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Your Letters From Home 1944 J - M

Jackowell Steve 17-Jan-1944
Jackson Earl 11-Feb-1944
Jacobson Oswald 11-Feb-1944
Jacobson Martin 27-Oct-1944
Jacobson Jr. Otto 8-Dec-1944
Jacobson, Jr Otto 25-Aug-1944
Jacox Fred 14-Jul-1944
James Willard 4-Feb-1944
James Willard W 11-Feb-1944
James Bill 3-Mar-1944
James Bill 14-Apr-1944
James Willard 22-Sep-1944
Jamieson Robert W 7-Jul-1944
Jamieson Bob 3-Nov-1944
Janssen Jr. 3-Mar-1944
Janssen Junior 31-Mar-1944
Janssen Junior 2-Jun-1944
Janssen Junior 3-Nov-1944
Janvrin Jim 29-Dec-1944
Jaroslousky Lou 15-Dec-1944
Jaroslovsky Lou 4-Aug-1944
Jarrett William 17-Jan-1944
Jarrett Bill 28-Jan-1944
Jarrett Bill 11-Feb-1944
Jebron Ray 21-Jan-1944
Jeffers Betty 29-Dec-1944
Jenison M L 18-Feb-1944
Jenk Robert 24-Nov-1944
Jenk Robert 22-Dec-1944
Jenkins Alfred 30-Jun-1944
Jennison D. E. "Slim" 29-Dec-1944
Jensen Cliff 10-Jan-1944
Jensen Lyle V 11-Feb-1944
Jensen Al 18-Feb-1944
Jensen J K 18-Feb-1944
Jensen Alfred 25-Feb-1944
Jensen Catherine G 25-Feb-1944
Jensen J K 25-Feb-1944
Jensen Orville H 25-Feb-1944
Jensen Frank 3-Mar-1944
Jensen Catherine 11-Feb-1944
Jensen Cliff 31-Mar-1944
Jensen Lyle 14-Apr-1944
Jensen Al 28-Apr-1944
Jensen Lyle 28-Apr-1944
Jensen Alfred 12-May-1944
Jensen John K 12-May-1944
Jensen Don 30-Jun-1944
Jensen Robert E 30-Jun-1944
Jensen John K 7-Jul-1944
Jensen Robert 7-Jul-1944
Jensen Jack 4-Aug-1944
Jensen Al 25-Aug-1944
Jensen Elnora 25-Aug-1944
Jensen Alfred 29-Sep-1944
Jensen Don 29-Sep-1944
Jensen Clifford O 20-Oct-1944
Jensen Cliff 27-Oct-1944
Jensen C J 3-Nov-1944
Jensen Robert 10-Nov-1944
Jensen Lavon 24-Nov-1944
Jenssen Junior 25-Feb-1944
Jessen Embert 24-Nov-1944
Jessen Embert F. "Jay" 29-Dec-1944
Jetter Orville 7-Apr-1944
Jewel Dick 14-Jul-1944
Jeys Byron D. 1-Dec-1944
Jeys Byron D. 29-Dec-1944
Jochemsen John 25-Feb-1944
Jochim Alvin H 24-Nov-1944
Jochimsen Harry P 21-Apr-1944
Jochimsen Hans 28-Jul-1944
Jochimsen Hans R 1-Sep-1944
John Harry 30-Jun-1944
Johnson Ev 10-Jan-1944
Johnson Glen 10-Jan-1944
Johnson Maurice 10-Jan-1944
Johnson Richard 10-Jan-1944
Johnson Allen E 17-Jan-1944
Johnson Carl 17-Jan-1944
Johnson Keith 17-Jan-1944
Johnson Richard 17-Jan-1944
Johnson Albert 21-Jan-1944
Johnson Don 21-Jan-1944
Johnson Lowell 21-Jan-1944
Johnson Rayford 21-Jan-1944
Johnson Marvin E 28-Jan-1944
Johnson Edgar (Mrs) 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Emfrid V 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Genevieve 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Howard 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Keith 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Melford 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Richard 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Richard K 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Robert 4-Feb-1944
Johnson Enfrid V 11-Feb-1944
Johnson Howard 11-Feb-1944
Johnson Howard B 11-Feb-1944
Johnson L E 11-Feb-1944
Johnson R E 11-Feb-1944
Johnson L E 18-Feb-1944
Johnson L E 18-Feb-1944
Johnson Art 25-Feb-1944
Johnson R A 25-Feb-1944
Johnson Ray 25-Feb-1944
Johnson Dale 3-Mar-1944
Johnson Dorothea 3-Mar-1944
Johnson Robert 3-Mar-1944
Johnson Gene 10-Mar-1944
Johnson Howard B 10-Mar-1944
Johnson Milo 10-Mar-1944
Johnson Milton J 10-Mar-1944
Johnson Roy 10-Mar-1944
Johnson Allan T 11-Feb-1944
Johnson Clyde R 11-Feb-1944
Johnson Art 24-Mar-1944
Johnson Carl 24-Mar-1944
Johnson Gene 24-Mar-1944
Johnson Gene C 24-Mar-1944
Johnson Robert 24-Mar-1944
Johnson Dorothea 31-Mar-1944
Johnson Ernest C 31-Mar-1944
Johnson H L 31-Mar-1944
Johnson Harris J 31-Mar-1944
Johnson J E T 31-Mar-1944
Johnson L E 31-Mar-1944
Johnson Art 7-Apr-1944
Johnson Enfrid V 7-Apr-1944
Johnson Roy 7-Apr-1944
Johnson Arnold 14-Apr-1944
Johnson Gene 14-Apr-1944
Johnson Ray 14-Apr-1944
Johnson Art 21-Apr-1944
Johnson Bob 21-Apr-1944
Johnson R C 21-Apr-1944
Johnson ? 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Dick A 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Evelyn 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Everette W 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Gene C 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Keith C 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Lowell 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Mildred V 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Robert E 28-Apr-1944
Johnson Don 5-May-1944
Johnson Don 5-May-1944
Johnson Howard B 5-May-1944
Johnson Angie 12-May-1944
Johnson Clarence 12-May-1944
Johnson Don 12-May-1944
Johnson Emfrid 12-May-1944
Johnson Richard A 12-May-1944
Johnson Richard A 12-May-1944
Johnson Lawrence 12-May-1944
Johnson Evelyn V 2-Jun-1944
Johnson Howard 9-Jun-1944
Johnson James H 9-Jun-1944
Johnson Beverly 30-Jun-1944
Johnson Dick 30-Jun-1944
Johnson Allan 7-Jul-1944
Johnson Richard C 7-Jul-1944
Johnson Laurel 14-Jul-1944
Johnson Marion 14-Jul-1944
Johnson Marvin 14-Jul-1944
Johnson Dean 28-Jul-1944
Johnson Lawrence 28-Jul-1944
Johnson Don 4-Aug-1944
Johnson Kermit C 4-Aug-1944
Johnson Kermit C 11-Aug-1944
Johnson Marvin E 11-Aug-1944
Johnson Robert 11-Aug-1944
Johnson Robert 11-Aug-1944
Johnson Art 18-Aug-1944
Johnson Bob 18-Aug-1944
Johnson C T 18-Aug-1944
Johnson D F 18-Aug-1944
Johnson Dale 18-Aug-1944
Johnson E V 18-Aug-1944
Johnson Eva 18-Aug-1944
Johnson Dick 25-Aug-1944
Johnson Gene 25-Aug-1944
Johnson Ray G 25-Aug-1944
Johnson Schuyler 25-Aug-1944
Johnson Vernon R 25-Aug-1944
Johnson Walter 25-Aug-1944
Johnson Col. 1-Sep-1944
Johnson Gale 1-Sep-1944
Johnson Mildred 1-Sep-1944
Johnson R E 1-Sep-1944
Johnson Robert 1-Sep-1944
Johnson Enfrid V 15-Sep-1944
Johnson Merlin A 15-Sep-1944
Johnson Richard A 29-Sep-1944
Johnson Clarence 6-Oct-1944
Johnson Robert 6-Oct-1944
Johnson Bob 20-Oct-1944
Johnson Melford 20-Oct-1944
Johnson Mary 27-Oct-1944
Johnson Milton J 27-Oct-1944
Johnson K C 3-Nov-1944
Johnson Richard A 3-Nov-1944
Johnson Vernice 3-Nov-1944
Johnson Hershel 24-Nov-1944
Johnson Donald 1-Dec-1944
Johnson Leonard R. 1-Dec-1944
Johnson R. A. 8-Dec-1944
Johnson Violet 15-Dec-1944
Johnson Richard A. 22-Dec-1944
Johnson R. E. "Bob" 22-Dec-1944
Johnson Glen H. 29-Dec-1944
Johnson Clarence T. 29-Dec-1944
Johnson Richard A. 29-Dec-1944
Johnston Gordon 10-Jan-1944
Johnston Vernon 17-Jan-1944
Johnston Paul J 21-Jan-1944
Johnston Robert 11-Feb-1944
Johnston Lowell 31-Mar-1944
Johnston Don 7-Apr-1944
Johnston Wilma 21-Apr-1944
Johnston D G "Skip" 28-Apr-1944
Johnston H A 28-Apr-1944
Johnston Robert D 28-Apr-1944
Johnston V A 28-Apr-1944
Johnston William E 28-Apr-1944
Johnston Willis T 5-May-1944
Johnston Vernon H 30-Jun-1944
Johnston Robert 14-Jul-1944
Johnston Vern H 14-Jul-1944
Johnston Vernon G 28-Jul-1944
Johnston Robert 4-Aug-1944
Johnston Richard E 18-Aug-1944
Johnston Donald W 15-Sep-1944
Johnston Gene L 29-Sep-1944
Johnston Adam 3-Nov-1944
Johnston Lowell 8-Dec-1944
Johnston Don 15-Dec-1944
Johnston William D. 22-Dec-1944
Johnston Stanley 22-Dec-1944
Joiner Charles 28-Jul-1944
Joiner Robert 28-Jul-1944
Jondle Bill 11-Feb-1944
Jondle William 10-Nov-1944
Jondle Russell 15-Dec-1944
Jones Henry 10-Jan-1944
Jones Karl L 10-Jan-1944
Jones Karl 17-Jan-1944
Jones Jack 3-Mar-1944
Jones Paul 24-Mar-1944
Jones William R 24-Mar-1944
Jones Karl 14-Apr-1944
Jones Jack H 21-Apr-1944
Jones Jack 28-Apr-1944
Jones Jack 12-May-1944
Jones Erwin 4-Aug-1944
Jones Alyce Page 11-Aug-1944
Jones Clarence 29-Sep-1944
Jones Jack 29-Sep-1944
Jones Clarence 20-Oct-1944
Jones Jack J 20-Oct-1944
Jones Paul C 10-Nov-1944
Jones Carl C 24-Nov-1944
Jones Erwin 24-Nov-1944
Jones Jack 24-Nov-1944
Jones William J 24-Nov-1944
Jones Virgil 8-Dec-1944
Jones LeRoy E. 22-Dec-1944
Jones William J. 29-Dec-1944
Jordahl Erling L 30-Jun-1944
Jordan E A 10-Jan-1944
Jordan Tommy 18-Feb-1944
Jordan Howard 10-Mar-1944
Jordan Howard 28-Apr-1944
Jordan Howard 5-May-1944
Jordan Paul 9-Jun-1944
Jordan Paul 14-Jul-1944
Jordan Paul 4-Aug-1944
Jordan Tommy 22-Dec-1944
Jordison Sara Ann 30-Jun-1944
Jordison Elbert G 7-Jul-1944
Jordison Earl 20-Oct-1944
Jordison Verle E 3-Nov-1944
Jordon Paul 8-Dec-1944
Jorgenson Harry C 2-Jun-1944
Jorgenson Charlotte 27-Oct-1944
Josephson Herb 7-Jul-1944
Joynt Robert R 30-Jun-1944
Joynt Robert (Father) 18-Aug-1944
Julander G K 4-Feb-1944
Julander G K 12-May-1944
Juliius Viola Marie 10-Nov-1944
Julius Cecil 3-Mar-1944
Julius Cecil S. 15-Dec-1944
Julius S/Sgt and Mrs. Cecil and Kay 22-Dec-1944
Jurison Faye 22-Dec-1944
Jurison Faye 29-Dec-1944
Kaderabek Earl 3-Nov-1944
Kahler Al H 31-Mar-1944
Kalahar Donald 7-Apr-1944
Kalahar Don 14-Jul-1944
Kalahar Doris 14-Jul-1944
Kalahar Harold 14-Jul-1944
Kaletka Anthony 2-Jun-1944
Kallansrud Henry 21-Apr-1944
Kallansrud Robert 28-Jul-1944
Kallansrud, Jr Carl 10-Nov-1944
Kane Bill 10-Mar-1944
Kanner Max 5-May-1944
Kaplan Phil 18-Feb-1944
Karcher James 22-Sep-1944
Karel K. Lucile 8-Dec-1944
Karstens Oscar 28-Jul-1944
Karstens Wilbur 28-Jul-1944
Karstens Oscar 3-Nov-1944
Kastendieck August 17-Jan-1944
Kastendieck August 14-Apr-1944
Kastendieck August 15-Dec-1944
Katnik Clarence 15-Sep-1944
Katzman Louie 18-Feb-1944
Katzman Louis 5-May-1944
Katzman Lewis 11-Aug-1944
Katzman Louie 18-Aug-1944
Katzman Louis 1-Sep-1944
Katzman Louis 27-Oct-1944
Kaufman John L 25-Aug-1944
Kautzky Joe 11-Feb-1944
Kautzy Joe 15-Dec-1944
Kay Karen 29-Dec-1944
Kearney Don 10-Nov-1944
Kearns Mary Evelyn 10-Jan-1944
Kearns J E (Mrs.) 25-Feb-1944
Kearns Tom 25-Feb-1944
Kearns M E 10-Mar-1944
Kearns Jack R 7-Apr-1944
Kearns M E 12-May-1944
Kearns Jack 14-Jul-1944
Kearns Mary Evelyn 20-Oct-1944
Kearns Jack 10-Nov-1944
Kearns Jack 10-Nov-1944
Kearns James Mrs. 8-Dec-1944
Kearns Mary E. 29-Dec-1944
Kearns Mary E. 29-Dec-1944
Keefe T E 4-Feb-1944
Keefe T E 6-Oct-1944
Keegan John 11-Feb-1944
Keeler Robert 10-Mar-1944
Keenan Tom 28-Apr-1944
Kehm Don 31-Mar-1944
Kehm Don 30-Jun-1944
Kehm W H 30-Jun-1944
Kehm Don 22-Sep-1944
Kehm Raymond 3-Nov-1944
Kehm Raymond W 10-Nov-1944
Kehm Raymond 24-Nov-1944
Kehoe Francis 25-Feb-1944
Kelleher D M 11-Feb-1944
Kelleher Ed 12-May-1944
Kelleher Leo 12-May-1944
Kelley Tom 17-Jan-1944
Kelley Mary Ann 11-Feb-1944
Kelley Tom 31-Mar-1944
Kelley Bob 9-Jun-1944
Kelley Tom 7-Jul-1944
Kelley Tom 15-Sep-1944
Kelley Warren 29-Dec-1944
Kelly John 17-Jan-1944
Kelly Warren 4-Feb-1944
Kelly Warren 3-Mar-1944
Kelly Warren 31-Mar-1944
Kelly Cora V 28-Apr-1944
Kelly Lawrence D 28-Apr-1944
Kelly Warren E 28-Jul-1944
Kelly Carlyle 18-Aug-1944
Kelly Ken 18-Aug-1944
Kelly Marcella 18-Aug-1944
Kelly Kenneth 15-Sep-1944
Kelly Francis P 6-Oct-1944
Kelly K 24-Nov-1944
Kelly Tom 1-Dec-1944
Kelly Warren 22-Dec-1944
Kelly Ken 14-Jul-1944
Kelly Marcella 14-Jul-1944
Kelly, Jr. James 10-Mar-1944
Kempley Jim 25-Feb-1944
Kempley James 22-Dec-1944
Kennedy Francis 18-Feb-1944
Kennedy Francis 14-Apr-1944
Kennedy Tera 9-Jun-1944
Kennedy Minnie 7-Jul-1944
Kennedy Dan 22-Sep-1944
Kennedy Al 24-Nov-1944
Kennedy William W. 8-Dec-1944
Kenyon Bruce 31-Mar-1944
Kenyon Fergus W 31-Mar-1944
Kenyon Bruce 5-May-1944
Kepler Bernadine 18-Feb-1944
Kerr Vyva C 18-Feb-1944
Kerr Vyva Cavanaugh 18-Feb-1944
Kerr Vyva Cavanaugh 28-Apr-1944
Kerr Vyva 2-Jun-1944
Kersten John 22-Dec-1944
Keyser Archie H 12-May-1944
Keyser Archie 22-Sep-1944
Kilgore Lyndon "Pete" 1-Dec-1944
Kime Dr. 24-Mar-1944
King Karl L 10-Jan-1944
King Karl L 3-Mar-1944
King Worley 5-May-1944
King Karl L 9-Jun-1944
King Karl L 15-Sep-1944
King Don 24-Nov-1944
King, Jr Karl 25-Feb-1944
King, Jr Karl 3-Mar-1944
Kinseth Elliott (Mrs.) 7-Apr-1944
Kinseth Herbert M 7-Apr-1944
Kinseth Arulen 10-Nov-1944
Kirchner John 3-Mar-1944
Kirchner John 3-Mar-1944
Kirchoff Lewis 21-Apr-1944
Kirckhof Carl H 11-Feb-1944
Kirkner Willis 24-Mar-1944
Kirkpatrick W A 28-Jul-1944
Kirsch Bud 6-Oct-1944
Kitley L H 28-Jul-1944
Kjarsgaard H J 28-Jan-1944
Klapka Ed 21-Jan-1944
Klapka Ed 27-Oct-1944
Klein Willard 28-Apr-1944
Kline Milo 17-Jan-1944
Kling Carl L 28-Jan-1944
Klinger Roscoe E 4-Feb-1944
Klinger Betty 31-Mar-1944
Klinger Duane 14-Apr-1944
Klinger Roscoe 14-Apr-1944
Klinger John 21-Apr-1944
Klinger John 14-Jul-1944
Klinger Red 14-Jul-1944
Klinger Duane 15-Sep-1944
Klinger Roscoe E 3-Nov-1944
Klinger Roscoe 10-Nov-1944
Klinger, Jr Charles 28-Jul-1944
Klinger, Jr Charles 10-Nov-1944
Klingson Nels 25-Feb-1944
Kluever H C 11-Feb-1944
Kluever H C 28-Apr-1944
Knack George 3-Mar-1944
Knack George 31-Mar-1944
Knack George 22-Sep-1944
Knack George 20-Oct-1944
Knack George 27-Oct-1944
Knack George 3-Nov-1944
Knack George 1-Dec-1944
Knapp Bob E 28-Jan-1944
Knapp Bob 11-Feb-1944
Knapp Robert E 25-Aug-1944
Knapp R E "Bob" 24-Nov-1944
Kneeland George 3-Mar-1944
Knickerbocker Neva F 4-Feb-1944
Knickerbocker Neva 12-May-1944
Knickerbocker Frances 9-Jun-1944
Knickerbocker James F 9-Jun-1944
Knickerbocker James F. 29-Dec-1944
Knierim Arnold 24-Nov-1944
Knoll J G 28-Jul-1944
Knowles Dr 28-Apr-1944
Knowles Hugh 11-Aug-1944
Knox John 30-Jun-1944
Knudson Harold 10-Mar-1944
Knudson Robert 11-Feb-1944
Knudson Guy (Mrs.) 24-Mar-1944
Knudson Bob 31-Mar-1944
Knudson Guy (Mrs.) 7-Apr-1944
Knudson Arthur Marion 7-Jul-1944
Knudson Arthur 18-Aug-1944
Knudson Edward 29-Sep-1944
Knudson Robert 3-Nov-1944
Knutson Cliff W 4-Feb-1944
Knutson Isabel 4-Feb-1944
Knutson Byron 18-Feb-1944
Knutson Charles 18-Feb-1944
Knutson Cliff W 18-Feb-1944
Knutson Isabel 25-Feb-1944
Knutson M Isabel 25-Feb-1944
Knutson Keith 3-Mar-1944
Knutson Clifton 15-Sep-1944
Knutson Clifton 20-Oct-1944
Knutson Bob 24-Nov-1944
Knutson Harold 24-Nov-1944
Koeper Amandus H 15-Sep-1944
Koeper Amandus H 10-Nov-1944
Koerner Alice 17-Jan-1944
Koerner Alice 12-May-1944
Koerner Lawrence 1-Dec-1944
Koerner Alice 1-Dec-1944
Koestner Charles F 31-Mar-1944
Koestner Charles F 22-Sep-1944
Koestner Jerry 10-Nov-1944
Kolb Ferdinand 12-May-1944
Kolesar Julius 21-Apr-1944
Kolesar Emil 28-Jul-1944
Kolesar Emil 25-Aug-1944
Kolesar Emil 15-Dec-1944
Konvalinka Charles 18-Aug-1944
Kopish Joe 28-Jul-1944
Kotlow Donald J 14-Jul-1944
Kozel Lumire S 28-Apr-1944
Krake Harold 20-Oct-1944
Kramer Verne 11-Feb-1944
Kramer, Jr. A C 14-Apr-1944
Krebs Julius Andrew 21-Apr-1944
Krebs Julius A 12-May-1944
Krebs Julius A 12-May-1944
Krebs Julius 30-Jun-1944
Krebs Julius A. 15-Dec-1944
Kreiman Allan O 28-Jul-1944
Kreiman Carl M 29-Sep-1944
Kreiman Richard C 27-Oct-1944
Kremier Shirley 28-Apr-1944
Krueger Paul H 22-Sep-1944
Krug Glen F 11-Feb-1944
Krug Glen 25-Aug-1944
Kruse Walter "Bob" 10-Jan-1944
Kruse William J 17-Jan-1944
Kruse W O 24-Mar-1944
Kruse Walter O 5-May-1944
Kruse W O 11-Aug-1944
Kruse W O 27-Oct-1944
Kruse W. C. 29-Dec-1944
Kubicek Charles 30-Jun-1944
Kudron,Jr Steve 17-Jan-1944
Kuehnast Earl 28-Apr-1944
Kuehnast Irving 28-Apr-1944
Kuehnast Irving L 12-May-1944
Kueny John 25-Feb-1944
Kueny John 28-Jul-1944
Kullberg Arleigh 28-Jan-1944
Kullberg Arleigh 31-Mar-1944
Kullberg Arleigh 12-May-1944
Kullberg Arleigh 1-Dec-1944
Kullburg Harold 14-Apr-1944
Kurtz R R 24-Mar-1944
Kurtz R R 24-Mar-1944
Kurtz Harry 7-Apr-1944
Kurtz Ruth 21-Apr-1944
Kurtz Bonnie 5-May-1944
Kurtz Bob 2-Jun-1944
Kurtz Harry 11-Aug-1944
Kurtz Bob 8-Dec-1944
Kurtz Jane 29-Dec-1944
Kusterer Ella Mae 10-Mar-1944
Kutz Bernard 18-Aug-1944
Kutz Bernard 22-Sep-1944
Lacina Bob 10-Jan-1944
Lacock R H 30-Jun-1944
Ladwig Harry J 9-Jun-1944
Ladwig Harry 25-Aug-1944
Laffer Glenn 31-Mar-1944
Laffer Glen 11-Aug-1944
Laffer Glenn L 25-Aug-1944
Laffer Glenn L 20-Oct-1944
Laffer Glenn 1-Dec-1944
Lahiff M M 25-Feb-1944
Laing Raymond 2-Jun-1944
Laird Roland 3-Mar-1944
Laird Robert E 11-Feb-1944
Laird Wayne 14-Jul-1944
Laird Wayne E 25-Aug-1944
Laird Wayne 22-Sep-1944
Laird Wayne 24-Nov-1944
Laird Wayne E. 1-Dec-1944
Laird Bob 1-Dec-1944
Laird Wayne E. 15-Dec-1944
Laird Darlene 29-Dec-1944
Lampe W O 11-Aug-1944
Lande Thomas E 28-Jan-1944
Lande Thomas E 30-Jun-1944
Landgren W "Bill" 15-Sep-1944
Lane Dick 10-Jan-1944
Lane Charles 22-Sep-1944
Lane Charlie 3-Nov-1944
Lanferman Wayne 28-Jan-1944
Lang Pete 14-Jul-1944
Lang Pete 1-Sep-1944
Lang James 10-Nov-1944
Lang James M. 8-Dec-1944
Langehaug Al 29-Dec-1944
Langer Maxine Ruth Vicki 17-Jan-1944
Langerman Verlyn 10-Jan-1944
Langerman Verlyn 11-Feb-1944
Langerman Verlyn 27-Oct-1944
Langrum John K 12-May-1944
Lanoit Bob 28-Apr-1944
Lansman Harry James 17-Jan-1944
Largent Harry 25-Feb-1944
Largent Clyde 10-Mar-1944
Largent Harry 2-Jun-1944
Largent Clyde 15-Sep-1944
Largent Harry 22-Sep-1944
Largent Harry 3-Nov-1944
Larkin Jim 11-Feb-1944
Larkin Wayne C 11-Feb-1944
Larkin W C 29-Sep-1944
Larrabee Fred 25-Feb-1944
Larsen Thelma 11-Feb-1944
Larson Earl 17-Jan-1944
Larson Clarence 21-Jan-1944
Larson Earl R 21-Jan-1944
Larson Earl 28-Jan-1944
Larson Eugene 28-Jan-1944
Larson Owen 28-Jan-1944
Larson Ed 4-Feb-1944
Larson Gordon 11-Feb-1944
Larson R C 18-Feb-1944
Larson R C 18-Feb-1944
Larson Earl R 25-Feb-1944
Larson Eddie P 25-Feb-1944
Larson Karl T 25-Feb-1944
Larson Lloyd 25-Feb-1944
Larson Lloyd 25-Feb-1944
Larson Harold 3-Mar-1944
Larson Clarence 10-Mar-1944
Larson David 10-Mar-1944
Larson L N 10-Mar-1944
Larson Richard 10-Mar-1944
Larson Robert C 10-Mar-1944
Larson Captain 24-Mar-1944
Larson Robert G 24-Mar-1944
Larson Harold T 21-Apr-1944
Larson Bob 28-Apr-1944
Larson Robert S 28-Apr-1944
Larson Jack 5-May-1944
Larson Eddie P 12-May-1944
Larson Lloyd S 12-May-1944
Larson R K 12-May-1944
Larson Robert O 12-May-1944
Larson Rolfe 12-May-1944
Larson John 2-Jun-1944
Larson J E 9-Jun-1944
Larson Glenn 30-Jun-1944
Larson Earl R 7-Jul-1944
Larson Nels 7-Jul-1944
Larson Carl 28-Jul-1944
Larson Glenn 28-Jul-1944
Larson Richard 28-Jul-1944
Larson David Alan 4-Aug-1944
Larson Ernest 4-Aug-1944
Larson John 4-Aug-1944
Larson Archie 11-Aug-1944
Larson C E 11-Aug-1944
Larson C E "Punk" 11-Aug-1944
Larson Harland L 18-Aug-1944
Larson Nels 18-Aug-1944
Larson John M 25-Aug-1944
Larson Glenn E 15-Sep-1944
Larson Rueben 15-Sep-1944
Larson Glenn 22-Sep-1944
Larson Mervin 22-Sep-1944
Larson Harry 6-Oct-1944
Larson Gordan 20-Oct-1944
Larson Archie 3-Nov-1944
Larson Earl R 10-Nov-1944
Larson J M 10-Nov-1944
Larson Richard 10-Nov-1944
Larson Don 1-Dec-1944
Larson Glenn 8-Dec-1944
Larson R. C. 8-Dec-1944
Larson Earl R. 15-Dec-1944
Larson L. L. 22-Dec-1944
Larson Mrs Harold T 21-Apr-1944
Larson, Jr Ben P 7-Apr-1944
Laska Ivan 17-Jan-1944
Laska John 3-Mar-1944
Laska John 21-Apr-1944
Laska Robert D 15-Sep-1944
Laska Julia 6-Oct-1944
Laska John P, Ivan or Robert D? 27-Oct-1944
Laska Robert D 27-Oct-1944
Laska Ivan 1-Dec-1944
Latham George 18-Feb-1944
Lauderback Orville 6-Oct-1944
Lauderdale Maude 4-Feb-1944
Laufersweiler Mary 14-Jul-1944
Laurent Leon "Bonnie" 4-Feb-1944
Laurent D V 12-May-1944
Laurent Margaret 4-Aug-1944
Laurent Margaret 1-Sep-1944
Laurent Donald V 6-Oct-1944
Laurent Margaret 1-Dec-1944
Law Edward 10-Jan-1944
Law Lucile 14-Apr-1944
Law Ed 21-Apr-1944
Law Edward 12-May-1944
Lawhorn James 11-Feb-1944
Lawler George H 11-Feb-1944
Lawler George H 12-May-1944
Lawson Bob 12-May-1944
Lawson Bob 11-Aug-1944
Lawson Bob 11-Aug-1944
Lawson Bob 11-Aug-1944
Lawson Bob 18-Aug-1944
Lawson Bob 18-Aug-1944
Lawson Stan 18-Aug-1944
Lawson Bob 27-Oct-1944
Lawson Bob 10-Nov-1944
Lawson Bob 10-Nov-1944
Lawson Beverly 24-Nov-1944
Lawson Bob 24-Nov-1944
Lawson Bob 29-Dec-1944
Lawton E H 29-Sep-1944
Lawton Eddie 8-Dec-1944
Leadley Bernard 6-Oct-1944
Leahey Frank 21-Apr-1944
Leamon Walter 28-Jul-1944
Lee Donald G 24-Mar-1944
Lee Theodore 7-Jul-1944
Lee Donald G 25-Aug-1944
Lee Herbert 25-Aug-1944
Lee Orvell 6-Oct-1944
Leese Oliver 29-Sep-1944
Leffler Kenneth 17-Jan-1944
Leffler Russel 25-Aug-1944
Leffler Bonnie 29-Sep-1944
Leffler Merrill 6-Oct-1944
Lefler Herb 3-Mar-1944
Lefler Bruce 31-Mar-1944
Lefler Bruce 14-Apr-1944
Lefler Herb 28-Apr-1944
Lefler Bruce 4-Aug-1944
Lefler Herb 4-Aug-1944
Lefler Herb 8-Dec-1944
Legg Clyde J 17-Jan-1944
Leheman Walter 11-Feb-1944
Lehman Don S 28-Jan-1944
Lehman Don S 28-Apr-1944
Lehman Walter 2-Jun-1944
Lehman Don 14-Jul-1944
Lehman Don S 15-Sep-1944
Lehman Don 24-Nov-1944
Lehman Don 29-Dec-1944
Lehmen Walter 6-Oct-1944
Lehne Walter E 14-Apr-1944
Lehne Luther 20-Oct-1944
Leiss Carl 21-Apr-1944
Leiss Mabel 21-Apr-1944
Leiss Carl 12-May-1944
Leiss Carl 9-Jun-1944
Leitch Lester 21-Jan-1944
Lennon Irene 21-Jan-1944
Lennon Catherine 14-Apr-1944
Lennon Catherine 28-Apr-1944
Lennon Leo P 4-Aug-1944
Lennon Irene 22-Dec-1944
Lentch Robert 31-Mar-1944
Lentsch Ambrose B 10-Mar-1944
Lentsch Frank 10-Mar-1944
Lentsch Thomas B 10-Mar-1944
Lentsch Rayburn 28-Apr-1944
Lentsch Rayburn J 2-Jun-1944
Lentsch Frank 28-Jul-1944
Lentsch Urban 28-Jul-1944
Lentsch Tom 15-Sep-1944
Lentsch Rayburn 22-Sep-1944
Lentsch Thomas B 20-Oct-1944
Lentsch Frank 27-Oct-1944
Lentsch Rayburn 1-Dec-1944
Lentsch James 15-Dec-1944
Lentsch Frank 22-Dec-1944
Lentsh Robert 21-Apr-1944
Lentz Robert 10-Mar-1944
Lentz Bob 25-Aug-1944
Lentzinger Harold 30-Jun-1944
Leonard Richard 3-Nov-1944
Leonard Dick 15-Dec-1944
Leutzinger Harold L 4-Aug-1944
LeValley Jack 28-Jan-1944
LeValley Bob 12-May-1944
LeValley John E 4-Aug-1944
LeValley Lee 29-Dec-1944
Levy Cecil 24-Mar-1944
Lewis Charles 25-Aug-1944
Lewis Belmy P 29-Sep-1944
Lewis Robert D 27-Oct-1944
Libbey Howard 5-May-1944
Libbey Homer B 7-Jul-1944
Licht Harold 9-Jun-1944
Licht Harold 27-Oct-1944
Likins Ross 10-Mar-1944
Liljegren Arden 11-Feb-1944
Liljegren Claudia 11-Feb-1944
Liljegren Leonard 25-Aug-1944
Liljegren M F 1-Sep-1944
Liljegren M F 24-Nov-1944
Liljegren Raymond R. 8-Dec-1944
Lillig E C 7-Jul-1944
Lillig Cliff 3-Nov-1944
Lillig Melvin 15-Dec-1944
Lind Maurie 28-Jan-1944
Lind Clyde M 10-Mar-1944
Lind Marjorie 1-Dec-1944
Lind T. P. 8-Dec-1944
Lindberg Theo 31-Mar-1944
Lindberg Ted 9-Jun-1944
Lindberg Ted 18-Aug-1944
Lindberg Tod 27-Oct-1944
Lindberg Lauree 1-Dec-1944
Linder Enfrid E 28-Apr-1944
Linder Enfrid D 12-May-1944
Linder Iver 6-Oct-1944
Lindner Orville R 14-Jul-1944
Lindner Orville R. 29-Dec-1944
Lindquist Harold 21-Jan-1944
Lindquist Harold 11-Feb-1944
Lindquist Gilbert 25-Feb-1944
Lindquist Gilbert 11-Feb-1944
Lindquist G C 24-Mar-1944
Lindquist C O 12-May-1944
Lindquist Gilbert 2-Jun-1944
Lindquist Dale 9-Jun-1944
Lindquist C O 14-Jul-1944
Lindquist Dale 4-Aug-1944
Lindquist Dale 15-Sep-1944
Lindquist Dale 22-Dec-1944
Lindsay Tom 25-Aug-1944
Lindsey D R 21-Jan-1944
Lindsey Darrell R 18-Feb-1944
Lindsey Charles 28-Jul-1944
Lindsey Darrell 28-Jul-1944
Lindsey Darrell 1-Sep-1944
Lindsted George W 31-Mar-1944
Lindstrom J E 25-Feb-1944
Lindstrom Mabel E 22-Sep-1944
Lindstrom D C 24-Nov-1944
Lindstrom Mabel 1-Dec-1944
Lingreen William 17-Jan-1944
Link Marion G 15-Sep-1944
Linn Harold 28-Jan-1944
Linn Dean F 31-Mar-1944
Linn Robert 30-Jun-1944
Linn Dean 1-Sep-1944
Linn Betty 15-Sep-1944
Little James, AMM 1/c & Mes. 29-Dec-1944
Livasy Blair 31-Mar-1944
Livasy Forest 5-May-1944
Livasy Bernard 12-May-1944
Livasy Blair 12-May-1944
Livasy Forrest 12-May-1944
Livasy Doyle J 15-Sep-1944
Livsay Doyle J. 15-Dec-1944
Lizenby E T 14-Apr-1944
Lizer Jim 11-Feb-1944
Lizer Jim 10-Mar-1944
Lizer Jim 12-May-1944
Lizer Jim 9-Jun-1944
Lizer Lt. 18-Aug-1944
Locatis Norman 24-Nov-1944
Lochner K M 12-May-1944
Locke Merle 18-Feb-1944
Locke Merle H 27-Oct-1944
Locke Harry 10-Nov-1944
Lockman James Francis 1-Dec-1944
Lockman James Francis 8-Dec-1944
Lockray R E 21-Jan-1944
Lockray Robert E 12-May-1944
Loftus Frank 12-May-1944
Loisell E. R. 22-Dec-1944
Lokken Myrtle 22-Dec-1944
Long Alva 25-Feb-1944
Long Alva 25-Feb-1944
Long James 11-Feb-1944
Long Clara 28-Apr-1944
Long Pete 2-Jun-1944
Long Alva Leo 18-Aug-1944
Long Stanley 27-Oct-1944
Long Alva Leo 24-Nov-1944
Long Alva L. Mr & Mrs. 22-Dec-1944
Long McClellan W. 22-Dec-1944
Longhenry L E 18-Feb-1944
Longstaff Jay 12-May-1944
Loomer Don 29-Sep-1944
Loomis Al 21-Jan-1944
Loomis Al 22-Dec-1944
Loots George 4-Feb-1944
Loots Gerorge L 1-Sep-1944
Loots Karl 1-Sep-1944
Loots Leo Edward 24-Nov-1944
Loots Geo 22-Dec-1944
Loth Bernard 25-Feb-1944
Loth Bernard 25-Feb-1944
Loth Bernard 14-Jul-1944
Loth Bernard 1-Sep-1944
Loth Bernard 15-Sep-1944
Loth Bernard 22-Dec-1944
Loth Bernard 29-Dec-1944
Lott Arthur W 10-Jan-1944
Lott Arnold S 18-Feb-1944
Lott Arthur W 18-Feb-1944
Lott Russell 18-Feb-1944
Lotta Dean 10-Mar-1944
Louis Joe 18-Feb-1944
Lowrey Rogert D 28-Jul-1944
Lowry Kalcie E 28-Jan-1944
Lowry June 14-Apr-1944
Lowry Wallace E 12-May-1944
Lowry Dick 12-May-1944
Lowry Beverly 7-Jul-1944
Lowry Richard M 18-Aug-1944
Lucas James 5-May-1944
Lucas Joe 14-Jul-1944
Lucas Betty 22-Sep-1944
Ludgate John 11-Aug-1944
Ludwig Harry 25-Feb-1944
Luhman Archie 1-Dec-1944
Luhmann Archie 4-Feb-1944
Lumsden John 28-Apr-1944
Lumsden Morris 12-May-1944
Lumsden Lloyd 15-Dec-1944
Lund Glenn 18-Feb-1944
Lund Glen G 15-Sep-1944
Lund Glen 15-Dec-1944
Lundberg Paul 14-Jul-1944
Lundberg Roger 6-Oct-1944
Lundberg Paul 10-Nov-1944
Lundgren Dave 10-Mar-1944
Lundgren George W 10-Mar-1944
Lundgren George 24-Mar-1944
Lundgren George W 9-Jun-1944
Lundgren Gerald 9-Jun-1944
Lundgren William 9-Jun-1944
Lundquist C J 10-Jan-1944
Lundstrom Oscar 14-Jul-1944
Lunn Robert 10-Nov-1944
Lunstrom Oscar A 24-Mar-1944
Lunstrum Oscar A 24-Mar-1944
Luthro Bob 31-Mar-1944
Luxon Arlie 7-Jul-1944
Luxon Arlie 15-Sep-1944
Lyall Merwin E 4-Aug-1944
Lybarger Beulah 28-Jan-1944
Lyders Mavis 24-Mar-1944
Lynch Mary 18-Feb-1944
Lynch J I 10-Mar-1944
Lyngstad Kirsten 21-Apr-1944
Lyngstad Kirsten 30-Jun-1944
Lynn Helen 14-Apr-1944
Lynn Dorothy 9-Jun-1944
Lyons E J 30-Jun-1944
Lyons George 1-Dec-1944
Lyons Johnny 1-Dec-1944
M H. W 22-Dec-1944
Maage Olin 14-Apr-1944
Maage Olin J 21-Apr-1944
Maage Olin 14-Jul-1944
Maage Olin J 25-Aug-1944
Maage Olin J 10-Nov-1944
Maage Oin J. 8-Dec-1944
MacDowell R H 31-Mar-1944
MacDowell R D 28-Apr-1944
MacDowell Lee H 27-Oct-1944
MacDowell Lee 24-Nov-1944
MacDowell H. R. 1-Dec-1944
MacDowell Harold 15-Dec-1944
MacDowell Robert D. 22-Dec-1944
Macek Milan C 17-Jan-1944
Macek Bob 25-Aug-1944
Machavec Gerald 25-Feb-1944
Machovac Dorn 21-Apr-1944
Machovec Dorn 17-Jan-1944
Machovec Richard 12-May-1944
Machovec Glenn 30-Jun-1944
Machovec Richard T 11-Aug-1944
Machovek Dorn 12-May-1944
Macken Carlyle 21-Apr-1944
MacKensie Ronald 28-Apr-1944
MacKenzie Ron 4-Feb-1944
MacKenzie Florence 3-Mar-1944
Mackenzie Ronnie 11-Feb-1944
MacKenzie Ron 4-Aug-1944
MacKenzie Gordon 11-Aug-1944
MacKenzie Ronald ? Lt. 27-Oct-1944
Mackey Jack 14-Apr-1944
MacMahon Joe L 10-Nov-1944
Maddox John 5-May-1944
Maddox Pearl 9-Jun-1944
Maddox Fred 30-Jun-1944
Maddox James 30-Jun-1944
Maddox John 1-Sep-1944
Maddox John 3-Nov-1944
Maddox Jr. John 1-Dec-1944
Maddox Sr. John 22-Dec-1944
Maddox, Jr John 27-Oct-1944
Madigan "Slip" 14-Apr-1944
Magennis J F 10-Jan-1944
Magennis Richard 7-Jul-1944
Maggio Paul 12-May-1944
Magnali Lawrence 14-Jul-1944
Magoon L M 12-May-1944
Magoon L M 7-Jul-1944
Magoon Lauren M. 15-Dec-1944
Magson L M 17-Jan-1944
Maguson Dwain 25-Feb-1944
Maher Charles 22-Dec-1944
Mahoney Charles 11-Feb-1944
Mahoney John 31-Mar-1944
Mahoney Charles ? 7-Jul-1944
Mahoney Francis 22-Sep-1944
Mahoney Denice 6-Oct-1944
Maier Ted 17-Jan-1944
Mailander Don 10-Mar-1944
Mailander Dick 7-Apr-1944
Mailander R J 12-May-1944
Mailander James 18-Aug-1944
Mailander Jim 24-Nov-1944
Mailander Davy 22-Dec-1944
Maitner Alberta A 3-Nov-1944
Maive Fred W 3-Nov-1944
Malady Francis 4-Aug-1944
Malcom Ferris L. 15-Dec-1944
Mallinger Robert 3-Nov-1944
Maly E W 17-Jan-1944
Maly E W 10-Mar-1944
Maly Everton W 30-Jun-1944
Manchester Capt. 18-Feb-1944
Manchester Steve 21-Apr-1944
Manchester Steve 28-Apr-1944
Manchester Capt. 14-Jul-1944
Manchester Capt. 18-Aug-1944
Manchester Archie 10-Nov-1944
Manchester Jr. Stephen 22-Dec-1944
Mangnusson Donald 12-May-1944
Manguson Charles 10-Jan-1944
Manguson Duane 10-Jan-1944
Manguson Charles R 18-Feb-1944
Manguson Charles F 7-Jul-1944
Manguson Don 25-Aug-1944
Mann Tommy 17-Jan-1944
Mann T M 12-May-1944
Mann Tom 12-May-1944
Mann Thomas 28-Jul-1944
Mann Red 24-Nov-1944
Mann Thomas 8-Dec-1944
Mar tin Paul 28-Apr-1944
March Frederick 10-Jan-1944
Marchi Bruno G 4-Feb-1944
Marchi Lt. Col. 18-Feb-1944
Marchi Lt. Col. 25-Feb-1944
Marchi Colonel 14-Apr-1944
Marchi B G 5-May-1944
Marchi Bruno G 2-Jun-1944
Marchi Bruno 9-Jun-1944
Marchi Col. 18-Aug-1944
Marchi G B (Bruno) 15-Sep-1944
Marchi Bruno 22-Sep-1944
Marchi George 6-Oct-1944
Maricle A C 21-Jan-1944
Maricle Algernon C 25-Feb-1944
Maricle Everett 18-Aug-1944
Maricle E W (police chief) 1-Sep-1944
Maricle Al 22-Sep-1944
Maricle A. C. 15-Dec-1944
Maricle Al 29-Dec-1944
Markeley Cecil C. 29-Dec-1944
Markey J R 3-Mar-1944
Markey J R 6-Oct-1944
Markey John 8-Dec-1944
Markley Cecil 17-Jan-1944
Markley Cecil 5-May-1944
Markley Cecil 1-Sep-1944
Markley Cecil 6-Oct-1944
Markley Cecil C. 15-Dec-1944
Markman 7-Apr-1944
Marquis Forrest 18-Aug-1944
Marsh Don 10-Jan-1944
Marsh Robert 17-Jan-1944
Marsh Robert 28-Jan-1944
Marsh Bob 21-Apr-1944
Marsh Bob 28-Apr-1944
Marsh Edwin Ray 12-May-1944
Marsh Bob 7-Jul-1944
Marsh Margaret 14-Jul-1944
Marsh E R 22-Sep-1944
Marsh R. E. 29-Dec-1944
Martin Gene 10-Jan-1944
Martin John 17-Jan-1944
Martin Don 11-Feb-1944
Martin Earl 3-Mar-1944
Martin Earl 3-Mar-1944
Martin Paul A 3-Mar-1944
Martin Don 31-Mar-1944
Martin John L 7-Apr-1944
Martin Ray 14-Apr-1944
Martin John L 28-Apr-1944
Martin Earl 9-Jun-1944
Martin Earl E 9-Jun-1944
Martin Ray 7-Jul-1944
Martin Don 18-Aug-1944
Martin Ray R 15-Sep-1944
Martin Earl 29-Sep-1944
Martin John 20-Oct-1944
Martindale Elmer 31-Mar-1944
Martinson Gordon 14-Apr-1944
Martinson Gordon 7-Jul-1944
Martinson Gordon 25-Aug-1944
Martinson Phil 29-Sep-1944
Marxhousen H E 3-Nov-1944
Maschino Don 6-Oct-1944
Masheen Chuck 28-Jul-1944
Mathey Don 1-Sep-1944
Mattfield Harold 25-Aug-1944
Matthys Lorraine 1-Dec-1944
Mattice C B 11-Feb-1944
Mattice Chuck 11-Feb-1944
Mattice Charles 12-May-1944
Mattice C L 11-Aug-1944
Mattice Chuck 27-Oct-1944
Mattice Duco 1-Dec-1944
Mavlin Donald 24-Mar-1944
McAlpin Philip 18-Aug-1944
McAlpin Phillips 20-Oct-1944
McBane W A "Pat" 14-Jul-1944
McBrayer Martin 24-Mar-1944
McBrayer Ivan E 12-May-1944
McBride Ray 11-Feb-1944
McBride Charles 4-Aug-1944
McBride James M 25-Aug-1944
McBride Harry 6-Oct-1944
McBride 22-Dec-1944
McCaffery Henry A 27-Oct-1944
McCahill Hughey L 7-Apr-1944
McCahill Hughey 3-Nov-1944
McCahill Hughey L. 22-Dec-1944
McCarthy C A 7-Jul-1944
McCarthy Charles A 22-Sep-1944
McCarty Cliff 17-Jan-1944
McCarville R A 10-Jan-1944
McCarville Joe D 21-Jan-1944
McCarville Joe E 21-Jan-1944
McCarville Rita 4-Feb-1944
McCarville Leonard 25-Feb-1944
McCarville Rita D 10-Mar-1944
McCarville J F 11-Feb-1944
McCarville L E 24-Mar-1944
McCarville Leonard E 24-Mar-1944
McCarville Rita 4-Aug-1944
McCarville Rita 6-Oct-1944
McCarville Paul 27-Oct-1944
McCarville R A 27-Oct-1944
McCarville Paul 10-Nov-1944
McCarville 1-Dec-1944
McCarville Clarence 15-Dec-1944
McCarville Ray 29-Dec-1944
McCauley William 17-Jan-1944
McCauley Robert 18-Feb-1944
McClune Jill 6-Oct-1944
McClure Donald A 3-Nov-1944
McClure Donald A. 15-Dec-1944
McCody Marvin 5-May-1944
McConaughy H C 22-Sep-1944
McConley Robert 29-Sep-1944
McConnell Billie 12-May-1944
McCormick Elmo 18-Feb-1944
McCormick Elma 14-Apr-1944
McCormick Elmo 21-Apr-1944
McCormick Elmo E 25-Aug-1944
McCow Marvin N 21-Apr-1944
McCoy Marvin 28-Jan-1944
McCoy Ray 28-Jan-1944
McCoy Ray A 28-Jan-1944
McCoy Marvin N 21-Apr-1944
McCoy Marvin 12-May-1944
McCoy Marvin 28-Jul-1944
McCoy Marvin 18-Aug-1944
McCoy Marvin 29-Sep-1944
McCoy Marvin 10-Nov-1944
McCoy Marvin 22-Dec-1944
McDermott E P 10-Mar-1944
McDermott Eugene 28-Jul-1944
McDermott Jim 29-Sep-1944
McDonald Paul 10-Nov-1944
McDonnell Bob 11-Feb-1944
McDonnell Leo 11-Feb-1944
McDonnell Paul 11-Feb-1944
McDonnell Paul 11-Feb-1944
McDonnell Paul 7-Apr-1944
McDonnell Paul 14-Apr-1944
McElhinney J S 18-Aug-1944
McElhinney J.S. 29-Dec-1944
McEwen Mitt 3-Mar-1944
McEwen Ronald 21-Apr-1944
McEwen "Ronnie" 2-Jun-1944
McEwen Don 2-Jun-1944
McEwen Milton E 18-Aug-1944
McEwen Don 25-Aug-1944
McEwen Don 29-Sep-1944
McEwen Ronald 22-Dec-1944
McEwen Don 29-Dec-1944
McFarland Lorell 24-Mar-1944
McFarland Lorell E 31-Mar-1944
McFarland Lorell 14-Jul-1944
McFarland Marilyn 14-Jul-1944
McFarland Marylynn 28-Jul-1944
McFarland Lorell 1-Sep-1944
McGill Walter S 28-Apr-1944
McGill W S 14-Jul-1944
McGill M S 25-Aug-1944
McGill W S 24-Nov-1944
McGill W. S. 15-Dec-1944
McGinness George A 11-Aug-1944
McGough Emmett 11-Aug-1944
McGruder Oliver 8-Dec-1944
McGuire Doran 17-Jan-1944
McGuire Ronnie 17-Jan-1944
McHenry Jack 18-Feb-1944
McHenry John F 10-Mar-1944
McHenry M E 7-Jul-1944
McIntire Vaughn 5-May-1944
McIntire Vaughn 27-Oct-1944
McIntyre H P 29-Sep-1944
McIntyre John J 20-Oct-1944
McKenna Joe 6-Oct-1944
McKenzie Ron 24-Mar-1944
McKirchey Don 18-Feb-1944
McKirchey Don 4-Aug-1944
McKirchy D J 18-Feb-1944
McKirchy Don 31-Mar-1944
McKirchy Don 4-Aug-1944
McLaughlin Don 21-Jan-1944
McLaughlin Don 12-May-1944
McLaughlin Don 18-Aug-1944
McLaughlin Don 25-Aug-1944
McLauglin Don 30-Jun-1944
McLoughlin Vic 17-Jan-1944
McLoughlin Don 24-Nov-1944
McLoughlin Don 1-Dec-1944
McLowry Robert 7-Jul-1944
McMahon Sheriff 10-Jan-1944
McMahon Jack 24-Mar-1944
McMahon Helen 12-May-1944
McMahon Eugene 2-Jun-1944
McMahon Leland 11-Aug-1944
McMahon Chuck 22-Sep-1944
McMahon John K 22-Sep-1944
McMahon Donald L 27-Oct-1944
McMahon Jr. Joe 1-Dec-1944
McMahon, Jr Joe 11-Feb-1944
McMartin C D 7-Jul-1944
McMaster H T 7-Jul-1944
McMaster Lt 4-Aug-1944
McMaster H. T. 1-Dec-1944
McMIniment Wayne 18-Feb-1944
McMiniment Wayne 4-Aug-1944
McMurray Katherine 21-Apr-1944
McNally Thomas E 14-Jul-1944
McNaughton S W 3-Mar-1944
McNaughton S W 2-Jun-1944
McNealy Bob 3-Nov-1944
McNeeley Bob 28-Apr-1944
McNeil Elaine 10-Nov-1944
McNeilly Robert 21-Jan-1944
McNeilly R D 28-Jan-1944
McNeilly James 3-Mar-1944
McNeilly J 24-Mar-1944
McNeilly Richard D 7-Apr-1944
McNeilly Richard D 28-Jul-1944
McNeilly J H 4-Aug-1944
McNeilly J H 18-Aug-1944
McNelly Bob 22-Sep-1944
McPherson J H 10-Mar-1944
McPherson Charles 5-May-1944
McPherson Charles 14-Jul-1944
McTigue Joe 10-Jan-1944
McTigue Bob 21-Jan-1944
McTigue Frank 21-Jan-1944
McTigue Peggy 21-Jan-1944
McTigue Joe 28-Jan-1944
McTigue Frank 21-Apr-1944
McTigue Frank 30-Jun-1944
McTigue Joe 4-Aug-1944
McTigue D. E. Mrs. 15-Dec-1944
McTigue Joe D. 15-Dec-1944
McTigue J. D. 29-Dec-1944
McVicker Don 8-Dec-1944
Meehan Chuck 25-Feb-1944
Meehan Raymond B 24-Mar-1944
Melco Lowell 25-Feb-1944
Meltvedt Klare 28-Apr-1944
Meltvedt K M 5-May-1944
Memphill S H 10-Jan-1944
Menefee Paul 3-Mar-1944
Menefee Paul 28-Apr-1944
Menefee Paul 9-Jun-1944
Mercer George 24-Mar-1944
Merrill Thomas 17-Jan-1944
Merrill John L 28-Jan-1944
Merrill Lawrence L 3-Mar-1944
Merrill John L 10-Mar-1944
Merrill Alva 14-Apr-1944
Merrill Lawrence 1-Sep-1944
Merrill John L 15-Sep-1944
Merrill Thomas L 15-Sep-1944
Merris Gilbert E 10-Jan-1944
Merris Gilbert E 28-Jul-1944
Merris Gilbert E 4-Aug-1944
Merryman Howard 17-Jan-1944
Merryman Richard 25-Feb-1944
Merryman Tom 25-Feb-1944
Merryman Victor 3-Mar-1944
Merryman Victor (Mrs.) 3-Mar-1944
Merryman Tom 14-Apr-1944
Merryman Howard 21-Apr-1944
Merryman Tom E 21-Apr-1944
Merryman Tom 28-Apr-1944
Merryman Tom 28-Apr-1944
Merryman V E 7-Jul-1944
Merryman Tom 28-Jul-1944
Merryman Tom 25-Aug-1944
Merryman Tom 29-Sep-1944
Merryman Tom 29-Sep-1944
Merryman V C 3-Nov-1944
Merryman V. C. 1-Dec-1944
Mershon Vivian 6-Oct-1944
Mertz Jean 21-Jan-1944
Messa Irene 30-Jun-1944
Messa Rosa 29-Sep-1944
Messerly Eugene 28-Apr-1944
Messerly Earl 5-May-1944
Messerly Floyd 5-May-1944
Messerly Julian 12-May-1944
Messerly Floyd 28-Jul-1944
Messerly Russ 1-Sep-1944
Messerly Anith 20-Oct-1944
Messerly Earl R 3-Nov-1944
Messerly R 10-Nov-1944
Messerly Melvin 24-Nov-1944
Messerly Eugene 15-Dec-1944
Messerlyt Rudd 8-Dec-1944
Messersmith James 4-Feb-1944
Messersmith Jimmy 4-Feb-1944
Messersmith James E 14-Apr-1944
Messersmith Virgil 11-Aug-1944
Metcalf John 12-May-1944
Metcalf John 4-Aug-1944
Metcalf John 29-Sep-1944
Metcalf R P 29-Sep-1944
Metcalf John A 24-Nov-1944
Metcalf Bob 15-Dec-1944
Meyer Roy F 3-Mar-1944
Meyer Roy F 3-Mar-1944
Meyer Merle 18-Aug-1944
Meyer John J 29-Sep-1944
Meyer Bob 3-Nov-1944
Meyer Paul R. 8-Dec-1944
Meyer Merle 22-Dec-1944
Meyers Francis 11-Feb-1944
Meyers Ralph J 12-May-1944
Meyers Francis 2-Jun-1944
Meyers Myrin 7-Jul-1944
Meyers Ray F 14-Jul-1944
Meyers Ralph 29-Sep-1944
Michael Bob 5-May-1944
Michael Bob 7-Jul-1944
Michael Robert B 18-Aug-1944
Michael Bob 15-Dec-1944
Michael Bob 22-Dec-1944
Michaelson "Bob" 18-Feb-1944
Michelson George 25-Feb-1944
Michelson George 4-Aug-1944
Michelson George 24-Nov-1944
Michelson Donald 1-Dec-1944
Mickelson Leonard 17-Jan-1944
Mickelson George 25-Feb-1944
Mickelson George "Bob" 11-Feb-1944
Mickelson M S 31-Mar-1944
Miles Leo R 30-Jun-1944
Millang Edwin 12-May-1944
Millea John 20-Oct-1944
Miller Frederick 17-Jan-1944
Miller Irene 17-Jan-1944
Miller Helen 28-Jan-1944
Miller Jeane 18-Feb-1944
Miller Virginia 18-Feb-1944
Miller Walter C 25-Feb-1944
Miller Frederick 3-Mar-1944
Miller John 3-Mar-1944
Miller Frederick 11-Feb-1944
Miller Irene 14-Apr-1944
Miller Fred 21-Apr-1944
Miller Charles 28-Apr-1944
Miller Frederick J 28-Apr-1944
Miller Fred J 5-May-1944
Miller Irene 5-May-1944
Miller Frederick J 12-May-1944
Miller Gilbert 2-Jun-1944
Miller Mildred 14-Jul-1944
Miller Blake E 28-Jul-1944
Miller Frederick J 28-Jul-1944
Miller Irene 18-Aug-1944
Miller Fred 25-Aug-1944
Miller Frederick J 6-Oct-1944
Miller Robert J 6-Oct-1944
Miller Mary Jane 3-Nov-1944
Miller William 3-Nov-1944
Miller Frederick J. 1-Dec-1944
Miller Mildred 22-Dec-1944
Mills E G 21-Jan-1944
Mills Teeney 18-Feb-1944
Mills Teeney 25-Feb-1944
Mills Beatrice 28-Apr-1944
Mills Ort 28-Apr-1944
Mills Harlan 14-Jul-1944
Mills Orval 28-Jul-1944
Mills Harlan 4-Aug-1944
Mills Orville 15-Sep-1944
Mills Bob 29-Sep-1944
Mills Joan R 24-Nov-1944
Mills Joan R. 8-Dec-1944
Mills Joan R. 22-Dec-1944
Mills Joan R. 22-Dec-1944
Mills Joan 29-Dec-1944
Minkel Roger 20-Oct-1944
Minkle Major 24-Mar-1944
Minkle Betty 5-May-1944
Minkle Mary Elinor 5-May-1944
Minkle Roger 2-Jun-1944
Minton David 22-Dec-1944
Mitchell Bob 4-Feb-1944
Mitchell Richard 11-Feb-1944
Mitchell John 3-Mar-1944
Mitchell Robert 10-Mar-1944
Mitchell John 7-Apr-1944
Mitchell Richard F 9-Jun-1944
Mitchell Dick 14-Jul-1944
Mitchell Merope 28-Jul-1944
Mitchell John A 4-Aug-1944
Mitchell Granger 11-Aug-1944
Mitchell Jerry 18-Aug-1944
Mitchell John H 18-Aug-1944
Mitchell Richard 18-Aug-1944
Mitchell R D 6-Oct-1944
Mitchell John 10-Nov-1944
Moburg John F 14-Jul-1944
Moburg John 28-Jul-1944
Mockett R E 9-Jun-1944
Moe Pvt. 11-Feb-1944
Moe Bob 11-Feb-1944
Moe Bob 9-Jun-1944
Moeller W H 18-Feb-1944
Moeller Art 3-Mar-1944
Moeller Willis 29-Sep-1944
Moeller Willie 22-Dec-1944
Moen Glenn 31-Mar-1944
Moen Glen 2-Jun-1944
Moen Glenn 30-Jun-1944
Moen Glenn 25-Aug-1944
Moen Harold 6-Oct-1944
Moen Glenn 22-Dec-1944
Mogensen Svend 12-May-1944
Mogensen Svend A 28-Jul-1944
Mogenson Svend 3-Mar-1944
Moline Victor 24-Nov-1944
Monahan Joe 11-Aug-1944
Monk Melville 18-Feb-1944
Monohan Joe 22-Dec-1944
Montgomery Ralph 25-Feb-1944
Montgomery Ralph T 20-Oct-1944
Moon Clifford 18-Feb-1944
Moon Edward 7-Jul-1944
Moon Edward 15-Dec-1944
Mooney Ralph 21-Jan-1944
Mooney Mrs John 21-Apr-1944
Moore Fred 10-Jan-1944
Moore Tom 28-Jan-1944
Moore Jake 11-Feb-1944
Moore Fletcher 3-Mar-1944
Moore Fred 3-Mar-1944
Moore Morris 14-Apr-1944
Moore R P 5-May-1944
Moore J A 2-Jun-1944
Moore Tom S 2-Jun-1944
Moore Tom 9-Jun-1944
Moore Tom 7-Jul-1944
Moore Kathlyn 14-Jul-1944
Moore Chet 4-Aug-1944
Moore Fred 4-Aug-1944
Moore John J 18-Aug-1944
Moore Chester 1-Sep-1944
Moore Chester 1-Sep-1944
Moore Jack 29-Sep-1944
Moore Florence J 20-Oct-1944
Moore Max 8-Dec-1944
Moore M. W. 22-Dec-1944
Moore Robert E. 29-Dec-1944
Moorman Henry 31-Mar-1944
Morandi Richard A 11-Feb-1944
Morandi Richard A 28-Apr-1944
Morandi Richard A 15-Sep-1944
Morandi Richard 6-Oct-1944
Morandi Richard A 20-Oct-1944
Moreland Ken 28-Jan-1944
Moreland Red 28-Jan-1944
Moreland C E 11-Feb-1944
Moreland C E "Red" 11-Feb-1944
Moreland C E 18-Feb-1944
Moreland C E "Red" 18-Feb-1944
Moreland Kenny 18-Feb-1944
Moreland Ken 11-Feb-1944
Moreland Ed 31-Mar-1944
Moreland Ken 21-Apr-1944
Moreland Kenneth 2-Jun-1944
Moreland Marv 9-Jun-1944
Moreland C E "Red" 1-Sep-1944
Moreland Clarence E "Red" 6-Oct-1944
Moreland M. L. 15-Dec-1944
Morf Louis 14-Jul-1944
Morf Louis 18-Aug-1944
Morgan Gene 21-Jan-1944
Morgan George C 24-Mar-1944
Morgan Tom 25-Aug-1944
Morganson Vernon 4-Feb-1944
Morman Henry D 3-Mar-1944
Morner Marvene 22-Sep-1944
Morris Dale 22-Sep-1944
Morris Gilbert E. 15-Dec-1944
Morrow John E 17-Jan-1944
Morrow John E 28-Jan-1944
Morrow Bob 10-Mar-1944
Morrow John 10-Mar-1944
Morrow William 10-Mar-1944
Morrow Bob 7-Jul-1944
Morrow John 24-Nov-1944
Morrow Mary 24-Nov-1944
Morrow Mary 8-Dec-1944
Mortilloro Louis 17-Jan-1944
Mosher Richard 18-Feb-1944
Mount Marvin 22-Sep-1944
Mozena LaVerne 31-Mar-1944
Mueller Otto 24-Mar-1944
Mueller Otto 18-Aug-1944
Mueller Otto 29-Sep-1944
Mueller Sylvester 27-Oct-1944
Mueller, Jr Henry G 20-Oct-1944
Muench Kenneth 11-Aug-1944
Muenster William 28-Jan-1944
Muenster Bill 3-Mar-1944
Muenster William 28-Apr-1944
Muenster Bill 14-Jul-1944
Muenster William H 28-Jul-1944
Muhl Robert 25-Feb-1944
Muhl Fred 11-Feb-1944
Muhl Robert 31-Mar-1944
Muhl Dick 21-Apr-1944
Muhl Bob 29-Sep-1944
Muhl Dick 29-Sep-1944
Muhl Robert 6-Oct-1944
Muhl Ford 3-Nov-1944
Muhl Dick 24-Nov-1944
Muhl Dick 1-Dec-1944
Muhl Dick 15-Dec-1944
Muir Eugene 28-Apr-1944
Mulholland John 10-Jan-1944
Mulholland Robert D 12-May-1944
Mulholland John V 7-Jul-1944
Mulholland Robert 6-Oct-1944
Mulholland John B 20-Oct-1944
Mulinix Vernon 1-Sep-1944
Mullen Francis 28-Jan-1944
Mulroney Will 10-Jan-1944
Mulroney John E 21-Jan-1944
Mulroney Richard J 5-May-1944
Mulroney John E 12-May-1944
Mulroney M V "Bill" 12-May-1944
Mulroney Bill 7-Jul-1944
Mulroney John 11-Aug-1944
Mulroney John 29-Sep-1944
Mulroney Richard 20-Oct-1944
Mulroney R. J. 1-Dec-1944
Mundt Paul H 12-May-1944
Mundt Paul H 9-Jun-1944
Mundt Paul H. 8-Dec-1944
Mundt Paul 15-Dec-1944
Munn Dorothy 18-Feb-1944
Munn Jerry 24-Nov-1944
Munn R. W. 8-Dec-1944
Murphy D J 10-Jan-1944
Murphy Frank 4-Feb-1944
Murphy Earl 25-Feb-1944
Murphy Earl L 25-Feb-1944
Murphy Frank 25-Feb-1944
Murphy Earl 10-Mar-1944
Murphy D J 24-Mar-1944
Murphy Frank 28-Apr-1944
Murphy Earl 9-Jun-1944
Murphy Frank 22-Sep-1944
Murphy Mary Frances 27-Oct-1944
Murphy Frank 8-Dec-1944
Murphy Florence 15-Dec-1944
Musselman Lloyd 25-Feb-1944
Musselman Glen E 2-Jun-1944
Muterspaw Frank 29-Sep-1944
Muterspaw Frank 6-Oct-1944
Muterspaw Frank 24-Nov-1944
Muterspaw Frank 1-Dec-1944

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