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Marriage Records

from one page of

Corpus Christi Church 1885-1886

These Records are very difficult to read and I have done my best in deciphering them.  I have put astericks in words where I cannot make out the letters.  Hopefully this will help someone. - Thank you, Karen

Nov 23d 1885 Alexander Graves + Mary C Mobloy
Wts:Geo H. McDonald + Mary E Graves
Nov 25th 1885 John M. Mulroney + Hanna E. Byrn.
Wts: Patk Byrn*s + Johanna Rial
Nov 25th 1885 William A. Van Eps + Sarah E. Dougherty
Wts: Emmet Dougherty + Frances Van Eps
Dec 20th 1885 Daniel Tarrant + Ellen Murphy
Wts: James Flemins + Mrs. Ellen Murphy
Jan 25th 1886 Albert Novak + Eva Fiblek
Wts: Martin Novak + Eva La*a
Feb 11th 1886 John Bailey + Phache Catherine Jones
Wts: Daniel Gaffey + Mary Londregan
Feb 22d 1886 George Kelly + Minnie Burke
Wts: John Lalley + Nellie Burke
Feb 23d 1886 James Kempley + Mary A Fo*arty
Wts:  James Cou*hlan + Ma**ie V. S*ffin
Feb 28th1886 Joseph Hudson + Emma Cath Jeutz
Wts: John Doyle + Eva Haire
March 1st 1886 Michael Joseph Haire + Carrie E Weidmayer
Wts: Tho* C. Haire + Nellie J. Burke
March 2d 1886 Matthias Brabbits + Cath M. Wesley
Wts:  Otto Klap*a + Nettie Wesley

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