William and Isabelle (Rippey) Vanhorn family

This is the family of  William and Isabelle (Rippey) VanHorn. Their son, George Roy
VanHorn married my great aunt, Cora Wirth.
George and Cora are second and third from the right in the back row. Their son, Lester, is the third child from right in front row.
George VanHorn was born Nov 19, 1876 in Louisa county, Iowa and died Jan 9, 1964 at the hospital in Maryville, Missouri.
His son, Lester, lived and died in Greeley, Colorado.
I do not know the rest of these people. I have copied this photo in two parts because it is large..the cardboard measures 14x17 inches and the actual picture is 7x10 inches. I have two of these pictures, plus several other smaller ones of the William VanHorn family. I would give these to anyone who would send postage and handling cost. Pat O'Dell genpat@netins.net