At Memory, in the west part of Taylor county, where arrangements had been made to lay off a town, the company have found difficulty in getting the land; and after some negotiations have at last abandoned the idea of having a town there, and have sold the land already bought by them. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Missouri, 20 Oct 1881
The town of Newmarket, located on the central portion of the south half of section 32, twp 69, range 32, near Memory, has been platted and the plat was recorded on Monday, April 3rd. The new town contains seventeen blocks and about two hundred lots and the streets and alleys are laid out so that they run parallel to and at right angles with the section lines. The plat is well located and the new town is very favorably situated for business and is destined at no distant day to become a thriving trading point. Parties desiring to purchase lots should apply to Mr S.F. Taylor on the ground, or to Josiah Litteer, at Conway, Iowa. Taylor County Republican
06 April 1882
Newmarket spelled as a single word, is the way the new town near Memory is named. We hope it will prove a good market for those living in that vicinity. Taylor County Republican 06 Apr 1882 At Newmarket, although the town plat has only been open to the public about a week, six new buildings are nearly completed. A large number of business lots have been sold on main street and about forty residence lots have been disposed of. Dr Weidner is having the frame work of a new store building put up here and will remove it to Newmarket next week. Taylor County Republican 20 April 1882
Memory is reported to be moving up to Newmarket, the houses being scattered along the road between the two places on wheels, but all heading for the new town. There are now at Newmarket about a dozen dwelling houses and three or four business houses with a much larger number in progress. The location is described as a beautiful one, and for a town only two weeks old it is making rapid progress. Taylor County Republican 18 May 1882
Newmarket is one year old today. That is, it has been one year since the first stakes were drove in surveying off the town. She has now 90 houses, 30 of which are business houses and over 300 inhabitants. Taylor County Republican 12 April 1883.
The New Market, Iowa News will be moved to Dundee co., Ne. Nodaway Democrat, 27 Aug 1885