"Records of Agency United Methodist Church"



Officer                                                  Office Held                                                          Resigned

David S Farnsworth                            class leader                                                           10-1873

Robert C HIxson                                   trustee                                               appointed 8-22-1874


Class No 4- David S Farnsworth, Leader, meets @ Agency City, PM

David S Farnsworth                            Married                                                                  in town, northeast

India A Farnsworth                             M                                                                            in town,   "

Robert Hixson                                      M                                                                            "        "         "

Nancy Hixson                                      M                                                                               "        "                "


Agency City Class No. 1- Erastus T Sage, Leader, meets @ Agency City, 3 PM

David S Farnsworth                            Married                                                                  near the depot

India A Farnsworth                             M                                                                            near the depot

Robert Hixson                                      M                                                                            Main St, N side

Nancy Hixson                                      M                                                                            Main St, N side


Probations Record-

Elvari Stout                                           M                                                            10/ /1875 Recv'd in full connection

Mary Stout                                           M                                                                     "              "               "            


Alphabetical Record of members in full connection

Cain, Melissa                                        Single                                     6/1/1873 by letter OP Light Class 1Agency

Farnsworth, David S                           M                                            transferred form the old record, Class 4,1

Farnsworth, India A                            M                                                   "                   "                              "

Hixson, Rbt C                                      M                                               "                 "                    "                    "

Hixson, Nancy                                     M                                                            "                    "                  "




Chas Hixon Baptised 6-20-1886

Charles Downard Hixson, B. 10-17-1897, (son of  above Chas)Bapt 8-28-1898, @ Ashland Church by Thos Osborne


Robt C Hixson b. MO

Hattie Whitacre b. OH  Married 11-25-1896




Robt C Hixson, and Hattie W members

Funerals, 10-7-1914, Mrs Foulke, 79