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Westview Cemetery in Kirkville, Richland Twp., Wapello Co. IA


Entering the front gate on the east driving west, there is a reddish stone to the left of the drive.   

James P. Forsyth

D 11 March 1905

Aged 58 yrs

Minnie M. Forsyth     

B 22 Feb 1867

D 24 Feb 1963 which would make her 96 y 2 d


About 6 rows further west is a tall stone beside the road on the left

James Forsyth



Sarah Perry

Wife of J. Forsyth


On the left side is



On the back or west side it states “the First Link”

Charles K.

Son of J & S Forsyth



About 2 rows west same side a small tall stone

Willie E.

Son of J T & MC Forsyth

Died 20 May 1874

Aged 2y 6m 15d


Near the center of the cemetery on the right side by a cedar tree is several Forsyth stones.

R. G. W.   1850-1926

Bianca C.  1856-1918


NE of this stone is another Forsyth

Benjamin O.  1874-1921

Eva J., his wife  1874-1968

Straight west of R.G. W. Forsyth’s stone are more.



Maxine                                    Raymond

6 Mar 1908                              26 Oct 1907

20 Sept 1984               5 June 1947



The next stone west is a Sauer.  Could it be her brother or a 1st husband?

John F. Sauer              Baby

15 April 1897              Steven M.

17 Feb 1988                            12 Sept 1952


Straight west across the driveway are 2 more Forsyth stones.




Clystia                                     Elsie

1880-1931                                           1890-1939

Were they sisters?  Or 1st and 2nd wives?



Mother                                    Father

Bernice M.                              William J. B.

1908-1991                               1896-1970

They were married Nov 30, 1928


Back toward the front gate and NE of Funk, Thompson, Pelham stones is a tall stone w/3 deaths recorded.


John Forsyth b 1788-1853

Elizabeth, his wife  b 1790-1873

Emma C. 1860-1862


Near the north side midway is a Cook stone.

Isaac 1854-1929

Mary 1854-1929

Odd both born same yr and died same???


Roy J. Cook                            Mary J. Cook

28 April 1879              18 Dec 1853

17 Jan 1934                             31 Mar 1927


ABERNATHY stone is Westview Cemetery at Kirkville, Richland Twp., Wapello Co. IA



Ted R.                         Ethel F.                       Rosalea

1900-1977                   1894-1972                   1930-1948


Frank               Myrtle

16 Mar 1880    31 Dec 1885

27 July 1914    28 Dec 1969



Sarah A.      1859-1937

James M.         1852-1945      


Cylinder stone beside the above Paul son of JM & S

                                                            B 14 July 1898

                                                            D 24 Mar 1907

                        Funk stones

Toward the southwest corner of the cemetery on the drive curve is a large stone with 3 stones to the east and 4 stones beside it.


Laura L.                      James M.                     Clarence R.

1893-1978                   1885-1950                   1911-1917




W. Franklin                 Olaf F.             Father                          Mother

1897-1916                   son of J H &                William S.                   Ellen M.

                                    Mary Rickert   1855-1924                   1858-1928

                                    Jan 7-12, 1918


Anna Bell Funk

Wife of J.D. Funk       dau of G & SJ? Not sure of the initial


B 25 Jan 1886

Aged 31y 2m 6d        




Henry Funk



Wife of Henry Funk

31 May 18 __

1 Feb 1898



Elisha Funk

D 28 Feb 1893

Aged 67y 10m 3d


Farewell my wife and children all,

From you a father Christ doth call.


His wife is on the left side.  Couldn’t read will check the photo.


These next 4 are on the north side midway.

Orval F. Funk

6 Apr 1886-15 Feb 1920


Grace Marie, his wife

2 Aug 1887-15 1920



Thomas T. Funk

30 May 1856

28 Feb 1931


Jennie, his wife

12 Mar 1860

25 Feb 1920        Of these last 4, 3 died within 10 days of each other.

                                    Was there a flu or epidemic at that time?




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