Probate Record Book A, Taylor County, Iowa, 1852-1857

Note: this book has an estate presented to the court, then follow-ups, appraisals etc - most are continued on numerous page. The pages are not all numbered.

Baker, Martha Jane, minor of John M. Baker decd and Margaret Baker his wife; guardian Michael House; page 38, 5 Jun 1854
Bullock, Allen, page 100, 5 May 1856, died intestate; Benjamin Cobb admr;
Dale, Jeremiah, page 65, 12 Dec 1854, Jesse Dale, admr; Lucinda Dale widow of Jeremiah Dale;
Derrickson, Albert, page 82, Aug 21, 1855, John Derrickson apptd admr; page 91 heirs Peter Bates & Samuel Bates; James M. Smith appointed guardian of Peter Bates on 4 Sep 1856 page 94 also; Daniel Bates also heir; page 94 May 19, 1856 Phebe Derrickson apptd guardian of Isaac M., Margaret Ann, John R., Rachel Ellen, David H., Albert T. and Cary J.;
Hahnenkratt, Henry's will presented to court, page 149, 2 Feb 1857; wife Barbery appointed guardian of children;
Hindman, William, page 126, 15 Sep 1856, Matthew Hindman apptd admr; May 12, 1858 Military Bounty Land Warrant No 79218 for War of 1812 issued to William Hindman to be sold;
Holland, Thomas' estate; page 24, 17 Oct 1853; page 42;
Hudson, Joshua, page 1-10?, died 19? Aug 1852 in Taylor County, Mary Hudson admr; page 15
Imis or Innis, Horatio M., page 58, 28 Nov 1854; admr Ivy? Terwillinger and Mary Innus
Imus, H.M., page 164, 28 Nov 1854 Suy? Terwiillenger and Mary Imus apptd admr;
John, Samuel's heirs; page 93, Apr 8, 1856; Sarah John apptd guardian of estate of Rachel Mahan Alexander and Martha Ellyn John, minor heirs of Samuel John
McBride, James, will, , page 114, 28 May 1856, brothers and sister to share; brother William; page 121 names of heir Isabel McIntosh [husband Robert page 123], Margarett Cumins, Eleanor Coulter, Heirs of Henry Barr, William McBride
Miller, Henry, page 45, 1854, Elizabeth Miller named admr;
Miller, Henry's heirs; page 93; Apr 8, 1856, Luther Bent apptd guardian of Martha Miller and Mary Miller
Pulliam, Elizabeth Jane, 20 Apr 1857, page 161, she ask that her mother Parmelia Paulliam be apptd guardian; John A. Pulliam her father
Rose, Nathan's heirs; page 147, Jan 19, 1857; James A. Evans apptd guardian of Syrus Rose; Ezekiel Rose be apptd guardian of George W. Rose;
Rude, John, page 134, Jan 1, 1857; Thomas Morris apptd admr of John Rude; widow Nancy Rude; Michael Motsinger guardian of heirs; Richard Motsinger of Fulton County, Illinois appt guardian of David Rude, Delilah J. Rude and John R. Rude;
Thompson, Russel S., page 12, 2 Oct 1852; page 17 widow Eliza Thompson
Vincent, John P. heirs; page 93, Mar 29, 1856; Julia Vincent apptd guardian of Robert A., John W., Aaron S. Vincent
Vincent, John, page 49, Feb 1855, Asa Cobb named admr; widow Julia Vincent;