Taylor County, Iowa marriages: C male names
Pat O'Dell - genpat@netins.net
date husband wife where occurred
2018 08 11 lic Coleman, Kyle Lew of Gravity Booth, Kindra Ann of Gravity  
1873 10 12 Cabaret, Frank Golliday, Eliza  
1898 02 25 Cade, David son of John Cade and Mary Wiltbank Ross, Effie dau of Nelson Ross and Almira Griswold Taylor Co
1882 02 09 Cade, E.H. Hutson, Wilma J.  
1892 01 06 Cade, Emmitt son of H. Cade and Saverna Henry Williams, Louana dau of T.Veloras Williams and Aupista Cady Taylor Co
1905 05 17 Cade, Francis M. son of Elihu Cade and Josephine Hutson Redenbaugh, Mary dau of Francis M. Redenbaugh and Mary Johnson Dallas Twp
1921 03 21 Cade, Francis M. son of Elihu Cade and Josephine Hutson Manley, Golda Pearl dau of FrancisM. Manley and Sarah Ramsey Bedford
1889 02 27 Cade, Francis Marion son of StClair Cade and Ella Baker Cooper, Eudora dau of A.J. Cooper and Cornelia King Bedford
1899 03 29 Cade, Irving son of Henry Cade and Sabrina Henry Durr, Jennie dau of George Durr and Ellen Chryst Lenox
1866 01 25 Cade, James Tucker, Dorothy  
1892 10 19 Cade, James son of StClair Cade and Ellen Baker Belcher, Sarah dau of Thomas Belcher and Elizabeth Nichols Taylor Co
1880 11 25 Cade, John D. Adams, Lyda Aletha  
1893 11 09 Cade, R.E. Rogers, Minnie Bedford
1879 03 02 Cadle, J.G. Wallace, Mary F.  
1865 07 07 Cain, Edward Markley, Fanny  
2014 06 21 lic Calfee, Jeremy Michael of Hopkins Ayres, Megan Rae of Maryville  
1884 08 06 Calhoun, C.C. Swearingen, R. Emma  
1897 03 01 Cameron, Alexander son of John Cameron and Isabella -- Schader, Mary dau of Joseph Schader and Elizabeth Kraus Taylor Co
1900 11 07 Cameron, Ray son of Kendall Cameron and Amanda Phillips Morgan, Edith dau of Velorious Morgan and Anna Lowry Bedford
1893 02 02 Cameron, Richard son of John Cameron and Mary Clark Cameron, Leona dau of T.A.H. Cameron and Nancy Thornton Bedford
1880 11 16 Camp, Freeman Henry, S.A., Mrs  
1879 04 03 Campbell, D.B. Graves, Mary E.  
1896 12 05 Campbell, David son of John Campbell and Catharine Frazer Pace, Nora Ellen dau of John W. Pace and Hester Lashbrooks New Market
1893 12 24 Campbell, Frank son of Enoch Campbell and Sally Sharp Kauble, Mary Elizabeth dau of Benjamin F. Kauble and Dorothy Brown Taylor Co
1881 10 27 Campbell, G.P. Sowash, Mae  
1889 03 06 Campbell, Zeno A. son of John Campbell and Darthula Morrell, Annie dau of A. Morrell and Louisa VanWey Taylor Co
1899 07 04 Campbell, John son of Joseph Campbell and Mary Common? Warner, Lucy dau of Joseph Warner and Sarah Kirtman Blockton
1880 09 21 Campbell, L.M. Newland, Harriet  
1884 11 12 Campbell, Lock Robinson, Clara, Mrs  
1877 04 05 Campbell, Lock Wright, Ethel  
1871 05 04 Campbell, M.Y. Eaton, B.Y.  
1878 10 03 Campbell, Ora Evans, Ellen E.  
1898 01 19 Canaday, Bird son of Thomas Canaday and Rachel Wells Rever, Jennie dau of Joseph Rever and Eliza Pritchard Taylor Co
1881 02 10 Cannon, James A. Fulton, Nancy A.  
1890 06 22 Cannon, John Elonzo son of Joshua Cannon and Nancy Taylor Edwards, Syrena Jane dau of Thomas Edwards and Henrietta Hollingsworth Bedford
1892 12 22 Cannon, Robt Henry son of Elijah Cannon and Tabitha Reynolds Parmenter, Katy dau of K.K. Parmenter and Nancy Sedan Bedford
1878 01 17 Cannon, W.A. Miller, Maggie  
1891 06 21 Cannon, William H. son of Joshua Cannon and Nancy Taylor Baker, Mary A. dau of Jackson Baker and Catharine ... Bedford
1872 02 13 Canon, Preserved Bottonberg, Martha  
1888 02 06 Cantner, Lemuel Branson son of Nathan Cantner and America Hunt Decker, Elsie Elliott dau of John Henry Decker and Harriet Anne Sheely Bedford
2018 10 06 lic Card, Anthony Brandon of Bedford Buscher, Kaitlin Sarah of Bedford  
1895 03 10 Carey, F.P. son of O.S. Carey and M.W. Keyes Hook, Mattie dau of William Hook and C. Hopkins Bedford
1879 12 24 Carl, L.W. Wilken, Nettie E.  
1891 05 07 Carlisle, J. Will son of John Carlisle and Elisa Chadwick Burk, Alta May dau of Hamilton Bill Burk and Ann Elisa Curtis Guss
1898 04 06 Carlson, Perry August son of Carel Peter Anderson and Johana Gistra Carelsorde [Swedish naming form] Clevinger, Nancy Jane dau of John Clevinger and Nancy Jane Jennings Taylor Co
1895 09 18 Carmer, Willard son of Isaac Carmer and Mary Serena -- Martin, Sarah Stringer, dau of Abram Stringer and Ellener Wheeler Taylor Co
1861 08 22 Carmichael, Andrew Helmick, Rebecca  
2012 07 09 lic Carmichael, Clinton Dwight, Clearfield Carmichael, Tammy June, Clearfield  
1896 12 23 Carmichael, W.D. son of John Carmichael and Elizabeth Burch Cannon, Nanila dau of Elijah Cannon and Tabitha Reynolds Bedford
1871 11 26 Carnahan, John Chenoweth, Mary  
1883 11 14 Carns, Harry Skinner, Susie May  
1872 02 13 Carpenter, E.D. Tucker, Eva  
1895 03 28 Carpenter, Edgar son of John Carpenter and Elizabeth Brown Easter, Sarah dau of Nathan Easter and Nancy Ray Taylor Co
1900 11 14 Carpenter, George Pratt, Ida Taylor Co
1871 01 08 Carpenter, John Smith, Ruth Ann  
1889 02 28 Carpenter, John I.T. son of Seymour Carpenter and Elizabeth Mitchel Holladay, Eva dau of Linden Holladay and Rachel Wininger Taylor Co
1889 08 26 Carper, Frederick son of Joseph Carper and Christina Baruff Rusco, Rachel Hand dau of Enoch Hand and Rachel Mason Bedford
1900 10 03 Carr, Edward Hale son of James Carr and Martha Rogers Huston, Elva dau of James Huston and Emma Boyden Taylor Co
1865 05 25 Carr, George Simmons, Rebecca  
1898 03 14 Carr, Norman son of David Carr and Elizabeth Sharp Downing, Millie dau of C.C.Downing and Ella Maxwell Bedford
1898 12 21 Carr, Oscar son of Aquila Carr and Sarah Fry Driver, Osceola dau of Calvin Driver and Emma Long Blockton
1859 08 27 Carr, Thomas Williams, Mary  
1866 10 01 Carriger, Samuel Davis, Sarah  
1881 12 28 Carruthers, William Hays, Sarah C.  
1887 12 20 Carson, Orlando L., son of Ebenizer Carson and Geneora Smith Walker, Ophelia S., dau of James Walker and Hariet Sloan Grant Twp
1882 01 11 Carson, Orville S. Dale, Ellen  
1859 01 09 Carter, Coleman Martin, Susan  
1896 12 26 Carter, Coleman S. son of Asa Carter and Sarah Durant, Ida Darrow dau of Alfred Darrow and Amanda Culte Bedford
1894 12 29 Carter, Isaac son of Benjamin Carter and Sarah Remington Lee, Nellie dau of Morten Lee and Matilda Brown Athelstan
1876 05 17 Carter, J.M. Gelven, Nancy E.  
1882 02 16 Carter, John T. Dowlin, Lora I.  
1880 10 08 Carter, Joseph Flener, Hattie, Mrs  
1896 10 13 Carter, Louis son of Thomas Carter and Jane Birch Yaple, Lulu dau of Leonard Yaple and Celia Mann Siam
1889 06 08 Carter, Robert Harvey son of Benjamin Carter and Sarah Remington Bowman, Nettie dau of Levi Bowman and Malinda Ann Meadows Taylor Co
1893 11 08 Carter, Robert Harvey son of Benjamin Carter and Sarah Remington Cordell, Caroline dau of Ellis Cordell and Lucinda Garrens Athelstan
1882 01 16 Carter, Sylvester Williamson, Eva L.  
1896 10 05 Carter, William son of C.S. Carter and Susan Martin Fogleman, Daisy dau of G.F. Fogleman and Mary Frazier Bedford
2015 10 03 lic Cason, Andrew James of Clearfield Sparks, Susie May of Clearfield  
2017 09 09 lic Cason, Andrew James of Clearfield Helton, Kara Danee of Clearfield  
1879 10 23 Cass, Edward E. Goold, Sarah J.  
1883 03 15 Cassada, Frank A. Ginn, Kate  
1878 07 11 Casteel, Earnest Walters, Sarah Ann  
1883 11 24 Casteel, James I. Schuff, Lillie M.  
1893 08 14 Casteel, William Casteel, Mary Dunn dau of George Dunn and Sarah Jane ---  
1900 11 28 Caudell, J.F. son of Tompson Caudell and Ellen Griffin Lantz, Lucy dau of John Lantz and Susana White Bedford
1880 02 26 Cavender, Edward Fuller, Mary  
1893 06 15 Cavender, Edward Edmonston, Maggie Bedford
1891 04 30 Cavender, Lafayette W. son of Franklin Cavender and Mary Mathis Cavender, Anna dau of Zopher Cavender and Anna Woodruff Bedford
1878 07 21 Cavender, W.W. Hicks, Mary E.  
1891 10 08 Cavender, William B. son of Franklin Cavender and Mary Jane Mathis Harrold, Sarah dau of Anderson Harrold and Hannah Wellington Bedford
1894 12 05 Cetone, George son of Stephen Cetone and Ellen Dye Pierce, Bernice dau of P.H. Pierce and Jane Hobbs Taylor Co
1898 09 28 Chamberlin, R. Clifton son of C.H. Chamberlin and Adella Bundy Henry, Lillie dau of A.H. Henry and Isabella Sheriffs Taylor Co
1880 10 31 Chaffee, Edmond Fuller, A.J.  
1894 01 18 Chandler, Frank M. son of B.F. Chandler and C. Lovitt Widner, Jessie B. dau of Ben Widner and A. McDowell Bedford
1870 12 07 Chandler, J.J. Scott, M.I. application
1891 10 15 Chandler, William Leslie son of B.F. Chandler and Cordina Lovitt Turner, Louie Emma dau of John Turner and Margaret Jane Evans Taylor Co
1893 02 19 Chaney, Alf R. son of Henry Chaney and Elizabeth Nation Campbell, Jessie dau of John Campbell and Catherine Fraser New Market
1875 05 30 Chaney, David Walters, Mary  
1888 07 04 Chaney, Frank Albert son of David Chaney and Susan Palmer Jackson, Olive Viola dau of James Jackson and Minerva Shackley Bedford
1900 07 24 Chaney, George son of David Chaney and Susan Palmer Hickenlooper, Maude dau of Simeon Hickenlooper and Anna King Blockton
1892 08 11 Chaney, Samuel son of D.L. Chaney and Susan Palmer Broyles, Sallie dau of Wilson Broyles and Clara Montgomery Bedford
1883 06 16 Chaney, William H. Martin, Lee  
1891 11 01 Chaney, William Thomas son of William Chaney Mansfield, Anna May dau of William Mansfield and Manda Taylor Co
1861 04 04 Chapel, Andrew - died at Vicksburg in Civil War Murry, Mary Mary Murray Chappelle Nelson died 1916 Arvada, Colo.
1899 12 25 Chenoweth, Albert son of John Chenoweth and Clarissa Foster Matzen, Mary Margaret dau of Peter Matzen and Mary Wahl Lenox
1895 03 20 Cheese, George son of Edward Cheese and Mary Lyddon Hall, Sadie dau of A.L. Hall and Elizabeth Black Lenox
2012 04 29 lic Chestnut, Douglas Marshal, Bedford Becker, Tanya Kay, Bedford  
1889 02 27 Chilcoat, David son of Israel Chilcoat and Susan Colman Parks, Luella dau of John Parks and Catharine Ragan Taylor Co
1876 10 04 Childs, Horace A. Ingraham, Emily L.  
1899 02 19 Chitty, Frank son of Peter Chitty and Mary Lafollet Rasher, Lottie dau of Charles Rasher and Lena Schriber Taylor Co
1883 12 13 Chitty, Joseph C. Million, Ida I.  
1897 12 01 Chitty, William son of Peter Chitty and Melvina Lafollet Rascher, Sarah Rosena dau of Charles Rascher and Anna Schriber Bedford
1896 03 18 Christianson, John son of Christian Mangunson and Eaushunna Johnson [Swedish name order] Blad, Amanda dau of Charl Blad and Mary Swanson Conway
1891 12 23 Christie, W.W. son of Israel Christie and Elizabeth Bashett Payton, Emma dau of J.H. Payton and E. Daily Bedford
1897 04 29 Chrisman, Richard son of Radrew Chrisman and Violet Davis Lewis, Annie Davis Elliott dau of Martin Davis and Eliza -- Bedford
1894 04 14 Church, J.S. son of A.M. Church and C. Shotwell Hurst, Sarah dau of Harvey Hurst and Ann Davisson Bedford
1870 04 07 Churchill, Albert Millinger, Sarah  
1872 10 04 Churchill, Allen King, Experience application
1881 02 01 Churchill, Charles E. Millsap, Nancy J., Mrs  
1884 04 30 Churchill, Eugene Robey, Anna  
1871 03 01 Churchill, Francis Shaffer, Ella  
1875 08 12 Churchill, George Hoskinson, Ellen  
1883 08 01 Churchill, George W. Parsons, Kittie, Mrs  
1894 08 05 Churchill, William son of Henry Churchill and Sarah Pool Adams, Pearl dau of William Adams and Catharine Blakeley Taylor Co
1897 03 25 Clabaugh, Arthur son of Henry Clabaugh and Elizabeth Ann Kile Harris, Cherrie Etta dau of Pleasant Harris and Alice McAlpin Taylor Co
1880 08 25 Clark, A. Slaby, Anna  
1861 03 28 Clark, A.D. Pettijohn, Elizabeth  
1898 06 09 Clark, Bert son of Jesse Clark and Hannah Coy Corbin, Bessie dau of Israel Corbin and Harriet McDaniel Taylor Co
1882 08 19 Clark, Chester Wilson Rhodenbaugh, Sylvia  
1861 04 14 Clark, D.A. Pettijohn, Elizabeth  
1896 09 16 Clark, David son of David Clark and Elizabeth Monaugh Stouder, Lydie dau of John Stouder and Sarah Morgan Gravity
1899 12 06 Clark, Elsworth son of Jessie Clark and Sarah -- Wilson, Lenora dau of M.B. Wilson and Mary Bennett Taylor Co
1896 03 08 Clark, Fred J. son of Robert Clark and Caroline Wilson Beemer, Elsie dau of Jud Beemer and Ester Miller Leonard [old town in Taylor Co]
1883 09 20 Clark, George W. McAlpin, Cora B.  
1888 10 18 Clark, H.K. son of Alfred Clark and May Drake Ward, May dau of Keely Ward and Roxy Phillips Taylor Co
1893 07 28 Clark, Ira son of A.O. Clark and Mary Gibson Palmer, Rose Etta dau of B. Palmer and Mary Prow Platte Twp
1884 06 19 Clark, John L. Jocquot, Lucinda  
1884 09 11 Clark, Leroy Holston, Eva  
1857 09 01 Clark, Rufus Watts, Lucinda  
1868 06 04 Clark, W.W. Everett, E.J. (Miss)  
1876 04 16 Clark, Walter Mann, Ella  
1900 12 11 Clark, Wm J. [adopted] son of Peter Jaquot and Mary Schwearer Childs, Carrie dau of Horace Childs and Emily Ingraham Lenox
1891 11 26 Clarke, William L. son of William Clarke and Sylvia Ann Seward Riley, Minnie Louella dau of Nathan Riley and Elizabeth Ginn Conway
1895 03 13 Clawson, Melvin son of David Clawson and Mary Rankin Manley, Jessie dau of Jasper Manley and Anna Siam
1882 11 25 Clayburg, Franklin Isaac Stephenson, Emma D.  
1863 06 19 Claycomb, Frederick Nash, Louisa  
1898 08 24 Clayton, A.J. son of D.E. Clayton and S. Duncan Duncan, Syddona dau of J.D. Duncan and Emmaline Scribner Taylor Co
2013 06 22 lic Clayton, Alan Lee, Sharpsburg Shaw, Wendy Sue, Sharpsburg  
1900 11 08 Clayton, C.A. son of George Clayton and Fidelia Schoonover Barnes, Nancy Hardesty dauof Alexander Hardesty and Mary Wedding Siam
1877 03 01 Clayton, Charles A. Bailey, Elizabaeth J.  
1897 02 17 Clayton, Elizia son of David Clayton and Harriett Griffith Duncan, Maud dau of James Duncan and Emerline Scrivner Bedford
1894 10 24 Clayton, George son of Benjamin Clayton and Mary Reiner Aiton, Grace dau of William Aiton and Grace Diamond Taylor Co
1893 09 11 Clayton, Henry son of Washington Clayton and Phedelia Schoonover Smith, Crystal dau of Isaac Smith and Ellen Woolen Bedford
2014 02 28 lic Clayton, Timothy Barry of New Market Byers, Whitney Christine  
1872 08 22 Clemens, Frank Ausborn, Melissa  
1880 03 04 Clement, G.H. Hollis, Frances  
1884 10 22 Clement, Joseph Rock, Louisa M.  
2013 10 04 Cline, Chris Sharp, Karen  
1897 12 31 Cline, Eura son of David Cline and Mary Branlin Thompson, Rachel dau of William Thompson and Stacy Cline Bedford
1872 04 04 Cline, Frank Allison, Mahala  
1861 03 24 Cline, William Stine, Sarah  
1875 11 21 Clough, Charles Page, Mary B.  
1897 04 17 Clouse, H.L. son of Philip Clouse and Mary Jane Mosier Wagoner, Josie dau of John Wagoner and Sarah Jane Severns Bedford
1895 12 25 Clute, F.M. son of M.V. Clute and Eliza Smith Greenlee, Clara dau of H.U. Greenlee and Mary Tucker Bedford
1898 02 17 Clute, L.T. son of M.V. Clute and Eliza Smith Carter, Catherine dau of C.S. Carter and Susan Martin Taylor Co
1873 02 20 Coan, Homer Scott, Mary E.  
1870 01 02 Cobb, Ambrose Foreman, Matilda  
1893 12 19 Cobb, Daniel son of Daniel Cobb and Wealthy Candrell Hoffner, Nancy Baker dau of Bryant Baker and Martha Locke Gravity
1871 12 31 Cobb, Elisha McCoy, Polly  
1861 04 11 Cobb, John McCoy, Maria  
1894 11 27 Cobb, Thomas son of William Cobb and Malinda Agler Perkins, Edna dau of Charles Perkins and Mary Davis Bedford
1859 11 05 Cobb, William Agler, Melinda  
1855 04 14 Cobble, Henry Turner, Mary  
1900 01 25 Coburn, Loren Sterling son of F.M. Coburn and L.J. Fairbroth Triplett, Lillian dau of G.W. Triplett and M.A. McClintock Taylor Co
1891 04 16 Cochran, Alfred son of Thos Cochran and M.A. Kinser Reed, Damaris dau of James Reed and D.G. Bliss  
1892 09 14 Cochran, Charles son of Louis Cochran and Anna Sellers Bannon, Anna dau of Andrew Bannon and Bridgett Toughy Lenox
1890 06 12 Cochran, Joseph H. son of A.H. Cochran and Nancy Hull Turner, Eleanor M. dau of John Turner and Mary Emery Lenox
1897 11 03 Cochran, Thomas son of Thomas Cochran and Nancy Nevins Thompson, Cora dau of Smith Thompson and Ruth Morris Gravity
1888 10 18 Cochrane, Albert son of Thomas Cochrane and Susan Bancroft Flick, Florence Isabelle dau of James Flick and Amanda King Bedford
1859 03 27 Coker, Martin Dillon, Deborah  
1858 Coker, William Duncan, ??  
1865 10 15 Cole, David Ross, Flora  
1868 12 31 Cole, James Dale, Lucy (Mrs)  
1889 12 10 Cole, James C. son of W.H. Cole and V.R. Newkirk Wright, Emma dau of J.P. Wright and C.C. Campbell Taylor Co
1856 08 03 Cole, John Vardaman, Mary  
1899 03 22 Cole, T.M. son of Thomas Cole and Louisa Kilbourn Barton, Hattie dau of James Barton and Sarah West Gravity
1858 09 30 Cole, Timothy Herbert, Harriett  
1864 10 07 Cole, William Newkirk, Vernilla  
1884 06 04 Cole, William H. Newkirk, Adelia J.  
2011 06 11 lic Coleman, James Christian, Prescott Sheffield, Darrah Marie, Prescott  
1900 01 09 Coleman, John son of Samuel Coleman and Elizabeth Clark Holbrook, Katie dau of William Holbrook and Sarah Woods Taylor Co
1894 07 04 Collier, C.M. son of A.M. Collier and Nancy McAlpin Owens, Olive dau of J.R. Owens and Phebe Hosier Taylor Co
1884 10 02 Collier, James P. Allen, Mary E.  
1898 10 05 Collins, Eber D. son of E.H. Collins and R. Dunham Eggers, Christie dau of William Eggers and Mary Houser Taylor Co
1899 09 17 Collins, Frank J. Stickelman, Lona Siam
1872 09 12 Collins, J.A. Bartholomew, Elgira  
1880 04 19 Colwell, Frank Parker, Mary, Mrs  
1873 08 16 Colwell, John Bayley, Hulda  
1880 04 20 Colwell, Thomas A. Hutchison, Ella  
1891 10 21 Combs, Charlie son of Burr H. Combs and Lucretia Painter Wirth, Ida dau of Charles Wirth and Elizabeth Letterman Taylor Co
1881 10 08 Combs, Cydnor L. Casteel, Mary A. Belle  
1875 11 14 Combs, Francis M. Hixon, Flora A.  
1892 03 31 Combs, Francis M. son of Joseph T. Combs and Keziah McDonald Severns, Nellie dau of Columbus Severns and Hannah Mills New Market
1898 12 28 Combs, George son of B.H. Combs and Lucretia Painter Lathrop, Sarah Eliza dau of Milo Lathrop and Sarah Leffingwell Taylor Co
1872 03 20 Combs, James Acree, Lucy  
1889 12 31 Combs, James Bird son of J.W. Combs and Rebecca Cagg Walker, Persisi Maola dau of F.E. Walker and Jennie Dale Bedford
1894 03 15 Combs, John Wesley son of James William Combs and Rebecca Cagg Crocker, Myrtle Anna dau of Joseph Crocker and Elizabeth Crepe Bedford
1884 04 17 Combs, Joseph E. Cook, Anna M.  
1889 05 16 Combs, Sherman son of James Combs and Rebecca Cagg Sperry, Retta Jane dau of David Sperry and A.H. Taylor Bedford
2014 04 26 lic Combs, Wendy Dawn of Maryville Younger, Tracy Renee of Maryville  
1876 01 20 Comley, Wm Burns, Sarah E.  
1900 08 28 Coan, Roy son of John Coan and Jennie Watson Phillips, Jennie dau of L.F. Phillips and Josie Faucett Gravity
1892 10 02 Conder, Harry B. son of Porter Conder and Elizabeth Edwards Miller, Ettie dau of Jacob Miller and Emma Mahan Bedford
1889 05 14 Cone, Rennick son of Ezra Cone and Mary Jones Hedrick, Arvie dau of Jacob Hedrick and Hester Prior Bedford
1883 12 27 Congdon, C.M. Alkire, Sadie A.  
1884 01 01 Conley, Samuel E. Stimpson, Mattie A.  
1860 12 25 Connell, Cabel Michael, Sena  
1861 11 17 Connell, Smith Baker, E.J.  
1900 06 04 Connett, Albert F. son of Mahlon Connett and Ellen -- Yustas, Mary dau of Frank Yustas and Theresa Trevoir Bedford
1878 03 14 Connett, A.H. Fordyce, Harriet A.  
1872 08 11 Connett, Charles McCoun, Mary  
1890 05 02 Connor, James D. son of Patrick Connor and Jane O'Brien Green, Mary J. dau of George Green and Rachael Beatty Lenox
1887 12 28 Conver, Perry Millow son of John Conver and Mary Huff Shanholster, Orah Belle dau of Jacob Shanholster and Elizabeth Hease Taylor Co
1890 02 27 Cook, John son of James Cook and Sarah Scott Morse, Mary dau of Gilson Morse and Eunice Frost Taylor Co
1870 11 08 Cook, M.E. Thompson, A.F.  
1869 10 30 Cook, Thomas Smith, Mary  
1865 05 04 Cook, W.B. Lee, Annie  
1876 01 13 Cook, Washington I. Smith, Frances M.  
1858 10 21 Cooksey, David Heaton, Mary  
1868 12 20 Coon, E.W. Davis, Hannah  
1868 01 12 Coon, Isaac Cobb, Helen  
1897 12 22 Coon, Isaac son of Isaac Coon and Helen Cobb Hamilton, Treva dau of Andrew Hamilton and Nancy Moffitt Taylor Co
1900 11 14 Coon, Isaac son of Isaac Coon and Helen Cobb John, Minnie dau of Christopher John and Nancy Ensinger Bedford
1863 10 19 Coon, Morgan Wallace, Mary Eliza  
1876 05 14 Coons, William H. Coons, Mary Ellen  
1875 11 05 Coons, Wm H. Baker, Elizabeth  
1889 02 27 Cooper, Grant son of A.J. Cooper and Cornelia King Seymour, Jessie dau of Arthur Seymour and Mary Abdill Bedford
1892 01 23 Cooper, Harrison Hayes, Lou Taylor Co
1882 10 18 Cooper, J.M.F. son of Joseph Cooper and Sarah Worth Simons, Nancy dau of Thomas Simons and Catharine Hays Bedford
1893 05 15 Cooper, John son of Jackson Cooper and Cornelia King Drennen, Harriet dau of Harvey Drennen and Lucy Chaffee Bedford
1899 03 08 Cooper, Walter son of Andrew Cooper and Cornelia King Jones, Rhoda dau of Isaac Jones and Mary McCauley Taylor Co
1864 02 14 Cope, Charles Salsbury, Mary  
1895 01 22 Copeland, E.G. son of John Copeland and Sarah Hayden Hicks, Clara dau of James Hicks and Winnie Bedford
1895 03 12 Copeland, J.S. son of A.W. Copeland and Ann Adkison Smith, Grace, dau of R.P. Smith and Florence Hastings Sharpsburg
1896 08 23 Corbin, J.J. son of James Corbin and Clara Hoffman Keeling, Milly Hagans dau of John Hagans and Sarah Jobe New Market
1898 12 25 Corbin, Lafayette son of Israel Corbin and Harriet McDaniel Herriman, Grace dau of Charles Herriman and Margaret Brown New Market
1897 01 07 Corbin, Willie son of Israel Corbin and Harriet McDaniel Barman, Minnie dau of Samuel Barman and Mary Combs New Market
1891 05 24 Corbett, John M. son of John Corbett and Almira Fox Martin, Maggie dau of Miles Martin and Nancy Sluth Athelstan
1888 06 10 Cordell, Jerry son of Erven Cordell and Melinda Morris, Esther A. dau of William G. Morris and Phebe Johnston Taylor Co
1905 09 12 Cordell, John R. son of L. Cordell and Lucinda Garner Swett, Cora Pullen dau of Albert Pullen and M.H. White Athelstan
1889 02 09 Cordell, John son of Irwin Cordell and Melinda Finch, Ina May dau of Robert Finch and Lydia Rhodes Bedford
1899 06 28 Cordell, Elmer son of J.R. Cordell and Sarah Graves Moore, Eliza dau of William Moore and Sarah Briggs Taylor Co
1882 04 27 Cordes, Henry Webber, Emma  
1898 09 14 Cordes, John son of F. Cordes and Dora -- Smock, Myrtle dau of Samuel Smock and Emelia Bartholomew Taylor Co
1895 02 13 Corson, Corwin Crafts son of Daniel Corson and Priscilla Crafts Walker, Coryl dau of Calvin Walker and Rebecca Johnson Bedford
1892 09 27 Cottrell, Robert son of Jacob Cottrell and Mary Carter Rupert, Lillian dau of Chas Rupert and Sarah Branahan Lenox
1881 03 31 Cottrell, Truman Caplinger, Anna  
2011 07 09 lic Couch, Tyler Wayne of Bfd Wallace, Katie Lynn of Bfd  
1893 02 02 Coulter, Charles son of John Coulter and Margaret Morrow Burke, Mary dau of James Burke and Mary Samm Taylor Co
1894 11 15 Coulter, Robert J. son of John Coulter and Margaret Morrow Boyer, Myrtle dau of Geo Boyer and Harriet Kern Taylor Co
1895 02 06 Coulthard, Henry son of Henry Coulthard and Mary Hutchinson Burch, Clara dau of J.N. Burch and G. Griegg Taylor Co
1899 03 22 Coulthard, J.W. Cundy, Ella Taylor Co
1873 Courtright, Charles Moon, Mary application only
1883 07 22 Cowan, Manford Roe, Mary E.  
1899 01 26 Cowen, Charles son of William Cowen and Sarah Smith Wilson, Frances dau of Benjamin Wilson and Susan Rush Bedford
1882 10 01 Cox, Aaron Bark, Margarett, Mrs  
2018 07 21 lic Cox, Jonathan Ray of Bedford Hoffman, Sky Leigh of Bedford  
1860 05 15 Cox, M.M. Dale, Bona  
1861 02 19 Cox, W.H. Cole, Sarah  
1867 09 01 Cox, William Laird, Sarah  
1891 04 02 Coy, Don son of William Coy and Mary Dugan Simmons, Margaret dau of Leynard Simmons and Laurina Jackson Bedford
1893 11 23 Coy, Elmer son of Eli Coy and Nancy Mick Miller, Phila dau of Henry Miller and -- Knox New Market
1897 12 29 Coy, Lewis Ashford son of John Coy and Margaret Ann DeHarpett Savage, Anna Bell dau of William P. Savage and Elizabeth Haskins Taylor Co
1889 06 06 Coy, Seth Freemont son of Eli Coy and Nancy Mick Miller, Alice Ana dau of Reuben Miller and Lucy Burlingame Bedford
1869 05 11 Crabell, Jacob Collins, Nancy  
1874 09 27 Crabill, Franklin Stewart, Mary  
1858 01 31 Craft, John Nichols, Almira  
1883 07 19 Craft, Leonidas E. Zentz, Clarice Lilian  
1882 10 24 Craig, J.H. Taylor, Eva  
1873 10 31 Craig, Minerva Peck, I.D.  
1874 12 29 Craig, Orton Starling, Olive  
2012 02 Crain, Joshua Alan Molt, Nicole Lynn Windsor Heights
1873 06 19 Crain, Margaret Bebout, Peter  
1876 11 09 Cramer, Charles Hair, Mary A.  
1881 03 31 Cramer, D.W. McDonald, Mary E.  
1875 09 06 Cramer, John Kafka, Annie [Gramer?]
1896 12 16 Crane, G.B. Wentzel, Della Taylor Co
1857 09 15 Craven, Thompson Bullock, Nancy  
1893 09 13 Crawford, Elmer son of Francis Crawford and Nancy Rebecca Dailey Cole, Arvilla dau of Thomas Cole and Liddia Kilborn Gravity
1880 09 07 Crawford, J.G. Alexander, Maggie L.  
2011 09 19 lic Crawford, Natalie Elizabeth of Mvle White, Missy Leigh of Mvle  
1878 09 11 Crawford, Samuel J. Alexander, Lizzie J.  
1897 12 09 Crawford, W.C. son of George Crawford and Maggie Skinner Eyre, Susie dau of Wilson Eyre and Mary Haywood Bedford
1888 10 02 Crenshaw, Zephariah son of William Thomas Crenshaw and Sarah Jones Sexton, Etta Lou dau of Robert Sexton and Sarah Murdock Bedford
1891 09 24 Cresse, John son of Zebelon Creese Mulford, Stella M. dau of Henry Mulford and Elizabeth Stafford Washington Twp
1892 05 29 Cress, Thomas son of Jeremiah Cress and Julia Thomas Abbitt, Mary dau of Aaron Abbitt and Lucy Ann Gray Lenox
1900 07 18 Cresswell, Byron son of Frank Cresswell and Mary Cornell Madden, Clara dau of John Madden and Lenora Bliss Lenox
1874 11 26 Creveling, Alexander Marks, Sylvia  
1880 10 06 Cromer, George W. Campbell, Mary Matilda, Mrs  
2011 08 10 lic Cronk, Travis Allen of Mvle Bounds, Kassie Lane of Mvle  
1881 11 15 Crouch, Chancy Beers, Emma J.  
1897 06 30 Crouch, L. son of C. Crouch and Mary Hendrix Scott, R.T. dau of George Scott and Elizabeth Evans Blockton
1882 10 05 Crouse, D.H. Hiatt, Ida Bell  
1891 09 28 Crouse, Andrew son of Irwin Crouse and Anna Frazer Sawyer, Celia dau of John Sawyer and Emma Nye Bedford
1892 09 04 Crow, James son of Abraham Crow and Margret Ann Atkison Burks, Lillie May dau of John Burks and Morgiana Propst Bedford
1891 09 19 Crow, John Wesley son of E.A. Crow and Margaret Ann Adkisson Mead, Leona dau of Harvey Mead and Martha Loomis Bedford
1898 05 11 Crow, Milford Wesley son of William Crow and Margret Peterson Clevinger, Hattie dau of J.R.B. Clevinger and Nancy Jennings Taylor Co
2005 10 19 Cruz-Hernandez, Frank of Corning Cross, Michelle Lynne of Corning  
2017 09 16 lic Cruz, Rigoberto Barrera of Lenox Zapata, Ana Bertha of Lenox  
1888 07 04 Cubbage, William son of Abraham Cubbage and -- Feather Matheny, Myrta dau of Jno C. Matheny and -- Manix Taylor Co
1861 09 12 Culbertson, Thomas Wininger, Mary  
1895 12 22 Culbertson, Walter son of T.N. Culbertson and Mary Wininger Allen, Arrena dau of W.T. Allen and Hanna Nelson Siam
1897 04 14 Cullins, George son of Harrison Cullins and Sarah Craig Haynes, Coma dau of John Haynes and Celia Ann Wolf Bedford
1893 08 27 Cullings, Phillip son of George Cullings and Julia Appleton Parshall, Isa Eldora dau of Jeremiah Parshall and Rebecca Toppin Clearfield
1895 06 26 Culver, Charles son of C.C. Culver and Ethel Sterns Griffith, Anna dau of Isaac Griffith and Elsie Davenport Clearfield
1895 02 14 Cummings, L.C. son of Leonard Cummings and Mary Kelly Applegate, R.J. dau of David Applegate and Sarah Leachenor Bedford
1860 03 22 Cummins, G.W. Perkins, Lillias  
1871 05 29 Cummins, Samuel Dugan, Julia  
1872 02 22 Cundy, Edwin Bosisto, Mary  
1866 10 18 Cunning, Amos Squires, Ada  
1893 02 28 Cunning, Ira son of William Cunning and Elizabeth Good Davis, Emma dau of Alexander Davis and Susan Perry New Market
1884 01 10 Cunningham, Chauncey W. Ferris, Cordelia  
1899 10 25 Cunningham, Francis son of J.M. Cunningham and Ester Harold Savage, Maude dau of Roscoe Savage and Ella Fitzgerald Taylor Co
1897 10 10 Cunningham, G.N. son of A.R. Cunningham and Ann Davis Eiker, Ophelia Hanson dau of Wm Hanson and Cassandra Hocomb Lenox
1880 11 11 Cunningham, Geo A. Ingoldsby, B.  
1877 04 11 Cunningham, J.W. Ferris, Caroline  
1876 07 01 Cunningham, John Monroe, Catharine D.  
1893 08 10 Curtis, George son of Isaiah Curtis and Elizabeth Lincoln Doty, Grace dau of John Doty and Minie Paul Bedford
1893 06 06 Cussins, T.J. son of Samuel Cussins and Mary Frasure Wilder, Alta dau of Abijah Wilder and Martha Fine Polk Twp
1898 08 11 Custer, Clarence son of P. Custer and Milne Johnston Sellers, Myrtle dau of Edward Sellers and Mary Jenkins Taylor Co
1898 04 10 Custer, Joseph son of Paul Custer and Emeline Johnson Clark, Rosa dau of William Clark and Melissa Dunn Taylor Co
1895 12 26 Cutler, Ed L. son of Norman Cutler and Mare Perine Stephens, Maggie dau of William Stephens and Eliza Walters Bedford