Newspaper Misc
from Lorelei Rusco -

Something Wrong

A sale bill bearing the signature of Will Quit Work, has been going the rounds of the press and purports to be a Missouri auction sale, giving evidence of what queer combinations can be made by a printer, who is suffering from

the effects of a night out and badly pies the galley. The bill announcing the sale includes the following list:

Twenty-five cows, broke to work; 41 head of cultivators, coming in soon; 10 head of shoveling boards with scoops by side; 8 piano mares; 120 rods of canvas belting, better than new; De Laval cow, with ice cream attachment;

McCormick binder, in foal; Poland China bobsled, due to farrow in April; 14 head of chickens, with grass seed attachment, in good working order; 2 J. I. 0. riding heifers, good as new; spraying outfit, can be ridden by children; 15 billy goats, 70 bushels capacity, with spraying nozzle and other attachments; many other articles too .numerous to mention which I expect to acquire at night between now and date of sale.—Ex.

Lenox Time Table, Lenox, Iowa Thursday November 13, 1919