Taylor County, Iowa Probate Book A2 - 1858 - 1866
transcribed by: Pat O'Dell - genpat@netins.net
Aishie, James, page 487, 18 Feb 1868 dismissed from jail
Aldridge, O. P., page 158, 14 Jan 1862, page 335; page 348; age 368
Aldridge, O.P., page 23, September 17, 1858, parents William Aldridge and mother Mary Ann Aldridge of Putnam county, Indiana: page 37, Helen Higgins vs O.P. Aldridge for housekeeping at $3 per week, $196.85: page 38, Elisabeth Parker vs O.P. Aldridge for house rent and board of family, washing and waiting upon family $170.
Allen, Benjamin, page 67, 4 Oct 1858, Eli Allen produced will of Benjamin Allen
Amarine, Abraham, page 461, will 19 Oct 1866; son Stephen, son Samuel, wife Eliza Anna,
Amarine, Samuel L., guardianship; report of B.F. Warfield; Dec 30, 1868
Beam, Bartholomew, page 132, 19 Nov 1861 of Taylor county also lately of Indiana, died; half to his wife and half to his mother and father
Blair, James, decd, page 58, 7 Dec 1857, appoints Robert S. Baker special admr; R.F. Conner and William Cunning produced copy of will to court; page 64 also
Brown, Elias' guardian of minor children Matilda Brown, Sarah Ann Brown, Catherine Brown, Andrew Brown, Dorothy Brown, William Jefferson Brown, Elizabeth Brown and Nancy Ellen Brown; 9 Feb 1865; page 289; page 290
Brown, Lydia, page 279
Brown, Thomas B., page 357, Fulton Co, Ohio guardianship of Benton E. Brown, age 10 on 14 May 1865, Alice Jennette Brown age 7 years on 2 Oct 1864, and Adella A. Brown age 5 on 29 Dec 1864, named guardian Joseph Roseborough, children of Thomas B. Brown late of Lucas County, Iowa;
Burns, John M. alias Sardius R. Helmick, estate; page 319, 6 Feb 1865; Nathan Helmick father of John M. Burns alias Sardius R. Helmick applies for admr; John M. Burns alias Sardius R. Helmick deceased late of United States Navy Steamer Lackawanna who died intestate on or about the 9th day of September 1864;
Campbell, James B., page 305, 5 Jan 1865, died intestate 24 Dec 1864; admr Samuel How; widow Catharine A. Campbell ask that her dower be set aside Jan 1, 1866; page 443
Carle, Betsey, page 114, 3 Dec 1860; will
Chapel, Mary M., page 325, 7 Apr 1865 mother of Alice Eva Chapel and ask to be guardian; page 326; Mary Chappel,
Chenoweth, H.S.'s heirs; page 390, Feb 1866; John C. Chenoweth and William Chenoweth minor heirs of H.S., guardian Joel Brown; page 474
Cobb, guardianship, page 172 - Mary M. Cobb, Sarah M. Cobb, Nancy A. Cobb, Eliza E. Cobb, and John Thomas Cobb, Joshua Cobb - guardian appointed J.M. Cobb
Collins, George, page 273, Sarah Collins produced will of George Collins, 20 Apr 1864;
Cook, Ephriam, page 486; 17 Oct 1867 dismissed from jail, insufficient evidence
Cox, Paris I., page 118, Dec 6, 1860; page 147, died 29 Jul 1859, Wm. H. Cox, appointed admr Nov 1, 1862 page 162; page 196
Dale, Jeremiah, page 403, 4 Jun 1866; reports; appted admr 12 Dec 1854
Dale, Jeremiah's Heirs, page 436; 11 May 1866 Jesse Dale appted guardian of minor children of Jeremiah Dale - Laura Dale, Elizabeth Dale, Edward Dale
Dale, Lucinda vs minor heirs of Jeremiah Dale, decd; page 54, Sep 1857; she has been taking care of minor children, Laura Dale, Elizabeth Dale, and Edward Dale from 25 Nov 1854 to 18 Oct 1857; Laura Dale aged seven years on the 2 Jan 1856, Elizabeth Dale aged five years on Dec 1856, and Edward Dale aged 3 years on 9th day of Mar 1857.; Sep 7, 1857 appoints John Dale of said County of Taylor as special guardian of Laura Dale, Elisabeth Dale, and Edward Dale to sell real estate.: Apr 1859 Douglass Dale presents bill for these children from 18 Oct 1856 to 5 Apr 1859
Daugherty, John, page 488, 9 Feb 1867 - died 5 Feb 1867; Gideon Daugherty apptd admr
Derrickson, Albert's minor heirs, page 190, 5 Apr 1865, guardian Phoebe Philpott; heirs Albert T. Derrickson and Carey J. Derrickson; page 244
Edwards, Lathan, page 394, 30 Jan 1866 died intestate 16 Jan 1866; Celia J. Edwards named admr
Fenno, Celinda, husband Edgar named guardian of his children, Otis A. Fenno, Belle C. Fenno, Horace L. Fenno, and Charles Fenno, 14 May 1866, page 416; page 418 Edgar D. Fenno now of Washington County, Arkansas is selling land;
Freel, Rebecca, page 74, Jun 1863, orphaned and under 14 years of age, has E.T. Smith appt guardian
Freel, Thos' heirs - page 289, 6 Oct 1864; Thomas Freel, James Freel, Alexander E. Freel heirs; J.M. Hatfield appointed guardian; age 291

Gammel, Eberhard Frederick, page 19, court of Jul 1859, "The said Eberhard Frederick Gammel was a native of Wurttemburg in Germany that in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty he was married to Susannah Reihardt in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. And that lived and cohabited together as husband and wife till the time of her death, which was about the eighteenth of April One thousand eight hundred and fifty five and by whom he had three children to wit, Elisabeth his eldest daughter who is now living, and is now thirty six years old and is the wife of Jeremiah Teeters, also Margaret, his second daughter who died at the age of eighteen months also Salina his third daughter and youngest child who is now living, and is now thirty one years old, and is the wife of John Luellen and further it was made to appear that on the fifth day of September one thousand eight hundred and fifty five the said Eberhard Frederick Gammel was lawfully married to Mariah Luellen who is still living and is the widow of the said Eberhard Frederick Gamel and that by this second marriage he had no issue, and that the said Eberhard Frederick Gammel resided in Taylor county about thirteen years previous to the seventh day of June Eighteen hundred and fifty seven at which time he left taylor County to attend to some business in Wurttemburg in Germany where he afterwards died intestate and it was further made to appear that the said Mariah Gammel his widow and Elisabeth Teeters his daughter and Selina his daughter are the only heirs at law of the said Eberhard Frederick Gammel deceased.

Approved by me this day and year above written, Jesse Evans, Judge of Probate


Garren, Absolem, page 351, died intestate 20 Aug 1865; admr named William G. Morris
Hahnencratt, Henry, page 188, Joel Walker execr., 27th Dec 1862; page 191; inventory page 442
Hahnenkratt, Henry's minor heirs; page 78, 14 Nov 1868; Barbary Brooks guardian of Anna, Caroline, John G., frederick, William, Mary and Harriet, Anna Hahnenkratt now Anna Erb deceased, Mary Hahnenkrat now Mary Parker,, William and Harriet Hahnenkratt, Anna Erb leaves heir Adaline Erb; page 104; page 110
Harlan, George, died 10 Apr 1862; page 203, admr Perry B. Harlan; page 208 heir Mary Harlan has become of age and married; page 220 Mrs P.B. Harlan has become P.B. Qimby and settle estate of minor heir Aaron Harlan of George Harlan;
Hasser, Abel, page 230, died 31 Aug 1861 , late of Calhoon County, Illinois, owned land in Taylor County
Hatfield, Francis, page 100, Jun 5, 1860, son of John Hatfield decd ask guardian Cyrus Hatfield be appointed.page 101, Feb 5, 1861, Elihu Hatfield age 11, Rebecca Janette Hatfield age 9 years minor heirs of John Hatifled
Hatfield, John, page 1, Feb 1864, Leonard D. Hatfield admr makes final settlement; page 3 John Hatfield died intestate 9 Dec 1857, L.D. Hatfield appointed admr, inventory;
Hatfield, John's heirs; page 393, Thomas Cobb guardian of Elihu and Rebecca Jane Hatfield minor heirs of John Hatfield, 7 May 1866
Hatfield, Phebe vs John Hatfield, John Harrison, Amanda Harrison, Levi Rathburn, Rachel Rathburn, Francis Hatfield, Elihu Hatfield, Rebecca Hatfield, Tobias Fruit and Mary Fruit, page 80, 6 Dec 1859, also names William Hatfield, Cyrus Hatfield and Leonard D. Hatfield as children; page 94 continued;
Haun, Abraham, page 179, 9 Sep 1862, James Brooks resigned because he was in the army; page 192
Hayden, heirs; page 292, 6 Oct 1864 - Evaline A. Hayden, Cass B. Hayden, Patton Hayden, Francis Hayden, Emily Hayden & Martha C. Hayden; John Hayden appointed guardian
Hazelbaker, John, page 288, will read
Hendrickson, Permelia, age 9, page 84, Nov 1859, her guardian Robert Spough, land in Bartholmew county, Indiana owned by Permelia Hendrickson and Jacob F. Reed aged about 12 years;
Hillis, Francis, guardianship, page 175, 3 Jun 1867, T.T. Makinson named guardian
Hillis, John's heirs; page 322; Daniel Hamblin named guardian of Samuel Milton? Hillis, Elizabeth Francis Hillis, Mary Jane Hillis and Theopilus Leroy Hillis; 19 Dec 1864; page 324 Francis Hillis ask for guardian to be James M. Gavin; page 486
Hineman, Matthew, page 60, 11 Jun 1858, Mathew died intestate on or about 28 May 1858 ; Daniel Hoover appt admr,
Hinkle, Virginia, dau of Josiah Hinkle, page 528; Aug 1868; appted Daniel Hoover guardian
Holaday, Robert, page 184, 26 Jul 1862; died 3 May 1862 intestate; Abram Holaday appointed admr;
Hudson, Mary, died intestate 22 Dec 1863, page 245, Bryant H. Baker appointed admr; page 264; page 280; page 283
Hudson, Thomas E., page 251, died 31 Dec 1863 intestate; Thomas Cobb appointed admr
Johns[t]on, B.L., estate, page 381, 5 Mar 1866, will opened
Jones, Lucy's heir, page 377, 12 Jan 1866, Benjamin Jones ask for guardianship of his sister Delilah Jones daughter of Lucy Jones who is dec'd;
Jones, Pleasant, page 145 - died 3 Dec 1861; John C. Kyser appointed admr;
Jones, Robert, page 232, 8 Sep 1863, died 14 Aug 1863 intestate; R.B. Wallace, appointed admr; Horn, William Franklin, page 233, 9 Sep 1863, guardian named Christopher C. Horn,Horn, William Franklin, page 233, 9 Sep 1863, guardian named Christopher C. Horn, page 234 heirs of Robert Jones are R.B. Wallace, Manerva C.L. Wallace, F.G. Moore, Margaret A. Moore, Martha J. Wallace, Wm D. Wallace, W.A. Jones, J.J. Noble, E.F. Noble, T.H. Wallace, Mary L. Wallace, J.B. White, M.F. White, M.F. Lester, S.A. Jones, W.F. Horn and C.C. Horn; page 489
Judge, Michael, died intestate 28 Jan 1865; page 313; Ellen Judge wife appointed admr; heirs John F. Judge, Bridget Judge, James A. Judge and Michael C. Judge; Mary Ellen Judge minor heir; [ page 322 list John Francis Judge, Bedelia Eliza Judge, James Albert Judge and Michael Christopher Judge]; page 370
Kauble, John, page 12, court Jun 1859; will presented; died about the month of May 1859; son Alexander Kauble of Gentry Co, Mo appt admr, will, inventory
Keplinger, Geo., page 498; died intestate 30 Apr 1866; Alfred Caudle named admr
King, Rodney, page 513; Sept 1866; Julia Luallen, mother, named guardian of Harriet, Elfrata, Mary Jane and John King, minors; Windsor Cathcar & co VS Julia Luellen, Harriet, Elfrata, Mary Jane and John King and Lodicy and Frank M. Caudle, Nov 1867; page 532;
Lee, Samuel, page 241, 5 Aug 1863 minor with neither mother nor father, Wm. King apptd guardian
Lewis, Jemima, widow of William vs Sarah Lewis, C.L. Lewis, E.A. Lewis, Jane? Lewis, Leonard? Lewis, M.G. Lewis, Geo? Lewis, Henry Lewis - division of land; 3 Dec 1866; page 476
Lewis, William, page 524, Feb 1868; continuation
Lowe, Chas., page 426; died 25 Oct 1865 intestate in Warren Co, Ohio; Robert Bennett of Warren Co, Ohio appted admr [owned land Taylor County, Iowa]
Lowe, John, page 301, 5 Mar 1864 will presented; petition of Pricilla Lowe guardian of J.S. Lowe
Luellen, John, Sarah Jane and William, page 242, 23 Mar 1863 are orphans; Joel and Nathan Helmick named guardians.
Luellen, William, age about 5 years, page 182, heir of James Luellen, 6 Jun 1862; Joel Helmick guardian; page 183 Reports that the only property coming said minoris his share coming from the general governement as service rendered by his father in the 4th Iowa Regiment Infantry July 17, 1862. Joel Helmick subscribed and com? to before me the undersigned by Joel Helmick this 17th Jul 1862 Joseph A. Huerst? J.P. The foregoing report as records was this day filed and appeared by me July 17, 1862.
Madden, George, page 221, Jul 9, 1863, died instestate 20 May 1863; wife Mary Madden
Martin, Christopher estate, page 341; widow Parmelia Martin ask dower be set aside
Martin, Christopher late of Taylor county died about the first of March 1859; permelia Martin widow and Benjamin Martin son of said Christopher Martin as admr
McCloud, John S., page 135, 17 Aug 1861, died about the month of July 1861, Miranda J. McCloud appted admr; inventory;
McCready, Wm., page 534; died intestate 30 Sep 1866 Holt Co, Mo; James Flick appted admr;
Miller, Bery, page 62, 17 May 1862, Washington Dowing files against estate of Bery Miller deceased for services as admr; page 63, Berry Miller late of Nodaway county, State of Missouri, died leaving real estate in Taylor County, Iowa order by Nodaway County, Missouri courts to be sold;
Mills? , William, page 151, died -- Dec 1861
Moore, John L., page 209, died 5 Dec 1862 intestate; Thomas King appointed admr;
Moore, Samuel, page 166, died 20 Jan 1862, Joseph Standly appointed admr.; page 168
Nelson, Joseph, died 27 Mar 1863 intestate, page 213, Caleb Ricketts appointed admr; page 365 Mary Ann Nelson ask that Joel Walker be guardian
Nelson, Joseph, page 281
Nelson, Reuben, 1868 Dec; page 517; guardian Caleb Prickett
Nickle, James, page 518; died intestate 1 Nov 1866; L.W. Hyllier named admr
Owen, Joseph Wilson and Mary Elisabeth Owen, minor heirs of William D. Owen, decd, page 77, Jul 1859,
Prickett, Isaac P., page 293; 5 Jan 1864; died intestate; Sarah Prickett appointed admr; page 330; page 540
Prickett, Sarah, page 560; 15 Jul 1867; determined to be insane and sent to insane hospital at Mt Pleasant to be maintained for Taylor County.
Ross, Neamiah, page 407, died intestate 1 Sep 1864; John Dodson apptd admr; Sarah Rederan to be paid for keeping minor children Elendor and Licena Ross since 1 Sep 1864;
Rude, Nancy vs Thomas Moris admr of estate of John Rude, page 46; not taking care of business; July 1857
Salsbury, John, page 229, 19 Jul 1861, wife Mary Ann Salsbury;
Schooley, Thomas, page 237, died 14 Jul 1863, wife E.C. Schooley exer, wife Elizabeth, dau Victoria, dau Elizabeth Rollins, son CharlesPailey Schooley; some estate to come to him from England left by his Uncle William Smith
Sears, John Z.B., page 139, 4 Sep 1862, on oath of Nathan Helmick that John Z.B. Sears was dead that he died by wounds received at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing in the war between the United States and the so called Confederate Sttes on or about the -- da -- of -- AD 1862. [later says 7th day of April 1862], land in Page County, Iowa; brother James A. Sears of Memory, Iowa
Smalley, Thomas, died intestate, 6 Jan 1863; John Smalley appointed admr; page 200
Smith, Edward, page 401, died intestate 4 Jan 1866,
Smith, William H., page 550; last will and testament of filed; of Harrison County, Ohio 21 June 1873; wife Julia
Smith, William, page 127, 8 Nov 1861, David Smith appted admr
Surles, William, page 126, 24 Oct 1861, minor heirs Joseph S. and James S. Surles; had land in state of Missouri to be sold;
Teachenor, Isaac, page 453; died intestate 24 Oct 1867 Adams Co, Ohio; admr Abraham Mahaffee
Thomas, Jonathan, decd, page 113, Jul 5, 1860, Mary L. Thomas of Washington County, Nebr, appted exrcs for deceased husband;
Thompson, George C. heir, page 492; Apr 1867; wife Sarah L. Thompson; son George C. Thompson
Thompson, Samuel, died 1862 intestate; bond of ; page 267
Turner, Job C., page 10, court Apr 25, 1859, died without will and widow Nancy Frances Turner apponted admr, inventory; page 552 died Apr 1859; wife Nancy married Turner and is now a widow; dau Sarah A. married Charles Thomas
Underwood, Albert, page 421, died Nov 1864 intestate; Jas H. Turner appted admr; page 458; page 511
Underwood, Westley, page 345, died intestate Jul 1865 admr appointed Daniel Underwood;
Vardaman, G.W.'s Heirs, page 440, 18 Aug 1866, Samuel Woods appointed guardian of minor heirs Rose Emma Anne Vardaman and Louisa Ellis Vardaman
Wagoner, Israel, page 257, died 11 Oct 1863 intestate; 3 Feb 1864; Thomas M. Moore appointed admr;
Waldon, Elijah and Samuel, accused of assault to commit murder were acquitted. 15 Jan 1866
Williams, John S., page 27, died 2 Oct 1859, Samuel Scarlett and Emmit Blagrave exec.,
Wrigley, Elias, page 227, died 28 Apr 1863 intestate; James Gartside admr;