Taylor County Republican
May 2, 1878
From Conway:
Editors Republican:-Conway is getting to be a grange town so
far as feeding hogs is concerned. Every one who has room for
a few keeps some, Mr J.P. Rumble has about forty, Messrs.
Goodsill Bros, Anderson & Co, forty, Mr J.W. Moser about thirty,
Mr A.A. Irving, sixty, Mr O.J. Eoff, sixty, and other small lots
are scattered about two numerous to mention.
The merchants all seem to be busy --doing nothing. Mr Luke
Shay of Ringgold, shipped a lot of hogs and cattle on Tuesday, and
Mr D. Brower also shipped two car loads of cattle.
Mr W.W. Clark, of the Bedford Mills was here on Tuesday looking
up a site for a grist mill. He proposes to move the mill from Bedford here
if Conway and vicinity will loan him one thousand dollars for two
years without interest, to be secured by first mortgage on the mill.
Conway wants the mill and thinks it will raise the money. A meeting
is to be held to consider the proposition.
The telephone is "busted." The whole line is down and if we want
special communication with any one now, we just have to halloo. The
schools are progressing finely. As D.B.M., of Jackson twp says, there
are no births or marriages to record this week, but I hope there will be some of the former soon.
We haven't seen anything of your escaped jail birds up this way. They
may be where Hutson's lawyer is.
Conway you know very well is one station this side of --Lenox.