Taylor County, Iowa marriages - F- names of males

by Pat O'Dell: genpat@netins.net

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1898 08 24 Fair, Jno. sf David Fair and Ruth Dowden Amerine, Clara df Stephen Amerine and Mary Curry Taylor Co
1897 12 08 Fairbanks, James M. sf L.W. Fairbanks and Nancy A. Champion Wainwright, Edna df Arthur Wainwright and Susan Timberlake Bedford
1880 12 21 Faith, Joseph S. sf Abram Faith and Jane Anderson VanSickle, Victoria V. df A.B. Van Sickel and A. Huffman Bedford
1873 12 04 Faith, William Lewis, Ella  
1869 01 03 Faix, Oscar Nash, Elizabeth 1870 Nod Co, Mo
2017 06 24 lic Falk, Christopher Delane of Bedford Barton, Shelly Sue of Bedford  
1884 02 13 Fallers, Charles J. sf Richard Fallers and Ellen McGinnis Parks, Belle df John Parks and Nancy A. Nelson Bedford
1857 09 18 Faris, John B. Kyser, Mariba A.  
1899 04 19 Farlow, John B. sf Frank Farlow and Mary Gordon Greenwood, Cora df George Greenwood and Sarah C. Bryan Taylor Co
1895 09 05 Farlow, Simeon Francis sf F.C. Farlow and Mary Gordon Hembree, Martha J. df W.D. Hembree and M. Hankins Bedford
2003 06 20 Farnan, Paul Douglas of Parnell, Mo Hyder, Brenda Lea of Bedford  
1885 11 24 Farnham, Everett Dennis sf Horatio Farnham and Anna Dreamer Freeman, Mary Emma df Samuel Freeman and Mary C. Flowers Taylor Co
1886 05 16 Farnham, W.R. sf Horatio Farnham and Ann Harmer Johnson, Nettie df James Johnson and Jennie Fleming Taylor Co
1886 10 14 Farnsworth, Fred sf Levi Farnsworth and Mary[etta] Wing Farnham, Lillian df H. Farnham and Annie Hanner Bedford
1883 10 26 Farrar, Nish sf Chester Farrar and Ema I. Kelley Lundy, Mary A. df James Lundy and Mary Moran Bedford
1899 08 09 Farrell, C.A. sf F.F. Farrell and Jennie Lomax Hensley, Stella df Howard Hensley and Susannah Wingard Bedford
1900 04 08 Farrell, Guy J. sf Thomas Farrell and Jane Lomax Polton, Estella L. df Isaac Polton and Sarah Ingram Taylor Co
1883 10 31 Farrell,William sf Patrick Farrell and Celia Daugherty Anders, Ida G. df Jacob B. Anders and Martha Ann Reed Bedford
1882 12 24 Fast, O.P. Duncan, Nancy E. Taylor Co
1883 12 17 Fattig, Jonas sf Jacob Fattig and Mary Willforse Golliday, Susan F. df John Golliday and Eliza Cline Bedford
2013 08 31 Faubion, Matthew of Orlando, Fl Maize, Mandy of Orlando, Fl Blockton, Ia
1883 11 04 Faucett, Edward H. sf T.L. Faucett and Jane Tate Griffith, Iowa M. df David Griffith and Adeline Johnson Conway
1886 06 09 Faucett, Miles M. sf Thomas L. Faucett and Mary J. Tate Sowash, Hattie df Jacob Sowash and Mary Ann Bonslog [Bonslough] Taylor Co
1880 12 30 Faucett, William T. sf Thomas L. Faucett and Mary Jane Tate Kinyon, Margrett Anna df Wm. Kinyon and Jane Rogers Conway
1858 03 21 Faulkner, Jacob Shoutts, Ellen  
1878 03 19 Feagins, John W. King, Mary C.  
1880 01 18 Feagins, William C. Ray, Lyda Isabella Dallas Twp
1881 06 02 Featherby, Andrew J. sf George Washington Featherby and Sarah Schoonmaker Griffith, Mary C. df David Griffith and Adaline Johnson Taylor Co
1882 12 25 Featherby, Y.V. sf Geo. Featherby and Sarah M. Snow Johnston, Hattie df Andrew S. Johnson and Caroline Avery Bedford
1878 02 13 Fender, Isaac Martin, Malinda A. Mrs  
1896 11 28 Fengle, Julius sf Henry Fengle and Mary Lee Gale, Myrtle df James Gale and Julia Stevens Bedford
1853 06 12 Fenno, Edgar Randall, Celinda Taylor Co
1895 07 02 Ferguson, Frank A. sf George C. Ferguson and Mary G. Irvine Johnston, Estella May df S.A. Johnston and M.A. Hawthorn Clearfield
1893 02 09 Ferguson, Irwin B. sf George C. Anderson and Mary Irwin Anderson, Jennie M. df Cyrus J. Anderson and Eliza Fulton Lenox
1883 05 23 Ferguson, J.W. sf Edmon Ferguson and Mallie Atkinson Parshall, Jennie df Jerry Parshall and Beck A. Tappan Bedford
1895 07 04 Ferris, Leonard sf John Ferris and Mattie Howard Pease, Nancy E. df James Pease and Sarah E. Austin Lenox
1899 08 09 Fett, Floyd D. sf Theodore Fett and Elizabeth Dekalb Bicknell, Susie df Thomas Bicknell and Catherine Shaffer Taylor Co
1881 06 15 Fewson, George sf Thomas Fewson and Elizabeth Strange Blackstone, Elizabeth df Abraham Blackstone and Mary Steadman Lenox
1882 05 03 Fewson, P.R. Hiller, E.D., Mrs Lenox
1899 08 19 Fiddler, E. [dgar] A. sf Chas. B. Fidler and Dolly Hopkins Hutchison, Tura Ann df Hiram Hutchison and Charity Rounds Taylor Co
1859 03 24 Fields, Thomas Simmons, Mary Ann  
1882 08 29 Fiester, S.F. sf Jacob Fiester and Rebecca Todd Hoover, Ophelia df B.B. Hoover and Mary Henkle Bedford
1898 02 02 Filbert, Nores Ed Strong, Lydia A. Taylor Co
1893 03 23 Fine, Perry sf A.C. Fine and -- Davidson Roush, Rachel df H.H. Roush and Elizabeth Looker Bedford
1888 03 04 Fine, William Tecumseh sf John M. Fine and Rachel Fine Lasley, Emma Susan df Isral Lasley and Caroline Lasley Taylor Co
1890 01 23 Finn, Patrick sf Richard Finn and Mary Ann Brown Kelly, Nora Agnes df Patrick Kelly and Margaretta Carrigan Taylor Co
1895 11 06 Finn, Richard M. sf Richard Finn and Mary Anne Brown Malliard, Della A. df Amednes Malliard and Mary Smith Lenox
1897 03 12 Firkins, Clinton sf Alonzo Firkins and Mary Jane Mays Whitecotton, Francis df Francis M. Whitecotton and Sarah Walet Taylor Co
1886 11 04 Firth, Horace Mark sf James Firth and Julia Westfall Moore, Clara May df John E. Moore and Adeline Victoria Wells Taylor Co
1884 02 10 Firth, Jasper Lee sf James Firth and Juliet Westfall Ball, Ellen Martha df Peter Ball and Kelle Kenning Taylor Co
1893 01 08 Fisher, Charles P. sf Frederick Fisher and Elizabeth Palmer Bramble, Lizzie df James Bramble and Isabelle Cobb New Market
1891 03 05 Fisher, Clement sf Laban Fisher and Harriett Lovett Kimball, Phebe Rosanna df Samuel Kimball and Phebe Ryder Bedford
1877 09 05 Fisher, William S. Fisher, Mary E.  
1894 01 08 Fitch, Charles E. sf John Fitch and Jane Bray Golding, Mae df John A. Golding and Margaret A. Derrickson Bedford
1886 02 07 Fitch, John sf Robert Fitch and -- Bentley Smith, Ella df James Smith and -- Haskins Clearfield
1881 02 02 Fitch, Oliver T. sf Robert Fitch and Nancy B. -- Haskins,Clara B. df George B. Haskins and Silva -- Lenox
1890 12 11 Fitch, William sf Jno Fitch and -- Bray Putman, Flora B. df H.H. Putnam and -- Chamberlain Taylor Co
1879 12 25 Fithin, William Cloud, Emma  
1880 09 04 Fitzgerald, Hugh sf Hugh Fitzgerald and Anna Nugent Wood, Alice, Mrs - Alice Parsons df Robert Parsons and Lucinda Draper Bedford
1877 05 03 Fitzgerald, Martin Savage, Zilpha  
1870 07 10 Fitzgerald, S.C. Nelson, J.M.  
1878 09 09 Fitzgerald, T. Fredrick Thompson, Ophelia  
1881 06 30 Flanigan, Marcellus sf Job Flanigan and Mary Renne Parry, Emma F. df David Parry and Mary Newman Bedford
1883 11 01 Fleer, Julius sf Herman Raph, Henrietta df Paul Raph and Henrietta Frey Holt Twp
1883 05 16 Fleming, H.E. sf W.F. Fleming and Lydia Warren Snyder, Jennie df Joseph Snyder and Mary Irons Bedford
1870 11 09 Fleming, Henry McMillen, Elizabeth Jane  
1897 09 15 Fleming, Lawrence Coleman sf Amos Fleming and -- Norris Dodge, Ethel df William Dodge and -- Frazier Taylor Co
1898 03 30 Fleming, Levi Archie sf Eleazer Fleming and Sarah Blazer Nixon, Elizabeth Ann df Hugh Nixon and Mary Japling Taylor Co
1899 12 24 Fleming, Martin sf John Henry Fleming and Jane McMillen Simms, Nina df John Henry Simms and Savanah Parker Taylor Co
1900 03 Fleming, Milo Ross sf Amos Fleming and Harriet Norris Seamans, Mabel df Marvin Seaman and Mary Taylor Taylor Co
1870 01 02 Fleming, Sanford A. Bradley, May E. Taylor Co
1861 03 17 Fleming, T.P. Hankins, Liddy  
1879 10 16 Fleming, William C. Chittendon, Amy J.  
1882 10 12 Flenniken, G.W. Lemley, Siddy Belle Taylor Co
1865 10 31 Flick, James P. King, Amanda Platteville
1898 03 15 Flick, James P. Jr Campbell, Florence Taylor Co
1882 04 15 Flick, John C. Hays, Lizzie Bedford
1871 04 02 Flick, Wm Warriner, Elsie  
1898 10 27 Flinn, Elberton sf T.D. Flinn Boatman, Ethel Florance df E. Boatman and Louise Hutson Bedford
1900 09 19 Flint, Loran G. sf Geo. D. Flint and Mattie Stephens Fluke, Emma df Jacob Fluke and Mary E. Brown Taylor Co
2006 09 16 Florea, Jack David of Hopk Hughes, Julie Jo of Bfd  
1890 03 05 Fluharty, Charles W. sf Alexander Fluharty and Rhoda Jane Tub Waterman, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" df Joseph Waterman and Maggie Van Reenan Taylor Co
1891 10 21 Fluharty, George Tabb sf Alex Fluharty and Rhoda Tabb Stretch, Mary Ellen df Alfred Stretch and Anna Pomeroy Taylor Co
1883 12 25 Fluharty, Henry M. sf Alex Fluharty and Roda J. Taft Parks, Mattie A. df John M. Parks and Sarah C. Royan Taylor Co
1881 08 02 Flummer, Joseph T. sf Jacob Flummer and Susan Badger Sheaffer, Elizabeth H. Crawford, Mrs, df John Crawford and Mary E. Snyder Bedford
1879 08 18 Foley, William Slaughter, Mary  
1887 09 20 Forbes, Ferguson J. sf Duncan Forbes and -- Morrison Evans, Sadie M. df Carl Evans and -- Stevens Clearfield
1883 08 13 Ford, Amos H. sf John Ford and Phoebe Clark Campbell, Emma df Enoch Campbell and Sally Sharp Bedford
1887 09 17 Ford, C.S. sf John Ford and Phoeba Clark Raper, Cyrenia df Samuel Raper and Cyrenia Sharpe Jefferson Twp
1894 11 07 Ford, Milton E. sf David Ford and Eliza Brown Gartside, Clara df Thos Gartside and M. Kemery Blockton
1884 01 01 Ford, Walter W. Forbes, Sarah A.  
1876 05 18 Ford, William H. Davis, Mary A.  
1886 03 31 Fordyce, George Thomas sf John Fordyce and Margaret Cameron Robinson, Edith df Frank Robinson and Rachel Mowry Bedford
1878 07 03 Fordyce, H.C. Dunning, Martha M.  
1870 10 15 Fordyce, Leroy C. Reed, Silva G.  
1872 02 28 Foreman, Albert Taylor, Margaret  
1887 11 02 Foreman, Ellsworth sf Joseph J. Foreman and Nancy Cobb Hopson, Edna M. df J.E. Hopson and Jennie Phelps Taylor Co
1862 01 23 Foreman, Joseph J. Cobb, Nancy  
1879 12 11 Forman, Johnson Darlington, Luella  
1881 10 09 Fossett, James P. sf James Fossett and Mary Dean Tando, Sarah E. df Edward Tando and Mary Mathews Taylor Co
1897 04 07 Foster, Silas sf John Foster and Labetta Beck Buchanan, Bessie E. df John Buchanan and Rema Bundy Bedford
1868 08 06 Fouts, Asbury S. Price, Rebecca A.  
1891 04 08 Fouts, Smith E. sf W.E. Fouts and --Feawing Wilson, Mattie df Caleb Wilson and -- Price Taylor Co
1889 02 10 Fowkes, Charles W. Hankins, Sidney "Elvira" New Market
1878 03 07 Fox, Albert A. of PageCo Hiatt, Alice H.  
1898 10 19 Frame, Clarence M. sf John Frame and Jennie Sage Overmire, Mary E. df Lilas B. Overmire and Martha Crawford Taylor Co
1894 08 24 Franklin, Arthur sf W.S. Franklin and Sarah E. Rumple Long, Jessie May df J.S. Long and Matilda Lantz Taylor Co
1898 03 02 Franklin, Fred sf Albert Franklin and Eliz Crosby Muncy, Cora E. df Milton Muncy and Sarah Mohana Lenox
1883 03 13 Franklin, J.Veatchel sf Joel M. Franklin and Sarah Jones Cullings, Clara M. df George Cullings and Juliette Appleton Platte Twp
1875 11 14 Franklin, Lewis King, Sallie  
1891 02 05 Franklin, Omar sf W.S. Franklin and Sarah C. Rumple Hartley, Sarah I. df John M. Hartley and Hannah Keenan Blockton
1900 02 21 Frantz, C.B. Widenor, Ruth Taylor Co
1878 12 25 Fraser, James B. Dunn, Rosa M.  
1899 04 02 Frederick, Chas sf Perry Frederick and Sarah Cook Ridge, Mina df Thompson Ridge and Catherine Day Taylor Co
1900 03 14 Frederick, Perry sf Jacob Frederick and R. Grabill Green, Anna Hoffman Briggs [Mrs] df Thomas Ransferd and Elisabeth Myham Blockton
1895 02 14 Frederick, Sherman sf Roy Frederick and Sarah Cook Stemple, Prudie df Nathaniel Stemple Blockton
1885 08 30 Freece, David R. sf Isaac W. Freece and Hester Shepherd Jared, Susan E. df Marshall Jared and Mary R. McCoy Taylor Co
1886 09 01 Freeman, Benjamin C. sf Samuel C. Freeman and Mary C. Flowers Davis, Sarah M. [argaret] df David Davis and Mary Couch Taylor Co
1873 09 17 Freeman, Charles Baily, Rebecca  
1879 12 11 Freeman, F.L. Otis, Ada E.  
1888 03 07 Freeman, Fred F. sf Abram Freeman and F. Gleeson Bailie, Ollie df Daniel Morgan and Nancy Warren Taylor Co
1881 08 23 Freeman, Lawson R. sf A.H. Freeman and Elizabeth Lamon Jobe, Jennie E. df Wm. Jobe and Nancy M. Richardson Conway
1883 02 07 Freeman, Lee Bird sf Samuel C. Freeman and Mary C. Flowers Davis, Mary J. df David Davis and Mary N. Combs Taylor Co
1878 08 04 Freeman, V.W. Otis, Catharine A.  
1877 10 04 Freeman, W.J. Nansler, M.A.E.  
1885 01 01 Freeman, William H. sf Micjah Freeman and Margret J. Christy Freeman, Belle L. Jamison, df Robert N. Jamison and Mary Welch Taylor Co
1891 06 28 Freemeyer, John E. Ruscoe, Clara B. df Charles Roscoe Taylor Co
1885 03 10 Freemyer, Amos sf Charles Freemyer and Jane Mitchell Dye, Anna Eliza df Jackson Dye and Susana Carter Bedford
1893 01 03 Freemyer, Archer M. Rusco, Ida Alice Taylor Co
1875 10 07 Freese, Leonidas True, Sarah Elizabeth  
1882 05 28 Fresh, John Nichols sf Jesse Fresh and Catharine Stiprow Straw, Amanda Lorain df Cyrus G. Straw and Sallie Stuns Clayton Twp
1881 09 19 Fritz, Anthony E. sf Alfred Fritz and Eunice Denniston Chilcotte, Sophia df Israel Chilcotte and Susan Colman Bedford
1890 09 18 Fritz, Wm T. sf J.M. Fritz and Dora Horuts Dockstader, Eula df K. Docksteder and Mary Etta Griffin Lenox
1887 07 05 Frodsham, J.R. sf Wm. Frodsham and Elizabeth Brickhill Zarbaugh, Gertrude df Frank Zorbaugh and Ella Dalton Platteville
1879 03 06 Frost, H.M. Johnson, Eveline H.  
1879 12 24 Frost, Newton B. Johnson, Ellen  
1859 09 02 Frost, Thomas Gilchrist, Joanna N.  
1859 03 03 Fruit, Tobias Hatfield, Mary  
1896 12 24 Fry, Charles Ferguson, Adella Siam
1889 02 05 Fuller, Arthur V. sf William S. Fuller and -- Miller Perdew, Mary df Hiram S. Perdew and Elizabeth Ellen -- Bedford
1889 11 07 Fuller, Charles Wm A. sf David S. Fuller -- Wright Adams, Effie May df Charles Adams and Mary Jay Taylor Co
1900 08 13 Fuller, Ezra R. sf J.W. Fuller and Mary Bliss Colburn, Florence C. df J.H. Colburn and Martha E. Bliss Bedford
1897 09 01 Fuller, Harry sf Norman Fuller and Louisa Ferguson Rogers, Luella df John Rogers and Eliza Chappel Guss
1896 01 21 Fuller, John E. sf William Fuller and Lauretta Miller Levis, Mary E. df Simons Levis and Cornelia Young Taylor Co
1871 07 16 Fuller, Jonah H. McKee, Eoline  
1893 02 22 Fuller, Kramer sf David Fuller and Anna E. Lynch Babson, Dora E. df James Babson and Emaline Williamson Taylor Co
1900 03 28 Fuller, Rennie H. sf M.C. Fuller and M.A. Golding Smith, M. Bertha df R.P. Smith and Matilda White Bedford
1885 02 18 Fuller, Spencer sf William Fuller and Lauretta Miller John, Nettie Leonora df Amos Jackson John and Mary Elizabeth Dean Taylor Co
1876 09 06 Fulton, Edgar Shippen, Maggie  
1865 03 25 Fulton, Samuel A. Hollingsworth, Clarissa  
1886 09 28 Fulton, Samuel sf Jesse Fulton and Margaret Whon Morris, Ida M. df Samuel Norris and Mary Miller Plattesville
1879 12 25 Fulton, W.F. Rood, E.E.  
2017 06 10 Fultz, Donald Martin of Dundee, NY Derry, Demie Lynn of Bedford Warrensburg, Mo
1870 07 28 Furgeson, C.H. Wheeler, Emeline  
1888 01 02 Furgeson, George sf Thomas Furgeson and Jane Ann -- Campbell, Ellen df John Campbell and Kate Frazer Bedford