photo taken at Tinsley's Studio, Corning, Ia

Picture from the collection of Ginger Young: Ginger is the granddaughter of Selina Jenks VanHouten of Lenox.

if you can identify these people, please contact me: Pat O'Dell -

An identification received -

I believe that the photo shown is actually Ida (Minnie's sister) not Minnie (Ida's sister). I am sure it was kept by a family friend (after studying many old photos --the manner of inscription indicates friend instead of relative). Ida Mae Hixson (5-24-1864 to 2-20-1941) married Frank J. Wilson in Taylor Co., Iowa. Minnie possibly died at age 12 (1870 to 9-6-1882). The young lady in your photo also bears quite a resemblence to other Hixson women of the time. The parents of the three Hixson girls were: David Hixson and Mary A. ( Leaverton ) Hixson. I hope this information helps and I would love to be able to obtain good copies of some of the photos posted on your website (at my costs, of course). You can reach me through email at Great site. Keep up the good work folks....Tom Hickson