Abbreviations in newspaper abstracts
# pounds
#2 #2 hospital in St Joseph, Missouri was the Mental Health Institute
+2 plus (+) and a number indicates number of children born to a couple
abt about
acci accident
admr administrator
admx administrix
ae age
An anniversary
AOF account of farm
Atch Atchison
Ath Athelstan, Taylor County, Iowa
Barn Barnard, Nodaway County, Missouri
Bfd Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa
BJct Burlington Junction, Nodaway County, Missouri
Bkt Blockton, Taylor County, Iowa
Blan Blanchard, Page County, Iowa
blksm blacksmith
BR birthday
Brady Braddyville, Page County, Iowa
bro brother
bro-i-l, b-i-l brother-in-law
Buchanan, Ia Siam, Taylor County, Iowa
bur buried
c see
c12yr about 12 years (or whatever number)
Can Canada
carpt carpenter
CBlu Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa
Ccpt Conception, Nodaway County, Missouri
cem cemetery
Cfd Clearfield, Taylor County, Iowa
ch child or children
Ch church
CJct Conception Junction, Nodaway County, Missouri
Clar Clarinda, Page County, Iowa
Clearmt Clearmont, Nodaway County, Missouri
co county
ColoSprs Colorado Springs, Colorado
ColSprs College Springs, Page County, Iowa
Covntr Covenanter Cemetery, Page County, Iowa
cur curator
Cwy Conway, Taylor County, Iowa
d died
DalCntr Dallas Center Cemetery, Dallas Twp, Taylor County, Iowa
dau daughter
dec'd deceased
df daughter of
dis disease
div divorce
dlr dealer
DMes Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa
DN Denmark
e east
EFLenox East Fairview Lenox Cemetery, Lenox, Taylor County, Iowa
en engaged
En England
Ex Essex, Page County, Iowa
excr executor
excx executrix
f father
fam family
far farmer
Fargt Farragut, Fremont County, Iowa
FBfd Fairview Cemetery, Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa
FGrove Forest Grove Cemetery, Taylor County, Iowa
f-i-l father-in-law
fr friend or friends
Fx Fairfax, Atchison County, Missouri
Ger Germany
Glfd Guilford, Nodaway County, Mo
Grape Grape Hospital, Hamburg, Fremont County, Iowa
Grav Gravity, Taylor County, Iowa
grfa grandfather
grmo grandmother
grpar grandparent
Gwood Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa
Hand Hand Hospital, Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa
Hepb Hepburn, Page County, Iowa
Hopk Hopkins, Nodaway County, Missouri
ht attk heart attack
husb husband
i interred
IA interest article
Imml Immanuel Church and cemetery, Page County, Iowa
implmt dir implement dealer
Inde Independence township, Nodaway County, Missouri
Jack Jackson township, Taylor County, Iowa
Jeff Jefferson township, Taylor County, Iowa
lic license
Linc Lincoln township, Nodaway County, Missouri
Lx Lenox, Taylor County, Iowa
Lxtn Lexington Cemetery, Taylor County, Iowa
m mother
M& Mr and Mrs
marr marriage
Me Methodist
merch merchant
MHI Mental Health Institute, Clarinda, Page County, Iowa
mi mile
m-i-l mother-in-law
Mir Miriam Cemetery, Nodaway County, Missouri
mo, mos month, months
MR Maryville Republican newspaper, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
Ms Miss
muni Clarinda Municipal Hospital, Clarinda, Page County, Iowa
Mvle Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
n north
Nboro Northboro, Page County, Iowa
NC Nodaway County, Missouri Courthouse
ND Nodaway Democrat newspaper, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
ne northeast
nee born
EFLenox East Fairview Lenox Cemetery, Lenox, Taylor County, Iowa
New Market New Market, Missouri
NGrove North Grove Cemetery, Page County, Iowa
Nkt New Market, Taylor County, Iowa
Noda Nodaway County, Missouri
nr near
nw northwest
Oma Omaha, Nebraska
P.C. Probate Court
par parents
pic picture
Pick Pickering, Nodaway County, Missouri
pneu pneumonia
PO post office
prob probably
Quit Quitman, Nodaway County, Missouri
rec'd received
rel relative, relatives
resi resident
ret by returned by
Roak Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa
Rport Rock Port, Atchison County, Missouri
Rton Riverton, Fremont County, Iowa
Rwood Ravenwood, Nodaway County, Missouri
s south
se southeast
sf son of
Sham Shambaugh, Page County, Iowa
Sharps Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa
Shen Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa
s-i-l son-in-law
sis sister
sis-i-l sister-in-law
Skid Skidmore, Nodaway County, Missouri
Stan Stanberry, Gentry County, Missouri
Stanton Stanton, Mongtomery County, Iowa
StFran Saint Francis Hospital, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
StJo Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
StMary's St Mary's Cemetery, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
StPat's St Patrick Irish Catholic Church, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri
Svnh Savannah, Andrew County, Missouri
sw southwest
terr territory
twp township
vic vicinity
Vil Villisca, Montgomery Co, Iowa
vis visit, visits, visiting
w west or wed; which ever makes sense
w/o without
Wash Washington township
Wboro Westboro, Atchison County, Missouri
WC White Cloud township, Nodaway County, Missouri
wf wife of
WFLenox West Fairview Lenox Cemetery, Lenox, Taylor County, Iowa
wks weeks
Ykt Yorktown, Page County, Iowa
yrs years

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