I get research letters....
    I get letters  that contain a lot of family data.
    Many of the letters in my files have information from people
    who are no longer living.
    The letters concern people in southwest Iowa and northwest Missouri,
    not just Taylor county. Few people contained
    themselves to just one county!
    On this page, I will put various bits and pieces of info that I receive..perhaps it will be just what you are looking for.

        Leonard Family article
   Date:          Sun, 13 Sep 1998 19:55:09 -0700
   From:          "Rick Leonard" Rick@rickleonard.net

Thought you might be interested in an article I transcribed from the Bedford Times Republican, April 14th, 1905.....based on a lead from your newpaper index. Daniel and Jane Leonard were my g-g-grandparents.  Sounds like quite a party! Thanks for the lead!

Golden Wedding

The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Leonard of Holt township, which was to have occurred March 25th but had to be postponed on account of the serious illness of Mrs. Leonard, was duly observed yesterday, when about one hundred fifty of their friends and neighbors, including persons from Gravity, Corning, Lenox, Clearfield and Bedford, assembled at their home, completely surprising them as to what was intended. A large pavilion tent had been procured for the occasion, in which long tables were spread, laden with the richest vivands the county affords and the market supplies. All ate to their entire satisfaction and huge piles were left to be taken away.

Hon. Wm. Cobb had been secured to make the speech of congratulation and present the presents from friends. He began by congratulating them on their good fortune in enjoying so many years of the blessings of marriage associations; spoke of this eventful period of fifty years forming very much of our national history; the change from a half slave to an entirely free government; of the wonderful development of our country in converting the wild waste into luxury and wealth; of comforts of life denied to the pioneer settler now brought to almost every door by our checkered railroad system; of the development of the infant republic of fifty years ago, now one of the... [1-2 lines unreadable] ...and intellectual power; of the wealth of human life not being so much of the character of broad acres of land, numerous and extensive herds, neither in the amount of rich bank account, but in the confidence, honor, and esteem of our fellow beings, especially the reverence and regard of our own
household such as is manifest today in the great interest these sons are taking in this demonstration; concluding by an expression of hope that no clouds might overshadow the sky of their future lives and that many more anniversaries might yet come to them.

Mr. Leonard received a beautiful gold headed cane, Mrs. Leonard a gold watch and chain, the gift of friends and neighbors. Each of them received a beautiful gold ring, the gift of their sons. Mr. James Leonard, a brother, sent a metal case clock, finished in gold. Also, Mr. Frank Dunning of Bedford sent a unique metal clock finished in gold. Mr. Leonard was much overcome but managed to extend a hearty expression of thanks and kind regard to all.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard are among the oldest of Taylor county's residents, having come here from Ohio in September, 1856. The following spring they moved onto the farm where they now live.

Mr. Leonard will be 75 years of age on June 24th next. He was born in Washington county, Pa., where he resided until 24 years of age... [1-2 lines unreadable] ...here he met the woman who was to be his loving companion and true helpmate for half a century, and we hope will be for many years more.

The maiden name of Mrs. Leonard was Miss Jane Heath, and they were married at her home in Delaware county, Ohio, on March 25th, 1855. A little over a year later they bid farewell to home and loved ones and came to what was then the outskirts of civilization, Taylor county. Nine children came to bless their home, of which six remain to comfort their old age.

Together Mr. and Mrs. Leonard fought the battle of life, enduring all the privations and hardships of a pioneer life without a murmur. And now they are meeting with their reward. With a beautiful home, surrounded with all the comforts of life that money can buy, they are going down the hill slowly and contentedly. Respected and honored by all, they have a legion of

friends who join The Times Republican in sincere and heartfelt congratulations.

Researchers looking for the Jacquot family are:

Carol Rittmanic, 5721 Elaine Dr., Rockford, IL 61108

Howard Kent, 4039 Angus Drive, R.R. 3, Site 7, Comp. 46, Westbank,
B.C. Canada, V0H 2A0

 Umbenhower or Umbanhower
family is researched by:
Wade R. Hansen, 3131 Greenwood Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225.
Phone and fax (360) 734 - 1002
      LITTLE/CRAWFORD around Blanchard, MO research.
Dear Pat O'Dell,
        A year ago this month a friend found a newspaper obituary for a Great
Uncle of mine.  He had died at Clay City, Indiana.  (Located in the
west-central part of Indiana.)  That is 20 miles from where I was born and
live now at Poland, IN.  It was a surprise to learn his home and family had
been near Blanchard, Missouri.
        His name was Wilson S. LITTLE  b.  Apr. 1843 in Ohio  d.11 Dec. 1919.
        His first wife was Phebe (BROWN) LITTLE  b.      1842 or 44 in Ohio  d.
before Nov. 1899.  This is the date he married his second wife in Clay
County, Indiana.
        From the 1880 census and the obituary I believe the children were:
        James L.  b. @  1867 in Missouri.
        Mary Annie  b. @ 1870 (married name DUBOIS  in Almena, Kan. in1919).
        Mary R. b. @ 1871 (married name CRAWFORD living in Kansas City, Kansas  in
        Charles E. b. @  1876 ( was living at Blanchard in 1919).  As was his
sister   C. E.   b. @ 1879 ( was listed as Mrs. E. O. CRAWFORD in the obit in

        If you could research this family any help would be greatly appreciated.
 Please e-mail the fee charged for this request.

         Bud & Betty Herbert


Orland Parmenter Born April 25, 1867 Edgington, Rock Island, Ill. died Feb 26, 1939 in Bedford, Iowa age 71 years 10 months 1 day.

His parents Kirk Kendrick and Nancy Jane Parmenter.

Mrs Pheba Arlettie (Cannon) Parmenter was born March 30, 1868 at Abbington, Knox county, Ill. Died November 1, 1953 Bedford, Iowa age 85 years, 7 months, 1 day.

Her parents were Elijah and Tobitha W. (Reynolds) Cannon and came to Taylor county, Iowa in Dec 1868.

Charlie B. Parmenter born Oct 17, 1895 Bedford, Ia
Grace Myrtle Parmenter born Nov 8, 1897 Bedford, Ia
Elzie R. Parmenter born Nov 18, 1908 Bedford, Ia

Brother and sister of Mrs Pheba Arlettie Parmenter were:
(1) Nathaniel H. Cannon born Jun 13, 1863 Abbington, Ill and died Jun 8, 1951 Bedford, Ia
(2) Mrs Almyra F. (Cannon) Alger born March 16, 1873 Iowa died Sep 23, 1967 at St Joe

This is the best I can do concerning all my relatives.
Grace Sharp
1008 West St
Bedford, Iowa

Arnold - Hughes - Hough

Irene Estelle Hough born 29 Sep 1895 Omaha, Ne was the daughter of Charles Woodruff Hough and Marie Anderson. Irene married a Hughes.

Charles Hough was born about 1873 and died about 1920 in Omaha?

Charles was the son of Mr Hough and Ida Udora Arnold.

Ida Udora Arnold was born 04 May 1859 in Henry co, Il to Charles Arnold and Abigail Graves according to her obit. Mrs Boyd had her parents as Mr Arnold and Adelaide Fisk. She married Mr Hughes. He died. She married W.J. Stoops and lived in Clarinda, Page co, Iowa. She died 24 Jan 1924 in Clarinda.

Sandra Hughes Boyd
43 Linden Street
Rochester, NY 14620

31 Dec 1970


In the 17th and 18th centuries there were Sharpe's Berry's and Nunn's living in the towns of Wakefield Nottingly and Pontefract, in the burrough of West Riding and County of York, England.

Other weathy people whose lives were interwoven with our ancestors were Fellows, Barber, Warwick, Turner, Canadays, McNear and Young. Most settled in Illinois, several coming to Harrison co, Mo.

In 1779, James Sharpe his wife and children sailed for America. They were accompanied by William Berry, his wife and children. They came to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and Nashville.

The Sharpe and Berry children grew up and inter married.

In 1825 Betty Sharpe married Benjamin Berry. In 1826 Elbert Sharp married Anne Brooks and a daughter Chloe was born in 1828.

Many of our relatives still live in and around Nashville, Tenn. In 1831, a son was born to Elbert and Anne and was named Preston. (This Preston was my grandfather.)

They finally settled in Illinois, near a cousin of Elberts, Dangerfield Sharpe.

The family of James Sharp moved to Des Moines, Iowa. The family of George Sharp moved to Kansas where the Sharp building in Topeka is named for him.

In 1852 Preston Sharpe married Elizabeth Nunns. In 1858, my father was born to them.

My father, Benjamin Berry Sharp married Ida Anne Jones and I was born the fifth child in the family. And I have (Aug 27, 1902) always been considered oneryist one of the six kids.

Glenn Irven Sharp
1008 West St
Bedford, Iowa


Powers - Weeks - Crow - Adkins

George Washington Weeks and Lavina Ellen Powers, settled in Madison co, Iowa in 1859, coming from near Galesburg, Ill.

Lavina Ellen Powers was born Oct 2, 1809. Her father was Charles Powers, who died in 1818. She had one brother, Charles. Her mother (name unknown) married again (in Illinois?) to a man name Patridge or Partridge. They had two daughters:

(1) Jane Partridge born 1825 married Covington Crow (born 1821). Their daughter Mary married an Adkins.

(2) Margaret Partridge married Will Crow, brother of Covington. They had two sons, Will and Jim. One of these boys was sheriff of Greenfield, Mo for several years.

Lavina Powers Weeks died Jun 28, 1883. Her half-sister lived at Bedford at the time.

Mary Thomas Marshall (Mrs Max)
5339 North 26 Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68111

March 3, 1970


Alberson - McMillen

Enoch Alberson and wife Eliza Emily McMillen on the 1880 census in Hamburg, Fremont co, Iowa. Looking for more data on them.

Robert G. Baldwin
666 Yucca Road
Fallbrook CA 92028

April 3, 1982


Alexander - McAlpin

James Samuel Alexander married Rosabelle McAlpin Feb 13, 1881 in Dallas twp, Taylor co, Ia. David Alexander was a witness.

After they married, they moved to Texas, where he had a half-brother by the name of Butcher. One of the Butcher girls married a Mr North of the Ringling Bros Circus. James and Rosabelle moved back to Bedford where he ran a hotel and his wife Rosebelle died May 16, 1898.

James was born Jan 11, 1855 in Bloomington, Indiana.

My dad's brother Les ran a lumber yard in New Market and then in Coin, and died July 26, 1957. His first wife was Rosa Bullock and 2nd wife was Hazel Weaver. Dad had a sister Dolly who died in 1915 at Mapleton, Iowa. Married Ray Sherman.

My dad Russell William Alexander was born July 1, 1884, Dolly in 1883 and Les on Sep 24, 1889 all in Taylor county, Iowa.

James R. Alexander
3216 South 50th Street
Milwaukee WI 53219

Sept 1, 1980


Stewart - Hargin

Andrew Stewart was born in Ireland 18 Dec 1828/9. Married in 1860 in Bruce co, Ontario, Canada to Eliza Jane Hargin. Andrew died 29 Nov 1904 in Jackson twp, Taylor co, Ia. Eliza died at the home of her daughter, Edna Bird, near Sheridan, Mo. Both are buried in New Hope cem, Nodaway co, Mo.
Mary L. Wood
P.O. Box 497
Ouray CO 81427-0497


Allen - Hiatt

George W. Allen married Matilda Emeline Hiatt daughter of James and Sarah Hiatt, 26 Mar 1863 Fremont co, Iowa.

James and Sarah Hiatt moved to Madison co, Iowa and George and Matilda Allen moved there in 1872.

Frances E. Hill (Mrs C.E.)
Box 85, RR2
Colony KS 66015

Nov 6, 1978



Lila Ford
Rt 1
Lyman, Nebr 69352

Jan 1991 

Heasley - Richardson

According to the WPA Grave Record of Taylor County, Iowa, Peter J. Heasley was born in 1803 and died Jul 4, 1881 and is buried in the Graceland cemetery. There is no tombstone there now for him.

His wife, Charlotte Richardson Heasley may have died May 1888 and is probably buried in the Graceland cemetery.

Their son, Henry, supposedly married Malinda Ward in Bedford.

Ruth R. Heasley
P.O. Box 297
Franklin PA 16323

Aug 21, 1983


Castle - Moredick

Castle family members were: Bessie, Eliza, Frances, Henry, James, Levina, Lutie, Sarah.

Moredick family member were: Frank, Israel, John, Mariah, Mattie Belle, and Sumner.

These families were in Nodaway co, Mo.

Lori Campbell
4502 Zahn Ct
Ft Collins CO 80526

e-mail: lori58@juno.com

Sep 27, 1998


Alvord - Churchill

Elbridge Deming Alvord, born 19 Oct 1820 Hampden, Vinton, co, Ohio; died 31 Mar 1901 Gravity, Ia; 01 Jan 1844 married Lucinda Churchill at Mentor, Lake co, Oh.

Lucinda daughter of Albert Churchill and Harriett Dresser, was born 10 May 1824 Mentor, Lake co, Ohio; died 12 Sep 1907 Gravity, Ia.

Their children:
Franklin Edwin Alvord: born 24 Jun 1845 Lake co, Oh; married (1) 06 Aug 1868 Mary Frances Lewis; married (2) 02 Feb 1879 Mary Frances Cobb; died 22 Mar 1900.
Seth Sanford Alvord: born 28 Mar 1848 Lake co, Oh; married 04 Jul 1868 Angeline Woodard
Martha Alvord: born 30 Aug 1849 Lake co, Oh; married 21 Nov 1866 John Riley Baker.
Elbridge Demmen Alvord, born 16 Jan 1851, died 07 Mar 1854
Albert Churchill Alvord: born 23 Sep 1853 Lake co, Oh; married 26 Apr 1881 Catherine Maria Brown.
John Henry Alvord: born 04 Nov 1855 Coral, Ill; married 18 Jan 1876 Almira Woodard
Serena Alice Alvord: born 15 Nov 1862 Woodstock, McHenry co, Il; married 02 Mar 1881 Elihu Marion Baker.
Flora Alvord: born 28 Jan 1865 Gravity, Ia; died Apr 23, 1878.
Emily Almira Alvord: born 31 Mar 1868 Gravity, Ia; married 06 Aug 1891 Jasper Newton Wisecup.

 Nancy A. Lindsey
946 Mac Farland Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84116

22 Oct 1967



Wanted probate for Cyrus J. Anderson 1899, #1085.


#1085 C.J. Anderson, deceased: executor L.B. Wilson, Lenox, Ia; died 25 Nov 1899; will into court Feb 20, 1900.


William Howard Anderson, 43, Lenox, Iowa
James Harrison Anderson, 38, Denver, Co
Frank Hayes Anderson, 36, St Paul, Mn
Margaret Jane Ferguson, 31, Lenox, Ia
Cyrus Everett Anderson, 23, Lenox, Ia
Fred Meade Anderson, 21, Lenox, Ia

Gladys Olivia Anderson, granddaughter, about 2, Prescott, Ia. Daughter of Josiah George Anderson who died in the year 1899.

Cyrus J. Anderson, buried New Fairview cem, Lenox, Ia, died Nov 25, 1899, age 65, Co A 6th Reg. Heavy Artillery Penn Vol.

Hazel Sells
1109 Glendle?
Mid West City OK 73110

Nov 1972


Family of Martin Robert Ansbach who was born 11 Jul 1845 near Strasburg, France; died 27 Nov 1928 Omaha, Ne and buried at Clarinda, Page co, Ia; wed 09 Sep 1901 Isabella Jeffrey.

Harold Jewett
1609 South 35th
St Joseph, Mo 64507

Mar 1986

Appleby - French - Morrison

Alexander and Sarah Appleby buried at UP cemetery in Lenox.

J.C. French moved to Pawnee co, Ne about 1883. His brother, Jonathan, lived in Monmouth, Illinois.

Marsha Hoffman Rising
2324 East Nottingham
Springfield, Mo 65804


10 May 1990



Looking for data on Thomas Dowdon (Dowden) Armstrong who died 28 Apr 1890 at the home of his daughter, Mrs Amanda Williams (Mrs Jonas Williams) in Taylor county.

Thomas D. Armstrong and his wife are both buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Baltimore Township, Henry co, Iowa.

Barbara J. Brown
6583 South Downing Street
Littleton, CO 80121

05 Nov 1982



Seeking information on William Bain, born 1832, and joined Co C 30th Inf Iowa on Aug 9, 1862 and born in Ohio. He was a member of the Grand Army of Republic and this is the record:

William Bain. farmer, war record - private Co C 30 Inf Iowa; source - Roster Iowa Soldiers Co C 30 Iowa Post 248 Desc Book, William Bain, #124; Post Name: Upton 248, New Market, Taylor co, Iowa, joined 1891.

Ralph Bain, 1275 Sunset, Perris, Ca 92571

Aug 26, 1992




William Besse died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Amy Colvin in Lenox, Iowa 04 Apr 1900. His wife and 2 daughters survived him. His wife passed away in Sharpsburg, Iowa. They were married in Whiteside co, Ill.

Death record Taylor co, Ia Book 3 page 94: Mary T. Besse, died 11 Oct 1914 Marshall twp, born Feb 7, 1824 Ireland, 90y 8m 5d, widow, father Robert Thompson born Ireland; mother Lydia Graham; buried Lenox, Ia.

Arlene T. Onken, 611 West Morris St, Morrison, Illinois 61270: Oct 9, 1970



Looking for burial place of Sarah Ann Garland Bevelhimer. She was the wife of Charles Bevelhimer and he remarried to a widow with 3 children who was also named Sarah Ann and was the widow of William L. Murphy who is said to have died July 18, 1863 while serving in the Civil War.

Charles Bevelhimer at one time lived 12 miles east of Redding (Ringgold co, Ia) Iowa and hauled mail between Mt Ayr and Blockton and Creston, Ia.

Frieda Churchill, 1034 W. Blackwell Ave., Blackwell, Okla 74631 - Feb 16, 1970



Roy Brown's grandfather was John Calvin Brown buried in Memory cemetery, New Market, Iowa. Roy's aunt Rella Brown lives in Bedford, Iowa.

Mrs Roy Brown, 200 Rosewood Ave, Eugene, Ore 97404 - Feb 1, 1978


Seamonds/Seamons - Weese

John H. Seamans married Evalina daughter of John Brown, Apr 10, 1861 in Taylor co, Iowa. John Brown and wife are buried in Platteville Cemetery.

1870 census Villisca, Montgomery co, Iowa
Samond John 34 Ill
  Eveline 27 NY
  Ella 08 Ia
  Hetta 06 Ia
  William 3/12 Ia
1880 Gentry co, Mo twp 62 range 30
Seamends John   Ill Va Va
  Evilenia   NY    
  Ella 16 Ia    
  Hettie 14 Ia    
  Wm. P. 12 Ia    
  Frederick 05 Mo    
  Mabel 03 Mo    

In 1882 or thereabouts, John Seamands left his family in Gentry county and went to Shoshone, Idaho where he was killed (no death record).

Eveline married husband 2 and 3. Eveline later married 4th to Z.P. Weese in Gentry co, Mo. She is buried in the Blockton cemetery.

Jean A. Kensill, Rt 2 Box 75C, Angola, Ind 46703 - Mar 28, 1977





William Brown born 1813 in Kentucky, died Feb 7, 1890; wife Isabelle ..married 1832/3 in Indiana. Francis M. "Frank" Brown their son was a Civil War vet and resided in New Market area and died 1924.

Howard C. Burton, 6716 N.W. 37th, Bethany, Okla - no date on letter.



William B. Carriger was Sheriff of Taylor county for two terms. He was born 02 Apr 1813 Carter County, Tennessee and died 1896 probably in Iowa. He had at least eight children by his second wife, Elizabeth Shoun (Schoen). She died in 1878. His first wife and five children all died within a week's time before Mr. Carriger left Tennessee. I am also seeking data on both Mrs Carrigers. I don't know just how many of the children were born in Bedford, Iowa, but one son, John Wyatt Carriger, was born there March 4, 1853.

Genevieve B. Allison (Mrs John), 2313 Highridge Drive, Sacramento, Calif. 95825 - Jan 7, 1964



Jacob and Bathsheba Easter's children: Sarah married Reuben Vanwert in Jan 1871; Naomi married a Beberage; Eunice married David Guthrie 24 Oct 1872; Milton; Lobithia, and Nathan.

Mrs Jimmie Adcock, Rt 2 Box 5, Canadian, Texas 79014 - 24 Sep 1981



Vague sources have said that Minnie J. Bickett, (born ca 1869 Mo) who married Alexander E. Estes, died and is buried at Siam cemetery about 1896. She had two sons, Byron and Frank Estes.

Byron Estes age 6 is living with the family of Abijah Wilder in 1900 census of Taylor county, Iowa.

Mrs Elma Rust, 18011 Hwy 36, Blachly, Or 97412.




Fannie Shields [of Siam, Iowa now deceased] said that Rose Estes is buried in the Siam cemetery. Byron Edward Estes was born Mar 24, 1894 and his parents were Ed & Rose Estes, They lived just south and west of Siam at the time of her death in 1896. They lived on the place owned by Abijah and Martha Fine Wilder. When Rose Estes died my father was about 2 years old. He was given to the Wilders to raise. He lived with them until he was a young man.

Byron attended the Pine School, and the Wilders lived in Shambaugh, Ia.

Byron later came down around the Graham, Mo area and went to work for my grandfather Milt Wilson, this is where he met and married my mother Zelma Faye Wilson.

Bonnie Estes Danner, Rt 4, Maryville, Mo 64468. (Dec 1990)



Lertia Augusta Ferguson born 29 May 1873 Cuppy's Grove, Ia, died 17 Jun 1942 Kirkman, Ia. Her father was George Thomas Ferguson born 10 Feb 1854 Quincy, Adams co, Ill, died Aug 8, 1916 Kirkman, Ia. He married 04 Mar 1875 to Lucetia? Runnel? (can't read writing). Lertia married Albert Alandor Mitchell who died Jan 1891.

These people homesteaded up around Denison, Iowa; sold out in 1923. Moved to Shenandoah, Ia; had a fire and burned up a barn and later a house. Moved to Kirkman and died and were buried there.

Harry J. Hansen, Rt 1 Box 141, Stanfield, Or 97875 - Apr 1981


Clatterbaugh - Wilson - Riley

Charles Francis Clatterbaugh, born Sep 14, 1882 in Chesterfield, Ind died 25 May 1968 Shenandoah, Iowa, buried Gravity Iowa.

William Henry Wilson born 31 May 1840 Morrow co, Ohio, son of Christopher and Abby Wilson, died 03 Jul 1907 Gravity, Iowa; married 09 Apr 1866 Sophia S. Snyder, born 05 Apr 1849, died 31 Oct 1889 Gravity, Iowa.

Hemburn Riley, born 06 Dec 1822 Frederick co, Va, son of Thomas Riley and Nancy Heuber, died 19 Feb 1905 Gravity, Iowa; married 16 Sep 1851 Elleanor Williamson, born 20 Sep 1837, died 13 Mar 1926 Gravity, Iowa

Laura E. Thomson, 1107 High Grove Road, Grandview, Mo 64030 - Mar 1971




Rev Charles Wesley Proctor at some time bought land in Texas, then sold it a few years later. We are trying to figure out just where and/or when he did all this. He lived at Gravity from the fall of 1914 to the fall of 1917 when he was the Methodist minister.

We think that Grandpa did not go to Texas to buy the land, but know that he did make a trip down there when he sold it. The story is that he went down, found that someone had stolen the pump out of the well, and so sold the land in disgust. He exchanged the land deed for a stock certificate of some kind, which bankers in Iowa told him was worthless. He sold it to Blake Brothers co. My uncle can remember seeing the worthless stock certificate in 1923, so all this happened before that date.

He was later Methodist minister in Gravity again after he retired about 1940-41.

Shirley Ross, 800 S. Elm, Jefferson, Iowa 50129 - Sep 27, 1979



Gilbert Ray lived in Savannah, Andrew co, Mo. He and his wife, Bessy Rodgers came from Clark co, Indiana. His will of Dec 1866 shows that he owned land in Page and Taylor cos, Iowa. Like to know more about this.

E. Vaughn Jones, 4003 Terrace Avenue, St Joseph, Mo 64504 - Sep 17, 1967