Moses & Lucinda Parks

submitted by Sandi Pope

Moses Parks was born 23 Sept. 1806 in Whitley Co., KY. The third son of Moses Sr. and Nancy Davis. Lucinda Nausler was born 9 Aug. 1820. The daughter of Boston Nosler and Sarah Kirk. The name Naulser being spelled by Nausler and Nosler.

Nancy Davis would die in 1819 and Moses Sr. would marry Abagail Eaton 15 Nov. 1820. Shortly after this Moses Sr. moved his family to Hendricks Co. IN in the 1820’s where he died on 24 Dec 1845.

Moses Jr. would marry Mary Elizabeth Bugan 16 Sept 1824, together they would have 10 children the youngest born in 1838 the youngest one died at birth. Mary to would die 1 Oct. 1838. It wasn’t long after this that Moses would marry Lucinda Nausler, 9 June 1840, together they would have 13 children, making a total of 23 children born to Moses Jr. . My grandfather Albert Sherman Parks being the youngest born 15 Oct 1865.

Moses and Lucinda would pack up the kids leaving Hendricks Co sometime in between 1846 and 1848 headed for Iowa. They would take a route that would lead them thru Wisconsin where their son Lewis C. Parks was born. By 1850 they are living in Farmersburg, Clayton Co., IA. They would stay there until 1863 at which time they moved to Holt Twp., Taylor Co., IA

Moses and Lucinda bought their first piece of land from David Baker section no. three in township no 60 a total of 260 acres. In 1866 he purchased 120 acres from Benjamin Shaw section 29 Township no. 70. In 1868 he purchased from John Haden 30 acres in section 28 township 70. Finally in 1876 He pruchased from Addison Haden 5 acres in section 28 township 70

Moses and Lucinda would pass away in the Typoid epidemic of 1879 and are buried in Holt Township.

Lucinda’s parents Boston and Sarah were both born in Va and moving first to eastern TN before 1820 and then later to Hendricks Co., IN. , where they were living in 1850 at the age of 84 and 68 respectivly. Several of thier children lived in surrounding Co.. Hiram Naulser, Lucinda’s brother would also move to Taylor Co.

Moses and Lucinda, Hiram and his wife would all die in Taylor Co and are buried in the Dallas Cemetery.

Of Moses and Lucinda children Albert is the only one that we know of that stayed in Taylor Co..

1. Nancy would marry Asa Veach and died in Farmersburg, Clayton Co., IA

2. Morgan would serve in the Iowa 4th Infantry and died in Arnold, Custar Co., NE

3. Abigail would marry Samuel Guynn and died in Palo, Linn Co., IA

4. Joseph would marry (1) Margaret Collins (2) Lucinda Williams Van Note and died in Pleasant Grove, Olmstead, MN

5. Mary would marry Samuel Veach brother to Asa Veach

6. Sarah would marry Thomas Earlywine

7. Elizabeth would marry a Mr. Margina

8. Jonathan would marry (1) Abagil Collins, sister to Margaret Collins, (2) Ann Marie Trobridge and died in Pleasant Grove, Olmstead Co., MN.

9. Louisa would marry Rufus Hazen and die in Creston, Union Co., IA

10. Baby Parks would die in Hendrick Co., IA

11. Mahala would marry (1) John Webber (2) Cary Libby and die in Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD

12. Lucinda would marry Harry Gutshall and die in Van Meter Dallas Co., IA

13. Moses Boston would marry (1) Mahala Dixon (2) Margaret Syble Delane Akers and die in Gravity he is buried in Washington Cemetery

14. James Wilbur would marry Elizabeth Marsh and die in Trupin, Beaver Co., OK

15. Lewis C.

16. John T. would marry Maggie Hiatt

17. William Carl would marry Emmaline Celia Morton and die in Hill City, Graham Co., KS

18. Lydia would marry Charles Pitt and die in Fort Worth, Farrant Co., TX

19. Willis Breckenridge would marry (1) Mattie Richardson (2) Rebecca Alice Marsh and die in Stafford, Stafford Co., Ks.

20. Issac Franklin would marry Effie Maxwell and die in Denver, Denver Co., CO

21. Emily would marry a Mr. Wainwright

22. Gen. George B. McClellum would marry (1) Elizabeth Richardson (2) Elizabeth Hunt and die in Burlington, Kit Carson Co., CO

23. Albert Sherman would live his whole live in Gravity marry Etta May Konecne they are buried in the Washington Cemetery.

Any further information on these families and their children, grandchildren, ect. would be greatly appreaciated. You can contact either:

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We would like to contact as many descendants as possible for a family reunion.