Family Group Sheet data from: Pat O'Dell
Jonathan Novinger
birthdate and birthplace
death date, place
1st marriage
Catherine Ann Hoffman
birthdate and place
14 Sep 1814 Fisherville, Dauphin Co, Pa
deathdate and place
15 Sep 1883 Logansport Twp, Cass Co, Indiana
#1 Mary "Polly" born 21 Apr 1833
married William Haas 2. Adam Smith
#2 Cyrus born 11 Sep 1834 Jefferson Twp, Dauphin Co, Pa
died 21 Dec 1926 Millersburg, Dauphin Co, Pa
#3 Isaac F. born 1836
died 1915
#4 Jacob born 1838
died 1921
#5 Susanna born 1841
died 1914
#6 Christiana born 1843 Pa
married 02 Oct 1864 Cass Co, Ind: John C. Barrow
died 04 Jun 1930 Miami Co, Ind
    5 children: John died Dec 17, 1924 Bunkerhill, Ind; Emma; child died Feb 1873 Logansport, Ind; 2 others
#7 Sarah Alice born 03 Mar 1845 Dauphin Co, Pa
married Henry H. Hoffman
died 23 Sep 1906 Haworth, Republic Co, Ks
#8 Elizabeth "Lizzie" born 18 Apr 1847 Dauphin Co, Pa
married 01 Dec 1872 Kosciusko Co, Ind: Joseph Gregory
died 28 Dec 1927 Nuckolls Co, Ne
buried Burrton Cem, Harvey Co, Ks
#9 Catherine born 1849 Dauphin Co, Pa
married Cass Co, Ind: David Theodore Knouff
died 05 Mar 1877 Ind
#10 Henry Dewalt born 1851
died 1852
#11 John Henry born 02 Mar 1854 Pa
married 08 Jul 1875 Cass Co, Ind: Adaline Storer
died 16 Jan 1921 Logansport Twp, Cass Co, Ind
#12 Amanda born 23 Mar 1858 Pa
married Charles Henry Bortz
died 23 Mar 1948 Adair Co, Mo
    children: Frank Bortz [wife Esther] and Arthur Bortz [daughter Dora Esther Bortz]. Dora Esther Bortz wed William C. Bobo and their children were: William Frank, Leslie Arthur, Grace Ann, and Alicia May.
#13 Franklin Pierce born 20 Aug 1860 Mercer Co., Pa
married 23 Sep 1882 Linn Co, Iowa: Ora Belle Towne
died 14 Feb 1949 Hamburg, Ia
buried Riverton Cem, Fremont co, Ia


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Photos belong to Louise Novinger -

picture of Ann Hoffman Novinger
picture of Jonathan Novinger
picture of John Henry Novinger and Adaline Storer ???? back of picture - Logansport, Ind
unknown person [picture about 1860-70's]
Frank Novinger and brothers and sisters [perhaps taken in 1902??]
Roy Novinger, Sidney, Iowa - son of Frank and Ora
Washington, Kansas boys
Kansas couple - back of photo says "J.G. Arbuthnot, Haworth, Kan."]
3 kids of Belleville, Kansas
2 boys of Belleville, Kansas
Vona, Florence, George Cunning - relatives or friends?
Robert and Mina Gregory [ son of Elizabeth Novinger and Joseph Gregory]
George Novinger and Della Novinger of Nevada, Mo [she was the daughter of Elizabeth Novinger and Joseph Gregory]
young man taken at Nebraska City, Ne
Valeria Gregory and William Hayes - taken at Fairfield, Nebr
couple taken at Columbus, Nebr
man and daughter taken at Shenandoah, Iowa
young man taken at Hamburg
young man taken at Hamburg2
couple taken at Hamburg
3 children taken in Mo
baby girl taken at Kirksville, Mo
family taken at Independence, Mo - says "Bro and Sister Novinger" on back
Christena Novinger of Novinger, Mo: photo by Moore, Kirksville, Mo
Garland Miller daughter of Port Miller and Grace Dugan taken at Bedford, Ia
family under tent - taken by J.F. Lewis, Sidney, Iowa
young child taken at Hamburg/Sidney
young child2 taken at Hamburg/Sidney
young man taken at Lamoni, Iowa
2 children taken at Hamburg/Sidney
Lura Novinger - back of picture says "picture of Lura Novinger Aug 31, '38. The year Uncle Frank visited Indiana"
Katie Novinger Burrows taken at Logansport, Ind
Katie Novinger Burrows2
Della Novinger and Joe Kroeger taken at Logansport, Ind
Barbara Lou Metzger age 3yr and Gene Metzger age 2yr
young woman taken at Skoglund Studio of Omaha
woman taken at Skoglund Studio of Omaha
father and 2 sons
Harry, Maggie and Harold [KNAUFF] says [for] Papa and Annie - Harry Maggie & Harold BeeBee
2 children
family group in a church
woman reading book [on back says J Novinger] probably who the picture was done for
women and nephew - on back says "...sister Elsie standing...-- standing on the step...-- myself sitting and my nephew's boy from Alberta."
woman taken in Lininger Studio, Greenville, Pa
Fred Novinger and Sylvia Bloom