Alumni of Cornell College

Mount Vernon, Linn county, Iowa

1858 - 1916



Transcribed for Tama co. IAGenWeb by Shary Ferrall, September 2009


In the following Alumni Directory the lists are alphabetical by states and cities first, and then by foreign countries and cities. Graduates in the regular college courses have the year of graduation immediately following the name. Graduates from the associated schools have the year numeral after the name of the school. At the time of issuing this register it was convenient to indicate only the lawyers, clergymen, and physicians. It was necessary to use abbreviations and other indicia of which the following need explanation: Ora., School of Oratory; Mus., Conservatory of Music; T., Temporary Address, as in the case of school teachers or students, the name being repeated under the name of the home town with the word "Home" after it; (?) means "the last known address." Information to make this list as correct as possible will be gladly received at the college office.

Mount Vernon, Iowa, March, 1916


The complete listing is available on the Iowa History project site


County Town Surname First Name Year Graduated Additional Information
Tama Buckingham Mott Adelaide E. 1890 Mrs. R.M. Gunn
Tama Gladbrook Moe Martin Jr. 1890
Tama Tama Berryman Asa W. 1878 M.D.
Tama Tama Fairlamb Ethel 1895 Mrs. Carpenter
Tama Tama Ferguson Harry J. 1896 Attorney
Tama Tama Gallagher William S. 1893 Attorney
Tama Tama Ryan Norma I. 1901 Mrs. H.J. Ferguson
Tama Toledo Giger Isaac F. 1869
Tama Toledo Hockett Mary E. 1895 Conservatory of Music; last known address
Tama Toledo Walters C.E. 1891 Attorney
Tama Toledo Wareham Daisy A. 1895 Conservatory of Music; Mrs. Pace
Tama Traer Best Howard 1911
Tama Traer Daniel Alice J. 1910
Tama Traer Daniel Dorothy 1912 Conservatory of Music
Tama Traer Daniel Nell M. 1892 hometown
Tama Traer Kenney Helen 1911 Mrs. G.C. Taylor
Tama Traer Scott Thomas C. 1913

~Source: Cornell College Bulletin - A Register of the Alumni by States, Cities and Towns; March, 1916; Mount Vernon, Iowa.

~Notes: Every effort has been made to produce an accurate transcription, but there may be errors. If the researcher finds the accuracy in doubt, they should consult a copy of the original book.