List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa, 1886. By Adjutant General of Iowa
compiled by Pat O'
Gant, Samuel Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Garner, S.H. Private I Bedford Iowa 16th Infantry
George, J.K. Private A New Market Illinois 59th Infantry
Gilchrist, Alexander private E Bedford Illinois 7th Cavalry
Giles, John A. Serg H Lenox Illinois 47th Infantry
Gillett, George Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Glassgow, C.A. Private A New Market Iowa 4th Cavalry
Glassgow, S.H. Private F New Market Iowa 23rd Infantry
Glassgow, William Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Golding, Mathew Private E Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Golding, Wm QM Serg -- Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Goldsmith, C.U. Private   Conway Illinois misc
Gondard, L. Private B Gravity Illinois 32nd Infantry
Gooding, Samuel Private B Lenox Illinois 148th Infantry
Goodsill, N. Private I Bedford Illinois 140th Infantry
Graham, Ira G. Private K Clearfield Illinois 83rd Infantry
Grate, W.G. Serg D Lenox Ohio 19th Infantry
Green, C. Private F Bedford Illinois 102nd Infantry
Green, George Private A Conway Iowa 1st Cavalry
Greene, John Capt E Bedford Missouri 13th Cavalry
Greenlee, H.U. Private A Bedford Pennsylvania 16th Cavalry
Grubb, James Corp G Gravity Indiana 9th Infantry
Guthrie, James Asst Surg -- Bedford Ohio 20th Infantry
Haggard, C.D. musician B Gravity Illinois 118th Infantry
Hale, John Private K Bedford Iowa 18th Infantry
Haller, Wm Private B Bedford Illinois 57th Infantry
Hamblin, Dennis 2nd Lt G Sharpsburg Illinois 58th Infantry
Hardenbrook, R.L. Private D Bedford Illinois 83rd Infantry
Harriott, D.B. Private G Lenox Ohio 170th Infantry
Harris, J.L. Corp I Bedford Illinois 14th Infantry
Harris, O.P. 2nd Lt C Conway Illinois 58th Infantry
Harris, P.M. Private K New Market Iowa 4th Infantry
Hartley, Ambrose private D Platteville Illinois 7th Cavalry
Hartley, J.M. Private D Mormantown Pennsylvania 15th Cavalry
Hartzell, W.L. Private I Lenox Illinois 145th Infantry
Hartzler, Samuel Private I Holt Iowa 13th Infantry
Harvey, R.W. Private H Bedford Ohio 153rd Infantry
Hatfield, L.D. Corp D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Haun, S.F. Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Hays, T.L. Private I Siam Pennsylvania 4th Cavalry
Hazlitt, P.B. Serg H Lenox Illinois 34th Infantry
Head, W.T. Private F Bedford Illinois 104th Infantry
Heasley, J.L. Private B Conway Illinois 61st Infantry
Heaton, E.B. Lt G New Market Iowa 35th Infantry
Hedrick, T.H. Capt K Bedford Iowa 15th Infantry
Helm, B. Private K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Hembra [Hembree], W.D. Private K Siam Indiana 143th Infantry
Hemenover, D.C. Private D Conway Illinois 151th Infantry
Henderson, R.A. Private C Clearfield Illinois 36th Infantry
Henderson, R.S. Private A Lenox Illinois 30th Infantry
Henry, G.A. Corp I Bedford New York 3rd Cavalry
Hensley, Howard Private E Hopkins, Mo Indiana 27th Infantry
Herriott, Wm Private G Lenox Ohio 98th Infantry
Hicks, A.G. Private I New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Hinshaw, A.G. Private D Bedford Indiana 36th Infantry
Hodge, John Private A Holt Iowa 15th Infantry
Holaday, John Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Holden, F.H. Private M Lenox Ohio 2nd Heavy Art
Holliday, L. Private C New Market Missouri 1st Engineers
Hollingsworth, A. Private H Mormantown Iowa 8th Cavalry
Hollis, Henry Private E Gravity Illinois 66th Infantry
Hooks, D.C. Private I Holt Ohio 182nd Infantry
Houck, A.S. Serg B Bedford Iowa 9th Cavalry
Houck, J.M. Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Hough, Jerry Private D Conway Missouri 2nd Cavalry
Hough, Jerry Private D Conway Missouri 2nd Cavalry
Howard, H.F. Private E Lenox Illinois 89th Infantry
Howard, H.M. 2nd Lt I Gravity Ohio 82nd Infantry
Howe, Jack Private K Bedford US 55th Infantry
Howlett, John Private C New Market Wisconsin 46th Infantry
Hoxworth, Samuel [marine] Corp   Bedford    
Huddeston, John Private D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Hughes, D.C. Serg D Lenox Pennsylvania 8th Infantry
Humphrey, F.E. drummer G Holt Illinois 152nd Infantry
Hunt, Lee Private D Lenox Iowa 2nd Infantry
Hurst, William T. Private F Conway Illinois 75th Infantry
Huss, Wesley Private F Clearfield Iowa 22nd Infantry
Huston, Abram G. Private G Conway Illinois 70th Infantry
Hutchinson, Samuel Private F Bedford Ohio 191st Infantry
Hutchinson, W.H. Private F Siam Iowa 29th Infantry
Jared, John Private C Bedford Illinois 135th Infantry
Jobbins, A. Private E Bedford Wisconsin 1st Artillery
John, Alex Corp F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
John, C.C. Private K Bedford Indiana 26th Infantry
Johnson, A.D. Private C Lenox Iowa 11th Infantry
Johnson, A.J. Private B Lenox Iowa 6th Infantry
Johnson, Andrew Private C Lenox Ohio 166th Infantry
Johnson, Andrew Farrier L Conway Iowa 9th Cavalry
Johnson, G.W. Serg C Lenox Wisconsin 19th Infantry
Johnson, Isaac Private F Bedford Missouri 51st Infantry
Johnson, J.E. Private A Bedford US 14th Infantry
Johnston, James Serg G Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Jones, John H. Private C Clearfield Illinois 83rd Infantry
Jones, Townson Private B Bedford Ohio 43rd Infantry
Karns, A.R. Private E Bedford Pennsylvania 78th Infantry
Kauble, B.F. Private B Mormantown Iowa 9th Cavalry
Keene, Daniel Private B Bedford US 67th Infantry
Kelley, N.D. Private F Bedford Nebraska 1st Infantry
Kelley, R.V. Private K Guss Ohio 10th Cavalry
Kelso, B.H. Private E Bedford Indiana 24th Infantry
Kemery, Wm PRivate F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Kemper, W.R. Serg F Bedford Iowa 36th Infantry
Kennedy, I.M. Private D Lenox Illinois 83rd Infantry
Kepner, E.D. Serg H Lenox Pennsylvania 133rd Infantry
Kerns, D.P. Private F Leonard Illinois 83rd Infantry
Kerns, S.T. Private G Holt Illinois 61st Infantry
Kerr, Adam Private B Lenox Iowa 46th Infantry
Kersey, Isaac Private D Bedford Indiana 70th Infantry
Killion, David Private H Platteville Indiana 29th Infantry
Kimball, G.W. Private D Bedford Iowa 22nd Infantry
Kimmel, C.D. Private G Clearfield Illinois 30th Infantry
King, L.H. Private K Lenox Illinois 77th Infantry
King, V.R. Private K Platteville Iowa 4th Infantry
Knox, John Private I Clearfield Illinois 93rd Infantry
Konecuy [Konecne], Frank Private K Holt Iowa 22nd Infantry
Kramer, Frederick Private A New Market Iowa 16th Infantry
Kysar, John Private F Gravity Iowa 29th Infantry
Lacey, Peter Private K Bedford Indiana 26th Infantry
Laird, Jesse Private G Holt Missouri 4th Cavalry
Laird, Levi Private G Bedford Iowa 4th Cavalry
Laird, Thomas Private G Holt Missouri 4th Cavalry
Landon, S.N. Capt G Lenox Iowa 31st Infantry
Langstaff, James Private E Bedford Wisconsin 28th Infantry
Lattimer, R. Private H Conway Illinois 138th Infantry
Lawler, J.J. Private K Conway US 2nd Dragoons
Leaphart, W.P. Private B New Market Missouri 10th Infantry
Ledgerwood, J.F. Private E Conway Iowa 46th Infantry
Leighton, David Private F New Market Iowa 23rd Infantry
Libby, C.A. Private B New Market Missouri 10th Infantry
Liggett, Henry Private C Conway Ohio 85th Infantry
Lindsay, H.M. Corp E Conway Illinois 83rd Infantry
Livingston, R.I. Corp A Mormantown Iowa 11th Infantry
Long, J.W. Private E Lenox Ohio 120th Infantry
Long, William Drummer F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Lowrey, John E. Private A Bedford Illinois 83rd Infantry
Lowry, Martin R. Private D Bedford Illinois 121th Infantry
Lucas, A.G. Adj -- Bedford Pennsylvania 111th Infantry
Lucas, S. Private D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Lucas, Wm Corp A Iveyville Indiana 93rd Infantry
Luff, William Capt F Bedford Ohio 197th Infantry
Lunt, W.A. Private A Clearfield Minnesota 9th Infantry
Luton, Edward Private M Lenox New York 3rd Lt Art
Lynch, Thos Corp D Bedford Pennsylvania 22nd Cavalry
Maltby, C.A. Private G Holt Illinois 105th Infantry
Mankle, Jacob Private E New Market Illinois 77th Infantry
Mann, Mike Serg I Bedford Ohio 3rd Infantry
Mann, T.C. Serg C Clearfield Ohio 36th Infantry
Marsell, Joseph Private H Holt Iowa 9th Cavalry
Marsh, James Private H New Market Indiana 9th Infantry
Martin, James Private D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Martin, John private M Bedford Illinois 1st Artillery
Martin, Wm Private I Ladoga Illinois 36th Infantry
Mason, O.W. Private E Conway Indiana 72nd Infantry
Mathershead, John Private E Bedford Iowa 15th Infantry
Maxwell, John Private D Bedford Ohio 176th Infantry
Maxwell, Thos Private A Bedford Missouri 17th Infantry
May, H.E. Private H Bedford Indiana 8th Cavalry
McAlpin, L.B. Serg F New Market Iowa 23rd Infantry
McClure, G.L. private H Clearfield Illinois 11th Cavalry
McConn [McCoun], L.T. Capt D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
McConville, Henry Private C Bedford US 12th Infantry
McCoy, John Private E Conway Iowa 35th Infantry
McCoy, R.H. Corp F Lenox Iowa 35th Infantry
McCracken, J. Private E New Market Iowa 15th Infantry
McCracken, J.W. Private D Guss Wisconsin 38th Infantry
McCune, T.D. Private C New Market Pennsylvania 140th Infantry
McGrogan, Edward artificer L Conway New York 6th Cavalry
McKeene, W.T. Private B Gravity Iowa 45th Infantry
McKenzie, A.M. Private L Lenox Illinois 75th Infantry
McMurray, D.B. Serg E Bedford US 3rd Cavalry
McNemar, J.A. Private A Bedford Virginia 6th Cavalry
Merryman, Ammerst Private L Clearfield Missouri 8th Infantry
Mick, Levi Corp C New Market Iowa 8th Infantry
Miller, J.R. Private K Mormantown Iowa 48th Infantry
Miller, John Private D Bedford Iowa 24th Infantry
Miller, Paul Private I Bedford Iowa 28th Infantry
Miller, R.C. Private F Norwich Nebraska 1st Cavalry
Miller, S.S. Private F New Market Indiana 84th Infantry
Minor, J.A. Private F Bedford Iowa 3rd Cavalry
Mitchell, Cyrus Private G Bedford Ohio 81st Infantry
Modie, John Private G Conway Illinois 137th Infantry
Mohler, C.C. Corp D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Moneyhan, James Corp K Gravity Iowa 36th Infantry
Monk, John Private H Lenox Ohio 167th Infantry
Monroe, Alvin Corp G Lenox Illinois 107th Infantry
Moon, Robert Private -- Bedford Michigan Eng & Mech
Moor, James Private M Gravity Iowa 4th Cavalry
Moore, Dan Corp I Bedford Ohio 41th Infantry
Moore, E.S. Private H Gravity Illinois 104th Infantry
Moore, Elias Private A Bedford Indiana 20th Infantry
Moore, R.P. Private F Clearfield Iowa 3rd Cavalry
Morey, William Private E Gravity Ohio 174th Infantry
Morey, Wm Private E Gravity Ohio 31st Infantry
Morgan, R.H. Corp A New Market Iowa 4th Cavalry
Morley, B.F. Private B Lenox Iowa 16th Infantry
Morris, Fred Private A Bedford Illinois 59th Infantry
Morris, James Private E Platteville Iowa 4th Infantry
Morris, James Private E Platteville Missouri 10th Cavalry
Morris, Miles Serg I Gravity Illinois 83rd Infantry
Mowrey, R. Private C Conway Illinois 93rd Infantry
Moyer, Nicholas private H Lenox Illinois 12th Infantry
Mulford, H.J. Private D Holt Ohio 54th Infantry
Mulnix, Robert Private B Clearfield Illinois 83rd Infantry
Murphy, B.F. Private K Guss Illinois 88th Infantry
Murren, William Corp K New Market Ohio 176th Infantry
Myers, Joseph Private H Ladoga Illinois 146th Infantry