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Subject:           lookup request for Taylor County 
    Date:           Tue, 15 Jan 2002 19:15:46 -0500 
   From:           "Dawn Renee" dawnrenee101@hotmail.com
      To:           <genpat@netins.net> 

I am researching information on the following: 
Merenus J. VanReenen 5-11-1831 to 12-31-1918; Father of 
Robert Cornelius VanReenen 8-24-1855 to 8-1-1925; Spouse of 
Eliza Ann Burnside 2-19-1861 to 4-4-1941 

Eliza is a daughter of 
Alexander Burnside 4-29-1836 to ? 
Rhoda A. Parker 12-20-1838 to 8-20-1916 

I appreciate any help you may offer.  Please let me know if you need more or less information, I am new at this! 
Thanks again!  :) 
Dawn O'Rorke 

Subject:           Margaret Hanlin 
    Date:           Wed, 2 Jan 2002 17:15:49 EST 
   From:        Mecflem@cs.com
      To:           genpat@netins.net 

Margaret Hanlin,  widow of James Hanlin---he died Butler Co., Pa 1881,  she died Conway, Taylor, IA on Oct. 13th 1906---Researching family in Pa. and would like to verify her birthdate, parents etc.  Have information regarding  her  family to share with her descendants! 

Subject:                Taylor CO IA Look Ups 
 Date:                Sat, 5 Jan 2002 12:08:29 -0500 
 From:                "Myra Watkins" MyraWatkins@prodigy.net
 To:                <genpat@netins.net> 

I understand that you do look ups for Taylor CO IA.  Can you please do a check on David Perry that died there is 1880. 
He is suppose to be buried in Bedford (no cemetery name given).  He may have been married to Elizabeth?  Her maiden name may have been Kemplin and he may have been the father of Ezekial Perry, Martha Jane P Williams Hase/Hayes and Missouri Perry (married name unknown). 

Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. 


Subject:           query 
    Date:           Sat, 2 Feb 2002 13:28:14 EST 
   From:        GS1931@aol.com
      To:           genpat@netins.net 

Wish to correspond & share info on Amanda Jane MILLER born 1839 IN; died 1928 Taylor Co. IA; buried Conway Cem. 
 She married Thomas LAMBLEY in 1860 in Mercer Co. IL. 
Amanda is a sister of Alexander MILLER, our line. 

Georgene Sones 

Subject:           query 
    Date:           Sat, 2 Feb 2002 13:33:42 EST 
   From:        GS1931@aol.com
      To:           genpat@netins.net 

Seek correspondence with descendants of Mary E. MILLER & husband William BRUNER. 
Two BRUNER children, Landy H. & Joseph A., died in Taylor Co. IA. 
Mary E. MILLER BRUNER (1832 VA - 1921 IL) is a sister to our Alexander MILLER. 

Georgene Sones 

Subject:           death look up
    Date:           Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:45:04 -0800
   From:           <mayros@msn.com> 
      To:           <genpat@netins.net> 

Eliza Jane Hoops probably died in January or February of the year 1891 in Taylor county. Her nickname was Jennie  - maiden name Dugan and husband was Henry C. Hoops.  She was born in 1846-47. 
Parents Robert and Barbary Dugan/Dougan.  She was born in Perry county  Ohio. 
Her burial records in Guss Cemetery are lost so a death certificate transcription is my only hope (there is no death record listed for her in Taylor co....Pat). 
Thanks again Marge in Wenatchee Washington - just in case someone back there needs info out here   mayros@msn.com mayros@msn.com

Subject:           query Taylor County 
    Date:           Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:34:45 -0700 
   From:           "James Scott" jrs2147@tds.net
      To:           <genpat@netins.net> 

Looking for information on the marriage of Harry Clyde Franklin to Jessie Opal Ginn in 1906.  Jessie's parents were Charles A. Ginn and Cora E. Barngrover. 

Harry's parents were Albert E. Franklin and Carolyn Elizabeth Crosby. 

I would also like some help in finding out who put a grave stone on Harry Franklin's plot.  He is buried in Lenox, Taylor 
Co., Iowa. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Subject:           QUERY - TAYLOR CO., IA
    Date:           Fri, 8 Feb 2002 20:33:21 EST 
   From:        ATMEEK@aol.com
      To:           genpat@netins.net 

Seeking info on Abner W. MAJERS/MAJORS, b. 1837 in Beardstown, IL, d. 1905 in Clarinda, IA.  He m. Rosanna SPENCER.  Also his parents Jessee MAJERS and Rachael THOMPSON who were living with him in the 1870 Taylor County census. 
Where are Jessee and Rachael buried and when did they die?  Any info on this family would be appreciated. 


Subject:            Robert Dougherty quest 
    Date:            Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:39:33 -0500 
   From:            "thomas keasling" tlkeas@theremc.com
      To:            <genpat@netins.net> 

Pat--after a long time--here I am again looking for relatives in Taylor Co.  You found so much on my Derricksons a while back and now I'm after my husband's Dougherty gang.  Especially a Robert Dougherty and wife Sarah Tanner and their kids.  The genealogist at PAge Co told me that someone had put in some family info on them in Taylor Co.  Do you know 
I can find it?  I've been tracking them since they left Va, thru KY then into IN and then on to IA.  Over 100 years of them almost!  Appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanks!  Lynne Keasling 


          Adding a surname
          Thu, 4 Apr 2002 10:06:12 -0700
          "Derrickson, Amy" <Amy.Derrickson@afscn.com>
          "'genpat@netins.net'" <genpat@netins.net>

Hi Patricia,

My name is Amy Derrickson and I was wondering if I could add a surname to
your list.  Several of my DERRICKSON relatives moved from IN to Taylor
county in the mid 1850's.  I have a lot of information about these folks at
my website www.pcisys.net/~derrica but I was hoping to find others
investigating them in the IA area.

Thnx -A

Subject:              Re: Lookup Taylor Ct. Iowa 
       Date:              Sat, 02 Mar 2002 11:07:07 -0600 
      From:              Pat O'Dell <genpat@netins.net> 
         To:              "Josette L. Maxwell" <maxwelljl@earthlink.net> 

Well, our weather sounds rather comparable...I really can't tell if it's snowing or just blowing snow that was already on the ground..whatever, I went out to let my ducks and geese out and it isn't nice out there. The ducks and geese looked out the door and said, "thanks but no thanks..." they may come out later in the day. They do not like wind. 
I'm not sure what all you have looked at on the web site, but obituaries of these people are listed in the Abstracted Newspaper Index...see page 
Sarah's does not list her parents which means that the info  was not on the obituary. 
After you look at this, let me know what questions you have then. Pat 

"Josette L. Maxwell" wrote: 

  Good Morning Hope your weather is better than ours - very cold and sleet/snow!Good day for genealogical   research. 

I've got a Sarah Ellen Maxwell b. 1850 who married James R.Anderson in Adams Ct. Iowa, moved to Kansas   in 1880 and was in Taylor Ct. Iowa (Platte Town) in 1900.  Both James and Sarah are buried in Lenox East Fairview   cemetery and their son Ray Anderson/daughter Mable E. as well.  Son Thomas E. Anderson is buried in Fairview   Bedford Cemetery. 
I am trying to trace descendents of this family - a branch of my Maxwell line.  It didn't say what kind   of lookups you wouldundertake, so am writing in hopes you might be able to find an obit with names/locations. 
Thomas  E. Anderson died in 1962 (didn't say month/date on index)Mable E. Anderson died 1950James R. Anderson  died   1941Sarah ELlen Anderson died 1931Ray V. (should be B.) Anderson died 1944 Other chidlren included Wayne M.   Anderson, Mary B. Anderson,Floyd D. Anderson. 
There is an Elizabeth listed on the 1895tax list but it says in 1900 
  that there were only six children.I don't have marriages for any of the children but assume severalwere married. What   would be MOST helpful is an obit for Sarah Ellen Anderson which should contain name of parents thus documenting link   and obit for the child who died at the latest time, Thomas E. Andersonin order to find location of children/siblings. If this  is beyond the scope of what you're willing to do, could you advise me where I might be able to email/write for   obits? Thank you very much and I have to say that the Taylor site hasthe best searchable sites of all the Iowa counties   I've been researching! 
Josette Maxwell Boone NC 


Subject:           QUERY 
    Date:           27 Feb 2002 18:40:51 -0600 
   From:          bwoods@iswt.com
      To:           genpat@netins.net 

Researching the family of Samuel Woods (b)1814 (d)1878 Taylor County, Iowa. He first married Mary Ann Hunnewell and second Nancy Elizabeth (Morris) Vardaman. Between the two wives they had 17 children: William (b)1842, Allan A. (b)1843, Joseph J. (b)1845, Benjamin F. (b)1847, Samuel (b)1850, Isaiah (b)1853, Minerva (b)1855, Sarah (b)1858, Twin of Sarah (b)1858, David (b)1859, Nancy (b)1864, Marion (b)1867, James (b)1869, Thomas (b)1870, Della (b)1872, John (b)1875, and Walter (date unknown).  I am trying the bring each family up to date. Any and all assistance would be appreciated. 

Subject:           query 
    Date:           Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:30:31 -0800 
   From:           "JUANITA LEA WILLIS" <lijiang1@email.msn.com> 
      To:           <genpat@netins.net> 

DAY - I am trying to find anyone that can tell me the 
parents of: 
Oscar Day  - 1851 - 1914 
Married to 
Sarah (Jones) Day - 1858 - 12-14-1900 
Any help will be appreciated. 
Thank You.  Lea 


Subject:           query 
    Date:           Sun, 24 Mar 2002 15:14:10 -0500 
   From:           "jeanne bedwell" <jbedwell@blueriver.net> 
      To:           <genpat@netins.net> 


Seeking information about Daniel O. Clayton (1870-1907) and his brother Albert Victor Clayton who lived in New Bedford and Clarinda, Iowa. Their father was Benjamin F. Clayton of Yates Center, Kansas (18323-1884). After his death, his sons moved to Page or Taylor Counties to live with relatives. Benjamin F.Clayton was a Civil War veteran--58th Indiana 
Volunteers. Their aunt Belle (Mrs. Calvin Lewis)'s obituary lists Mrs.Bernice Cramer and Mrs. Ed Harrison of Clarinda and 
Mrs. Glen Miller of Omaha as nieces. These are Clayton children of either Daniel or Albert. 

Jeanne Bedwell 


Hi, I have John BLADON, and family came to Taylor Co., IA. sometime after 1880. They left Henderson Co., IL.

Any info on this person would be appreciated?

Have found Thomas Henry BLADON and Frank Augustus BLADON listed in your Co. along with death dates.

Need more help. Thanks Dave PENDRY in AZ. dpendry@msn.com

In 1860 a young Indiana family was counted by the census in Benton Township of Taylor County. They were Columbus C. Carter (22, born in Indiana, probably at Danville, Hendricks County), his wife Caroline (also 22, she was born in either Kentucky or Indiana and was also known as Carrie), and their boy, Charles Richard Carter, born in March, 1859, at Danville, IN.

It's likely that the family moved on not much later, possibly to Kansas. Charles married a woman named Lizzie Carey who had been born around 1860 in Illinois. Their first three children were born someplace in Kansas from 1882 to 1889.

Subsequently, Charles and Lizzie, their family and Charles' mother, Carrie, moved to Washington State. I am not sure, but I don't think Columbus was with them.

Children of Charles and Lizzie were as follows: Enola G. (F, b. 1882 in Kansas) Charley C. (b. 1886, Kansas) Floyd M. (b. 1888, Kansas) Annie M. (b. 1889/90, Washington) Mary M. (the later Lizzie or Lena, b. 1893, Washington) Freddie V. (b. 1897, Washington) Florence C. (b. 1900, Washington)

Lizzie died around 1900 and Charles was remarried in 1905. With his second wife, Alice Anna Rodgers (b. 1874, Columbus, IN), he fathered five children. Charles died in 1936 at Sedro Woolley, WA. Any information about these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Mark Danielson Bellingham, WA medaniel135@msn.com

Looking for the article or obituary of EMMET REED, murdered Nov. 2, 1887 in Taylor County, Iowa. He was the son of Samuel and Ellen Reed of Algona, Kossuth C., Iowa.

My email address is: LHLegend@MSN.com Thank you. Sincerely, Mary Hassebroek

From: David Poore Damnpoor1994@aol.com


     Looking for info on Bennie Biffle Poor b.12 JUL 1877 in Taylor County Iowa m. Anna Jane Thurman also info on Bennie's son Guy Ernest Poore b.31 MAY 1904 in Bedford, Taylor County Iowa.

Surname: Webb
Looking for a obit on a Luke Webb who died in Bedford, IA on 24 Feb 1890
Mike Webb
Graham, WA 98338

Mike Webb

Dear Pat  - I've emailed you before regarding this family.  Sent for the birth registration of Grace Ella Hoops- found she was born 10 March 1890 in Ross Twp - Taylor county - this birth was registered by her brother, Ernest Hoops, in 1943.  This family is not listed in the 1895 Taylor county census but one married sister is.  According to the newspaper index from Taylor county, Henry C. Hoops married Isabel Hall (Mrs. Harrison) at her home near Hawleyville (Nebraska twp) Page county in August 1894.  His first wife, my gg grandma, Eliza Jane Dugan Hoops must have died between 10 March 1890  and (at the latest) early in 1894.  I can't think how to continue to find out when Eliza Jane died and where.  There is no record of her death in Montgomery county (where Henry died in 1915) none in Page county either.  I couldn't find anything in either your cemeteries.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.  Regards  Marge in Washington state.  mayros@msn.com

Searching for ggrandparents. Have them in the 1880 census for Taylor Cty.
Andrew b 1859 in IL Martha Johnson b 1854 in IA . Marthas previous marriage to Murphy-issue 1 son Edward b 1872 in IA in 1880 household.
Also in household William Johnson bro of Martha b 1852 in IL
Andrew & Martha had 3 known children; Frances m Jesse James, Maude m ?Crist & Willy(died young, don't know how young.)
Per family history they lived in Montgomery, Taylor and possibly Council
Bluffs area
Would like exchange info with anyone who might have a connection.
This is all the info I have, basically their names and the one census I have
found them in.


Dear Pat,

      I have an old newspaper cliping about my Grandmother:
             May A Long
            The newly elected repyblican county auditor. Her many friends say she will make good in the auditor's office, and have great confidence in her. As a matter of fact she received the election with no opposition, after winning in the primary in a three-cornered race. She is the second lady to be elected to office in Taylor county since the ladies have been voting.

      I have reviewed all the nwspaper abstracts listed in the web site for Taylor County and have found not listing for this article.  

      The clipping has no date and nothing was noted as to what year this event took place.  I am very insterested in finding the year this happened.  I know it has to be after the mid 1920's and before the 1950's.My Grandfather died in 1950 and Grandma moved to California around 1954 or thereabouts.

      If you could help me find out what year May M Long was elected Taylor County Auditor, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Lois Decker  SamandLoisDecker@aol.com

Does anyone remember the "Swenson" Country School west of Bedford?  I would like to know the name of the teacher in 1925-1926.  Would there be any pictures of the school available?


Dear Pat,

I am researching my paternal grandfather, John Underwood Whitehead(b. 1851 Raytown, TN,; m. Alpha Melvina Dykes 1903 Jeraldstown, Greene Co.,TN) who came to Taylor Co. from Greene Co., TN, sometime after 1904 when their first child was born, had six more children there, then moved to Atchison co., MO, after 1920, when their last child was born.  John died  Mar 1926 and was buried in Clarinda, IA.  From your newspaper page, I found his obit., and names that might be his three sisters, Lula, Effie, and Bertha Whitehead, as well as numerous other Whiteheads who may be mine.  I would like to ask for any other information that anyone might have on Taylor Co. Whiteheads-this is the first real break I have had on the Whitehead side, as his info ends on his death cert., with no parents names.

Please e-mail me at:  morda02@yahoo.com if anyone has any info.

Thank you for any help.


* I referred her to Joyce Whitehead Orr  lannyo@netins.net. Lots of Whiteheads around here.

Looking for a photo of a former mayor of Bedford Henry C. Webb, He was Mayor Of Bedford in 1918 before he died.
Mike Webb rckid2424@hotmail.com

Dear Pat
Would you please put this out for me I am looking for Tando family members . I know that there were several tando cemeteries in Taylor County so I am hoping that there are some living Tandos living there
Would like to get in touch with them because that is my name also
Thankyou novs@dtccom.net
Rebecca Kay Tando Judkins