I am looking for possible sources leading to personal information about Kittie Rozelle Eby Burwell.  This is possibly a picture of Kittie and her husband.  I found it on a Burwell family site and it was labeled as unknown picture from Clarinda studio, which is very close to Gravity.    They came to Washington Township from Crawford County, Ohio around 1887.  Both were from that county and raised in the same family although they were not biologically related.  Kittie was an orphan raised by Elmers grandparents, Matilda and Peter Eby.     Peter Eby was a Minister and had six biological children.           

She lived on a 160 acre farm/ranch near Gravity with her husband Elmer M. Burwell from 1887 until their deaths.  Elmer died in 1943 and Kittie died in 1948.  Both are buried in the Washington Cemetery. 

 They were Methodist. 

 They had one daughter Orpha who married Charles B. Lock.  Both are also buried in the Washington Cemetery.  Their only daughter Mildred died at a young age.  Hence, there are no direct descendents that can be contacted.

 If you have any suggestions as to how I could find out more about Kittie I would greatly appreciate hearing them.


Linda Rocco - lindarocco@frontier.net