Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa obituaries
transcribed by: Lorelei Rusco -

Anderson, Blanche Franklin -

Mrs. Howard Anderson has been at the Methodist Hospital in Omaha since Friday, seriously ill with lockjaw.  We have heard that the attack came from infected teeth, but of that we have no corroboration, Mrs. John Anderson received a call to come Friday midnight, and was taken to Creston for the earliest Saturday train. The messages received up to Tuesday indicated a very serious but not hopeless condition of the patient. The Andersons now live at Ashland, Nebraska.  Later:—Mrs Anderson's condition became critical Tuesday evening, and she died at about 11 Wednesday morning, according to the message received by John Anderson that afternoon.

Mrs. Anderson was Miss Blanche Franklin, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Franklin, who went out to Ashland last spring. She leaves four children, two boys and two girls, the oldest about seven and the youngest one year old.

The funeral will be at Ashland on Friday afternoon. We will give an obituary next week.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa July 19, 1920

Anderson, Blanche Franklin -

Wednesday noon, word came from Methodist hospital in Omaha that Mrs. Howard Anderson had passed away at 11:30 a. m. She had been very ill for nine days with lockjaw.

Mrs Anderson was the wife of Mr H. F. Anderson, president of the Ashland Lumber company. The first symptoms of her illness were noticed Tuesday evening at supper.  She complained of catch in her jaw at that time, but is was thought to be a neuralgic condition of her system.  She gradually grew worse and Friday morning she was taken to the Methodist hospital in Omaha where the serum for lockjaw was administered.  Here she was very critically ill but she put up a good fight and was conscious to the last, and sent messages to her mother and children who remained at home.  Wednesday morning word was received she had come out from the convulsions, her jaws were unlocked, her muscles relaxed, and that she was decidedly better. This report was followed by the one at noon announcing her death which took place a short time before.

For several days after she was taken ill no cause could be given for the terrible disease, but later it was remembered that about three weeks ago, soon after their return home from Illinois, one afternoon while she was dressing, one of the children got into difficulties in the yard. She ran out barefooted to help him, and in so doing ran into a foot scraper at the side of the porch, and bruised one of her toes. Nothing was thought of it at the time as the wound was so very slight, and it healed over with the germs inside.-The Ashland Gazette

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa  August 5, 1920

Anderson, Blanche Franklin -

Emily Blanche Franklin, second daughter of Mr and Mrs. W.H. Franklin, was born in Taylor County, Iowa on May 22. 1886. She died in the Methodist Hospital in Omaha on July 28, 1920, aged 34 years and 2 months.

She joined the Calvary Methodist church when about ten years of age, and has ever since taken an active part in Epworth league and church activities. For many years she taught classes in the Clearfield Methodist S. S. She completed her public school work in the Clearfield High School, graduating with the class of 1904. Later she attended Simpson College for a time. A good singer, her services in the choir of her church are well remembered.

She was married to Mr Howard F. Anderson on Feb. 5, 1912. They resided for some years in Clearfield; then at Riverton, Iowa; and lastly at Ashland, Nebraska.

She leaves to mourn her loss the husband, her parents, one brother and one sister, and four children, aged from one to seven years; besides these there are many more distant relatives, and many friends whose sympathy goes out to those who are caused to mourn by her untimely death.

The funeral services were held at the Ashland Methodist church on Saturday, July 31, conducted by the  pastor, Rev. Jones.. Interment at Ashland. The  Enterprise joins with the many here who extend sympathy and condolence to the bereaved family.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, August 5, 1920

Bridger, Orville C. -

Orville C. Bridger, son of Charles and Francis Bridger, was horn at New Windsor, Ill., April 1st, 1879, and passed away at Galesburg, III , at 8 p. m., July 18th, 1920. His father and mother having died when he was but a boy, he was left to make his own way.  He received his education in the Alpha and Monmouth high schools.  He has spent the greater portion of his life in the immediate vicinity of his birth.  He was a man of clean habits, and bas been quite successful.

He was married at Viola, Ill. December 27, 1907 to Miss Aura Breckenridge.  He is survived by his wife, two brothers, W. S. Bridger of New Windsor, Ill., B. E. Bridger of Clearfield, Ia., and four sisters, Mrs. Lucy Carlson of Clearfield, Ia.; Mrs. Carrie Anderson of Keithburg, Ill.; and Mrs. Fannie Beck of New Windsor, Ill.; and Mrs. Chas. Easterday of Keithsburg, Ill., besides many friends.

The services were conducted from the Methodist Episcopal church in Viola, July 21st at 1:30 p.m.  Rev. F. L. Stevens officiating.  Burial took place in the Viola cemetery. The funeral was largely attended by neighbors and friends who deeply sympathize with the widow and other relatives in their bereavement.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa July 29, 1920

Busby, Ida Ann Martin -

Ida Ann Martin, daughter of William and Emily Martin, was born

in Mahaska County, Iowa, February 22, 1856. She died at her home in Clearfield just before midnight on Saturday, May 9, 1920 aged 64 years, 2 months, and 16 days. She was married on March 22,1874 to R. E. Busby, who survives her.

Mr. and Mrs. Busby lived in Mahaska county until the fall of 1885, they moved to the farm four miles southeast of Clearfield in Ringgold County. Here they resided until 1903, since which time they have lived in Clearfield.

She was converted and joined the Methodist church at the age of seventeen, and remained faithful to her Christ and her faith until death. Of a retiring disposition, she was not demonstrative, but lived a life of serene and unwavering faith. When she knew that her time was short, she was still resigned and trustful to the end.

Six children were born to this union: Grace who died in infancy; Alfred who lived but six years; Mrs. Stella Witter, Mrs. Gretta Murdock, Mrs. Jessie Spurrier, and Miss Lillian Busby. These four reside in this community. There are also eight grandchildren. She leaves of her own family, four brothers, John and Albert Martin of Oskaloosa, Iowa; Nelson A. Martin, Lacey. Iowa; F. E. Martin, Minot, North Dakota. Two sisters: Mrs D. H. Porter, Beloit, Kansas;

Mrs F A. Younkio, New Sharon Iowa, and a host of friends who mourn today with the bereaved ones.

She was a kind and loving wife and mother, a true friend, a kind and sympathetic neighbor. Her work done, she  slipped away as the Sabbath was coming in to rest with her Lord where Sabbaths never end.

Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church on Tuesday at 2

p. m. The Pastor, K. O. Douglass read the 14th of John, und his address dealt with the hidden providences of God. The floral offerings were notable, and the church was filled with the assembled friends. Interment was in Clearfield Cemetery.

Clearfield Cemetery, Clearfield, Iowa, May 13, 1920

Campbell, Grace Saunders -

Mrs. Grace Campbell, nee Saunders was fatally injured in accident on the highway about four miles west of Lenox last Sunday near noon. She was riding in a car with her husband, who is the Q agent at Bridgewater.  Their two children were in the back seat. The family was coming to Lenox to be present at a family reunion. Mr. Saunders drove up behind Mr. S. E. Wainwright, who was driving about 25 miles an hour. He did not know anyone was behind him, and the reports of racing were all wrong. Mr. Campbell says that he drove into the cloud of dust raised by the Wainwright car and at a time when he could not see the road, his car dropped into a ditch or sunken culvert. It seemed to break his grip on the steering wheel and in an instant the car overturned, going clear over and upon the wheels again Mr. Campbell and the children were not much hurt, but Mrs Campbell was struck by the windshield or car doors, and seriously hurt.  While they were this side of Kent hurrying to Creston, the woman died.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa July 1, 1920

Coppel, John –

On Tuesday, June 8, two boys, both sons of Bedford residents were

drowned while swimming in a pond near Bedford. The boys, Harold Lowe, son of Rev. J. M. Lowe, and John Coppel son of Frank Coppel were the unfortunate lads. Both boys were 12 years of age.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa June 10, 1920

Crews, Shubel Earnest -

Shubel Earnest Crews was born in Salem. North Carolina, October 1860.  In I866 he moved to Bloomington, Illinois, with his parents, where they lived till 1869, when they moved to Moberly, Mo. In 1871 they came to Ringgold County where he lived until 1888 when he moved to Spokane, Washington. Here he lived until death caused by chronic stomach trouble called him away on June 8, 1920. He had been in poor health for some time, and during the last two or three years of his life had been unable to work at his trade as a stone and brick mason on account of a paralytic stroke which affected his right hand and arm.

In 1882 he was married to Miss Delia Harrington. To this union, two children were born. One died in infancy; the other, a son, is living in California. One brother, Albert Crews, lives at Lamar, Mo. . Five sisters-Mrs. Addie Creamer and Mrs. Mattie Gillespie live at Elgin, Okla; Mrs. Alice Crose at Sedalia, Mo.; Mrs. Rachel Brooks at Minier, Illinois; Mrs. Mary Sargent, Clearfield, Iowa; remain to mourn his loss, also a large number of other relatives and friends.

He was a kind and industrious man, respected and liked by all who knew him.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, June 17, 1920

Dodge, Ila Arlene –

Ila Arlene, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dodge of Griswold, Iowa, died last week at the home of her grandfather, H.J. Pugh, Atlantic, Iowa. She was sick but a day and a half, and nothing could stay the hand of death. Ila Arlene was 22 months old. Services were held at the home in Griswold, and the body brought to Clearfield for internment in the family lot. Rev. Douglass conducted brief services at the grave at 1:30 last Friday. The bereaved parents and other relatives have the sympathy of many friends of this community.

Clearfield Enterprise, April 22, 1920

Edwards, William Robert -

William Robert Edwards was born January 11, 1851 on his father’s farm in Warren Co. Illinois and died at his home, 5 miles southeast of La Plata, Missouri, July 8, 1920 at the age of 69 years and nearly 6 months.  He attended the public schools in the community in which he was raised and after for a time attended Hedding College at Abingdon, Ill.  In March 1874 he was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Hood who had recently come from her old home in England.  Soon after their marriage they removed from their Illinois home to Dexter, Iowa, and shortly afterward to Clearfield, Iowa, where he engaged in farming for a number of years.  But 17 years ago he left Iowa and bought the farm which has been his home until death in the vicinity of this city.  He was of an unusually sociable disposition and made friends rapidly in every community in which he lived.  He was so jovial and hearty that he numbered his friends by the score and hundreds.  He was a big hearted brother, full of sympathy and kindness to those who needed these kindly neighborly offices.  Those who knew him best will testify to his generous impulses which often found expression in a helping hand and a kind word. His married life was most happy. He and his now bereft companion lived together as comrades and shared in each others joys and sorrows for 46 years. His last sickness was a trying one, characterized by failing strength for about 2 years, so while the end came suddenly it was not wholly unexpected. We have seen him in strength and power and we have seen old age come creeping on and infirmities gather and the shadows fall upon the useful life; But while the body withers and dies the spirit grows young and throws off the burden and limitations of the flesh and the soul rises with its character formed and impressed by every act, word, thot and purpose of life to meet its Maker as calmly as a star rises to greet the dawn of a new and greater day.

He leaves of his immediate family his faithful wife and two brothers. Charles W. and Rev. J. W. Edwards D. D. both of Indianola, Iowa. His only sister passed away at Temple, Okla. a little more than a year ago. An honest man, a kindly neighbor, and a patriotic citizen has passed away and the world somewhat poorer for his leaving.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa August 5, 1920

Fleming, Amy Jane Chittenden -

Amy Jane Chittenden was born in Cassopolis, Michigan, March 6. 1847 and died at her home July 18, 1920 aged 73years, 4 months, and 12 days. She moved with her parents from Michigan to Stark County, Illinois, in 1866 and from there to Taylor County, Iowa in 1870 to the farm where she has since made her home.

On October 16, 1879 she was married to Wm. C. Fleming. She had one brother, Wallace who died March 6, 1880. When but a girl she united with the Cumberland Presbyterian church in Illinois. For many years she had cared for her aged parents, who lived with her, since the death of their son. Her mother was blind for the last fifteen years of her life and this with her feeble condition made her a great care, but Mrs. Fleming's unfailing patience and loving attendance was the marvel of all who knew her

Since the death of her mother whom she survived but 1 year and 1 day she has been gradually failing in health, and while her friends were conscious of her failing health, they were surprised that the end should come so soon.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa July 22, 1920

Gray, John B. -

John B. Gray was born in Excomb, England, May 4. 1845. Came to America in 1854 and settled in the vicinity of Lenox in 1875. In June1877 he was united in marriage to Mary Morrison. To this union five children were born: Thomas of Chicago, Jessie L. of South Dakota, Mrs. Alice Evans of Boise. Ida., Johnnie E. of Corning, la , and Mrs. Florence J. Clark of Ogden, Utah. There are six grand-children. Five brothers and sisters are living-George of Lenox, Henry of Chicago, Jim of Washington, la., Mary of Beaconsfield, la., and Anna of Chicago.

For many years Mr. Gray was a faithful member of the Lenox United

Presbyterian church and attended church regularly to within a very

few weeks of his death. He died on the 75th anniversary of his birth.

Funeral services were held at the home, Friday afternoon at one o'clock conducted by the pastor, Rev. A. L. Davidson. Burial was made in the Clearfield Cemetery.-Lenox Time Table.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, May 20, 1920

Hepperly, Thomas Camion –

The subject of this sketch was born in Peoria, Illinois on April 12, 1840.  He grew to manhood in that vicinity and was married in the fall of 1865 to the life partner with whom he walked for over fifty years.  Mrs. Hepperly died in the fall of 1917, and since that time he has made his home with his son, Wade, in Vancouver, Washington.

Mr. Hepperly moved to Ringgold County near Clearfield about 1876 and was a resident of the vicinity until 1903 when he moved to Oregon.  Six children were born to them, of whom one daughter died here and lies in Clearfield Cemetery.  The others are John of near Clearfield, Curt of Norfolk, Nebraska, Frank of Omaha, Wade of Vancouver, Washington and Mrs. Grace Brown of Fort Gibbons, Alaska.  The first two were present at the funeral.

Many of the old friends gathered at the Methodist Church to pay their last tribute of respect.  Pastor Douglass conducted the services.  The pallbearers were Jos. Doubet, F.C. Nickle, D. E. Moffett, N.W. Wolford, A. W. Cochran and Blanch Nevill.  Interment was in Clearfield Cemetery.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa April 29, 1920

Hidlay, Anna Melissa Hamilton -

Anna Melissa Hamilton was born April 27th, 1842 in Allegheny Co. Penn., and departed this life April 26th 1920, near Clearfield, aged 77 years, 11 months and 29 days. She was married to David Hidlay, September 22nd, 1859. They moved to Carroll County, Illinois in the spring of 1862 and in the spring of 1881 they moved to Ringgold County, Iowa, where they have since resided.

To this union seven children were born; two died, in infancy, those remaining are: Annis, Mrs. Jos. Phillips and Cora wife of W. F. Morey both of Hay Springs, Nebraska; John, Trumann, and Jennie, wife of Geo. Hicknell all of Canada; one sister, Mrs. R. J. Boys of Metamora, Ill., one brother, M. M. Hamilton of learfield.

Mrs. Hidlay was converted at an early age and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church.  She was a faithful member till the time of her death.

A short time before her death she told her children she was going home to Jesus.

She leaves today five children, seventeen grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren besides a host of friends.

Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.  Rev. Douglass in change.  The sermon was from the text, “Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in Heaven.”

The church was crowded with the friends assembled to do honor to the memory of this good woman.  Interment followed in Clearfield Cemetery where she was laid by the side of her husband so recently gone before.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa April 29, 1920

Hooker, Nancy Catherine Yaryan -

Mrs. Nancy Hooker, until recently residing here, died in a hospital following an operation, at an early hour on Monday. She had been living with a son and daughter at Mount Vernon, South Dakota, and the friends here did not know of her condition until news came of her death. The body was brought to Diagonal, near which the family had lived for many years, and the funeral  services were held at the Clearfield Methodist Church at 2:30 on Tuesday, conducted by Pastor Douglass, and  interment was in the Clearfield  Cemetery.

Nancy Catherine Yaryan was born in Wapello County, Iowa, on Dec. 2, 1857 and was thus at her death 62 years, 10 months and 2 days old.

She came with the family to Ringgold county in 1867 and was married to John Henry Hooker in October 1873. Mr. Hooker died about sixteen years ago. To their union were born four children all now living.  They are H. M. Hooker of Mt. Vernon, South Dakota; U. L. and V. L. Hooker of Bouton, Iowa; and Mrs. Minnie Nation of Mt. Vernon, South Dakota. Besides the children, she leaves three grandchildren, her aged mother, three brothers and one sister Gan, Andrew, and John Yaryan, and  Mrs. [   ] of Billings, Montana.  The last named was not present at the funeral.

Mrs Hooker had been a member of the Clearfield Methodist Church since 1915, coming into membership by letter. She had been a Christian for the greater part of her life.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa October 7, 1920

Jenkins, Louis Clark –

The subject of this sketch, Louis Clark Jenkins, was born in Victory, Cayuga, New York on May 24th, 1836.  He died at his home in Clearfield August 25, 1920 aged 84 years and 3 months.  He was taken to Lee, Massachussetts when 1 year old and when he was 19 years old he moved to Sterling, Illinois, living there until 1880.  In that year he moved to Taylor county, settling on a farm eight miles southwest of Clearfield, living there til 1901 and after that time his home has been in Clearfield.

In 1861 he was married to Isadora Golder who after nearly sixty years of close companionship survives to mourn his going.  To this union 11 children were born of which 4 having gone before, leaving seven yet living.  [The remaining print is too light to read and decipher.]  Interment was in Clearfield Cemetery.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, September 2, 1920

Lowe, Harold -

On Tuesday, June 8, two boys, both sons of Bedford residents were drowned while swimming in a pond near Bedford. The boys, Harold Lowe, son of Rev. J. M. Lowe, and John Coppel son of Frank Coppel were the unfortunate lads. Both boys were 12 years of age.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa June 10, 1920

McCall, Arthur -

Dr. McCall received word Saturday evening that his brother Arthur of Ogden, Iowa, had been very severely injured by a runaway. Dr. McCall at once started for Des M., but missed the evening train at Diagonal, and received word at midnight that the brother had died on the way from his home to Des M. The unfortunate man was in the thirties, and leaves a wife and one child. Details of the accident are not at hand.

Dr. and Mrs McCall arrived at home Wednesday evening. It appears that the brother fell from a load of tile, striking upon his head, and the runaway followed but was no factor in the accident.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, September 2, 1920

Miller, Elizabeth A. Leach -

A dispatch was received here Wednesday forenoon by P. H. Cullings bringing the news of the death of Mrs. S. H. Miller at Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Miller departed on last Wednesday for Ohio, their daughter Georgia, Mrs. R. L. Bailey, living in that city. According to the dispatch, death came at near midnight, Tuesday night. Mrs. Miller has been failing for some time and it was apparent some time ago that her condition was serious. Still the tidings came as a distinct surprise,  and a great shock to her many friends  here, where the family has lived so long.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa September 16, 1920

Miller, Elizabeth A. Leach -

Elizabeth A. Leach was born near Tranquility, Adams, Ohio Feb. 18, 1856, and passed away at the home of her daughter in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 15th; 1920; aged sixty-four years, six months, twenty two days. She was married Feb. 9, 1881 to Mr. Samuel B. Miller, at Tranquility, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. have made their home for the past sixteen years in Clearfield. Iowa coming here from Adams County, Ohio where they had resided since the day of their marriage.

Mrs. Miller united with The United Presbyterian Church at Tranquility, Ohio in early girlhood and later transferred her membership to Peebles, Ohio, and then to Clearfield, where she was a member at the time of her death. 

She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, Samuel B. Miller of Clearfield, Iowa, her son Harry B. Miller of Toppenish, Washington, and daughter, Mrs. Georgia Bailey of Ohio, and by four week old Tad Bailey, of Cleveland,  the only grandchild.  She had a multitude  of friends here at Clearfield.

Services were held Saturday at 2 at the home of Mr and Mrs Ralph Bailey, 1290 Fry Ave. Cleveland, Ohio.  Interment was in the family lot in Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, September 30, 1920

Perkins, Lela Maxine –

Lela Maxine, daughter of Samuel N. and Maude Perkins, was born February 3, 1919, at Clearfield, Iowa and died at Estherville, Iowa, April 13th, 1920, age 1 year, 2 months, and 10 days. She leaves to mourn her loss, her father and mother, and brother Harry, besides many other relatives. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Lagrone of the Methodist Church, Wednesday afternoon at the home.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa April 22, 1920

Ray, Elizabeth A. Atwood -

Elizabeth A. Atwood was the second of the eleven children of Mr. and Mrs. Semander D. Atwood. She was born on the fifth of December, 1857, at New Market, Iowa and died last Thursday, June 3rd at 1:30 a. m. at the age of 62 years, 6 months and 5 days.

She made her home in Page county, Iowa, till 1899, when she moved to Ringgold county where she has since made her home. For the past 12 years she has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Fletcher Mathews.  For years she has been a constant sufferer and for the past eight she has been entirely bedfast. All that loving hands could do to serve her was done but she passed peacefully away last Thursday morning.

She was married to Isaac P. Ray in 1876  and lived happily in this union for 14 years when death, on the 8th of November, claimed Mr. Ray.  Four children came to gladden the home, all of whom survive. They are E. D. Ray of Brush, Colo.; L. L. Ray of Maloy, la ; H. T. Ray of Tingley; und Mrs. Fletcher Mathews of Mt. Ayr.

Mrs. Ray was a very patient suffer never complaining of her affliction.  She was a member of the Christian church at New Market, Iowa and was a consistent Christian till her death. As the end approached she realized it was near and was prepared to meet it.

To mourn their loss she leaves her children, three sisters, Mrs. M. E. Duffey of Menlo, Kansas; Martha Anderson of Knoxville, Iowa; Larinda Alger of Union City, Okla. Two brothers, L. G.  Atwood of Laird, Colo.; and J. T. Atwood of Kinsley, Kansas. Besides these there are eight grandchildren as well as a large number of relatives and friends.

Funeral services were conducted at the Fletcher Mathews home by S. P. Williamson, pastor of the Church of Christ last Friday afternoon. The remains were taken to New Market where the body was laid to rest by the side of her husband.  Mt. Ayr Journal

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa June 17, 1920

Speer, Nettie Jane Voss -

Nettie Jane Voss, wife of .lames W. Speer, was born Sept. 23, 1875 in Iroquois Co., Ill.; and died Sept. 21, 1920 lacking but two days of being 45yrs of age. 

She grew to womanhood and received her education near the place of her birth. In 1880 she went with her parents to Nebraska where Nov. 2, 1892, she was united in marriage to James W. Speer. To this union one son, Ray, was born, who has been her constant hope and joy. 

Having been a great sufferer for many years it was thought that she might gain relief by submitting to an operation, and to this she cheerfully consented, so accompanied by her husband went to the Ensworth Hospital at St. Joseph, Mo. In a few days, words of hope and encouragement came to her friends and loved ones, but complications set in which necessitated a second operation from which she rallied only a short time although all that medical skill could do was done. The Angel of Death claimed her at the sunset hour.  Her husband and son watched at her bedside. The remains were brought to Clearfield Iowa to her home.

Mrs. Speer was well known and her sudden death has cast gloom over all her acquaintanceship for she made friends with all whom she met, being of a happy disposition, she greeted each and every one with a smile. She possessed a noble character and lived a self-sacrificing life, which made her a devoted wife, Mother and sister.  

Giving  her heart lo Christ she united with the Methodist Church  at McCook, Nebr., in I890, transferring her membership here about four year ago. On account of the frailty of the body, she was not permitted to attend church services as she should of liked to have done, but her mind and heart were centered here. She lived a true Christian life, and was prepared to meet her Saviour, for hers was a life of faith und virtue for which eternal happiness is promised.

Besides a large number of friends she leaves a husband, an only son Ray, father, mother, five sisters Mrs. Mary Bicknall of Sutherland, Canada; Mrs. Maude Perkins of Estherville,  Iowa; Mrs. Lela Lunt of Creston, Iowa; Mrs. Ethel Bye and Mrs.  Grace Monk of Clearfield Iowa; two brothers, James Edward and Vance Voss of Chicago. Ill. , all but one, Mrs. Mary Bicknell, being present at the funeral.

The many floral offerings which covered her casket were symbols of the love and esteem by which she was held. To the grief stricken relatives who mourn not alone for the departed, the deepest sympathy is extended. Funeral services were held at the M. E. Church on Saturday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Douglass. Interment was in Clearfield Cemetery.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa September 30, 1920

Taylor, Chas. L. -

Mr. C. L. Taylor, for a long time a resident of Clearfield before 1910, died at Villisca on Monday afternoon, October, 18. He was working at his trade of carpenter, and fell dead of apoplexy.

C. L. Taylor was born in Ohio on December 30, 1854, and died on Oct. 18, 1920—aged 65 years, 9 months, and 19 days. There is no material at our command for an obituary. His first wife and the mother of his children died in Clearfield in 1909. One daughter, Mrs. Frank Webb died before her mother and lies with her mother and father in the family lot in our cemetery.

Mr. Taylor married again, .and since that time has lived in Villisca, Iowa, where he died. He leaves a widow, a number of children, and several grandchildren to mourn his loss. The body arrived here at 1:25 on Wednesday and interment was made at once in the Clearfield Cemetery Rev. Douglass in charge of a brief service at the grave.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa October 21, 1920

Tillier, Amelia Mason -

Amelia Mason was born in Franto Canada, July 25,1829 and died at their home northwest of Clearfield Sept 28 , 1920 at the age of 91 years 2 months and 3 days She was married in 1848 to John Tellier and to this union were born nine children.  Six preceded her in death.

Those left to mourn her loss are her husband and three children, Mrs Minnie Peterson, Charles Tellier and John Tellier. At an early age she united with the Christian Church and has always lived a Christian life.

The funeral services were held in the Clearfield Christian Church  at 10 o'clock Thursday and were conducted by Pastor Hignett of that church. Interment  followed in Clearfield  Cemetery. 

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa October 7, 1920

Waring, Oscar E. -

Oscar E. Waring, who will be remembered by all the old timers of this community, died at his home in Denver on last Friday. Services were held in that city last Saturday afternoon, with interment at Nunn, Colorado, on Sunday. A clipping from a Denver daily sent by F. M. Lupton is all the information we have. Mr. Waring lived in Clearfield for many years. He was postmaster during Cleveland's second administration, and a few years later, in 1901-02, was part owner of the Enterprise, Clark Smith being the active manager, with Thos. Hill representing his grandfather in the office. Mr. Waring gave up the post office to H. T. Swope on January 1st, 1898.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa April 1, 1920

Waring, Oscar E. -

Oscar K. Waring was born in Scipio, New York, September, 3rd, 1839, and grew to manhood there. He received his education at Auburn Academy. He spent some time in the mercantile business in New York City. From there he went to Columbus, Ohio.

In April 1868 he married Charlotte Elizabeth Bissell of Painesville, Ohio. They lived for a time in Ohio, then moved to Iowa.  Mr. Waring was prominent in the business and social circles of Clearfield from the founding of the town almost. He served for a very long period on the local school board, was postmaster during the administration of President Grover Cleveland, and with Clark Smith purchased  the Enterprise in 1901. A few years later he sold out to his partner, and about that time removed to Colorado, where he remained until his death. They went from Clearfield to Nunn, where Mr. Waring took an active interest in civic affairs and played a prominent part in the early history of the town. He was at one time a member of the board of trustees and during his several years residence here built up a very large circle of friends, his genial disposition winning young and old alike. After the death of his wife three years ago, be made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Ruth Knowlton, where he passed from this life on Tuesday, March 23, 1920.

By his uprightness, honesty and sincerity, he always commanded the respect of his fellow men. His business life was governed by the same principals. He held many positions of trust and confidence in the communities in which he lived, his name was a synonym of trust and ability. His life was beautiful; for the last three years he seemed to be "Just waiting,  for the call to go to his departed loved ones." In all the time since he lost his life companion he never made any complaint, but was always patient, waiting for his call, without fear or regret and with perfect abiding faith in the goodness and judgment of his Creator. In the last few weeks he seemed to feel that he was nearing the end, for he was often heard talking and praying to his God.

Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church in Nunn last Sunday morning, Rev. W. H. Lutenor officiating and the remains were laid to rest beside those of his wife in Mountain View cemetery.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, April 15, 1920

Wentzel, Angeline Cline -

The people of Clearfield were surprised and shocked yesterday forenoon when word went around that Mrs. S J. Wentzel was dead. Mrs. Wentzel was alone at her home just south of the business section, and was not known to be ill. Neighbors saw her in her yard and about morning duties. When her little grandson, Harry Grant called at the house at 9:30 he found her sitting in a chair, but dead. He called others, and the word quickly around. Some weeks since Mrs. Wentzel was ill but seemed in about her usual health of late. The sons and one daughter are here; a daughter lives in California; and another daughter, Mrs. Fred Rood, is now on her way to the far west. Mr. Wentzel died but a few months since.

The funeral services will be held Saturday morning at l0 o'clock at the U.P. Church.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, June 17, 1920

Wentzel, Angeline Cline -

In 1854 in Northumberland Co. Pa. on March 14  Angeline Cline Wentzel was born. She was married to S. J. Wentzel October 6, 1870 and came to Iowa In 1880 settling on the farm south of Clearfield. From the farm she came to her late home in town about 6 years, ago. On December 19, 1919, death claimed her husband and the same angel came three days ago, June 19, 1920 to claim her.

Her home was blessed with six children, five of whom survive her. They are Charles Ira  and David Leroy Wentzel, Mrs. Ed Grant, Mrs.F. L. Rood, and Mrs. Geo. Crane. Mrs. Crane’s home is in Huntington Beach, California. The others live in or near Clearfield.

Mrs. Wentzel was apparently as well as usual the early part of the week and was out Wednesday morning, working around the yard, but later was found sitting in her chair dead. There evidently had been no conscious sickness or struggle, a quiet release of the spirit and her earthly career was ended.

For more than 7½ years she stave herself in unceasing care and loving ministry to the welfare and comfort of her invalid husband, and leaves in this and in other ways too to her children and grandchildren, a rich legacy in the memory of her faithfulness and kindness.

She united with the United Brethren Church while living in Illinois and later transferred membership to the United Presbyterian church of Clearfield in the fellowship of which she continued till her death. Death came suddenly but not in an undesired way to those who are ready to go to live with Jesus. “Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh.”

The funeral services were held Saturday at 10 a. m. In the United Presbyterian Church conducted Rev. Aikin of Monroe, Iowa, former pastor of this church. Interment followed in the Clearfield Cemetery.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, June 24, 1920

Young, William Andrew –

Our community was surprised and shocked on last Friday afternoon when the report went around of the death of Wm. A. Young, at the home of his brother Howard, southeast of town. While it was known that Mr. Young  had been in poor health for some time, there had been no reason to expect that death was near. He had been sitting in a chair, and seems to have died without any warning whatever at about two o'clock. Deceased was the oldest of the family of brothers and sisters, being past sixty-two at his death.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, July 29, 1920

Young, William Andrew –

William Andrew Young was born in Page County, Iowa. November 14, 1857, and died at his home southeast of Clearfield, July 23rd. 1920, aged 62 years, 8 months, and 9 days.  He was the oldest son of Robert and Sarah Young. His parents, one brother Thomas R., and sister Mattie having preceded him, leaving three brothers, F. N. of Ralston, Wyoming; Robert M. of Los Angeles, California; and H. H.  of Clearfield, and a number of other relatives and friends.

He was a member of the Clearfield United Presbyterian Church. He was born and reared in the Covenanter Faith and memorized many Scripture verses, particularly the Psalms and the Shorter Catechism as was the splendid custom in that home.  He was of a quiet and unassuming disposition, and was a great man for home. Honest and upright in character, he was respected by all who knew him.  He was a man of many friends, a man of few words.

This was the first summer in 52 years, that he missed farming. He was a very healthy man until his illness which began about Easter of this year.  The end came suddenly.  The step between him and death was quickly taken, we know not what a day may bring forth. "The will of the Lord be done. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.”

The funeral services were held on Thursday. July 29th at the United

Presbyterian Church, the pastor, S. Boyd Johnson officiating.  The mortal remains of the deceased were then laid to rest in the Clearfield Cemetery.

Clearfield Enterprise, Clearfield, Iowa, August 5, 1920