List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa, 1886. By Adjutant General of Iowa
compiled by Pat O'
name rank Company residence state unit
Abbott, I.W. Private H New Market Iowa 9th Cavalry
Adams, David Serg B Bedford Iowa 33rd Infantry
Adams, J.Q. Private G Siam Missouri 4th Cavalry
Adams, J.Q. Private G Siam Missouri 4th Cavalry
Adams, Thos Private K Lenox Illinois 107th Infantry
Adams, W.H. Private A Gravity Iowa 7th Cavalry
Adkins, Madison Private I Hopkins, Mo Illinois 83rd Infantry
Adkins, Madison Private I Hopkins, Mo Illinois 78th Infantry
Akers, B.F. Corp A Gravity Iowa 22nd Infantry
Akers, R.T. Corp A Gravity Iowa 35th Infantry
Akers, R.T. Private F Gravity Iowa 12th Infantry
Allen, N.J. 2nd Lt F Lenox Kansas 7th Infantry
Allen, Saunders Private D Bedford Iowa 39th Infantry
Alvord, Seth Private G Bedford Illinois 17th Cavalry
Ames, John Corp G Bedford Ohio 60th Infantry
Anderson, Cyrus Corp A Lenox Pennsylvania 6th Artillery
Anderson, David Private I Bedford New Jersey 31st Infantry
Anderson, Samuel Private A Siam Iowa 40th Infantry
Andrew, J.T. Private G Guss Ohio 12th Infantry
Arteburn, B. Serg K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Avery, E.C. Private A Gravity Ohio 179th Infantry
Avery, J.L. Private G Conway Ohio 88th Infantry
Avey, James Serg I Bedford Ohio 59th Infantry
Babson, James Private B Mormantown Wisconsin 31st Infantry
Bailey, David Private D Bedford Ohio 115th Infantry
Bailie, Dixon Serg E Bedford Ohio 89th Infantry
Baker, G.W. Private H Lenox Illinois 57th Infantry
Baker, Jackson Private K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Baker, Peter Corp F Bedford Iowa 20th Infantry
Baker, Richard Private D Holt Missouri 4th Cavalry
Barnes, David Corp K Bedford Indiana 51st Infantry
Barnett, Alex Private D Conway Illinois 7th Cavalry
Barnum, John Private C Bedford New York 15 Engineers
Barron, John 1st Lt G Conway Ohio 18th Infantry
Barton, H. Private H Gravity Iowa 2nd Infantry
Barton, John Private D New Market Iowa 4th Cavalry
Bates, H.G. Private M Bedford Iowa 4th Cavalry
Beadle, B.F. Private E Clearfield Missouri 11th Cavalry
Beal, Solomon Private E New Market Illinois 148th Infantry
Beall, F.M. Private L Bedford Iowa 7th Cavalry
Beamer, Z. Private D Clearfield Iowa 6th Infantry
Bean, W.H. Private F Hopkins, Mo Iowa 29th Infantry
Beard, Wm F. [navy] Landsman   Clearfield    
Becheren, Charles Private C Lenox Iowa 2nd Cavalry
Beck, John Corp F Bedford Indiana 6th Cavalry
Bennett, Jacob Private B Clearfield Ohio 150th Infantry
Bennett, Joseph Private B Lenox Illinois 85th Infantry
Bennett, Joseph Private C Lenox Illinois Marines
Benson, N. Private K Conway Illinois 11th Cavalry
Berkey, A.G. QM Serg -- Bedford Iowa 33rd Infantry
Beson, William Private B Conway Virginia 1st Infantry
Beymer, R.M. Private D Clearfield Iowa 5th Cavalry
Bishop, W.P. Private G Bedford Illinois 138th Infantry
Blackburn, John Corp F Mormantown Wisconsin 7th Infantry
Blackwell, J.M. Private F Bedford Iowa 13th Infantry
Blades, Joseph Private B Lenox Wisconsin 22nd Infantry
Blair, W.G. Private D Gravity Illinois 83rd Infantry
Blakeman, F.L. Private A Platteville Ohio 1st Cavalry
Blakemore, W.D. Private A Platteville Ohio 1st Cavalry
Bohr, John Private A Hopkins, Mo Kansas --
Bonham, Marcus Private A Guss Illinois 139th Infantry
Bordner, A. Private D Hopkins, Mo Illinois 132nd Infantry
Boyd, Israel Corp K Bedford Kansas 11th Cavalry
Bradley, C.T. Private B Guss Ohio 189th Infantry
Bramble, J.F. Private D New Market Illinois 104th Infantry
Brenner, F.L. Private E Lenox Ohio 166th Infantry
Brice, A.C. Serg C Lenox Iowa 1st Cavalry
Brice, F. Private F Clearfield Illinois 16th Infantry
Briggs, Geo W. Jr Private G Bedford Illinois 140th Infantry
Brookman, G.L. Serg H Gravity Illinois 142nd Infantry
Brookman, G.L. Serg H Gravity Illinois 70th Infantry
Brooks, L.S. Capt D Lenox Iowa 47th Infantry
Brown, Andrew Private B Platteville Iowa 9th Cavalry
Brown, F.M. Private A New Market Iowa 19th Infantry
Brown, J.L. Private D Bedford Ohio 47th Infantry
Brown, J.M. Private B Clearfield Iowa 9th Infantry
Brown, M. Private B Bedford Missouri 1st Engineers
Brown, W.E. Private H Guss Iowa 4th Infantry
Bucher, G.W. Private A Gravity Ohio 120th Infantry
Bundy, H.D. Private D Bedford Illinois 83rd Infantry
Burk, John Private B Gravity Missouri 43rd Infantry
Burnham, A.A. Private C New Market Illinois 41st Infantry
Burrows, Wm Corp K Gravity Iowa 4th Cavalry
Burt, M.E. Capt G Holt Illinois 77th Infantry
Burton, F.M. Private C New Market Illinois 139th Infantry
Butts, Simeon Private D Bedford Illinois 7th Cavalry
Cabeen, Robert Private C Bedford Ohio 169th Infantry
Cade, B.F. Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Cade, J.H. Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Caldwell, O.W. Corp G Bedford Illinois 140th Infantry
Campbell, D.H. Private G Bedford Missouri 4th Infantry
Campbell, Joe Private K Conway Iowa Misc
Cantner, Nathan Private E Bedford Indiana 36th Infantry
Casteel, W.A. Private E Holt Iowa 25th Infantry
Chandler, B.F. Corp H Bedford Illinois 28th Infantry
Chandler, M.R. Corp B Bedford Illinois 91st Infantry
Childs, H.E. Private G Bedford Illinois 58th Infantry
Chitty, W.J. Private C New Market Illinois 30th Infantry
Clark, John Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Clark, Robert Private H Lenox Illinois 103rd Infantry
Clayton, D.E. Serg G Siam Ohio 92nd Infantry
Clevinger, J.A.B. Private C Bedford Indiana 85th Infantry
Cline, J.B. Private D Lenox Iowa 39th Infantry
Coal, Richard Private A Lenox Illinois 36th Infantry
Cobb, Ambrose Serg K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Cobb, William Corp F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Cochran, Thomas Private G Lenox Iowa 4th Infantry
Cole, J.M. Private C Lenox Ohio 91st Infantry
Cole, Jacob Private B Bedford Iowa 9th Cavalry
Cole, Wm Serg C Bedford Indiana 85th Infantry
Combs, J.W. Capt D Bedford Ohio 174th Infantry
Connett, M.C. Asst Surg   Bedford Indiana 8th Cavalry
Connor, J.P. Serg C Lenox Iowa 20th Infantry
Cook, Thomas Corp K Hopkins, Mo Iowa 4th Infantry
Coombs, B.H. Private C New Market Ohio 77th Infantry
Coon, Moses Private H Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Cordell, Wm Private G Platteville Missouri 4th Cavalry
Coup, J.B. Private K Bedford Pennsylvania 5th Cavalry
Courson, S. Private I Lenox Illinois 11th Cavalry
Cowles, H.W. Private K Bedford Ohio 6th Cavalry
Cox, Aaron Private D Bedford Iowa 16th Infantry
Cox, William Private B Holt US 1st Infantry
Coy, Ely Private -- New Market Iowa 12th Infantry
Coykendall, C.W. teamster D Bedford Illinois 83rd Infantry
Crabill, George Private B Siam Ohio 82nd Infantry
Crabill, John Private C Hopkins, Mo Missouri 4th Cavalry
Craig, William Private B New Market Ohio 79th Infantry
Crasson, Wm H. Private D Bedford Illinois 1st Cavalry
Crawford, G.W. Corp H Bedford Ohio 75th Infantry
Criswell, W.H. Private -- Lenox Ohio 4th Battery
Crowder, Emanuel Private D Bedford Ohio 27th Infantry
Curtis, G.W. 1st Lt E New Market Michigan 1st Infantry
Cusic, H.H. Private B Gravity New York 73rd Infantry
Dailey, J.T. Private G Bedford Iowa 11th Infantry
Dale, Jesse Private D Bedford Iowa 46th Infantry
Dallison, S.J. Serg F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Dalton, John Private H Bedford Iowa 16th Infantry
Daniels, Thos M. Serg H Conway Illinois 126th Infantry
Daniels, Warren Private D Bedford Michigan 19th Infantry
Davenport, P.J. Private E Lenox Illinois 68th Infantry
Davis, George Private D Lenox Ohio 16th Infantry
Davis, J.H. Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Davis, Levi Private E Holt Ohio 92nd Infantry
Daws, A.W. Private I New Market Wisconsin 7th Infantry
Day, T.D. Corp G Lenox Iowa 30th Infantry
Dean, Nathan Private K Bedford Indiana 84th Infantry
Deaver, G.A. Private I Lenox Ohio 71st Infantry
Dehart, D.C. Private D Conway Ohio 15th Infantry
Dennis, B.F. Corp G Iveyville Iowa 22nd Infantry
Dennis, George Serg L Guss Iowa 7th Cavalry
Dennis, J.M. Private C Clearfield Iowa 47th Infantry
Dennis, W.T. Private G Holt Iowa 22nd Infantry
Denser, John Private D Bedford Ohio 113th Infantry
Derrickson, John Bugler G Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Derrickson, K.E. Private G Bedford Indiana 52nd Infantry
Dickeson, John Private H Sharpsburg Illinois 47th Infantry
Doran, James Private F Bedford Iowa 1st Cavalry
Douglass, H.W. Private E Clearfield New York 157th Infantry
Downing, J.H. Private A Lenox Iowa 11th Infantry
Dresher, Samuel Private F Siam Pennsylvania 51st Infantry
Dugan, George Serg I Ladoga Illinois 151th Infantry
Duncan, Alex Private F New Market Iowa 29th Infantry
Dunkin, R.H. Private F Holt Iowa 16th Infantry
Dunlap, J.R. Private B Lenox Ohio 2nd Heavy Art
Dunlap, John Corp B Bedford Missouri 18th Cavalry
Dunlavey, H.F. Private G Bedford Iowa 2nd Infantry
Dunlavey, Levi Private B Bedford Iowa 30th Infantry
Dunn, W.E. Private K New Market Ohio 92nd Infantry
Durham, M.J. Private B New Market US 5th Infantry
Dutton, Charles Private D Conway Iowa 39th Infantry
Dutton, George H. private H Gravity Illinois 9th Cavalry
Eaburn, Benjamin Private I Bedford Ohio 81st Infantry
Earls, Asa Private F Siam Indiana 29th Infantry
Easley, O.P. Private G Lenox Illinois 33rd Infantry
Eggers, M. Private K Hopkins, Mo Illinois 7th Cavalry
Eggers, M. private K Hopkins, Mo Illinois 7th Cavalry
Elliott, James Private H Gravity Indiana 30th Infantry
Ellis, N.E. Private G Holt Iowa 22nd Infantry
Emery, C. Private L Clearfield Iowa 3rd Cavalry
England, Theo Serg A Bedford Ohio 69th Infantry
Evans, D.E. Lieut H Lenox Illinois 126th Infantry
Evans, J.J. Serg G Bedford Missouri 4th Cavalry
Evans, Wm F. Lt F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Eyestone, J.W. Lt K Lexington Iowa 13th Infantry
Fairbanks, Levi W. Private F Bedford Illinois 102nd Infantry
Farrell, T.T. Private I Bedford Kentucky 34th Infantry
Fellows, Peter Private B Bedford Missouri 8th Infantry
Ferguson, T.C. Private B Lenox Iowa 45th Infantry
Fich, J.T. Private D Bedford Iowa 17th Infantry
Fillier, John private B Clearfield Illinois 4th Cavalry
Finley, Joseph Private A Bedford Iowa 36th Infantry
Finn, Geo Serg G Bedford New York 192nd Infantry
Fleming, S.A. Private D Hopkins, Mo Iowa 46th Infantry
Flick, J.P. Corp K Bedford Iowa 4th Infantry
Flick, John Capt B Platteville Iowa 9th Cavalry
Ford, J.T. Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Foreman, Joseph Private F Bedford Iowa 29th Infantry
Foy, Thomas Private I Lenox Illinois 20th Infantry
Franklin, W.S. Private H Platteville Ohio 49th Infantry
Frantz, L.D. Private E Bedford Kentucky 6th Cavalry
Freemeyer, Joshua Private E Mormantown Missouri 4th Cavalry
Fuller, Barnett Serg E New Market Missouri 5th Infantry
Fuller, N.R. Corp E Guss Wisconsin 28th Infantry
Fuller, Wm Private I New Market New York 18th Cavalry