Flag pole G.A.R. memorial at Buckingham Cemetery

On Memorial Day, 1925, a $200 flag pole, a gift to the Traer community by Kubik-Finch Post, American Legion, was dedicated in Buckingham cemetery as a memorial to J. G. Safley Post, G. A. R. All costs were paid by the Legion. A bronze tablet at the base of the pole pays tribute to the service rendered to the nation by the Civil War veterans in War and peace.  The Auxiliary provided the foliage bed in front of the pole. The letters “G. A. R.” were formed of green echevaria, set in a bed of white gravel. This was later replaced by permanent letters, “G. A. R.,” made by cement. A huge crowd witnessed the dedication. Eight old soldiers present were fittingly honored by the community. Post Commander H. R. Allaben was the spokesman for the Legion in dedicating the memorial. F. E. Shortess accepted the gift in behalf of the community, and Dean Ralph B. Dennis, of Northwestern University, former Traerite, delivered the dedicatory address. A Legion drum and bugle corps participated in the day’s program.  A flag ceremony at the Safely Post memorial flagpole has been the closing feature of every Memorial Day program in Traer since.
~Service Record, World Wars I and II, Traer, Iowa and Community, page 75