Taylor County, Iowa - Will Book B 1896 - 1908
Akey, William, page 240, of Washington Twp, Taylor County; wife Sidney E.; son Guy R.; dau Edna C. Hamblin; written 15 Sep 1887; probated 2 Apr 1896
Allen, Sanders, page 291, of Bedford, sister Ruth T. Allen, sons Aurthur W. Allen, Charles F. Allen and Anson B. Allen11 Dec 1898, probated 14 Dec 1898
Anderson, Benjamine, page 295, of New Market, 72 yrs old, wife Harriett, children - Millie Brooks, James Anderson, William Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Annie May Pullen, Legered Anderson, Annie Whitted, George Anderson, 24 Jan 1899, probated 25 Apr 1899
Anderson, C.J., page 316, wife Eliza Anderson, children, William Howard, James Harrison, Frank Hays, Margaret Jane Ferguson, Cyrus Everett, Fred Mead, granddau Gladys Anderson, 7 Jun 1899, probated 12 Dec 1899
Armstrong, Walter, of Lenox, page 361, dau Nellie Carey, son Charles Armstrong, son John Armstrong, dau Bessie Armstrong, 17 Mar 1903; probated 7 Dec 1903
Babson, Emeline, of Blockton, page 478, dau Mrs Dora E. Fuller, son Burton P. Babson, 30 Jul 1907; probated 19 Sep 1907
Ballou, Marietta, page 408, husband George Ballou, to Anna Brown, Lillie Brown and Lewis Brown, children of Adna and Bertha Brown in equal shares one third to each, 15 Dec 1904; probated 8 Apr 1905
Barnett, Dayton, page 285, wife Sarah Barnett, excluded from estate my son E.M. Barnett, my dau Mrs Folie B. Miller, 8 Oct 1897, probated 24 Jun 1898.
Beard, Hiram C., page 294, son Lawrence E. Beard, son Freeman P. Beard, Mar 20, 1893, probated 31 Jan 1899
Beck, Vivian, page 231, wife Sarah Beck; 12 May 1892; probated 2 Jan 1896
Bennett, Joseph, page 383, of Platte twp, 48yrs old, wife Ellen Bennett, 7 Apr 1884; probated 10 Aug 1904
Black, William B., page 359, of Lenox, unnamed wife, heirs of John L. Black deceased, heirs of Ramson B. Black deceased, son Alvin F. Black, Rena Homan, Mina Davis and Hattie Fees my daughters, 18 May 1898; probated 31 Oct 1903
Blanc, Jacob F., page 468, 34 yrs old, sister Sarah C. Elliott, brother Frank B. Blanc of Wetmore, Ks, 19 Jul 1907; probated 16 Dec 1907
Borg, Augusta F., page 475, husband Andrew P. Borg, 10 Jul 1893; probated 24 Feb 1908
Bowen, Samuel F., page 376, of Bedford, 66 yrs old, wife Virginia Bowen, 13 Nov 1903, probated 1 Apr 1904
Boyer, John, page 278, personal property to Spencer S. Boyer, Mary L. Perkins, Lizi Ackley, Bell Z. Safley, Luella Hills and her heirs, John D. Boyer., 19 Nov 1897, probated 27 Jan 1898
Bradley, Delaney, of Clayton Twp, page 360, 81yrs old, wife Rebecca Ann Bradley, son G.M. Bradley, 22 Jul 1899; probated 25 Nov 1903
Bramble, Sarah, page 254, of New Market, dau Ester Bramble, son George Bramble, son James S. Bramble, son Alexander Braamble, son Charles Bramble, son John Bramble, 3 Sep 1895. Probated 16 Dec 1896
Brassfield, Jonathan, page 448, of Peoria, Illinois, granddau Minnie Getzs, grandchild Silas Brassfield, grandchild John More son of my deceased dau Lizzie, son James Austin Brassfield, son Austin G. Brassfield, grandchild Thomas Harris, Isabella Ford and Susie Harris and heirs of Mary A. Harris, deceased; dau Nancy H., 5 Mar 1886; probated 16 Apr 1907 Peoria County, Illinois
Brown, Andrew, page 299, wife Margaret Brown, son George L. Brown, son Charles E. Brown, 23 Mar 1899, probated 27 Sep 1899
Brown, Isaac H. Senior, page 271, wife Margaret Brown, children Isaac H. Brown Junior, Howard C. Brown, Thomas W. Brown, Francis Marion Brown, Matilda Susan Brown, Amelia E. Widner and Charles E. Brown. Portion for Amelia E. Widner shall be for her use only and not her husband A.L. Widner. 19 Jan 1895. Probated 22 Feb 1898
Carlisle, John, page 244; of Nodaway Township, Taylor County, 72yrs old, wife Eliza Carlisle; son Alfred; dau Julia E. Moats wife of Harlan J. Moats; dau Lucy E. Walker wife of Calvin W. Walker, dau Emma Dennis wife of W.A. Dennis, son John W. Carlisle ; dau Mary E. Eastman deceased wife of Charles E. Eastman; written 1896; probated 15 Aug 1896
Carter, Sarah, page 346, children, Albert Carter, Sylvester Carter, Isaac Carter, Robert Carter, dau Ida Campbell, dau Minerva Jenkins 21 Jun 1902, probated 30 Jul 1902
Chavey, Catharine, page 345, of Bedford, dau Catharine Bummershine, dau Louise Chavey, dau Jennie Chamberlain, dau Addie Chavey, dau Sophia Chavey, at this time the residence of my dau Julia and dau Ellen are unknown to me, 27 Apr 1897, probated 19 Mar 1902,
Chitty, Peter, page 328, of Washington Twp, 8 Jan 1901, wife Mary Ann Chitty, children Joseph C. Chitty, William A. Chitty, John W. Chitty, Frank Chitty; probated 1 Feb 1901
Church, J.S., page 404, of Conway, dau Mrs C.A. Thompson, grandson G.A. Holland, grandson C.B. Holland, grandson J.F. Thompson, granddau Pearl Thompson, wife Sarah E. Church, dau Ruth L. Church, heirs of dau Mrs Susanah D. Holland now deceased, 16 Mar 1903, probated 16 May 1905
Clark, John, page 493, of Bedford, dau Mary E. Allen, 23 Nov 1906, probated 27 Oct 1908
Clevenger, John R.B., page 395, wife Nancy Cleavenger, unnamed children; 26 Sep 1890; probated 31 Jan 1905
Cobb, Geo. page 474, of Hopkins, Nodaway County, Missouri, wife E.B. Cobb, son H.B. Cobb, grandchildren Ruth Hopple and Dwight Hopple, 7 Aug 1903; probated 8 Apr 1908
Cochran, Thomas W., page 391, son Thomas A. Cochran, dau Margaret A. Richie, dau Margaret A. Richie, dau Sarah E. Becherer, son Henry A. Cochran, 25 Nov 1899; probated 25 Apr 1905
Collins, John, page 257, wife Elgevah Collins, unnamed children. Son Frank Collins. 23 Apr 1894. Probated 16 Feb 1897
Cook, Cyrus O., page 356, dau Martha Peck, son Ray D. Cook, wife Erispa Cook, property in Nebraska and Iowa, 9 Feb 1896, probated 30 May 1903
Cook, Thomas J., page 484, wife Mary F. Cook, no children, 27 May 1891, probated 23 Jul 1908
Cooper, James Albert, page 435, 47yrs old of Grant Twp, wife Margaret I. Cooper, dau Mrs Bessie May Rood, son Joseph Edwin Cooper, brother John R. Cooper, 26 Jul 1906; probated 29 Oct 1906
Cox, John, page 410, wife Hannah Cox, 24 Jan 1891; probated 11 May 1905
Cullings, George, page 363, of Platte Twp, wife Juliett A. Cullings, unnamed children; 15 Dec 1883; probated 8 Dec 1903
Davis, Levi, of Dallas Twp, page 340, granddau Mae Herring of Gravity, grandson Roy Herring of Gravity, wife Eloise, children E.A. Davis and Daisy O. Davis of Hemett, Calif, 9 Sep 1901, probated 2 Dec 1901
Dawson, John, page 418, of Ross Twp, wife Melinda E. Dawson, 30 Dec 1880; probated 2 Jan 1906
Denton, Francis H., page 354, wife Matilda Jane Denton, son Cleo Francis Denton, 11 Mar 1903; probated 25 Mar 1903
Draney, J.M., page 433, of Lenox, wife Ella Draney, probated 14 Nov 1906
Dunbar, J.M., page 339, of Lenox, wife Mary Olive Dunbar, son Edger Clyde Dunbar age 17, dau Beulah Bell Dunbar 15, Berdie E. Dunbar 13, son Loyed T. Dunbar 10, 3 Oct 1901; probated 13 Dec 1901
Dunkin, Reuben Henry, page 263, of Gravity, wife Amanda Dunkin, children - Ulysses G. Dunkin, Benjamin F. Dunkin, Abraham L. Dunkin, Frederick R. Dunkin, Nettie Jane Posten formerly Nettie Jane Dunkin Mattie L. Jones formerly Mattie L. Dunkin, Mary Amanda Beemer formerly Mary Amanda Cram [step-daughter]. To following children one dollar - John H. Dunkin, Rufus T. Dunkin, Charles E. Dunkin, Lorenzo D. Dunkin. 8 Mar 1897. Probated 8 Apr 1897
Dunn, Jeremiah, page 318, of Nodaway Twp, wife Irene R. Dunn, children, Alice May Goudie, Minnie Jane Dunn, Martha Delilah Slack, Holly F.I. Dunn, Frank Bird Dunn, Ross Lloyd Dunn, Delbert Milo Dunn, 7 Mar 1900; porbated 14 Apr 1900
Dunning, Anna M., page 442, 24 Oct 1901, of Bedford, dau Mary Edith Dunning, dau Mildred W. Dunning, son Dr M.B. Dunning, probated 14 Jan 1907
Dutton, Laura A., page 472, son Ira Benton Dutton, dau Effa Adell Dutton and Nettie Ceona Dutton, 2 Jun 1903; probated ?
Earnest, A., page 428, 30 Jun 1906, wife Hanna Earnest, probated 18 Aug 1906

Eberle, John, page 351, wife unnamed [Catherine?], children Paul Eberle, Mary Eberle, John Eberle formerly John Schnauder my adopted son, 5 Jul 1901, probated 6 Jan 1903

Edwards, Carrie A., page 320, dau Georgia Anna Morgan, dau Alta Irene Morgan, 8 Aug 1899 at Lenox, Ia; probated 8 Jun 1900
Elliott, James H., page 483, Prairie City, Iowa Mar 1908, children J.W. Elliott, Mary Ann Kitchen, Amanda Wallace, Isabel Griffin, R.E. Elliott, Etty May Marrow, Emm Ellen Scot, Martha Moodys estate which shall be equally divided between W.H. West Frank and Ed Moody, and to Ella Walker [?], $125 to build a rest house in Ladoga Cemetery, signed 10 Aug 1908 at York, Nebr; probated 17 Aug 1908,
Elliott, James, page 447, 79 yrs old, Washington twp, wife Florinda Elliott, dau Sarah Anne Crissip, son Mark M. Elliott, son William Aaron Elliott, son James Ralph Elliott, Mary Jane Elliott adopted dau of Mark M. and Sarah C. Elliott, grandchildren, Florinda Elizabeth, Fannie Jane, William Lee Crissip, granddau Pheobe Florinda Elliott, 27 Nov 1906; probated 16 Mar 1907
Evans, David, page 422, of Lenox, wife Sarah M. Evans, son Benjamin Grant Evans, 18 Dec 1891; probated 29 Jan 1906
Evans, John, page 314, of Bedford, wife Hannah M. Evans, 15 Feb 1893 and 26 Feb 1895, probated 13 Dec 1899
Farrell, Joshua, of New Market, page 311, wife Amy, children, Benjamin F. Farrell, Ella Dale Davison, Elizabeth Jane Thompson, Nancy Mell Snodgrass, William Benner Farrell, Mary Rosetta Laury, Eva Ethel Farrell, probated 24 Nov 1899
Featherby, Mary O., page 273, of Clayton Township, children Roy G. Featherby, Paul E. Featherby and Hazel Featherby, husband Andrew J. Featherby, 8 Jan 1898; Probated 15 Jan 1898
Finn, Richard D., page 305, wife Mary Ann, son Patrick, James, Richard William and Ambrose, dau Lizzie, son Frank, Thos Edward & George, 9 Aug 1899, probated 18 Aug 1899
Forrester, William L., page 296, Corporal of Co H Camp of 22nd U.S. Infantry, Tampa, Fla, 2 Jun 1898, estate to Miss Josie A. Parkins of Clearfield, Taylor County, Iowa; please notify the following persons - Mrs Carrie Hurst, 1413 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, Ind; Eugene Forrester, 24 Marshell St, Elyria, Colorado; Herman Smith, 34-36 So Meridian St, Indianapolis, Ind; probated 25 Apr 1899
Freeman, F.L., page 382, wife Ada Freeman, if wife dies estate to Nettie Lavery; 11 Nov 1902; probated 6 Jun 1904
Freeman, Samuel C., page 481, of Gravity, sons William James Freeman, Samuel William Freeman, Valentine Wilson Freeman, Lee Bird Freeman, Frank Leasure Freeman, Benjamin Campbell Freeman, daus Martha Jane Johnson, Caroline Keasling, Emma Farnham, Armitta Hoskins, Hattie Raff, 16 Dec 1902; if son Frank Leasure Freeman dies his share to his wife Ader Freeman, 18 Apr 1904, probated 31 Mar 1908
Fry, Henry, page 337, wife Elizabeth Fry, children Charles W. Fry of Hopkins, Mo, David M. Fry, Mary J. Wall, Margaret Hibbs, George M. Fry, Sarah E. Roudybush, Susan M. Taylor, Ida May Zarbaugh, 2 Nov 1901, probated 8 Nov 1901
Fulton, Sarah, page 313, husband David, son William Fulton, son David Edgar Fulton, dau Margaret Wells, dau Mary Jolly, dau Martha Jane Kent, granddau Cora Hohn, dau Ada Fulton, 21 Mar 1899, probated 24 Nov 1899
Gilpin, Leonidas A., page 369, 85yr old, children: Alfred L. Gilpin of Henry, Marshall co, Ill, Margaret J. Marshall, widow, of Clearfield, Iowa, Emily Hamilton wife of M.M. Hamilton of Clearfield, Iowa, Alice C. Clark wife of J.J. Clark of Clearfield, Susie Lockwood wife of C.C. Lockwood of Clearfield, 7 Sep 1903; probated 7 Mar 1904
Green, M.W., page 470, of Clearfield, about 62 yrs old, wife L.E. Green, son R.G. Green, sons Henry and Frank Green, 25 Mar 1907; probated 21 Oct 1907
Greenlee, H.U., page 431, 61yrs old, wife Mary, 9 Jun 1904, probated 13 Sep 1906
Gunderman, Loranz, page 318, written at "Leonard, Holt Twp"; 64yrs old, wife Dora, son Henry, son John, dau Elizabeth Marshall, son William, dau Hannah Peterson, dau Minnie Heaton, 28 Jun 1893, probated 15 May 1900
Guss, Elizabeth A., page 371, son William H. Guss, dau Nettie E. Guss, 6 grandchildren, Fred H. Tanner, Fank D. Tanner, Maud F. Dennis, Grace E. Guss, Alta F. Guss and Irl F. Guss, 24 Jul 1903; probated 7 Mar 1904
Haley, P.H., page 265, resident of Lenox, Iowa, 22 Apr 1897, wife Clara, mother Ellen Haley, probated 11 May 1897.
Hall, Jane, page 387, 26 Feb 1897, son Charles B. Atkin, dau Lucy Miller, dau Liza Hartman, son Thomas Frederick Atkin, son Miles Atkin, dau Jame Miller, son George B. Atkin, probated 9 Nov 1904
Hall, Sarah C., page 349, of Lenox, 27 Feb 1896, children Lucinda J. Isaacs, Thomas F. Hall, Elizabeth N. Howie, Laura M. Scoffield, Emery W.E. Hall, probated 10 May 1902
Hamilton, David, page 323, of Mason Twp, son James M. Hamilton, dau Sarah M. Willis, dau Huldah J. Hamilton, son Samuel D. Hamilton, son Samuel d. Hamilton, 6 May 1895, probated 11 Aug 1900
Haskins, Sarah, page 460, of Clearfield, 88 yrs old, son George Haskins, dau Ruma Smith, son Harvey Haskins, granddau Nora Moon, 14 Oct 1904; probated 7 Sep 1907
Helm, Byrum, page 446, wife Sarah A. Helm, 29 Jul 1896, probated 16 Feb 1907
Henderson, Martha J., page 437, of Washington Twp, dau Ora D. Henderson, son Thomas F. Henderson, son N.R. Henderson, son W.A. Henderson, son James M. Henderson, dau Lucinda J. Bell, dau Anna S. Strain, dau Martha E. Welch, heirs of dau Agnes I. Livingston, husband William J. Henderson [deceased?], 13 Dec 1904, probated 20 May 1905
Henderson, W.T., page 332, to Maggie Lightel, Willie Wallace my nephew, to Lizzie Henderson, to Mrs Mary Page, to Tomy Henderson, to Maggie Overmire, to my brother James Henderson, my brother Milt Henderson, 27 Mar 1899, probated 6 Apr 1901
Herring, John S., page 242; of Holt Twp, Taylor County; wife Mary J. Herring; son Levi Herring, son John F. Herring, son Douglass W. Herring, dau Alice W. Norris, dau Fannie W. Herring, dau Maud I. Herring, dau Lillian J. Herring; to the heirs of son William W. Herring deceased, dau Amanda Q. Parker, son Elotes A. Herring, dau Sarah J. Maynard; written 8 Apr 1893; probated 29 Sep 1896
Hill, Joan, of Conway, page 333, property to H.P. Jaqua to hold for neice Josie Verles Armstrong until 21 yrs of age, if Josie dies then to her brother and sisters. 5 Jun 1900; probated 20 Jun 1901
Holland, Miles H., page 357, wife Hannah Dale Holland, dau Mary Berton Jackson, son George M. Holland, dau Ina L. Holland, 3 Sep 1902; probated 13 Jun 1903
Hoover, Benjamin B., page 424, wife Mary Ann Hoover, dau Mrs Wm. W. Bailie, dau Melissa Hoover, dau Mrs Samuel Fiester of Washington D.C., son Dan Hoover, dau Ella Hoover of Santa Monica, Cal., dau Zelda Hoover, 20 Nov 1902; probated 8 Feb 1906
Hoover, John, of Bedford, Taylor Co, half-sister Christina Amelia Mix and her descendants Daniel Hoover, Benjamin Bolster Hoover, Mary Jane Kemery and James Peruier Mix. 6 Dec 1897. Probated 15 Dec 1897.
Hornback, Ellis M., page 373, sister Carrie Hornback now residing at Greenview, Ill, wife Huldah Hornback, 10 Jun 1903; probated 25 Mar 1904
Hutchinson, Isaac, page 461, of Bedford, 71 yrs old, wife Samantha Hutchinson, children John A. Hutchinson, I.B. Hutchinson, Mary Horseman, Anna McFarland, Martha Clayton, Rebecca Horseman, 21 Aug 1907, probated 9 Sep 1907
Hyde, W.W., page 388, of Bedford, wife Isabella Hyde, dau Minnie Hyde, dau Iva Hyde, 12 Jun 1900; probated 28 Dec 1904
Jackson, Henry H., page 336, grandson Walter Jackson, granddau Mary M. Jackson, son Chas F. Jackson, Mary F. Cade widow of James L. Jackson, 25 Feb 1892, probated 19 Sep 1901
Jamison, S.R., page 233, wife M.D. Jamison; written Nov 16, 1895; probated Feb 26, 1896
Jeffrey, John, page 427, wife Margerett Jeffrey, dau Ida McClure, dau Alfraetta Smith nee Alfraetta Jeffrey, [no date], probated 15 Aug 1906
Johnson, Adam M., page 456, 48 yrs old, sister Jennie Johnson, nephew Charles Wineinger, brother Eli F. Johnson, 15 Feb 1902; probated 15 Jul 1907
Jones, Henry W., page 441, children Loretta Bell Hancock, Charles C. Jones, Anetta Hoover, Lillie M. Derickson, John A. Jones, 30 May 1900, probated will of Henry W. Jones of Crooke County, Wyoming 15 Feb 1907
Jones, John C., page 455, 62 yrs old, of Bedford, wife Sarah E. Jones, 15 May 1907; probated 15 Jun 1907
Journey, A.N., page 315, 7 Dec 1899, wife Mary E. Journey, probated 23 Feb 1900
Keasling, Jacob, of Gravity, page 321, wife Nancy Keasling, son John W. Keasling, son James R. Keasling, grandchildren Drury May Burge and Cleo Burge, 8 Jun 1900; probated 13 Jun 1900
Kendrick, Elizabeth B., page 352, of Nodaway Twp, 74yr, son Tunis R. Kendrick, son John S. Kendrick, dau Louisa A. Neely, son William W. Kendrick, son Samuel L. Kendrick, shares of dau Louisa A. Neely and son William Kendrick now deceased a portion of their shares shall be expended for a tombstone for each of them, 21 Mar 1898; probated 13 Jan 1903
King, Catherine, page 452, of Gay Twp, dau Allie Ewart, grandchild Jesse Snyder, son Cleve S. King, 17 Jun 1896, probated 16 Apr 1907
Kirkpatrick, Ruth, page 292, of Conway, dau Mrs Minerva Ellen Gregory, dau Mrs Franc Armstrong, dau Mrs Joan Hill, 3 Oct 1896, probated 13 Jan 1899
Knott, John, page 476, of Grove Twp, wife Clarinda Knott, children William Knott, Annie Boyden, Carrie Aram, Minnie Boyer, grandsons Bertie Knott and Charley Knott sons of William Knott, probated 7 Apr 1908
Laird, John, page 241; of Gravity; sons Jesse Laird, Thomas Laird and William Laird and daus Margaret L. Laird now Margaret L. Harris, Sarah Laird now Sarah Cox and Jane Laird now Jane Barton; son Jesse Laird to be responsible for furnish suitable monuments of himself and wife; written 23 Sep 1895; probated 28 Jul 1896
Laird, Martha, page 365, of Bedford, widow, tombstone for myself, deceased husband and deceased son W.H. Laird, grandau Beulah, Pearl and Helen Laird daus of O.D. Laird, silver water service to Mrs Ella Laird, dau Mrs Ollie Neff, son Oliver Laird, son Winfield Scott Laird, son Jesse Laird, son O.D. Laird; 1/6 to dau Ollie Neff, 1/6 to dau Mary Ann Agee, 1/6 to son Jesse Laird, 1/6 to son Oliver Laird, 1/6 to O.D. Laird, 1/6 to grandchildren Lulu Propst, Loren Laird, Roy Laird and Martha Baldwin children of deceased son David Laird, 4 Jan 1902; probated 24 Dec 1903
Laird, Wm. H., page 329, mother Martha Laird of Bedford, probated 18 Mar 1901
Lang, George W., page 358, wife Maggie Lang, and to May Bell Sage who has been in all respects a loving daughter to us; 18 May 1903; probated 5 Aug 1903
Layne, Lindsey A., page 385, 14 Nov 1900, wife Sarah L. Layne, son Forest D., heirs Frank T. Layne, Emma C. Blaney, Luna B. Campbell, Forest D. Layne; probated 8 Sep 1904
Lewis, Harley A. [female wife of L.N.], page 457, dau Una Lewis, other children Ella Faith, F.N. Lewis, Anna Igou, 1 Mar 1904; probated 3 Aug 1907
Lewis, Mary J., page 372, 2 Feb 1899, to Mrs Clara Evans, Mrs E.A. McCracken and Mrs Amanda l. Evans land in Meed County, Kentucky being the undivided estate of my brother David R. Vanmeter deceased; other children unnamed; probated 16 Mar 1904
Lindsey, Hugh M., page 275, wife Elizabeth J. Lindsey, one third to be equally divided between Mary F. Walker, Samuel H. Lindsey, Dora B. Lindsey, Kittie M. Lindsey, Alber E. Lindsey and Leonard L. Lindsey, and the remaining two thirds to be equally divided between the above named children and Charles M. Lindsey, Margarett E. Groutman, Ann A. Morgan and Adaline C. Fry. 29 Feb 1887; probated 22 Mar 1898
Long, Joshua W., page 335, wife Julia S. Long, unnamed children, 17 Nov 1898; probated 9 Oct 1901
Lynch, Seneca, page 325, of Bedford, son E.S. Lynch, wife Margaret Lynch, 1 Apr 1899, probated 13 Sep 1900
Maloney, Mary, page 350, of Scott County, Iowa, to Father James Ryan Catholic priest $150, to St Anns Church at Long Grove, Scott Co, Iowa $50 for upkeep of cemetery, son John J. Maloney, dau Bridget Meagher, son Patrick Maloney, son James Maloney, son Thomas F. Maloney, 23 Aug 1897; probated 12 Nov 1902
Marmaduke, Addison H., page 249; of Jefferson Twp, Taylor County; wife Alice H. Marmaduke; written 27 Jul 1896; probated 29 Sep 1896
Mason, James, page 489, of New Market, wife Margaret H. Mason, 1/8 to dau Belle Moser, Oberlin, Ks, son R.A. Mason of New Market, Iowa, son Albert L. Mason of Spokane, Wash, dau Mont Beal of Wenatchee, Wash, dau Zone Burdett, Mallott, Wash, son James H. Mason of Clarinda, Iowa, dau M. Druce Traynor of Notch Hill, B.C., 1/8 share to grandchildren Bruce C. Mason and Phyllus R. Mason children of my deceased child Elroy C. Mason, 12 May 1908, probated 1 Jul 1908
Matzen, P.J., page 332, 17 Dec 1899, wife Mary Matzen, 6 unnamed children, probated 3 Apr 1901
McCahan, James, page 353, of Lenox, wife Nancy Elizabeth McCahan, granddau Edna Clementine McCahan, dau Nancy Elizabeth Stahl, son John A. McCahan, son Robert N. McCahan, 17 Jun 1899; probated 17 Mar 1903
McConnell, Rebecca, page 378, of Adams County, Iowa, 42 yrs old, husband Thomas A. McConnell, 3 Mar 1882; probated 12 May 1904
McCorkle, George B., page 406, brother Sanford H. McCorkle, wife Lulu B. McCorkle, dau Helen B. McCorkle, 2 May 1905, probated 18 May 1905
McCormick, Francis M., page 473, 56yr old, wife Annie L. McCormick, 30 Jul 1903, probated ?
McDowell, John, page 346, wife Mrs McDowell, 18 Mar 1902, probated 3 Apr 1902
McLaury, G.C., page 492, wife Mary E. McLaury, sons J.T. McLaury and R.R. McLaury, G.F. McLaury, dau Mrs Minnie Wilson wife of E.T. Wilson, 4 Nov 1907; probated 27 Oct 1908
McMaster, John C., page 341, 72y old, wife Sarah A. McMaster, son Harmon H. McMaster, son Jerome McMaster, son Wm. D. McMaster, son Noble McMaster, son Abram McMaster, son Charles McMaster, dau Mary Beauchamp, dau Martha E. George, son Amos McMaster, son J. Archibald McMaster, dau Dora McMaster, son George McMaster, dau Alta McMaster, dau Sarah McMaster, son Arthur McMaster. and the child Russell F. Train who lives with us be treated as a family member; 11 Jun 1900; probated 17 Mar 1902
Meagher, Bridget J., page 379, of Lenox, dau Mary, son William, William's daughter Iolene, 17 Feb 1903; probated 13 May 1904
Meikle, Agnes R., page 300, son John Meikle, oldest dau Jane, dau Agnes Meikle, dau Margaret Meikle, husband Robert Meikle, Jun 1896. probated 17 May 1899
Meikle, Robert, page 300, wife Agnes Meikle died Aug 1896, children John, Agnes, Margaret, Jane.10 Apr 1899. codicil says $400 to sister Barbara Campbell, probated 10 Jul 1899
Mercer, Clarinda, page 485, 7 Jan 1898 Lenox, Iowa, dau-in-law Hannah I. Mercer, dau Ella J. Rhodenbaugh, son William Mercer, sons Eugene Mercer, Oscar Mercer, and William Mercer, probated 16 Jul 1908
Michel, Ludwig, page 283, five dollars to the Orphans Home of the Evangelical Church at Flat Rock, Ohio; balance of estate to beloved niece Christina Warner nee Christina Struck, 25 Aug 1897, probated 13 Jun 1898
Miller, Agnes, page 325, dau Lewya A. Weaver, dau Matilda E. Pace, bureau to Mily Comfort Thompson of Clarinda, Iowa, dau Martha Atwood, son William Carmichael, dau Nancy Thompson deceased, son Andrew T. Carmichael, dau Matilda E. Pace, 11 Aug 1900, probated 1 Oct 1900
Miller, Elizabeth, page 434, of Athlestan, 6 children Julia I. Patterson, Mary A. Willett, Clarinda E. Dodge, Enus D. Miller, Dewitt L. Miller, Edith R. Miller, and one dollar to Porter C. Miller, 2 Nov 1898, probated 25 Oct 1906
Mitchell, Hugh, Sr, page 466, wife Catharine, son James, son Hugh, daus Mary and Elizabeth, 23 Sep 1907, probated 1 Oct 1907
Mix, Eli, page 287, dau Aldora Blunt already has share, Rosina Talbott $10, children of Flora Sturm to wit Harburt E. Sturm, Bessie Twillinger, Wilbur Sturm $10 each, to children of Alzina Bodde to wit L.E. Bodde, Inez M. Cade, and Elizabeth Hunt $10 each, wife Melinda Mix, , 19 Mar 1898, probated 23 Jul 1898
Moon, John, wife Martha Moon, dau Sarah Dowlin, grandchildren Bruce Dowlin and Grace Dowlin, dau Martha McClure, dau Fannie Mincks, son William Moon of Utah and granddaughter Martha Moon of Utah, 18 Jan 1896. Probated 10th Nov 1897
Moore, William A., page 445, of Ames, Woods County, Oklahoma and Clearfield, Iowa, wife Mary Jane Moore, 6 Mar 1907; probated 3 Apr 1907
Morgan, Clarissa, page 298, give to my children each one dollar except William Henry Morgan who gets the remainder of my estate. 19 May 1891. Probated 27 Sep 1899
Morris, Miles, page 459, of Gravity, no date, wife Margaret Morris, sons Charles Morris and Edward Dale Morris, probated 19 Aug 1907
Muckey, Jasper, page 443, 9 Sep 1904, wife Emma Muckey, probated 9 Apr 1907
Osborn, J.H., page 430, wife Mary E. Osborn, 16 Feb 1898; probated 31 Mar 1906
Oxley, Ethen Irving, page 306, wife Asenath Elnora Oxley, 18 Dec 1891; probated 27 Jun 1899
Pace, Daniel R., page 234; wife Martha A. Pace; son Wm. H. Pace, Ed Pace, John Pace, Tine Pace wife of my son Daniel R. Pace, son Lue Pace, dau Sarrah Morgan, dau Rebecca Damewood, Mary Simpsons, heirs of Dorinda Damewood, Surepta Pace wife of Richard Pace, Harriett A. Pace wife of my son William H. Pace, George M. Pace; 15 Dec 1895; probated 28 Apr 1896
Palmer, Jerry K., page 363, wife Eliza Jane Palmer, dau Annie Andrews, dau Mary Stephens, son Fred Palmer, 24 Sep 1902; probated 16 Dec 1903
Parmenter, K.K., page 473, son Orland Parmenter, wife Mrs A.P. Parmenter, dau Mrs Cora Ellen Johnson, dau Mrs Sarah E. Spears, dau Mrs Katy Cannon, 1 Dec 1906; probated ?
Parsons, Lydia C., page 330, of New Market, husband John L. Parson, nephew Jimmy Miller, to George R. Parsons and his son Charlie and dau Nettie and Minnie; to Jay M. Parsons and his son Willie and daus Stella and Grace; to Mary Helen Wallace and her children; sister Mrs W.S. Fuller; 3 Oct 1900; probated 16 May 1901
Patterson, C.N., page 377, of Guss, Mar 29, 1904, 5 unnamed children; wife Ellen; probated 22 Apr 1904
Pegg, John, page 416, children William Pegg, Thomas Pegg, John Pegg, Elizibeth Burrell, Anna Donaldson, wife Francis Pegg, 4 Jul 1903; probated 23 Oct 1905
Perdew, Hiram S., page 375, wife Elizabeth Perdew, children Emanuel W. Perdew, Albert L. Perdew, Scott Perdew, Mary Ann Fuller, Nancy E. Stevens, 17 Feb 1902, probated 30 Mar 1904
Perkins, Charles A., page 307, 68yrs old, wife M.A. Perkins, dau Edna Cobb, son C.F. Perkins, dau Hattie Bishop, 20 Apr 1899; probated 21 Oct 1899
Perry, Harriet E., page 409, of Platte Twp, $150 for tombstone of late husband W.H. Perry and like amount for myself, brothers George and Frank [Salisbury], household goods to Sophie L. Salisbury, other property to Sullivan A. Salisbury, 16 Nov 1904; probated 15 Apr 1905
Perry, Harriet E., page 440, of Platte Twp, 63 yrs old, tombstone for late husband W.H. Perry and myself, brothers George and Frank [Salsbury], other goods to Sophia L. Salsbury and Sullivan A. Salsbury, 16 Nov 1904, probated 15 Apr 1905
Pierce, Alden, page 279, of Dallas Twp, wife Almira J. Pierce, son William A. Pierce, son Elmer D. Pierce, 20 Jan 1893. Probated 3 Feb 1898
Poe, John H., page 491, of Blockton, to father Alexander Poe and mother Elizabeth Poe, wife , children Lloyd M. Poe and Leota Poe, 21 Apr 1908; probated 14 Jul 1908
Price, Perry, page 320, wife Mary E. Price, dau Elizabeth F., ten other children, 16 Jan 1900; probated 8 Jun 1900
Quinn, Bridgett, page 368, of Lenox, son Charles Quinn, son Frank Quinn, son John Quinn, son James Quinn, dau Mary Haley, dau Catherine Kelly, son Thomas W. Quinn, 12 Oct 1903; probated 5 Feb 1904
Rasher, Charles, page 367, 12 Jan 1904, wife Lena, children Sarah Chitty, Lottie Chitty, Dora Rasher, Maggie Rasher, Minnie Rasher, Fred Rasher, Charles Rasher, Willie, Rasher, Anna Rasher, probated 9 Feb 1904
Ratcliff, Charles, wife Kate E. Ratcliff, dau Edith Ratcliff, 30 Mar 1900, probated 25 Aug 1900
Raynor, T.P., page 309, 45yrs old, wife Sarah E. Raynor, 8 Aug 1899, probated 6 Dec 1899
Reeve, D.C., page 396, of Dallas Twp, 61yrs old, son Milton H. Reeve, children Charles E. Reeve, John J. Reeve, Agnes Nina Lauger, 31 Jan 1905; probated 4 Mar 1905
Riley, Hemburn, page 394, of Gravity, wife Eleanor, 16 Feb 1905, probated 24 Feb 1905
Robbins, Ephraim, page 290, of Clearfield, 68yr old, wife Nancy, unnamed children, 25 May 1896, probated 19 Sep 1898
Robbins, Norman A., page 260, of Bedford, Taylor County, dau Clara, dau Emma, son Elmerwife Harriet P. Robbins,10 Mar 1893. Probated 29 Sep 1897
Rogers, Jerome B., of Gravity, Taylor County, wife Almira Rogers, dau Emily Maud Rogers, 15 Feb 1897. Probated 9 Mar 1897
Rogers, Robert, page 399, of Lenox, wife Mary Jane Rogers, sons Charles W. Rogers and Homer E. Rogers, Amintha Jane Long, Martha Malinda Clark, 31 Oct 1902 at Corning, Adams Co, probated 16 May 1905
Roush, Mary E., page 423, 17 Jan 1905, of town of Buchanan [Siam], husband Henry H. Roush, son Albert B. Roush, other children; probated 29 Jan 1906
Runyan, Thomas B., page 398, of Lenox, son Thomas H. Runyan, dau Belle M. Runyan, dau Sarah N. Warner, dau Anna M. Barnes 13 Jan 1903; probated 28 Mar 1905
Russell, William H., page 392, wife Elizabeth, dau Anna A. Russell, son Henry K. Russell, son Henry K. Russell, dau Berthy Russell, dau Iowa M. Russell, 20 May 1904; probated 17 Jan 1905
Ryan, P.D., page 310, wife Margaret Ryan, 16 Aug 1899, porbated 9 Oct 1899
Salen, Robert J., page 469, 62 yrs old, wife Jane Salen, unnamed children; 24 Jun 1907; probated 23 Sep 1907
Schneiter, Anton, page 261, of Taylor County, wife Christian, dau Mrs Mary Fannie Sebille, dau Amelia Stoner, dau Elizabeth Haun, dau Barbaria Cordell, son Charles Schneiter, son Edward M. Schneiter, 30 Jun 1897; probated 6 Jul 1897
Smalley, Sarah S., page 403, son Thomas W. Smalley, son Noah W. Smalley, dau Hettie V. Widner, granddau Effie Hays dau of my deceased dau Sarah J. Barnes, grandson George C. Barnes son of my deceased dau Sarah J. Barnes, 22 Aug 1904; probated 11 May 1905
Smith, James F., page 444, of Grant Twp, about 70 yrs old, dau Ida Bridgewater, son Albert L. Smith, son Henry C. Smith, dau Ella Fitch, dau Estella Aldridge, dau Belle Morey, dau Lidae Flint, son George B. Smith, son L.D. Smith, wife Ruma or Reima Smith, 7 Nov 1906; probated 14 Mar 1907
Stafford, Jane, of Clearfield, page 347, son Bruce Stafford, son Frank Stafford, dau Mrs Jennie Clayton, dau Mrs Ida Joss, dau Mrs Eliza Lacey formerly Eliza Stafford, husband S.J. Stafford, 5 May 1902; probated 9 Jul 1902
Standley, Joseph R., page 453, of Bedford, son Joseph Perry Standley, dau Ida May Terrill, 10 May 1906; probated 30 Apr 1907
Stearns, G.A., page 467, of Gravity, estate to A. and Louisa Million of Gravity; no date, probated 15 Aug 1907
Stephens, Edward C., page 463, children Elizabeth C. Rose, Sarah J. Bedell, James A. Stephens, Josiah W. Stephens, Joseph F. Stephens, Richard L. Stephens, Thomas V. Stephens, 21 Jan 1902, probated 17 Sep 1907
Stephens, Emeline, page 381, of Polk Twp; dau Emma R. Patch, dau Nettie S. Mackey, tombstone for dau Orilla Sleep deceased, children John M. Sleep, James F. Sleep, Albert J. Sleep, Edwin V. Stephens, George W. Stephens, Emma R. Patch, Nettie S. Mackey, Vernie G. Stephens, 17 Nov 1903; probated 21 May 1904
Stephens, James, page 276, to Vinson Stephens 50 dollars, one third of estate to Sarah Malisa Rhoads of Nicholas Station, Iowa, one third to Jane Kyle of Audubon, Iowa and one third to orphan children of my son John Stephens deceased. 13 Feb 1898; probated 9 Mar 1898
Straight, Mary, page 253, of Jackson Twp, Taylor County, estate equally to unnamed children. 22 Oct 1888. Probated 7 Jan 1897
Streebin, Christian, page 477, 59yr old, son Carl F. Streebin, son John Jacob Streebin, dau Mary Longfellow, 14 Oct 1904, probated 16 Mar 1908
Strevey, Rosana, page 432, dau Mrs Emma Kindig, son Frank Strevey, other third to Daniel Strevey, probated 1 Nov 1906
Swaim, John R., page 247; wife Emily J. Swaim; daus Cora and Ethel Swaim; son Huston J. Swaim to have land given to me by my father Levi Swaim; son Howard Swaim; dau Mary Swaim; dau Ella Swaim to have my interest in the estate of Enoch Beauchamp; son Floyd Swaim; son Glenn Swaim; written 18 Jun 1895; probated 29 Sep 1896
Swearingen, Matilda D., page 464, dau Sarah E. Conser, dau Anna N. Wilmoth, dau Rebecca H. Ramsay, grandchildren George Groff and Nellie C. Groff heirs of deceased dau Malissa A. Groff, grandchild Glenn Calhoun heir of deceased dau Ruth F. Calhoun, grandchild Helen McCorkle heir of deceased dau Minnie M. McCorkle, son William C. Swearingen, son Richard S. Swearingen, 26 Feb 1902; probated 19 Sep 1907
Taylor, Sarah J., page 327, dau Bertha May Taylor, dau Adney Maud Taylor, dau Mary Hays, son William F. Taylor, dau Bessie I. Taylor, son James W. Taylor, 21 Aug 1900; probated 12 Mar 1901
Tedford, Mary E., page 410, 20 May 1905 Lenox, Iowa, father John M. Bell, sister Nancy Jane Wright, brother James Bell, nephews Elmer Dennis and Elsworth Wright, probated 27 Jul 1905
Thompson, J.M., page 419, wife M.M. Thompson, dau Mary H. Thompson, son Laurence Thompson, adopted son C.M. Thompson, 7 May 1904; probated 9 Jan 1906
Tinder, Charles, page 465, dau Mildred I. Tinder, dau Mary N. Barnes, wife Cynthia Ann Tinder, 4 Sep 1906; probated 16 May 1907
Trowbridge, Luther P., page 256, sister Lucy S. Leavett, sister Electa P. Stratton, 20 Aug 1895, probated 6 Feb 1897
Turner, Catharine, page 236; of Bedford; dau Cora E. Turner; granddaughter Carrie R. Thomas wife of William Thomas and daughter of my beloved son George P. Turner, deceased; daughters Mahala J. Bray, Martha C. Nicholson wife of Charles S. Nicholson and Cora E. Turner, son William J. Turner; probated Mar 16, 1896
Underwood, Richard J., page 411, wife Sarah Underwood, sons H.W. Underwood, Charles L. Underwood and J.J. Underwood; 29 Apr 1905; probated 29 Aug 1905
Vanalstine, Charles, page 304, wife Mary J. Vanalstine, dau Nancy Andrew, son Peter A. Vanalstine, son Edward Vanalstine, son Thomas H. Vanalstine, son Lewis H. Vanalstine, dau Emma Wilson, dau Dora Lee, dauHattie E. Whitecotton, 22 May 1899 probated 26 Jun 1899
Walker, Nancy, page 472, 1 Feb 1908 Lenox, son Frank Walker, grandsons Harry Walker and Ote Walker, I also give and bequeath the sum of One Hundred Dollars for the erection of a monument at the grave of my cousin Elmer R. Platz with the following inscription thereon "Erected to the memory of Elmer R. Platz by Nancy Walker," $100 to Mrs Nancy Nelson, I give and bequeath to my aunt Julia Platz my gold watch and chain, and to my sister-in-law, Jennie Platz, all of my wearing apparel., sister-in-law Jennie Platz, husband William F. Walker; probated ?
Weaver, Sydnie E., page 486, 65 yrs old, to be buried in Ohio Cemetery at Newton, Hamilton County, Ohio on which my uncle and aunt are buried, to Lulu Weaver Avery of Chicago, brother Isaac E. Edwards, Wm. G. Langdon stepson, brother John W. Edwards and his wife Selma Edwards, sister Emma F. Rice, sister Rachael E. Weaver, sis-in-law Christine Edwards, niece Grace Weaver Patterson, niece Jessie Wharton, grand niece Mary Wharton, grand niece, Francis Wharton, niece Nellie Weaver, cousin Miss Josie Edward, friend Jennie King, cousin Lida Culbertson, Harland son of step-son William Langdon, stepdau-in-law Lillian Langdon, sister-in-law, Rebecca Dunning, niece Fanny Dunning, niece Alice Dunning Flick, Sydnie Elizabeth Langdon dau of William Langdon, probated 23 Jul 1908
Webb, Hattie A., page 237, of Bedford; niece Maggie Winters my piano; sister Retta Winters my phaeton; husband John V. Webb; written Mar 3, 1896; probated 27 Mar 1896
Weingarth, Henry, page 415, 15 Aug 1905; wife Margaret Weingarth, children Claudis Weingarth, Saloma Wolf, Alonzo Weingarth, Ira Weingarth; probated 2 Oct 1905
West, John C., page 239; wife Jane West; dau Sarah Elizabeth Barton; son George West; son R.B. West; dau Mary West; written 23 Jan 1892; probated 10 Apr 1896
Wickersham, George Barcley, page 246, of Bedford, adopted son Harry T. Wickersham; wife Lillian Arvilda Wickersham to have all lands in Tennessee; written 18 Jun 1896; probated 27 Jun 1896
Wiley, Charlotte, page 289, of Lenox, dau Ida May West and her daughter Mary Ann West, dau Julia Limimger, $40 to buy and place at the grave of John H. Wiley a tomb stone in the Hopeville Cemetry in Wabash Co, Indiana, dau Mary J. Meadows, son James E. Wiley of Denver, Colo, son Robert F. Wiley, dau Almeda Roberts, dau Minnie A. Davenport, dau Clara Belle Gard and her son Harry Gard, 11 May 1891. Probated 10 Oct 1898
Williams, I.F., page 389, 9 Feb 1903, son Jesse Williams, dau Myrtle B. Farr, wife Clara B. Williams, probated 15 FEb 1905
Wilson, Eliza, (widow), of Bedford, 28 Jun 1898; son John H.R. Wilson, son William Samuel Wilson of Hopkins, Mo, niece Mrs Daisy Black of Hopkins, Mo, grandaughter Laura Place of Ashland, Ne, 28 Jun 1898, probated 6 Jul 1898
Wilson, George W., page 429, of Siam, wife Mary Ann Wilson, son Oliver Wilson, probated 13 Aug 1906
Wilson, John B., page 417, of Lenox, son Edward E. Wilson, son H.B. Wilson, dau Lizzie McClintock; son D.D. Wilson, son James G. Wilson, dau Sarah J. Wilcox, son S.T. Wilson, son R.W. Wilson, Apr 1905; probated 28 Nov 1905
Wilson, John, page 355, wife Phoeba Wilson, children, William R. Wilson, Mary E. Warner, George F. Wilson, Hattie May Smith, James R. Wilson, Robert E. Wilson, Elmer P. Wilson, Irvin Ross Wilson; probated 28 May 1903
Wilt, James M., page 303, of Platte Twp, wife Catherine, son Cassius, Samuel, Ely, U.S., Harry, Frank and Dora, 28 Jul 1898, probated 22 Aug 1899
Wolcott, Mary E., page 421, of Bedford, husband Riley H. Wolcott, son William D. Wolcott, dau Eudora R. Mason, son Joe A. Wolcott, dau Emma R. Doran, 20 Mar 1894, probated 16 Jan 1906
Wolverton, A.J., page 274, wife Mary C. Wolverton, 13 Nov 1897; probated 28 Feb 1898
Woodyard, J.M., page 426, wife Sarah E. Woodyard, children Lida E. Woodyard, Walter E. Woodyard, Arthur J. Woodyard, Clark A. Woodyard and Lois Woodyard, 24 Jan 1906; probated 2 Apr 1906
Wylie, T.A.H. , page 251, wife Mattie M. Wylie dau Beth Wylie, son Murray Wylie, dau Josephine Wylie. If his wife and children die, then the estate is to go to children of my brother J.R. Wylie and children of my brother deceased J.H. Wylie and to my sister Mattie R. Wylie. 26 Jun 1896. Probated 10 Oct 1896
Young, David, page 413, of Bedford, wife Sarah J. Young, children F.E. Young, J.C. Young, Ida M. Jaqua, Jeanette Burch, R.T. Young, J.P. Young and Bertha Brock, dau Caroline Ginn of Sumner Co, Kansas; 26 Mar 1904; probated 11 Sep 1905
Young, Robert, page 397, of Clearfield, wife Sarah G., children William A. Young, Edward N. Young, Thomas R. Young, Robert M. Young, Hugh H. Young and Mattie M. Young; 13 Oct 1903; probated 23 Mar 1905