Stockton family

Iowa Southwest, Bedford, Iowa, Feb 6, 1875
Died: Jan 17, 1875, at his residence in Mason townsip,
Rev. James Stockton.
Mr Stockton was one of the early settlers of this county,
immigrating here in the spring of 1853. He was in his
68th year, and was a faithful minister of the gospel
in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
fifty-one years -- preaching the glad news of salvation
from Tennessee, his native State, to Iowa.
For integrity he had few equals, continually striving
for higher attainments in the Christian life thus adding
his testimony to the last that..(a verse couldn't see to read).
And as he died in full faith of that glorious gospel he had
so long preached thus evincing to the world that..
"Tis relgion can supply,
Solid comfort when we die."

Memory Cemetery
East River twp., Page co, Ia

H.R. Stockton, Sep 22, 1817 - Dec 9, 1875
Rev James M. Stockton, Jul 20, 1807 - Jan 17, 1875
Susan E. Stockton, Feb 2, 1808 - Sep 6, 1883

(this is on one stone)