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Info regarding Brown, Evalina, John T. and Mary
Looking for information concerning Evalina (Evilenia) Brown (1847-?) who married John Seamands (1834-?) and Z.P. Weese (1845-?) and her father John T. Brown (1796-1872) buried at the Platteville Cemetery, Taylor Co. and her mother, Mary Brown (1801-1866) also buried at the Platteville Cemetery.  Any information is helpful, I have over 100 pictures I am unable to identify currently.  I am always willing to share info.  I have copy of Evalenia (Evalina) Brown's and John Seamands obit if it would help. Thank you, Kimble Burton


Also wonder if there are other Larison/Larrison & Derickson/Derrickson researchers out there. These 2 families are descended from Kimble E. Midkiff & Henrietta Robertson and are from Shelby Co IN. Thank you Barbara A. Stewart stew@cot.net

My great uncle John Hill disappears from the Census Returns in Swansea, Wales UK after 1861 but I was never able to find a record of him elsewhere in the UK, nor a death record for him. What I did come across with old family papers, were 2 photos, one of a young couple, unnamed, and another from the same studio of 2 children with Otto and Bertie Hill written on the back. The photographer was in Monmouth Illinois. It had obviously been sent back to Wales from the US. These photos could have been of John and his wife and their children, but there was another missing uncle and some missing cousins too, so there seemed no way of identifying them.

Some time ago I subscribed to Ancestry World-wide and found that a John Hill from the UK was lodging with a Franklin family in Warren County, Illinois. I also found a marriage between a John Hill and Lucy Franklin, but it was only when I found them appearing in the Iowa Census returns that I started to feel fairly confident that I had found my lost great-uncle, especially as this John had sons named Bertie and Otto.

What confirmed everything was the biography for John, known as Jack Hill on your site, which correctly places his birth in Somerset, before his family's move to Swansea, South Wales, though the town is not correctly spelled in the biography. It was most interesting to read of his very successful and full life in your community and to know of all his children. When I found there was even a photo of his tombstone, I could hardly believe my luck....

I am so grateful for this information and so impressed by the website. Thank you most sincerely for all your hard work.

I am going to send separately to you the photographs which helped my research, which you may like to add to your photo collection. The couple are obviously John (Jack) and Lucy (nee Frankliln) Hill, the boys are Bertie and Otto. I see from the Census returns that Bertie was short for Gilbert which was a family name from way back. The last

Gilbert would have been John's great grandfather.

If there are any descendants of this Hill family still in Taylor County, I would very much like to be in touch with them. I've searched the message boards , etc. but have not found anything.

I would also be very grateful for any further informtion about his children, their married partners, children etc. From the census returns to 1930 I have already filled in quite a few gaps.

Every good wish to you and your great website,

Mary Daley (Mrs)
Swansea, West Wales UK


My Great Great Grandfather is Andrew Golding married to Catherine Bates. Here is how the tree goe

Gilbert Bates (m) Rachel Covey they had Catherine Bates (b - 1799 VA d-1860)

Andrew Golding (born abt 1795 d-1830 IN) (m) Catherine Bates

they had Gilbert Bates Golding (b-17 Feb 1822 Hamilton, OH d- 20 Apr 1898 IA) (m) Mary Ann Derrickson

Mary Ann b- 8 Dec 1827 Shelby, IN d-19 Jan 1868 Bedford, IA)

My assumption up to this point was that they named this boy after Catherine's father.

The problem is
Thomas Golding (b - 17 Nov 1783 WV d- 31 May 1851
he married Sara Brown 13 Oct 1804 OH.

I have a sheet that lists their children and the 9th child is listed as Gilbert B. Golding
It has the same information as I have for my Gilbert Bates Golding.

This is really a puzzler. I've had so many relatives verify that Andrew and Catherine belonged to my line. The other children listed under Thomas do not match the children I have under Andrew. And they are my relation.

Boy oh boy, I sure hope someone can shed some light on this.

Thank you so much for answering so soon.

Patricia Fairchild (Biddy63@aol.com)
[1986] Martin Devereaux died near Conway Dec 5, 1893 at the home of a daughter. He had two daughters - one married to a O'Biern and one to a Phelan. Martin Devereaux was buried in Joliet, Ill on Dec 7, 1893. W. Devereaux, 234 S. Ironwood Dr, South Bend, Ind 46615.

The Beesons listed as having been buried in Dallas Center Cemetery are likely relatives

of mine but we have never been able to prove that.

Margaret - British Columbia, Canada


Eula Blakesley is looking for a copy of the 1981 Taylor County, Iowa History. If you know of one for sale, please contact her.


Seek family of James E Driver m Emma Jane Long (b6/1852) and had Kenneth Driver (b1882); James C Driver (b1887); Goldie Driver (b1891); Frank Long Driver (b1892); and Hilda Driver (b1893). They were listed on the 1900 Census for Jefferson Twp, Taylor county. Thanks! marta434343@yahoo.com
Also, I have a cousin Leslie A. Crabtree supposedly interred circa 1871 in the Conway cemetery, but she is not in your listing. Would you have advice on how I could confirm that burial? Thanks for your assistance, Bob C. Robert Secrist, Crabtree Family Historian, Progeny Family History Services, 9559 Firefly Avenue, Galesburg, Michigan 49053-9721 Tele: 269.665.4929
From April -.
The following newspaper clipping (no date) was found in my great grandmother Mary Maria MARSH LEWELLEN's kitchen journal. Her husband was George Washington LEWELLEN and her in-laws were William Thomas LEWELLEN and Lucinda PHILIPS LEWELLEN. There may be a FAWCETT/FAUCETT connection through the PHILIPS' line. Is this family related to you Pat? It most have been written around the time of the great flu epidemic. I will be sending you family group sheets in the next few days, thank you, April *********************************************************************************************************** "Word has been received that Mrs. Frank Fawcett is much worse. Her condition has rapidly become serious, and the children were sent for Saturday, and went at once to Lincoln, Nebraska, where she is at the home of her son, David. It will be remembered that she lost one of her limbs from blood poison and it is now reported that the other limb and practically the entire body is affected. Her recovery is practically impossible in the opinion of her attending physicians. Many cases of sickness have developed the last week. The doctors are keeping the situation well in hand, but it is taxing their skill and endurance to the limit. The muddy roads are as great hindrance and being forced to use the teams, they are much slower in getting over the field and caring for the worst cases. It is hoped that the epidemic will subside with improved weather conditions. Reports from all around indicate that the wave of flu is sweeping the entire country. We have been extremely fortunate here up until the present week. Every precaution should be taken to prevent further spread of the disease."

My father, Clyde Marion Boatman was b. 1920 Rich Valley, Alberta, Canada and d. 1987 Crescent City, Del Norte Co., CA.  His parents were Clyde Milton BOATMAN, b. 1885, Taylor Co., IA and Zoe Belle LEWELLEN BOATMAN, b. 1884, Taylor Co., IA. What I meant to say was that in 1950 my grandparents traveled from their home in Oregon and visited family and friends in Iowa and OHIO.  So much family on boths sides with Ohio roots

My grandmother Zoe Belle LEWELLEN was one of seven children b. to George Washington LEWELLEN  b. 1852, Marietta, Washington Co., OH and Mary Maria MARSH LEWELLEN b. 1857 in Morristown, Belmont Co., OH.  They were m. in Seymour, Wayne Co., IA but their children were all born in Taylor Co., IA.  The both died in Portland, OR. In 1950 my grandparents traveled from their home in Oregon and visited family and friends in Iowa and OHIO. 

Other children b. to George W. LEWELLEN and Mary Maria MARSH LEWELLEN were:  Edwin Thomas LEWELLEN b. 1874, m. Haughty CALVERD; Elizabeth (Lizzie) May LEWELLEN b. 1876 m. Andrew BARKLEY; Lucinda (Lucy) LEWELLEN b. 1876 d. at about a month old; Daisy Jane LEWELLEN b. 1882, m. Charles PALMER; Zenas Hugh LEWELLEN b. 1890, m. Beulah HUSS, Eva HUSS, and Francis COOKE; and Icea Eloner LEWELLEN b. 1895, m. Shirley LYON.

My great grandfather George W. LEWELLEN was one of five children b. to William Thomas LEWELLEN b. 1823 Loudoun Co., VA and Lucinda PHILIPS LEWELLEN (BOSWELL) b. 1830 OH.  William T. LEWELLEN moved to IA in the 1850's and was killed on 11 Sept. 1863 fighting for the Union Army near Baldwin's Ferry on  Black River, Mississippi - Vicksburg.  I need a grave location for him, I have looked and looked.  His widow, Lucinda PHILIPS LEWELLEN remarried Wylie (Wiley) BOSWELL and together they had two more children.  Wylie BOSWELL brought to this marriage two children.  Nine children total, that I know of.  I do not have any information on Lucinda PHILIP's parents or sibblings - can anyone help?  I don't even know what county she was b. in OH.

Other children b. to William T. LEWELLEN and Lucinda PHILIPS LEWELLEN were:  John Nelson LEWELLEN b. 1847, Hamilton Co., OH, m. Annie M. Hand; Sarah LEWELLEN b. 1849, OH; Anna Melissa LEWELLEN b. 1855, m. John RYAN; and William M. R. LEWELLEN b. 1859, Taylor Co., IA.

We believe William T. LEWELLEN's parents to be Jessie LEWELLEN b. 1786, VA and Sarah (?) b. 1787.  I have no documentation on this.

Early in the 1900's my grandparents and many other families left their Iowa community and homesteaded to Alberta, Canada and were neighbors.  They made trips back to Iowa and my family is completely gone from Canada I believe. 

Within my possession is an old family record book listing many more names, dates, etc.  In 1950 my grandfather and grandmother drove from Oregon to Iowa and Oregon to revisit family and gain genealogy information - that is what is in this book.  Some of it is incorrect.  Within it our some very old MORRISON and BOATMAN family records, plus more.  I always share.

April BOATMAN Bertolini
1803 N. Jog Rd., #105
West Palm Beach, FL  33411

I wish to make contact with anyone descended from the Theodore S. Jackson family who came to Taylor and Page Counties about 1880. T. S. Jackson and wife and some of the family are buried in the New Hawley Cemetery. I am descended from a brother of Theodore's and am especially interested in obtaining a picture of Theodore and his family. Thank you for any information you might have. JE657634@aol.com


Mathews - Hall family - Letter from Mary H. Robinson, Lincoln, Nebr 1988 [deceased]. Permelia Criss Matthews married Nathan Hall my great grandfather and they are buried in Conway cemetery. Permelias' mother was Elizabeth Criss Mathews and now I find she was buried in Page County, Iowa. Permelia had a sister, Caroline, who came to Iowa and settled in Troy, near Bloomfield and then moved to Page county, Iowa. The mother lived with her in her later years but buried in Page County. Her husband was Joseph Mathews. Elizabeth lived to be 90 or older.


Michael & Meggon John mm2john@mchsi.com. I've started to work on my husband's families history. Some of them settled and are buried in Taylor County, Benton/Bedford Townships. Do you know of anyone else working on the linage from William John/Sarah Headlee or Amos (AJ) John and Franey Coy? Thank you! Meggon McGlynn John


 I am interested in tracing my Dowlin family members and I am wondering if you can provide me with some information.

My name is Bruce Clair Dowlin.  I was born in Mankato, MN.  Feb. 3, 1941.  I have a brother Robert Dowlin, born in 1939 and a younger sister Trudy born in 1943.
My father’s name was Clair Dowlin.  I believe he was born in Blockton, Iowa in the early 1900s.  He left Iowa at the age of 14 and ended up in Minnesota.  He married Clarabell Ronne in Minnesota. He died in Portland, Oregon around  the age of 42 where he is buried.  

I have very little information about my father since he died when I was only 4 years old.   Are any of the Taylor County, Iowa people listed on your web site related in any way to my father?

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to offer.

Bruce Dowlin
P.O. Box 3565
Mankato, MN.  56002
Email;  abcde@hicktorytech.net


Richard and Mariam Ray Family 1880-1900
Looking for information on the following members of the Richard M and
Mariam Ray family.
As listed in the 1900 Taylor County Census: Richard had already died in
July ot 1886.

Mariam his wife was born in 1845.
Mary, born in 1868
Arthur, born in 1876
Richard Melvin , born in 1884

Already left home some time prior to the 1900 census taking :
Ida, the eldest daughter, born in 1864
Thomas James, born 1866 *
Oliver, born in 1871
Pearl, born 1872
Eva, born in 1870
Hattie, born in 1878
All the children except Richard Melvin were born in Warren County, IL.
>From just before the 1880 census the entire family moved to Taylor
County where as they grew into maturity they left the Taylor Ray

I would appreciate any information on any of the above. I have Thomas
James Ray *, my grandfather from 1892 and Pearl until her death. All
the rest have been elusive. Thank you

Tom Howell serenity@syracusenet.net


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Descendants of Joshua Baley 1 Joshua Baley b: Abt. 1824 in Kentucky Census: 1850 Nodaway County,

Missouri married Hanneh E. Benson 03 February 1846 in Nodaway County, Missouri Census: 1850 Nodaway County, Missouri

Mary M. Baley b: Abt. 1848 Census: 1850 Nodaway County, Missouri

Descendants of John Caleb Baley 1 John Caleb Baley b: Abt. 1832 in Pike County, Illinois married Sarah Jane

Brown 04 September 1851 in Nodaway County, Missouri

Descendants of William W. Woosley 1 William W. Woosley b: Abt. 1832 in Pike County, Illinois

d: 07 December 1862 in Battle of Praire Grove, Arkansas Burial: Sarah's Grove Cemetery, Crawford County, Arkansas Census:

1860 Sugar Loaf Township, Sebastian County, Arkansas Military service: Captain, Company G, 34th Arkansas

Infantry Regiment aka Brook's Infantry Regiment CSA married Lucy Ann Sims b: Abt. 1836 in Georgia 20

March 1851 in Nodaway County, Missouri Census: 1860 Sugar Loaf Township, Sebastian County, Arkansas

Patty Macsisak smacsisak@earthlink.net



My gr-grandparents, Francis 'Frank' CAVANAUGH and his wife, Catharine FITZGERALD, lived Taylor County at least from 1876-1882. My grandfather, Dennis, was born there in 1876. He and at least two siblings were baptized at St. Malachy's RC Church in Creston, Union Co, Iowa..

Does anyone have information on this family? I'd love to hear from you.

Rosemary Braun - rosemaryhb@comcast.net


Looking for marriage of Frank Oral GROUNDS to Lora Alta LYONS around 1918-20. Also need death info for Lora Alta  GROUNDS around 1925. Denise Denman: D114477@webtv.net


Looking for ancestry info for James Steele/Steel, Jr who died on Nov 03, 1924 in Clearfield, Taylor Co, Iowa,

burial Nov 05, 1924, in Clearfield Cemetery, Ringgold Co, Iowa.

Wife was Isabelle Jarrett also died Mar 23,1917 in East Clearfield, Taylor Co, Iowa, burial, March ,

1917 in Clearfield Cemetery, Ringgold Co, Iowa.

Donna Steele: mdsteele@siouxvalley.net



Last night (January 22, 2004) I visited at the Thomas Bridgewater/Luvisa Elkins family sheet. 
Is there additional contact that I can make with this family group?  I see there is a Hazel P.
 Bridgewater listed in Portland but the date of information is 02 February, 1977.  Do you know
if that is still current mailing information? 
 I have mailed a letter to Hazel P. Bridgewater but expect that the Bridgewaters, Shearers, Kuhns,
 McGuires and Bowels all in the Washington/Oregon area might also be interested some day not to
 mention the search for the ancestors of George Hamilton Darland. Thanks again for your interest,
Please advise.
Sincerely,Darwin Saylor, San Diego



 Does anyone know about a teacher named MARTHA E. CLARK  in Gravity, Iowa in the late 1900's?
Please reply to parcjr@aol.comparcjr@aol.com
Carol Wolven Rittmanic



I am seeking information on Giles Hunter who is listed in the census index as in "Dallas, 1885, #51." At the time Giles was age 33. His wife, also age 33, was Virgina (no maiden name given), and their children were Bell Hunter, age 11, Doud Hunter, age 8, Ralph Hunter, age 4, and John Hunter, age 1. The last child, John (Roy) Hunter, was my adopted father, deceased in 1965 in Oakland, CA. He always talked of having been born in New Market, Iowa. He was an ordained minister and was for many years an evangelist for the Church of the Nazarene in Delta and Montrose, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, and in Northern California. I also got to know Ralph O. Hunter who had lived for many years in Ord, Nebraska and later in Oakland, California. He had a son, Kenneth. I met Ray Glasgow in Iowa as a youngster in either 1937 or 1938. I recall that there must have been some relationship on either Giles or Virginia's side with the family of Judge Armstrong. I also recall the name Ray Glasgow and Alice McInnany, also related to the Armstrongs. I have only recently become interested in trying to trace my father's genealogy through Giles and Virgina Hunter. I am sorry that my information is so scanty. Any help you might give helping me begin to trace Giles Hunter would be most helpful. Where did he come from? And what was Virginia's maiden name and birthplace? When and where were they married? Thank you.

William F. Hunter, Ph.D. -billnflo2356@gmail.com


Seeking descendants of:

Charles and Lula Whitehead Chamberlain

Noah Eu"gene" and Delphia Anna Whitehead Taylor

Unk. and Delphia Anna Whitehead Taylor Green(e?)

Unk. and Bertha Whitehead Warden/Worden

Girls were born in TN and parents were John U. & Mariah Craddock/Whitehead. Have made contact with their sister Evaline/Effie and bro. James Garfield's descendants, and looking to see if any of the girls' descendants are still around this area. I am dau. of the girls' (half)brother from father's second marriage, and would like to share family info. Sandra Whitehead Wood: morda02@yahoo.com


Looking for information on the family of Thomas H. and Sarah Roberts Miller, who came to Taylor County before 1880, from Marshall County, Illinois.  Known children were Susan (probably married before 1880), Marietta, James, John, Luella, Lizzie, Eva, Emma, Thomas, Sarah, Linus(?), William (died as an infant), and Blanche.  Thomas and Sarah appeared in the 1900 census of Taylor County with James and Blanche, then I can find no further record of the family.  Sarah was the daughter of John and Margaretta Roberts of Pennsylvania, and the older sister of great-grandmother, Rachel Roberts Hulings.  I have reconstructed most of the Roberts family except for this branch.

Bill Goss: oldbill@bitterroot.net


 May 13, 2005

Hi Pat,

   I received a request yesterday from a Dee Smith wanting me to lookup a couple of obits.  Unfortunately, her email provider blocks my replies, so I can't respond to her.  She didn't send a phone # or address either.  Can you post the following so maybe she will see it and get in contact with me.

     For Dee Smith.  I would be happy to look up the obits that you wanted.  However, the email address that you used in sending your request won't accept my replies.  Please contact me again with a phone # or address along with the names and dates on the people that you want. 



Neil Hall
Science and Computer Instructor
Bedford Community Schools
P.O. Box 234
Bedford IA 50833-0234




I am researching the family of my grandmother, Yetta Barton, who was born in Taylor County Iowa on December 31, 1882. She married Archie Flowers on October 23, 1901 in Taylor county.

The spelling of my grandmother?s name has appeared in the following forms. In the 1885 State census it appeared as "Yetie". In the 1895 State census it appeared as "Yettie". In the 1900 US census it appeared as "Nettie".

I would appreciate any information that any one would be willing to share on the family of my great grandparents James Barton and Sarah West.

I have information on the Flowers line to about 1727 if any one is interested.

In my research I ran across the following query that was made in 2000. I have some information for the person who submitted the query but I found that the e-mail address is no longer valid. If the submitter contacts me I will be happy to send them the information that I have. ?Any connections to the Taylor Co. Bartons is wanted. William the father with children of Samuel, James, Noah and Martha. James & Samuel married their wives in Konx Co., IL. Noah married Mary Jane Laird 6-2-1870. James (My GGgrandfather) married Sarah E. West. Their children were Jane, Fred, Eva, Thomas, Walter (My Ggrandfather), Hattie, Yettie, Clarence and Jessie. Walter (b1-12-1877, d3-2-1962) married Helena Thompson (b10-31-1887, d6-7-1983), their children were Marion (My grandfather) and Mabel. Marion (b6-20-1905, d6-8-1945) married Nellie Walton ( I have the Walton line back to 1717). Their Children are Charles (Wayne), Jim, Peggy, Walter (My father), Dorthea, Francis and Jerry. M. Barton makakoho@willinet.net ?

Dale Flowers dflowers@bellatlantic.net


From Bedford Times Press, Jan 17, 1974: TAYLOR COUNTY HISTORY IS REQUESTED

In a letter to the Times-Press a plea for Taylor County History has been made in the following:

Dear Sir, I am writing a book (nearly completed) on the Clagett family and its descendants bearing other names. An offshoot of this family used to live in Lenox, and descendants are probably still in your area. If you would publish this letter asking living relatives, or anyone having knowledge of them, to get in touch with me, I should be most grateful.

John F. Chenoweth, a native of Ohio and a Clagett descendant, came to Taylor County in 1863 and lived on a farm in Holt Township. He retired to Lenox in 1881. His children were Mary J., Asbury, Belle (Mrs Lewis), Fannie, Laura and Benson.

Joseph G. Chenoweth, a nephew of John, also lived at Lenox, but I do not know whether he left a family. I know nothing further.

I am determined to make the part of my book that will deal with Taylor County history and people as complete and accurate as I can. I should appreciate any help with this from your readers, very much indeed.

Yours Sincerely, Brice M. Clagett, Holly Hill, Friendship, Md 20758.


McCarty family - from Robert V. Fisher, 4900 Woodland Ave, Des Moines, Ia 50312 - May 1870

This family lived near Lenox close to the county border in Holt Township. They came from LaSalle County, Illinois to Taylor County, Iowa about 1872. There were two related families - my great great grandparents Martin and Julia (McCarty) Kinney and their children: Ellen, Dennis, Mary, Josephine, Daniel and then Elizabeth Kinney was born in Taylor County 17 Sep 1874. The family then moved to Creston, Union County, Iowa about 1877. They had two more children there, Cora and Dora.

The second family was Mrs Kinney's sister's family. They were Thomas and Hannah (McCarty) Cashman. Undoubtedly they came with the Kinney family in about 1872 with their children: John, Margaret, Catherine, Hannah, Dennis, James, Mary, Thomas and then Elizabeth Cashman was born in 1874 in Taylor County and then Joseph Cashman was born in 1877 in taylor County. This family remained in Taylor County and had many descendants, none of whom I know. Thomas Cashman, the father, died 17 Sep 1896 in Taylor County and the mother, Hannah, sometimes written as Hanora, died 28 Feb 1918 in Taylor County. They are buried in Corning [Iowa].

A brother of Hannah and Julia McCarty was Daniel McCarty, a bachelor. He also later lived in Taylor County where he died 20 Feb 1909. He is buried at St Patrick's Cemetery at Lenox, but I've been told there is no stone.

Death records of Hannah and Daniel give the father's name as Dennis McCarty -- but there seems to be a lot of confusion about birth dates of these people and where they came from. Hannah was born about 1834, Julia about 1842 and Daniel about 1858.


Coon and John families - Esther Reith, 2202 Empire Ave, Loveland, Co. Feb 23, 1970

My grandfather Christopher John came to Bedford right after the Civil War. My great grandfather Coon came to Iowa before that time. He settled in Montgomery County, later moved to Bedford, then back to Montgomery Co. Last fall we visited an old cemetery near Red Oak and found my great-grandmother's grave but we have never found just where my great grandfather, Isaac Walker Coon, was buried. [I found in the probate files, I.W. Coon died 12 Apr 1875; administrator Marcus Wight in Taylor County, Iowa - Pat]. I was told by a neighbor once that he was buried in the little Ross Township cemetery east of Berea Church, but I can not prove this to be true. In Red Oak at the Public Library we found about him being on the first drawn Jury in that county and also found his tax lists, and recorded deeds. Also the notes about him being in the formation of the Lodge there.

My grandfather Isaac Newton Coon and my father Isaac Benton Coon are both buried in the old cemetery at Bedford [Bedford Cemetery].

Alex John, Esther Houck Stephens' grandfather, and my grandfather Christopher John lived only a block apart in Bedford on West Main Street. They both came from Indiana but from different counties. They never could figure out any relationship.


North, Lorenzo Dow North and wife Caroline had 5 children [perhaps born around Bedford] Maude Princess North born about Aug 1, 1873, Homer North, Merlin North , Myrtle North, and Mable North.

Maude North married Henry Clay Dean Franklin and had Paul Bramwell Franklin July 18, 1899. they lived in Omaha, Nebraska.

Don Franklin, 4242 West Tilden, Springfield, Mo 65802 [1989]