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Ottumwa CemeteryOttumwa Cemetery's original 10 acre plot and the four key structures that create its dramatic entrance are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The receiving vault, wrought iron fence, Edgerly Gateway, and office/chapel are set in a magnificent arboretum housing trees and shrubs planted throughout the city's history.

The Ottumwa Cemetery was established in 1857 after outgrowing the town's original cemetery which was located nearer to downtown. The cemetery's current boundaries are North Court Street on the west side, Vanness Avenue on the north, Jefferson Street on the east, and Park Avenue on the south. Ottumwa Cemetery's original 10 acres was laid out in grids of lots on the hillsides with meandering roads.


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 Edgerly Gate Entrance        Image     |     PDF

 LakeView                           Image     |     PDF

 Colonial Gardens                Image     |     PDF

 ParkView                            Image     |     PDF

 North Court Monument       Image     |     PDF

 Corner Van Ness                Image     |     PDF

 Center 12                            Image     |     PDF

 Fairview                              Image     |     PDF

 Woodlands                         Image     |     PDF




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A very special Thank you to Paul French for the newly designed and completed mappings, along with the missing data this Cemetery transcription was in need of.

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