List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa, 1886. By Adjutant General of Iowa
compiled by Pat O'
Neff, John Private G Conway Ohio 23rd Infantry
Nelson, Charles Corp K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Nelson, J.E. Private F Gravity Illinois 16th Infantry
Nelson, R.H. Private B New Market Iowa 46th Infantry
Nelson, S.S. private L New Market Illinois 2nd Cavalry
Nevill, Blanchard Private F Clearfield Wisconsin 33rd Infantry
Newkirk, G.C. Private G Bedford Iowa 4th Cavalry
Nichols, O.P. Private B Clearfield Iowa 9th Cavalry
Niles, Benjamin Private B Hopkins, Mo Wisconsin 7th Infantry
Nixon, Hugh Corp B Lenox Illinois 88th Infantry
Noble, James Private I Bedford Indiana 24th Infantry
Noble, John blacksmith I New Market Iowa 4th Cavalry
Norris, W.H. Private E Mormantown Missouri 4th Cavalry
Norton, Amos Private G Bedford Illinois 95th Infantry
O'Connell, J.J. Private F Holt Iowa 22nd Infantry
Olin, James Private A Clearfield Ohio 1st Infantry
Onderkirk [Ouderkirk], Martin Private F Clearfield Illinois 86th Infantry
Opdyke, Levi Private G Bedford Illinois 38th Infantry
Ormsby, O.W. Private -- Bedford New York 28 Battery
Orr, Wm B. private A Lenox Illinois 2nd Artillery
Osborn, J.H. Corp G Hopkins, Mo Ohio 55th Infantry
Ostrander, H.B. Private E Mormantown Ohio 25th Infantry
Overmire, S.B. Private F Lenox Iowa 28th Infantry
Owens, John Private C Bedford Ohio 20th Infantry
Oxley, E.I. Corp F Siam Iowa 29th Infantry
Palmer, G.W. Serg B Bedford Ohio 2nd Cavalry
Palmer, R.S. private E Holt Illinois 12th Cavalry
Parish, A.A. Private B Bedford Iowa 18th Infantry
Parmenter, K.K. Private G Bedford Illinois 140th Infantry
Parshall, I.K. blacksmith K Clearfield Pennsylvania 15th Cavalry
Parsons, G.R. Private A New Market New York 184th Infantry
Paschal, G.C. Private F Lenox Iowa 25th Infantry
Patch, A.N. Private K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Patrick, J.M. Private E Bedford Iowa 3rd Infantry
Patterson, J.N. Private I New Market Ohio 153rd Infantry
Paul, J.W. Private B Bedford Illinois 91st Infantry
Paymal, Isadore private L Conway Illinois 11th Cavalry
Payne, J.L. Private H Clearfield Illinois 83rd Infantry
Payton, W.F. Private G Bedford Illinois 140th Infantry
Payton, Wm F. private K Bedford Illinois 7th Cavalry
Pennington, W.T. Private C New Market Illinois 83rd Infantry
Peterman, W.P. Serg F Bedford Iowa 23rd Infantry
Phillips, L.F. Corp -- Conway Iowa 2nd Battery
Pierce, P.H. Private C Bedford Illinois 42nd Infantry
Piner, R.M. Serg G Clearfield Minnesota 1st Heavy Art
Pitman, William Corp -- Conway US Ordnance Dept
Polston, Phillips Private B Lenox Iowa 19th Infantry
Polton, Isaac Private E Bedford Nebraska 1st Infantry
Pool, R.E. Private C Holt Maryland 6th Infantry
Poor, J.H. Private H Mormontown Indiana 120th Infantry
Potter, Ralph Private E Bedford Illinois 47th Infantry
Potter, Thos Corp B Platteville Illinois 108th Infantry
Powell, Ed Private C New Market Michigan 14th Infantry
Powell, J.I. Private   New Market Illinois misc
Pratt, Salem Private K Bedford US 6th Cavalry
Prevard, Lewis Serg B Bedford Iowa 1st Infantry
Priest, C.E. Private C Mormantown Kansas 11th Cavalry
Purcell, Geo QM Serg -- Bedford Ohio 45th Infantry
Putnam, H.H. Private H Bedford Vermont 8th Heavy Art
Putnam, S.C. Private H Bedford Vermont 8th Heavy Art
Quinby, J.C. Private I Bedford Ohio 79th Infantry
Raynor, G.W. Private F New Market Ohio 30th Infantry
Read, Wm Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Rednip, Wm Serg C New Market Ohio 124th Infantry
Reid, George Private D Bedford Ohio 128th Infantry
Reid, James Private F Lenox Ohio 73rd Infantry
Rhinehart, Bennett Private B Bedford Pennsylvania 15th Cavalry
Richardson, G.W. Private A New Market Illinois 92nd Infantry
Ridgely, Eli Private L Siam Missouri 11th Cavalry
Riley, N.R. teamster -- Bedford Iowa 25th Infantry
Risser, Theodore Private H Bedford Ohio 48th Infantry
Roberts, Daniel Corp B New Market Illinois 47th Infantry
Roberts, R.P. Private D Bedford Iowa 4th Cavalry
Robinson, S. Private F Conway Iowa 29th Infantry
Rochon, A.P. Private K Bedford Massachusetts 10th Infantry
Rockwell, R.B. Corp K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Rogers, J.B. Private G Gravity Ohio 88th Infantry
Rogers, M.M. Private E Gravity Ohio 88th Infantry
Rogers, M.S. Private G Gravity Ohio 80th Infantry
Roper, H.F. Corp I Guss US 9th Infantry
Rose, C.P. Corp K Guss Iowa 28th Infantry
Roush, H.H. Private F Siam Iowa 29th Infantry
Rowe, W.H. Private D New Market Iowa 1st Cavalry
Roy, W.W. Private B Bedford Missouri 11th Cavalry
Rumble, J.P. Serg D Conway Iowa 4th Cavalry
Russell, A. Private A Clearfield Illinois 77th Infantry
Russell, E.E. Corp B Bedford Illinois 102nd Infantry
Salisbury, B.L. Serg B Bedford Iowa 34th Infantry
Sanborn, Alonzo Private K Lenox Illinois 137th Infantry
Savage, George Private C Clearfield Illinois 45th Infantry
Savage, James Private A Holt Ohio 77th Infantry
Saxton, John Private H Bedford Iowa 26th Infantry
Scott, A.J. Private F Lenox Iowa 11th Infantry
Scott, John Private D Siam Iowa 46th Infantry
Severns, C.D. musician I Gravity Illinois 28th Infantry
Shackelford, S. Private G Gravity US 13th Infantry
Shaw, John Private H Lenox Iowa 2nd Infantry
Shaw, Shepherd Private F Gravity Ohio 20th Infantry
Shawver, Lewis T. private K Bedford Illinois 11th Cavalry
Shelton, Alfred Private E Bedford Iowa 1st Infantry
Shepherd, J.B. private I Clearfield Illinois 11th Cavalry
Sherrick, J.W. Private A Bedford Pennsylvania 18th Cavalry
Shipley, John Private A Holt Ohio 11th Cavalry
Shoemaker, L.G. Private K Clearfield Illinois 83rd Infantry
Shoemaker, W.H. Private F Conway Illinois 16th Infantry
Smith, A. musician   Conway Illinois 150th Infantry
Smith, Cyrus saddler G Clearfield Illinois 4th Cavalry
Smith, Dewitt C. Capt G Conway US 45th Infantry
Smith, George Private B Bedford Ohio 49th Infantry
Smith, Henry Private B New Market Indiana 12th Infantry
Smith, Lewis Serg I Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Smith, Lyman Private D Platteville Illinois 83rd Infantry
Smith, Patrick Private G Gravity Illinois 90th Infantry
Smith, Robert Private A Bedford Virginia 3rd Cavalry
Smith, S.B. Private C Gravity Vermont 1st Heavy Art
Smith, W.E. Private H Bedford Missouri 13th Cavalry
Snyder, Chas C. Private L Bedford Indiana 4th Cavalry
Sowers, A.J. Serg E Bedford Ohio 136th Infantry
Sowles, T.M. Private F Gravity Iowa 29th Infantry
Springer, S.A. Private F Clearfield Illinois 39th Infantry
Squires, E.W. Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Starkey, E. Corp E Conway Missouri 4th Cavalry
Stephens, Edward Private D Bedford Iowa 47th Infantry
Stephens, Isaac Serg -- Lenox Iowa 1st Battery
Stephens, Jacob Private I New Market Ohio 111th Infantry
Stephens, Vincen 1st Lt F Holt Virginia 7th Infantry
Stickleman, Henry Private K Siam Ohio 40th Infantry
Stickleman, John Private A Siam Ohio 80th Infantry
Stimson, W.R. Private G Gravity Iowa 3rd Infantry
Stocks, J.H. Serg H Bedford Iowa 4th Cavalry
Stockton, Jerome Private D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Stockton, Jerome D. private L Bedford Illinois 2nd Cavalry
Stretch, Alfred Private A Bedford Iowa 11th Infantry
Stretch, Milton Private A Bedford Iowa 11th Infantry
Swan, A. 1st Lt D Gravity Missouri 22nd Infantry
Swander, H. Corp M Gravity Iowa 3rd Cavalry
Swap, Wm Bugler K Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Tarman, W.B. Private I Clearfield Iowa 3rd Infantry
Taylor, Charles Private L Bedford Missouri 3rd Cavalry
Taylor, Charles Private L Bedford Missouri 3rd Cavalry
Taylor, J.P. Private H Gravity Ohio 59th Infantry
Tedford, G.B. Private F Lenox Iowa 25th Infantry
Terpenning, C.W. private A. Bedford Illinois 12th Cavalry
Thirkield, J.M. Corp H Bedford Ohio 12th Infantry
Thomas, D.C. Private G Lenox Illinois 146th Infantry
Thomas, S.S. Corp F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Thompson, B.F. private B Conway Illinois 2nd Cavalry
Thompson, C.W. Private L Lenox Iowa 3rd Cavalry
Thompson, J.M. Lt H Bedford Iowa 36th Infantry
Thornton, E.T. Serg G Conway Ohio 4th Cavalry
Thurman, A.A. Private I Conway Illinois 77th Infantry
Tibbetts, O.H. drummer K Bedford Indiana 9th Infantry
Tipton, B.F. Private A Lexington Iowa 25th Infantry
Trammel, Isaiah Private C New Market Iowa 18th Infantry
Triggs, Elijah Serg I Bedford Iowa 40th Infantry
Turnbull, William Private E Mormantown Iowa 2nd Infantry
Turner, J.C. Corp H Bedford Indiana 7th Infantry
Turner, W.J. Private B Bedford Indiana 7th Infantry
Underwood, Lemuel Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Vance, A.J. Private E New Market Missouri 1st Engineers
VanHouten, Geo Private B Lenox Missouri 4th Cavalry
VanSickle, A.B. Capt G Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Vickery, Roger private A Gravity Illinois 2nd Artillery
Wade, David Private H Lenox Ohio 152nd Infantry
Waffle, C.K. private K Clearfield Illinois 11th Infantry
Wainwright, A. Serg -- Bedford Wisconsin 7th Battery
Wakeman, A.B. Serg D Bedford New York 8th Heavy Art
Walker, F.E. QM Serg -- Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Walker, William Private E Conway Indiana 152nd Infantry
Wallace, George Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Wallace, Isaac Private H Bedford Iowa 15th Infantry
Warren, George B. Private K Conway Iowa 4th Cavalry
Warren, S.H. Private H Gravity Iowa 7th Infantry
Waterman, Joseph Private A Bedford Iowa 35th Infantry
Weaver, John Private I New Market Illinois 78th Infantry
Weiser, Gideon Private I Bedford Pennsylvania 47th Infantry
Wertz, Cornelius Private B Platteville Iowa 1st Cavalry
Whitcomb, C.P. Private L Guss Iowa 5th Cavalry
Wickersham, I.M. Corp F Bedford Ohio 2nd Heavy Art
Wilcox, Amos Private F Platteville Indiana 130th Infantry
Wilcox, John Private F Platteville Indiana 88th Infantry
Wilcox, Levi Private C Clearfield Illinois 83rd Infantry
Wilder, A. Private C Hopkins, Mo Missouri 11th Cavalry
Wilkins, Wm Fife-Major -- Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Willard, N.V. Private F Hopkins, Mo Indiana 148th Infantry
Willfong, David Private M Ivy Iowa 8th Cavalry
Williams, Thomas Private G Hopkins, Mo Missouri 45th Infantry
Wilson, Chas Private K Conway New York 40th Infantry
Wilson, L.B. Serg M Lenox Ohio 8th Cavalry
Wilson, T.O. Private H Gravity Ohio 145th Infantry
Wilson, W.H. Private F Gravity Ohio 88th Infantry
Winegart, Daniel teamster -- Bedford Ohio misc
Winkley, Wm Private H Clearfield Iowa 27th Infantry
Winning, Wm Private C Bedford Iowa 34th Infantry
Winslow, Samuel Private G Lenox New York 12th Cavalry
Wisdom, P.J. Private G Mormantown Iowa 29th Infantry
Wolcott, E.F. Corp -- Bedford Ohio 14th Battery
Wolcott, R.H. Private F Bedfod Ohio 2nd Cavalry
Wolford, C.C. Private D Bedford Ohio 188th Infantry
Wood, Lucius Private K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Wood, W.J. Private I Bedford Nebraska 1st Infantry
Woodfill, D.M. Serg A Conway Indiana 6th Infantry
Woodruff, C.L. Corp B Lenox Illinois 15th Infantry
Woodward, J.N. Private G Lenox Illinois 27th Infantry
Woodyard, J.M. Corp H Ladoga West Virginia 12th Infantry
Wright, John Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Young, George Private E Bedford Ohio 48th Infantry
Young, J.B. Private H Lexington Iowa 2nd Infantry
Zentz, H.W. 1st Lt I New Market US 86th Infantry