Hamlets and Villages that no
longer exist in Tama County Iowa

Indiantown, was located one mile north of Montour on the Iowa River. It received its name from the many Indians who lived in the vicinity. It had a postoffice from 1854 to 1856, and then the name was changed to Butlerville the post office carried that name until 1901.

Redman, was a village in eastern York Township, it had a postoffice from 1854 to 1863. The Redman Cemetery remains in Benton County.

Columbia, was located in the northern part of Columbia Township, two miles south of Tama, its postoffice was Ola, from 1854 to 1863.

Kinisaw, was a postoffice from 1854-1864 it was shown on earlier maps to be in the western part of Salt Creek Township on the north side of the Iowa River and about one mile southwest of the present site of Chelsea. However, later maps show it to have been on the south side of the river and about two miles southeast of Chelsea.

Irving, was located in the extreme northeast part of Salt Creek Township, part in Tama County and part in Benton county. The postoffice, West Irving, existed from 1858-1875.

Eureka was located in Richland Township and was a postoffice from 1856-1859 the name was changed to Haven.

Haven postoffice was established on July 1, 1874.

Monticello, 1856-1885 located three miles north and one mile west of Toledo on the southern border of Howard Township

Bruner, was a postoffice from 1856-1858 probably named after Christian Bruner who owned Monticello Mills which was one half mile west of Monticello

Helena 1856-1896. A settlement in Richland Township two miles north of Haven.

Janesville on maps of 1856 a place in the eastern part of Otter Creek Township, about six miles east of Toledo

Tamaville Postoffice was located in the southeast part of Otter Creek Township, about 7 miles east of the present city of Tama.

Heath, a postoffice from 1859-1861, was located in the southwest part of Carlton Township.

Iuka ,postoffice established in 1863 until 1866, when the town became known as Tama City, presently known as Tama.

Otter Creek Station existed from 1863-1864 when the name was changged to Chelsea and the location was moved three quarters of a mile.

Waltham, located on Section 3 in York Township postoffice existed from 1863 to 1894. The first postmaster was Henry L. Smith.

Orford the present city of Montour postoffice was called Orford from 1865-1871.

Howard in Section 2 of Howard Township. From 1868-1881 mail was handled at Dryden. Some early maps show it to have been in southeast Oneida Township, but an 1875 plat of Tama County locates it in northeast York Township.

Hotona, located in the southeast corner of Section 4, Richalnd Township, on the south side of the river and was very close to the Helona postoffice.

Kars was a mail distribution point 1877-1880 in Enoch Thomas' store on Section 26 in Carlton Township.

Salt Creek 1893-1894 located in the east central part of Salt Creek Township near the Benton County line.

Long Point was a hamlet in Richland Township on Section 7.

Potter located in Indian Village township 2 1/2 miles south of Montour 1882- 1906

Gladstone about three miles east of Tama. J. H. Maher, postmaster

Other hamlests in North Tama county include Badger Hill, Bovina, Buckingham, "old " Buckingham, northwest of Traer, Carroll, Coldville, Collins Grove, Connell, Crystal, Ettie, Evergreen, Fairhaven, Fifteen Mile Grove, Fisherville, Forks, Geneseo, Homan, Midland, Mooreville, Oakwood, Spring Creek, Unionville, Vineyard, West Union and Wolf Creek.

Ramona was listed as having been a postoffice in Tama County, but the location has not been determined.

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