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Golden Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Stanek

Fort Dodge Messenger November 1934


Among the Guests at the Party Given for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stanek on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary Was Mrs. Stanek's Father.

To be present at his daughter's golden wedding was the unusual experience of Joseph Roth, 94 who shared honors with his daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stanek, when they celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Rose Machovec last Sunday. All were in excellent health and spirits enjoying the day to the full, the reunion of friends and relatives and reminiscing over old times.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanek are sixty-nine and sixty-seven years respectively. They were born in Yuba, Wis., coming to Iowa many years ago. They were married in Fort Dodge, Nov. 17, 1884 and lived on a farm south of the city for twenty-nine years. Four children were born to this union, Mrs. Rose Machovec, Mrs. Henry Machovec, Mrs. J. E. Urban and F. C. Stanek who recently passed away. Since 1913 Mr. and Mrs. Stanek have lived in Fort Dodge.

Saturday, Nov. 16, Mr. and Mrs. Stanek were presented with a shower of cards from old friends and relatives which they enjoyed very much and put them in a fine mood for the big celebration Sunday. The relatives came early Sunday morning with well laden picnic baskets. The house had been cleverly decorated with yellow chrysanthemums and an elaborate two tier wedding cake centered the dining table and was much admired as a decoration as well as a delicious dessert. It was the work of Mrs. Joseph Pliner.


Following dinner a short program was given by the grandchildren; "Greetings" by Russell Machovec in Bohemian was much enjoyed. There were readings and dedications by Agnes Stanek and Virginia Machovec and a group of songs by Alice, Alvina, Agnes and Lester Stanek, Richard Machovec, Virginia Machovec and C. F. Hotz completed the program. Mr. and Mrs. Stanek were presented with several lovely gifts, among them a photograph album containing pictures of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Five generations are no novelty in this family for as Mr. and Mrs. Stanek have eight grandchildren, three great grandchildren so Mrs. Stanek's father, Mr. Roth has three great-great grandchildren.


Among those present at the party Sunday were Frank and Wencel Stanek, brothers of Mr. Stanek. His two sisters were unable to attend. Of Mrs. Stanek's eight sisters, four were present, Mrs. Tena Shourek, Mrs. Frank Hayek, Mrs. Frank Kopesky, Mrs. Joseph Pliney (as written) (should be Pliner). Others present were Mrs. Rose Machovec and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Urban, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Machovec, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stanek and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Machovec and family, Thomas Stanek, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hotz and family and George Yetmar.

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