Town Schools - Wapello County, Iowa

~ The Courier, Ottumwa, Iowa, July 3, 1940

Instructors...Ottumwa ISD

Edith C. Hinsey Jack Snyder
Mary E. Liewelyn Mildred Thompson
Cleveland Dayton Martha Berry
V. W. Hahn Garena Holman
Waldo E. Scott Ellen Kelter
C. Donnan Fiester Grace Reynolds
Walter D. Baker Gayle Edwards
Meta Kroeger Alice Fiedler
Lenora Osterhus Eugene Lister
Belle Mingus Bertha Poling
Anita Kalis Statia Feehan
Maxine Woolums Beryl Horn
Jennie Marrinan Maisy Johnston
Elvita Peterson Flo Moore
J. F. Van Antwerp Ruth Ray
E. W. Tiede Julia Reardon
Don Newell Frances Maiers
W. A. Rozeboom Edna Flamme
C. E. Alton Ella Randel
L. Z. Crozier Esther Schorr
Adolph Johnson Helen Smith
C. N. Johnson Beatrice Workman
Glenn Osborne Bonita Garland
C. L. Page Josie Empie
Wayne E. Silcox Elizabeth Burgess
Paul Troeger Grace Findlay
Lawrence Hamley Hazel Beutel
E. J. Kaltenbach Elsie Finerty
A. F. Tallman Flora Galey
Marvin Webert Lela Peck
Paul S. Bixxell Anne L. Pierce
I. Leslie Bollman Ellen Ullrich
Lois King Esther Enger
Selma Aas Iris Eliason
Clara Enoch Lucy Hannum
Edna Huston Opal Smith
Ola Huston Ruth Hawkinson
Rose Miller Clara Allen
Florence Borrusch Fay Ogden
Elizabeth Davis Helen Barnes
Irene Gallanar Lillian Lyon
Clare Kasisechke Mae Slater
Agnes Kittleson Florence Walker
Teresa Nye Anna M. Wilson
Ocea Rawlings Allenna Lunt
Marie Schiek Dorothy Schneider
LaRue Soweres Velma Duncan
Elizabeth Ver Huel Drylet Pence
Kathryn Brady Verna Anderson
Esther Jamison Glen James
Elma Vacha Olive Parsons
Audren Farrar Gladys Myers
Bertha Stover Agnes Arganbright
Esther Stranahan Gerald A. Joines
Catherine Vinton Nina Camery
Florence Fast Dorothy Currier
Esther Compton Mary Glenn
Isabel Creswell Ruth Roth
Florence Daniels Ina Rowlette
Ernestine Davidson Alta Yearous
Charlotte Miller Florence Halfhill
Lois Ochs Cecelia Newquist
Mabel Taylor Kathryn Hickey
Irene Mason Helen Melvin
Ida Rosenman Delia Stender
Laura Nanes Ida Schwartz
O. W. Fauber  
E. N. Schroeder  
Mary Lou Brady  
Betty Keyhoe  
Henrietta Seymour  
Hazel Baker  
Florence Light  
Eloise Loomis  
Maud Norris  
Margaret Spears  
Coral Stephens  
Betty Waters  
Gertrude Woodrich  
Pearl Tout  
Paul A. Johnson  
Nelly M. Baker  
Eulolia Doller  
Marjorie Holley  
Winifred Lodwick  
Julia Mahoney  
Edith Stout  
Alice Dunning  
Ada Johnson  
Emma Fiedler  

~*~*~ Source: Courier, Ottumwa, Iowa, Wednesday, July 3, 1940

Transcribed & submitted by Linda Ziemann, Sep 2020 **Spelling Disclaimer....the names were transcribed as they were written in the News article. The Instructors were not in alphabetical order, but listed randomly.



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