8-Jun-1945
Douglas Jack 14-Sep-1945
Douglas Jack 19-Oct-1945
Dow Rion 22-Jun-1945
Dowd Thomas J. 1-Apr-1945
Dowd John 13-Apr-1945
Dowd John, 2/Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Dowd Tom, Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Dowd T.J., Cpl. 1-Jun-1945
Dowd John 14-Sep-1945
Dowd R. C. 6-Jul-1945
Dowd Thos. J. 13-Jul-1945
Dowd R. C. 23-Nov-1945
Dowd Tom 30-Nov-1945
Dowd R. C. 30-Nov-1945
Dowd John J. 28-Dec-1945
Dowling Constance 14-Sep-1945
Doyle Larry 19-Jan-1945
Doyle Veronica 5-Oct-1945
Doyle Veronica 7-Sep-1945
Doyle Joe 12-Jan-1945
Doyle J.R. 2-Feb-1945
Doyle Lawrence 2-Feb-1945
Doyle Red 2-Mar-1945
Doyle Joe 27-Apr-1945
Doyle Joe 18-May-1945
Doyle Lawrence "Red" 25-May-1945
Doyle Joseph G. 25-May-1945
Doyle Joe 15-Jun-1945
Doyle Joe 15-Jun-1945
Doyle Joseph 29-Jun-1945
Doyle Larry 16-Nov-1945
Doyle Larry and Joe 23-Nov-1945
Doyles J. G. 31-Aug-1945
Drain Junior 1-Apr-1945
Drake Ducky 16-Feb-1945
Drake F. E. (Rev) 11-May-1945
Drake Francis E. 22-Jun-1945
Draper Harry 21-Dec-1945
Drier Roy W. 27-Apr-1945
Driscoll LaMoine R 21-Sep-1945
Driscoll Larry 10-Aug-1945
Duay Cyril 2-Nov-1945
DuBois Dallas T 26-Jan-1945
DuBois Art 4-May-1945
DuBois Robt. 25-May-1945
DuBois Darrell 25-May-1945
DuBois Arthur 25-May-1945
DuBois Darrel C. 23-Feb-1945
Dubois Darrell 26-Oct-1945
DuBois Velva, Mrs. 28-Dec-1945
Duckett O.C. 16-Mar-1945
Duckett Othello C. 17-Aug-1945
Duckett Othello 6-Jul-1945
Duckett O. C. 19-Oct-1945
Duea Ben 5-Oct-1945
Duea Edward 1-Jun-1945
Duea Ben 8-Jun-1945
Duehring Melvin 05-Jan-1945
Duehring E. C. 4-May-1945
Duehring Melvin 14-Sep-1945
Dueker Herschel 2-Feb-1945
Dueker Hershel J. 27-Jul-1945
Dueker Herschel J. 9-Nov-1945
Duen Ben 16-Nov-1945
Duff Neil R. 13-Jul-1945
Dunbar D.A. 05-Jan-1945
Duncan Donald 27-Apr-1945
Duncan Howard L. 14-Dec-1945
Duncan Charles M. 26-Oct-1945
Duncan Donald 2-Nov-1945
Duncan J. E. 28-Dec-1945
Dunlevy Ruth Ann 7-Sep-1945
Dunn Joseph M. 14-Dec-1945
Dunn Joseph M. 21-Dec-1945
Dunscombe Geo. 05-Jan-1945
Dunscombe Norma 9-Feb-1945
Dunsmoor Robert C. 4-May-1945
Dunsmoor Tom 2-Nov-1945
Dunsmoor Charles, Mr. and Mrs. 9-Nov-1945
Dunsmoor Douglas D. 21-Dec-1945
Durant Will 28-Sep-1945
Durant Will 26-Oct-1945
Durant Will 2-Nov-1945
Durham Norma 11-May-1945
Durian Robert 12-Jan-1945
Durian Robert 1-Apr-1945
Durian Henry 29-Jun-1945
Durian Robert 19-Oct-1945
Durian Robert 26-Oct-1945
Durschmidt Maribelle 2-Mar-1945
Durschmidt Betty 13-Jul-1945
Durschmidt Dallas 21-Dec-1945
Dutcher Ernie 12-Oct-1945
Eagerton Melvin 26-Oct-1945
Earles Burkely 4-May-1945
Easley Jesse Eugene 2-Mar-1945
Easley Gene 18-May-1945
Easley Jesse 22-Jun-1945
Eastman Lyle 2-Nov-1945
Eastwood Louis 16-Feb-1945
Eastwood Wm. A. 30-Mar-1945
Eastwood Louis B. 23-Feb-1945
Eaton Bill 23-Nov-1945
Echelberger Don 22-Jun-1945
Echelberger Donald 30-Nov-1945
Ecklund Stanley 16-Nov-1945
Ecklund Verl E. 14-Dec-1945
Ecklund Verl E. 6-Jul-1945
Ecklund Harold R. 3-Aug-1945
Eckodol Maynard 31-Aug-1945
Eden Anthony 26-Oct-1945
Edgerton Melvin 23-Nov-1945
Edison Robert D. 16-Nov-1945
Edison Richard 16-Nov-1945
Edison Don 13-Jul-1945
Edson M. C. 14-Sep-1945
Edson Richard L. 16-Nov-1945
Edson M. C. 24-Aug-1945
Edson M. C. 24-Aug-1945
Edward Charles 17-Aug-1945
Edwards Ross W 28-Sep-1945
Edwards Dewey F. 12-Jan-1945
Edwards D.F. 2-Feb-1945
Edwards Leo 16-Feb-1945
Edwards Dwain 16-Mar-1945
Edwards Morris E. 20-Apr-1945
Edwards Arthur G. 24-Aug-1945
Edwards Warren 26-Oct-1945
Egbert Dan S. 23-Nov-1945
Egesdahl James 27-Jul-1945
Egesdal Oscar. J., Petty Officer 1-Jun-1945
Eggen E. N. 24-Aug-1945
Egli 4-May-1945
Eide Paul 21-Sep-1945
Eide 28-Sep-1945
Eide Paul 3-Aug-1945
Eide Paul 9-Nov-1945
Eide Paul 30-Nov-1945
Eisenhart Ilean 15-Jun-1945
Eisenhower General 8-Jun-1945
Ekedal Jalmer M. 2-Feb-1945
Eklund Verl E. 1-Apr-1945
Elbert Mary E. 2-Nov-1945
Elbert Mary 9-Nov-1945
Elg Lloyd 26-Jan-1945
Elg Lloyd 12-Oct-1945
Ellinger Don 2-Feb-1945
Ellinger Don 16-Mar-1945
Ellinger Don 14-Sep-1945
Ellinger Don 19-Oct-1945
Elliott James 16-Nov-1945
Elliott Bert E. 26-Oct-1945
Ellis Calvin R. 16-Mar-1945
Ellis Calvin 20-Apr-1945
Elm Stanley M. 10-Aug-1945
Elmore H. C. 11-May-1945
Elmore Howard C. 30-Nov-1945
Elsberry Richard 28-Sep-1945
Elston Bob "Joe" 9-Feb-1945
Enburg R.C. 05-Jan-1945
Enfield R. E. 11-May-1945
Enfield Robert, 2/Lt. 1-Jun-1945
Enfield Robert 30-Nov-1945
Engelbart F.A. (Fred) 2-Mar-1945
Engelbart F.A. 1-Apr-1945
Engelbart F. A. 25-May-1945
Engelbart F. A. 23-Feb-1945
Engelman Don L 5-Oct-1945
Engelman Bob 5-Oct-1945
Engelman Don L. 18-May-1945
Engelman Don L., MoMM 8-Jun-1945
Engels Duane M. 21-Dec-1945
Englebart Freddie 27-Apr-1945
Englebart Walt 29-Jun-1945
Englebart Walt 20-Jul-1945
Englebart F. A. 19-Oct-1945
Englebart Warren B. 7-Dec-1945
Engleman Don 16-Nov-1945
Engler Edward A. 12-Oct-1945
English Joe 7-Sep-1945
English Robert 9-Feb-1945
English Robert 18-May-1945
Eno 27-Apr-1945
Eno Don 16-Nov-1945
Eno Ellis 31-Aug-1945
Enquist Robt. E. 16-Nov-1945
Enzauro Josephine 28-Sep-1945
Erb Donald 5-Oct-1945
Erickson F.H. 30-Mar-1945
Erickson Lief 20-Apr-1945
Erickson Lowell 30-Nov-1945
Ernest Charlie 23-Nov-1945
Ernst Charlie 27-Apr-1945
Ernst Charlie 29-Jun-1945
Erricson Howard 7-Sep-1945
Erricson Howard 25-May-1945
Erricson Howard 14-Sep-1945
Erricson Hod 6-Jul-1945
Erricson Howard 28-Dec-1945
Ertl Robert M. 20-Apr-1945
Ertl Harold, Mrs. 8-Jun-1945
Eslick E 19-Jan-1945
Eslick E 19-Jan-1945
Eslick Audrey 2-Mar-1945
Eslick Audrey 27-Apr-1945
Eslick Audrey 4-May-1945
Eslick E. R., Mr. & Mrs. 1-Jun-1945
Eslick Audrey 2-Nov-1945
Eslick Audrey 2-Nov-1945
Espelund Richard 6-Jul-1945
Essary Melvin 2-Feb-1945
Essary Mel 31-Aug-1945
Essery Max 9-Nov-1945
Essig Duane 7-Sep-1945
Essig T.F. 30-Mar-1945
Essig Dwayne 24-Aug-1945
Essig Dwayne 24-Aug-1945
Essig T. W. 19-Oct-1945
Essig Dwayne 19-Oct-1945
Essing Ted 14-Sep-1945
Estlund Delmar 5-Oct-1945
Estlund John 12-Jan-1945
Estlund John 2-Feb-1945
Estlund Tom 2-Feb-1945
Estlund John F. 23-Mar-1945
Estlund Bob 30-Mar-1945
Estlund Tom 27-Apr-1945
Estlund Delmar 27-Apr-1945
Estlund John F. 4-May-1945
Estlund Delmar 18-May-1945
Estlund Delmer, Pfc. 1-Jun-1945
Estlund Tommy 8-Jun-1945
Estlund Mel 29-Jun-1945
Estlund Delmar 14-Dec-1945
Estlund Delmar 31-Aug-1945
Estlund Delmer J. 23-Nov-1945
Estlund Delmer J. 7-Dec-1945
Etzel Leland 20-Jul-1945
Etzel Jr. Herman J. 14-Dec-1945
Eubanks Ruth 24-Aug-1945
Eubanks Ruth 21-Dec-1945
Evans Don 30-Mar-1945
Evans Lester 1-Apr-1945
Evans Don 23-Feb-1945
Evans Robert 16-Nov-1945
Evans Glenn 27-Jul-1945
Evans Clinton E. 12-Oct-1945
Evans Wallace 12-Oct-1945
Evans Jamesf 12-Oct-1945
Evans DuWayne 12-Oct-1945
Evenson Eugene 9-Feb-1945
Evenson Sam 6-Jul-1945
Evenson Alan 6-Jul-1945
Evenson Eugene 2-Nov-1945
Evenson Eugene 23-Nov-1945
Everhart Charles 3-Aug-1945
Ewing Marvin 26-Jan-1945
Ewing Bob 2-Feb-1945
Ewing Arnold 4-May-1945
Ewing Robert L., S1/C 8-Jun-1945
Ewing Floyd Nick 26-Oct-1945
Ewing Floyd N. 7-Dec-1945
Ewing Floyd N. 7-Dec-1945

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