Taylor County, Iowa, Will Book B, 1886 - 1895
[transcribed by Pat O'Dell, genpat@netins.net]
Adams, Jonathan, page 199, wife Sarah Jane; 22 Aug 1893; blessing of God upon all my children; probated 5 Sep 1893
Aldrich, Homer, page 139, estate to Oliver and America Nash; ten dollars to Phebe Maria Hittle?; written 26 Mar 1891; probated 01 Mar 1892
Allen, Robert - of Taylor County, Ia ; Will Book B page 1-2
Will written: 29 Nov 1886; probated 13 Jan 1887
heirs: son George Allen, daughters Mary Allen, Charity Jane Wilkin, Margaret Simmerman
Andrews, Israel Ward - of Marietta, Washington Co, Ohio; page 42
Will written 30 Oct 1882; probated 16 Nov 1888; excr friend Boman Gates
Heirs: grandson Ward A. Holden, wife Marianne S. Andrews, Trustees of Marietta College, granddaughter Lizzie C. Holden
Arnold, John - of Whitley Co, Indiana; page 22-23
Will written: 10 Oct 1880; probated:
Heirs: wife Elmira Arnold; share of son John to be put in trust and he receive only the interest and his share to his heirs; other children not named; brother George Arnold of Bluffton is trustee for son John
Bardwell, Electa Hawks - page 107; of Mercer Twp, Adams Co, Iowa, 25 Jun 1883; niece Emily S. Bardwell; Clara E. Mercer; husband Joel Bardwell; other mentioned William Bardwell, Austin Barwell; Surgson? D. Mercer; probated 21 May 1890
Barton, Thomas - page 93-94; of Dallas Twp, Taylor Co, Iowa; son John Barton and Sarah his wife; J.A. Comstock and Mary Ann his wife; James Allen and Rachel his wife; remaining equally to E.R. Barton, William Barton, Hiram Barton, John Barton, Joseph Barton, G. Barton, Mahala Griffith, Elisabeth Park, Ester Long, Lusettie Nevin; Daniel Arthaud exec; written 27 Jan 1890; probated 13 May 1890
Bassett, T.S. - page 122; of Bedford, Iowa; son George; son Lemuel and wife Kittie; grandson Tommie Bassett son of Lemuel and Kittie; Lizzie Bassett dau of Lemuel; granddaughter Mabel dau of George Bassett; dau Hattie A. Webb; dau Henrietta Winters; daus to be exrxs; written 23 Feb 1891; probated 12 May 1891
Beck, Vivian ; wife Sarah Beck; children not named; 12 May 1892; probated 21 Jan 1896
Beseman? Bereman,? Sarah E., page 221, of Conway, son Ottway C. Quigg, dau Myrta Hagie, 2 Apr 1895; probated 7 May 1895
Blodgett, Eunice - page 108; of Wnglewood, Cook Co, Ill ; son Edwin A. Blodgett of San Francisco, Ca; dau Serepta Purington of Englewood, Ill; dau Della B. Emersonof Beloit Rock Co, Wis; son-in-law George L. Purington and Charles A. Emerson exec; 23 Aug 1888; probated 7 Oct 1890
Bowers, John - page 115; dau Mary Fuller; dau Marie Rhinehard; dau Nancy Foredyce; dau Rachel Foredyce; dau Elizabeth J. Lovett; son Josephus Bowers; son L.T. Bowers; written 4 Sep 1890; Codicil 13 Jan 1891 names exrcs Adam Woods and John Wallace; probated 24 Feb 1891
Boyd, Peter - page 110; of Warren County, Indiana; granddaughter Susan Ada Boyd; son Samuel C. Boyd; B.H. Boyd [no relationsip]; Susan Ada Boyd, exrx. written 20 Jun 1888; probated Taylor County Dec 15, 1890
Bristow, S.P. , of Benton Township, Taylor Co, Iowa; page 67; wife Nancy Bristow exrc.; written 10 Apr 1889; probated 18 May 1889
Brown, Elizabeth of Bedford, page 188, son John T. FitzGerald, son Turner F. FitzGerald, son Robert W. FitzGerald, dau Henrietta Whitsitt wife of Richard H. Whitsitt of Aledo, Illinois, dau Isabella B. Henderson wife of Marcus L. Henderson now of Talor County, Iowa, 17 Nov 1892; probated 25 Apr 1893
Bundy, Edwin of Bedford, Iowa, page 194, wife Celinda L. Bundy; dau Mae E. Bundy; other children unnamed; 15 Nov 1892; probated 03 Oct 1893
Chamberlain, John of Bedford, page 226, dau Maggie A. Chamberlain, son C.H. Chamberlin, 30 Apr 1895; probated 2 Oct 1895
Carriger, Clara, page 164; children Sallie Hopkins, Charles Lucas, Green Lucas, Anna Hamler; written 17 May 1892; probated 6 Oct 1892
Chavey, Peter - of Bedford, Iowa; page 38
Will written 23 May 1888; probated 11 Dec 1888; excr wife Catherine Chavey
Heirs: wife Catherine Chavey, daughter Addie Chavey, other children [not named]
Cobb, Thomas, page 129; to be buried in the Bedford Cemetery; wife Elizabeth M. Cobb; grandsons Walter S. Wight and Amos R. Wight; nephew James T. Cobb; children Sarah A. Bruver, William Cobb, Nancy Foreman, Ambrose L. Cobb, Hellen Coon, Thomas B. Cobb Jr, living in Cloud County, Kansas; William Cobb Exrc; probated 29 Sep 1891
Cole, Kate page 127; son Frank Cole; Amos Cole excr; written 21 Mar 1891; probated 12 May 1891
Cole, Maria of Kewanee, Henry County Ill; page 146; dau Sarah A. Inman, dau Mary Jane Dutton, dau Elizabeth M. Wilson; son Joshua Cole; written 21 Jul 1891; probated 07 Feb 1891
Conner, Patrick - a farmer of the Platte in the County of Taylor Co, Ia; page 12-13
Will written: 27 May 1887; probated: 23 Jun 1887
Heirs: wife Johannah Conner; sons David John Conner, James Daniel Conner, daughter Mary Ann Conner, son Michael Sebastian Conner
Cook, Hiram - of Saybrook, McLean Co, Ill; Will Book B page 3-4
Will written 24 Jan 1871; probated 10 Feb 1887; exec. Thomas W. Maurice of Arrowsmith twp, McLean co, Ill
heirs: wife Mary Jane Cook; sons Silas Cook, Richard E. Cook, William Cook; daughter Harriet Riblet, Candace Ellen Brocan
Crawford, Henry - page 97-104; of Crawfordsville, Indiana; wife Lydia Crawford; son Charles; to Martha Julian [no relationship stated]; sister Mrs Clara Rossman?; sister Christian C. Thompson; sister-in-law Harriet Marshall;dau Clara; son Henry; written 22 Sep 1876; Codicil ; probated Montgomery Co, Ind, 24 Jun 1878; Taylor Co, Iowa 15 May 1890; Cass Co, Iowa;
Crum, Elvira, page 203, dau Elmira Webb, son W.E. Crum, 3 Apr 1893; probated 27 Feb 1894
Donnely, Patrick of Platte Twp., Taylor County, Ia; page 56
Will written 10 Apr 1888; Michael Connor executor; filed 16 Mar 1889
Heirs: wife Bridget Donnely
Dowling, Margaret of Bedford, page 211, age 30, brothers Ellis C. and William C. Dowlin, sisters Mrs M. Mann and Mrs Mary Maxwell are not to share in estate, 25 Oct 1893; probated 1 May 1894
Eastman, Ogden M. - page 84-91; of La Moille, Bureau Co, Illinois; dau Lucy E. Nugent; son Horace B. Eastman; dau Persis Hawley?; dau Rachel A. Phillips; wife Lucretia A. Eastman; written 5 Jul 1889; probated 9th Nov 1889; probated Taylor County 21 Mar 1890
Edmonds, Daniel; page 150; of Henderson County, Illinois wife unnamed; son Amos Edmonds; son Logan Edmunds; dau Susie Lockwood; son James Edmonds; dau Abbie; father Obadiah Edmonds, deceased; friend John H. Hungateas exec; written 13 Apr 1887; probated 2 Mar 1892
Flick, John, page 204; dau Sarah Flick; son William H. Flick; dau Mary Blakemore, dau Sarah Flick, son J.P. Flick; 1 Jan 1894; probated 27 Feb 1894
Frame, John Wesley, page 216, 17 Mar 1894, of Clearfield, son Clarence M. Frame, son Clyde E. Frame, wife Jennie M. Frame, 17 Mar 1894; probated 9 Oct 1894
Golder, Joseph - of Sterling, Whiteside Co, Ill; page 14-15
Will written: 12 Dec 1882; probated: 29 Jul 1885; excr wife and son
Heirs: wife Prudence S. Golder; son William A. Golder
Golliday, K.P., page 208, of Bedford; estate to sisters Mrs O.M. Haskins of Wyoma, Minn and Mrs A.P. Rochon of St Joseph, Mo; brother J.K. Palmer, other things to Palmer relatives; 1 Dec 1893; probated 27 Feb 1894
Golliday, Uri P., minister of the Gospel in Methodist Episcopal Church; written 24 Dec 1889; page 77-81; wife Julia H. Golliday; son Dr A.M. Golliday; dau Mrs Lizzie R. Hall; heirs of deceased daughters Mrs Lucy Ann Murphy and Mrs Mary Francis Taylor; "Item 6 - As I have made all the provisions I can for any other children (Except my second son Benjamin Combs Golliday whom I have not heard from for many years) I have not mentioned them, but if my son Benjamin should present himself within one year after my decease, I desire that Dr A.M. Golliday should pay him one hundred $100.00 dollars, but to no other person what ever, claiming by or under him."; exrcs Dr A.M. Golliday of Bedford and W.L. Coleman Esq of Lenox; my watch and glasses to Mrs Lizzie R. Hall and our family Bible containing the Family Record, to my Grandson Alfred Pierson Hall; probated 8 Jan 1890
Gordon, John - page 120; of Lenox, Iowa; wife Martha Gordon; son Charles; dau Elizabeth, dau Jennie M., dau Sadie adn son Edward D.; D.R. Drain, excr; written 23 Mar 1891; Mary Gordon formerly Mary Hall widow of son John Gordon Jr; probated 12 May 1891
Greenlee, Andrew M., page 157; wife Ann Eliza Greenlee; wife excx; written 08 Dec 1890; probated 26 Apr 1892
Gregory, Glover, page 198, wife Elizabeth R. Gregory, dau Cora E. Underwood, dau Mertie M. Gregory, her son James U. Lee; 24 Apr 1893; probated 3 Oct 1893
Gurney, Peter, page 168; of Nodaway Twp, Taylor Co, Iowa; stepson Joseph Clement; dau Catharine E. Greff, dau Mary J. Wickham, stepson Francis Clement; written 10 Mar 1895; probated 6 Oct 1892
Harris, Johnathan P., page 169; of New Market Taylor County, Iowa; wife Sumyramus, exrx; written 17 Sep 1886; probated 6 Dec 1892
Harris, Orange P. page 154; wife Victoria Ann Harris; written 09 Jul 1892; probated 26 Apr 1892
Hatton, William C. of Taylor County, Iowa; page 68-70; all Real Estate except Cemetery Lots in Hatton addition to Albin Cemetery; wife Hannah M. Hatton; Levi T. Hatton, W.C. Hatton Jr, Alice H Eggan, Lydia Jane Melburn, Charles E. Hatton, Harry Cromer and Nelly Cromer. [the one share to Harry Cromer and Nelly Cromer shall not be handled or controlled in any manner by their father G.W. Cromer.]; written 13 Feb 1882; codicil written 20 May 1889 share bequeathed to Nelly Cromer, now deceased, minus funeral and tombstone expense to W.C. Hatton, Jr.; probated 1 Aug 1889
Hayes, Michael, page 148, of Taylor County, dau Mary Donnelly; other children not named; T.F. Maloney and Patrick Ryan exrcs. written 30 Nov 1891; probated 2 Mar 1891
Hazlebaker, Margaret A. of Dallas Twp, Taylor Co, Ia; page 40
Will written 4 Nov 1881; probated 13 Dec 1888; sister Jane C. Hazlebaker
Heir: sister Jane C. Hazlebaker
Heller, William, page 156, of Taylor County, Iowa; wife Ruth A. Heller; probated 26 Apr 1892
Hosman, Thomas W., of near Siam; page 183; wife Elizabeth Hosman; son Chester Hosman; son Cashius Hosman, dau Mary Belle Wells, dau Emma Owens; written 17 Oct 1892; probated 21 Feb 1893
Houck, Laura E., page 181, written 17 Oct 1891; money and share of estate of James M. Blackweell be held by Martha Blackwell for my children; Martha Blackwell to be responsible for daughter Ola Houck until she is 21 yrs of age; probated 25 Jan 1893
Hoyle, Sarah W. - of Magnolia Twp, Putnam Co, Ill; page 34-37
Will written: 22 Feb 1880; probated 11 Dec 1888; excr William P. Hoyle and Henry Gunn?

Heirs: son William P. Hoyle; daughter Sarah L. Parker; daughter Elizabeth A. Guss; grandchildren Chas C. Guss, William H. Guss and Nettie L. Guss; daughter Jannetta J. Oug; grandchildren Clarence R. Oug, Laura V. Oug and Harry G. Oug; grandchildren Harrison W. Gudgel, Luella V. Gudgel, Sarah H. Gdgel and William Frank Gudgel; granddaughter Emma R. Koons [sister of Mary A. Murphy] [of Taylor County]; granddaughter Mary A. Murphy; grandsons Henry G. Murphy and William H. Murphy; granddaughter Sarah W. Hoyle. Nathan A. Oug guardian of money for Harry G. Oug;

Hurlbutt, I.E.A., of Conway, page 190, grandson Roy Hurlbutt Davis, son Stuart M. Butts; 21 Jun 1889; probated 25 Apr 1893
Johnson, Henry D. - Holt Twp, Taylor Co, Ia; page 16-17
Will written: 5 Mar 1887; probated: 10 May 1887; excr Ellen Johnson and Henry VanPelt
Heirs: wife Ellen I. Johnson; son Cornelius John, daughter Martha Maria Herring, son Peter Johnson, daughter Catherine Jane Shoudt?, son John Henry Johnson, daughter Matilda Hess
Keef, James - of Holt Twp, Taylor Co., Ia;page 18-20
Will written: 25 Jun 1887; probated 23 Sep 1887; excr James Degan and John J. OConnell
Heirs: wife Elizabeth Keef; son William Keef, son James Keef, daughter Johannah Keef,
Kirkpatrick, Hiram B. - of Conway; page 5-6
Will written: 10 Dec 1884; probated 05 Mar 1887; Excr Ruth Kirkpatrick
Heirs: wife Ruth Kirkpatrick; daughter Jane Kirkpatrick, Ellen Gregory, Mary F. Armstrong
Lawyer, Henry - of Sharps, Iowa
Will written: 13 Oct 1885; probated 8 May 1888;
Heirs: wife Elizabeth Lawyer; grandson Orville Thompson; daughter Miranda Elizabeth, Minerva Emily and Orval, son Nathan, son Hiram, son David Hiram already received share
Long, Hugh, page 171; wife Florinda, excx; written 18 Jan 1892; Samuel Long excr; probate 6 Dec 1892
Loose, Joseph B. - of Washington County, Maryland; page 29-33
Will written: 9 May 1882; probated 25 Sep 1888 Taylor Co, Ia
Heirs: wife Henrietta B. Loose; son Samuel B. Loose; son Henry C. Loose
Marsh, Felix - of Preble County, Ohio; page 24-25
Will written: 7 Jul 1869; probated Taylor Co, Ia, 21 Feb 1888 ; excr wife Rachel B. Marsh
Heirs: wife Rachel B. Marsh; daughter Amanda Elenora Hardy wife of Theodore Hardy, Frances Jane Marsh, Felix M. Marsh and William B. Marsh
Martin, Luther R., of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana; wife Louisa C. Martin exec; page 71-74; written 8 Feb 1873; probated Aug 1875; probated in Taylor County, Iowa, 14 Oct 1889
McClure, Thomas, page 166 of Polk Twp, Taylor County, Iowa; wife Sarah E. McClure, exex; written 15 May 1892; probated 6 Oct 1892
McKinstry, J.A., page 158; of Taylor County, Iowa; wife Clara A. McKinstry; children Harry C. McKinstry, Berta E. McKinstry, Walker A. McKinstry, James B. McKinstry and Clara A. McKinstry; probated 4 Oct 1892
McNally, William - Grove twp, Taylor Co, Iowa; 56 yrs; page 60-61
Written: 19 Dec 1885; probated 25 Feb 1889

Heirs: wife Ellen McNally; son Charles H. McNally; son Edward F.; son John J. McNally; dau Anna McNally Nye; son William McNally

Meagher [Maher], Patrick, of Taylor County, Iowa page 65-66
Written: 6 Jan 1888;
Heirs: wife Ellen Maher; son Joseph; son James Maher; son John Maher; dau Mary Moargaret; dau Ellen; dau Kate, dau Julia; dau Annie
"I also state that all of my Real Estate is in the name of Patrick Maher and that the proper spelling of my name is Patrick Meagher instead of Patrick Maher and that in each place in this insturment where the name appears as Maher is should be Meagher but I am one and the same person as Patrick Maher."
Morgan, John, of Marshall twp; page 201; wife Clarrassa; 20 Mar 1889; probated 10 Oct 1893;
Moyle, Joseph J. - of Dutch Creek Twp, Washington Co, Iowa; page 47
Will written 9 Apr 1887; probated ---; excr wife and sons Frank and William
Heirs: wife Ida Moyle, two minor children, daughter Jenny Wright of Adams Co, Iowa; son Frank Moyle of Washington Co, son William Moyle
Mullen, Dennis, page 159; of Grant Twp, Taylor Co, Iowa; dau Mary Hart; to Mrs Ellen Shay of Ringgold Co; to Catherine Mullen of Taylor County, Iowa; son William Mullen; wife Margret Mullen; after decease of wife property divided equally between Edward Mullen, Dennis Mullen, John Mullen, William Mullen, Mrs Mary Hart, Mrs Ellen Shay, Catherine Mullen; Edward Mullen of Ringgold County exr; probated 4 Oct 1892
O'Brien, William H., of Grove Twp, Taylor County, Iowa, wife Hannah O'Brien; children Thomas O'Brien, William O'Brien; Patrick B. Ryan of Adams County, Iowa my Exec.; dated 11 Dec 1889; page 75-76; probated 25 Feb 1890
O'Dell, Clark, page 155; of New Market, Taylor County, Iowa; wife Mary ODell, excx; written 31 Jan 1892; probated 26 Apr 1892
ODougherty, John - of Jackson Twp, Taylor Co, Ia; page 9
Will written: 21 Jan 1887; probated 15 Apr 1887; admr son James ODougherty
Heirs: wife Sarah ODougherty; son Gerdon ODougherty, James ODoughertyy; daughter Sarah ODougherty
O'Grady, Michael of Conway, Taylor Co, Iowa; page 64
Written: 24 Aug 1889; probated 28 Aug 1889
Heirs: wife Mary Ogrady; son Wm. N. Ogrady, dau Mary E. Ogrady, son Richard Ogrady
Pashby, Elizabeth C. page 133, of Dallas Twp, Taylor Co; dau Elizabeth S. Rawlings, deceased; son John Parish, dau Victoria J. Benjamin, son C.B. Schooley; Jonas Williams, exrs; written 06 Apr 1891; probated 29 Sep 1891
Pettigrew, Matilda of Bedford, page 213, sister Mrs Nancy Richardson, sister Priscilla Elliott of Mt Vernon, Ohio, brother Andrew Pettigrew, 22 Sep 1893; probated 8 May 1894
Phelps, Elizabeth - page 113; granddaughter Daise M. Rummel dau of my dau Malissa Rummel deceased; Malissa Little, Harry Little [relationships not stated]; friend John Beck exec; "court shall not appoint John C. Rummel the father of my granddaughter Saise M. Rummel to be said exrc"; written 21 Sep 1889; probated 10 Dec 1890
Pointer, J.W., page 227, New Market, Aug 2, 1895; estate to brothers, U.W. Pointer, John Pointer, and Willard Pointer; probated 2 Sep 1895
Quick, Paul Pelton, of Grove Twp, Taylor Co; page 82-83; bequeath all estate to John Freemont Hanna; written 28 Oct 1889; probated 25 Feb 1890
Ralston, James - of Farmington, Fulton Co, Ill; page 7-8
Will written: 8 Jan 1884; probated: 11 Mar 1884; land in Taylor County, Ia and Fulton Co, Ill; excr in Taylor County to be Crawford Ralston and in Fulton County, Ill H.G. Edmundson
Heirs: wife Martha A. Ralston; daughter Mary Elizabeth wife of William Moor
Ratcliffe, Benjamin B. of Washington Twp., Taylor Co, Iowa, age 70, page 57-59
Will written; 23 Jun 1879; Exrs Charles Ratcliff and Thomas Osbern; probated Mar 2, 1889
Heirs: Charles Ratcliffe one hundred acres; Florence M. Thomas $100; Eliza Jane Drake $100; Eliza Whitlock, John Ratcliff, Martha Osbern and Ella Foyle [Fogle] : codicil says Florence M. Lawrence and Elemy? Jane Drake daughters of my son Lemuel Ratcliffe
Reed, Jacob - of Taylor County, Ia; page 27-28
will written: 20 Jun 1888; probate 17 Jul 1888
Heirs: wife Sarah Reed; 4 youngest children - Elsio?, Ida, Della and George Reed; son Miles Alfred Reed; son Jacob W. Reed;
Reeve, George, of Platte Twp, page 219, wife Eliza Jane Reeves, son R.W. Reeve, son O.D. reeve, son J.H. Reeve, son G.W. Reeve, dau Norah A. Brown, dau Cassie Stitt, heirs of decd dau L.E. Thorp - C.E. Thorp, C.W. Thorp and Ora B. Thorp, dau Ada M. Eoly, 3 Dec 1894; probated 26 Feb 1895
Reynolds, James P. - of Washington Twp, Taylor Co, Ia; page 21
Will Written: 3 Aug 1887: probated 21 Nov 1887; excr J.W? Paul
Heirs: daughter Gertrude A. Duree; granddaughter Birdena B. Duree; other children not named
Richards, Daniel - of Danvers, Essex County Massachusetts, page 49, 50-55
Will written: May 1, 1886; son Austin S. Richards of Danvers, Executor
Heirs: Francena Kelly and Isabella Kelley of Manchester, NH daus of my sister Betsey

Mary Jane Knight widow of Leonard Knight of Atkinson, NH

Codicil 13 Sep 1886 - One thousand dollars to First Congregational Church in Atkinson, New Hampshire as a memorial of my great grandfather Benj. Richards, who [was] one of the founders of said church and of my mother Lydia Richards and it is my desire that it be known as the Richards Fund. Also one hundred dollars to the Trustees of the Walnut Grove Cemetery in Danvers for care of my lot.

Will proved Jan 17, 1887

Son Austin S. Richards; son George D. Richards of Danvers; dau Mary D. Stimpson of Danvers; son Albert Dexter Richards of Somersville, Mass; grandson George O. Stimpson
Robbins, Cyrus, page 131, of Taylor County, wife Mary Robbins, son Norman A. Robbins; dau Roxa A. Norton; grandson Harvey Robbins; granddaughter Rosetta Robbins; wife Mary Robbins and Norman A. Robbins, exrx.; written 2 May 1889; probated 20 May 1891
Salisbury, B. L. - of Bedford, TaylorCo, Ill; page 10
Will Written 15 Jul 1887: probated 25 Jul 1887; excr G.F. Mankee
Heirs: sister Amanda Croney? to have his daughter Dot and provide her a home; pension business to J.W. Combs; daughter Dora Mankee; other children not named
Sebille, Pauline R., of Kansas City, Wyandotte Co, Kansas; husband Alexis Sebille; 23 May 1891; probated 2 Oct 1894
Sickels, J.S., page 143, of Jefferson Twp, Taylor Co, Iowa; age 68yrs; son George Sickles ; dau Malinda King, sons Homer and Elmer Sickles; written 03 Nov 1891; probated 08 Jan 1892
Simmons, Henry, page 135, wife Catherine Simmons; dau Harriett Meade, dau Helen Sullivan, son Charles, exrc; written 29 Jun 1891 at Conway, Iowa; probated 15 Sep 1891
Singers, John - page 105-106; of Holt Twp, Taylor County, Iowa; wife Eliza; son W.H. Singer; dau Mary J. wife of M. Ballard; dau Elizabeth wife of E.T. Rusk; son E.J. Singer; dau Caroline wife of F.T. Wilson; written 11 Mar 1889; probated 7 Oct 1890
Smith, Joseph, page 206; dau Nealy Fine; wife Mary M. Smith, dau Zarilda Smith, son Ira W. Smith, dau Mary Cook, son Isaac Smith, son Edward Smith, son Simeon H. Smith, dau Ruth Ann Carpenter, dau Adney Duncan, 13 Feb 1890; probated 24 Feb 1894
Snow, W.B., page 174; of Bedford, Taylor Co, Iowa; dau Rosaline Snow; dau Sarah Snow; dau Minerva Snow; son Dr M.C. Snow; Howard Snow [six children, not all named]; probated Dec 1892
Stearns, William H. - page 117; of Taylor County, Iowa; son Benjamine C. Stearns; written Jul 10, 1886; probated 24 Feb 1891
Stouder, Sarah, page 225, dau Lydia M. Stouder, dau Cora M. Stouder, son John B. Stouder, 5 Mar 1895; probated 27 Apr 1895
Taylor, Cyrennus, of Polk Twp, page 192; age 66 yrs; wife Eliza Jane Taylor; dau Louisa H. , grandson Charles Alvin Morse, heirs: Hannah Wight, John Taylor, Martha Wilson, Levi O. Taylor, Louisa Marr?, Emma Hatfield, Nancy Lacy; if any of my children make a fuss on the division of the estate, they shall be given $5; no date; probated 25 Apr 1893

Taylor, Jacob page 126; of Polk twp; wife Susan excx; 05 Sep 1890; 12 May 1891

Thompson, P.M.H.B., of Lenox, page 222, son Samuel, dau Laurabelle Sater, granddau Nellie P. Sater, son A.C. Brice , dau Martha Harriet Osborn, grandsons Elmer Brice and George Osborn land in Richfield, Morton Co, Kansas; 29 Mar 1894; son R.W. Thompson, grandson Alexander C. Brice, Grace P. Osborn; probated ?
Thompson, Samuel of Blockton, page 185; wife Susan R. Thompson; children Gertie, Otis? and Paul; 4 Feb 1893; probated 25 Apr 1893
Toler, R.A., page 165; wife Mary Toler; written 19 Nov 1891; probated 6 Oct 1892
Turner, Bazzel - page 92; wife Mary A. Turner excx; written 11 Mar 1890; probated 24 Mar 1890 [will also probated Ringgold Co]
Turner, Christina; of Bedford, Taylor Co,Iowa page 62-63
Written: 27 May 1889; Thos A. Russell of Bedford exec; probated 26 Jun 1889
Heirs: son C.C. Anderson ; sister Mrs Sena Anderson of Washington Harbor, Wis; Mrs Millie Hankins; Christian Home? of Council Bluffs "all of my clothing and underwear...";
Wakeman, Adelia G. - page 124 - of Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa; 27 Jan 1891; land in Niagira County, NY to Baptist Missionary Society; niece Mrs Alice S. Whipple of Riverside, Wis; niece Mrs Lucy Ann Perry of Rosendale, Wi; to Mrs Polly Norton of Oakfield, Wi; to Mrs Martha Hall niece of Kansas; Mrs Minnie Haight of Conway Springs, Kansas; Mrs Mary E. Mahill of Chicago, Ill niece; Mrs Emily Greenough of Middleport, NY niece; Mrs Jennie Wakeman; Alfred B. Wakeman of Taylor County exrc;
Walls, Daniel, page 176; of Santa Anna, County of Orange, California; wife Margaret Walls, excx; sons W.A. Walls, J.T. Walls, D.J. Walls, J.W. Walls, G.E. Walls, dau Mrs m.B. Benedict; written 20 Jun 1891; probated 30 Jul 1891
Ward, Johnathan B., page 142; of near Siam, Taylor Co; son Daniel G. Ward; grandson William F. Ward; William Damewood exrc.; probated 01 Mar 1892
Washburn, Elizabeth Jane - page 118; of Abingdon, Illinois; "considering that the maintainance for so many years of the infant children of my daughter Elizabeth Jane is equivalent to a childs part of my property, I give & bequeath to my said daughter Elizabeth Jane the sum of twenty five dollars for her share.; granddaughter Ida B. MaLain; son Wilbur McMalion; dau Mary Ellen, dau Mina Isabel, dau Julia Lena, son-in-law James H. Plecker exec; written 23 Feb 1883; Codicil - granddaughter Ida B. McLain to have a full part share alike with my own children; 23 Apr 1883; probated 24 Feb 1891
Watts, Russell, page 128; of North Platte, Neb; wife Mary E. Watts to have property in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Montana and Wyoming; written 06 Feb 1890
Wheeler, Ada, page 179; of Clearfield, Taylor County, Iowa; age 23 years; late husbands monument to be bought; dau Burt? Glendore Wheeler; father, brothers & sisters unnamed; brother John M. Long; written 29 Dec 1891; probated 28 Feb 1893
White, D.E. - page 95-96; wife Emma White, excx; dau Mae White; wife may deal with other children; written 8 Feb 1890; probated 13 May 1890
Wiley, A.S., of Dallas Twp;page 231; wife E.J. Wiley; wife is to provide for Alexander Mc Wiley; children O.F. Wiley, F.M. Wiley, William Wiley, Hattie Wiley and Jennie Wiley all lands in Colorado and Ringgold Co, Iowa; probated 26 Sep 1895
Wisdom, George W., of Blockton, page 194; son Thomas A. Wisdom, 8 Mar 1893; probated 3 Oct 1893
Wysong, William A., page 228, living children Chas. B. Wysong, Martha Johnson, Harvey Wysong, Sinah Singleton, Elzie Wysong; dead children are Sarah Payne and Amanda Wood; grandson Leslie Wood; 29 Jan 1895; probated 30 Sep 1895
Yates, Isabella, page 217, town of Grove, Taylor Co, Iowa, 67 yrs old, dau Jenny C. Young, probated 4 Dec 1894