who: students of Siam School
front row: Russell Whaley, Dwight Smith, Gladys Dalrymple, Lavina Smith, Ruth Shields, Harold Shepherd, Carlton Kneiding, Virgil Adams, Clark Miller
second row: Lucille Fine, Reid Shields, Francis Manley, Ruby Henderson, Loren Whaley, Elsie Rose Fine, Garnett Melvin, Naomi Clayton
third row: Maxine Dale, Alma Whaley, Francis Clayton, Marie Rosecrans, Viva Adams, Pauline Smith, Wyleen Luellen, Mary Fine, Maxine Stickelman
fourth row: Alice Smith, Emsy Smith, Orval Manley, teacher-Jennie Enders Andrews, Harold Henderson, unseen, Maxson Kneiding, Kenneth Smith
when: 1924?
where: Siam, Taylor County, Iowa
owner of photo: Roger Gant: ragpag@iowatelecom.net and Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net. My mother is Gladys Dalrymple in the first row. If she were five when this was taken, it would be 1924.