World War II
Tama County Additional Enlisted Men

Service Record, World Wars I and II
Traer, Iowa and Community

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Transcribed by Von Mings Stachon

World War II Biographies

The following men enlisted to serve their country;
no other information is available for them.

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Adamek, William O. Keel, Keith Ralls, Robert J.
  Kennedy, Ralph D. Read, Clarence
Bandle, Arthur Kolpek, Adolph Read, John
Bartels, Oscar   Read, Robert
Beatty, Harold Leuders, Harold Richmond, Robert
Beatty, Sam Leuders, Warren Richmond, Walter
Beatty, William T. Lockmiller, Charles Ridenour, Dale
Boldt, Evan Lynch Logan, Ralph Ridenour, Kenneth
Bordewick, Maurice H. Lonergan, Helen Rogers, Ralph
Bredfeldt, Lee Lonergan, Jack Roth, Keith
Brubaker, Russell   Roth, Marvin
Byam, Harold W. Magnussen, Dale Russell, Donald L.
  Manley, Cecil S.  
Caldwell, Clarence Manley, James D. Sealock, John
Cashatt, Dean Mannel,, Ernest J. Sears, Edgar
Cashatt, Myrle Martin, Edward Sears, Roger
Caslavka, Emil Miller, Eleanore Key Sherrett, John
Crawford, Donald Mitchell, David Siemens, William D.
  Mochal, Leonard Slate, Glenn
Dengler, Willis Monroe, Calvin Slate, Murl
Derr, Elmer J. Montgomery, Kenneth W. Soule, Donald
Drahos, Merle Montgomery, Robert Speirs, Robert W.
Draper, Elmer R. Montgomery, Thomas Speirs, Sandy
  Murray, David G. Stammer, Alvin
Eckhardt, Dean Murray, John W. Stammer, Lester
Eckhardt, Robert   Staker, LaVern
  McCreary, Murel M. Staveley, M. James
Filgraf, Robert L. McGinnis, William H. Steffeney, Donald
Fink, Ivin McKinley, Allen Steffeney, Leland
Flitsch, Dale E. McKinney, Harold Stepanek, Vernon
Fowler, Lyle McKinney, Ramona Key Strohbehn, Dean
Franklin, Merton A. McKinney, Ray  
   Taylor, Norman P.
Gaston, Donald Nagel, Jack Teckenberg, Lowell
Gaston, Lyle S. Nechanicky, Marcel Thompson, Bert
  Nelsen, Wayne Thompson, David
Halupnik, Ernest Norton, Roll Samuel Thompson, Donald R.
Hatton, David Glenn   
Henry, Francis M. Parkhouse, Lester Vorba, Stanley
Henry, Marshal Parkhouse, Raymond H.  
Hootman, Ralph Paustian, Wayne Walker, Roger
Hild, George R. Payne, James Lester Whitehead, Milford
Hite, Jack Payne, John Wilimek, Edwin A.
  Pecenka, Ervin Williams, Bert Jr
Ingamells, Burdette Petschow, Philip Williams, Calvin
Ingamells, Donald F. Porter, Ivil L. Williams, Warren H.
Ingamells, Gerald Powell, Corliss Wilson, James R.
Ingamells, Robert Prehn, William John Winkelpleck, Roland
  Pritchett, Walter  
Jacobsen, Roy Puckett, Orville  
Janssen, Otto R.   
Jensen, Rev. C. O.   
Jensen, Otto H.   
Johnson, Percy   
Jordan, Gerald   

This informtion was transcribed by Von Mings Stachon who has been a contributor to the genealogy community in several states.  The Iowa contributions come as a result of her friendship with the Whannel family of Traer, IA.  More specifically Leroy S. Whannel who is a veteran of WW II and was a member of the crew on the ship (USS Pinto) and later on the USS General Moffitt (troop transport) that returned survivors of the Bataan Death March.

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