Additional Enlisted Men in WWI

Service Record, World Wars I and II
Traer, Iowa and Community

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Transcribed by Von Mings Stachon

No service records or photos were available for these men.

Name Date Entered Service Parents Residence at the Time
Aldrich, Ned    
Arter, Wesley    
Beatty, Henry H. 26-Feb-1918   Dysart, IA
Bicket, Lester    
Blakely, Jasper Adolph 7-Apr-1918 E.G./Mary Blakely Robinson, IL
Boettcher, Carl 29-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Bohnstengel, John 25-Jul-1918 Fred/Mary Bohnstengel Traer, IA
Bohnstengel, William 25-Jul-1918 Fred/Mary Bohnstengel Traer, IA
Bookmeier, Fred    
Bradberry, George A. 29-Jul-1918   Buckingham, IA
Butts, Harold    
Caslavka, Charles J. 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Chrudimsky, Bohush Frank 25-Feb-1918 Frank/Marie Chrudimsky Clutier, IA
Cochran, John    
Cochran, Roe    
Cohrt, Carl    
Cohrt, Leo    
Conner, Keith    
Cordray, William    
Currell, Wayne    
Drahos, Jerry 24-Feb-1918 Joseph/Mary Drahos Traer, IA
Drahos, Joe 5-Sep-1918   Traer, IA
Draper, Donald W. 8-Dec-1917 Mr/Mrs Bertram H. Draper Buckingham, IA
Dreessen, Hans R. or Hans B. 24-Jul-1918 Henry/Dora Dreessen Gladbrook, IA
Drews, Otto H. 29-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Drinovsky, Charles E. 5-Sep-1918   Chelsea, IA
Dunham, Clayton C. 7-May-1917 Dennis/Annabelle Dunham Montour, IA
Ebaugh, John H. 24-Jul-1918 Anis/Cora Ebaugh Dinsdale, IA
Evans, Erville    
Evans, Wayne T.    
Everts, Gain Earl    
Finch/Fink, Arthur 25-Jul-1918   Gladbrook, IA
Franklin, Glenn   Mr/Mrs E. Franklin Traer, IA
Geyer, Louis H. 29-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Green, Bryce    Traer, IA
Green, Roy    
Haefner, Earl W.    
Hanus, Albion Frank 4-Sep-1918 Frank/Barbara Hanus Traer, IA
Hawbaker, Ray W. 5-Apr-1918   Dysart, IA
Hayes, John F. 28-May-1918   Buckingham, IA
Heintzelman, Lile    Traer, IA
Hines, Mead 29-Jul-1918   Buckingham, IA
Hollman, David B. 28-Jun-1918 Fred/Mary Hollman New Albany, IN
Hotzell, Roy 5-Sep-1918   Traer, IA
Howard, Charles    
Kahler, Herbert B. 26-Feb-1918   Traer, IA
Keith, Douglas 17-May-1918 Andrew/Ellen Keith Windom, MN
Kennedy, Raymond B. 26-Feb-1918   Traer, IA
Key, Howard    
Kinkead, Clark    
Kinkead, Clyde    Traer, IA
Kolpek, Emanuel 4-Sep-1918 Mr/Mrs Mike Kolpek Traer, IA
Konicek, Louis    
Koshatka, James    
Kostlan, Charles Howard 29-Jul-1918 Frank/Stella Kostlan Pasadena, CA
Kostlan, E. E.    
Kostlan, William 22-Sep-1917 James/Emma Kostlan Traer, IA
Krezek, Joseph C.    
Kubic, Joe M. 28-May-1918   Traer, IA
Kvidera, Louis 5-Sep-1918   Toledo, IA
Legg, Joseph E. 5-Sep-1917 Henry/Emma Legg Hudson, IA
Lundt, Cato 5-Sep-1918   Berlin, IA
Maar, John F.    
Marsau, Harry    
McBride, William E.    
McCord, William Hershel    
McCreath, Will    
McKerrall, Neil H. 5-Sep-1918   Traer, IA
McNeil, Norval    
McTurk, William L. 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Mendachek, George    
Metcalf, Harold E. 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Miles, Leslie    
Mitchell, Ralph B. 7-Dec-1917 David/Mary Mitchell Cedar Falls, IA
Moeller, Ottto F.    
Moeller, Walter A. 10-May-1918   Dysart, IA
Mommer, Frank 5-Sep-1918   Traer, IA
Montgomery, Alexander 5-Sep-1918   Dysart, IA
Morrow, William Earl    
Morrow, Floyd 12-Sep-1904 Mr/Mrs. J.P. Morrow  
Mowery, William 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Newell, Clarence Dale 21-Sep-1917 Burt/Lillie Newell Waterloo, IA
Niessen, F. E.    
Novotny, Anton S. 5-Sep-1918   Chelsea, IA
Novotny, Fred E.    
Novotny, William    
Owens, George Alfred 25-Jul-1918 Henry/Eloisa Owens Marshalltown, IA
Owens, Nathaniel Albert 24-Jul-1918 Henry/Eloisa Owens Iowa Falls, IA
Payne, Samuel    
Pearce, Roy L. or Ray L. 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Pecenka, Frank J. 28-May-1918   Traer, IA
Pecenka, Joseph S. or F. 26-Apr-1918 Joseph/Marie Pecenka Toledo, IA
Petra, William    
Pippert, Fred C. or Fred G. 25-Jul-1918   Dysart, IA
Ploen, August H. 4-Sep-1918 Adolph/Alvena Ploen Traer, IA
Plogman, Ray or Roy 21-Sep-1917 Mr/Mrs August Plogman Gladbrook, IA
Porter, Ivil L.    
Potter, Ralph H. 5-Apr-1918   Traer, IA
Quinn, John Kenneth 24-Jul-1918 John/Edna Quinn Traer, IA
Robb, Earl A. 15-Aug-1918 Albert/Anna Robb Traer, IA
Rosicka, Frank J. 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Ross, Forrest    
Sackett, Frank 4-Aug-1918 Will//Lena Sackett Traer, IA
Scharfenberg, William J. 24-Jul-1918 F.F.W./Johannah Scharfenberg Traer, IA
Schlichting, John 22-Sep-1917   Traer, IA
Schluttner, Bernard    
Schuett, Ruby 5-Sep-1918 Mr/Mrs Fred Schuett Dysart, IA
Schuller, George M.    
Scott, Ralph 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Seda, Ludwig    
Seemann, August    
Showalter, Charles    
Simms, Walter    
Smith, Floyd 25-Jul-1918   Traer, IA
Smith, Raymond B. 26-Feb-1918   Toledo, IA
Snell, Summer Cummins 26-Feb-1918 James/Sarah Snell LaPorte City, IA
Sparks, Thomas J. 22-Sep-1917   Buckingham, IA
Stark, John C. 28-May-1918   Traer, IA
Stoakes, Newell S. 22-Sep-1917   Dysart, IA
Tesmer, Fred W. 24-Jul-1918 William/Julia Tesmer Waterloo, IA
Thompson, Fred 25-Jul-1918   Tampico, IL
Thompson, James    
Thompson, William    
Thornburg, Frank    
Ulstad, Archie    
Uridel, Louie J. 10-May-1918   Cedar Rapids, IA
Vanicek, Charles    
Vest, Douglas    
Vorba, A. F.    
Welton, Dale    
Whannel, Raymond L.    
White, Glen K.    Traer, IA
Wilimek, Albert 25-Jul-1918 Mrs Minnie Wilimek Traer, IA
Wilimek, Anton 24-Jul-1918 Mrs Minnie Wilimek Traer, IA
Wilimek, Frank    
Wilimek, Howard M.    
Williams, Bert, Sr    
Wilson, Jarvis A.    
Winter, Charles Florer 24-Aug-1918 James/Hattie Winter Dysart, IA
Wirth, Fred G. 1-Jun-1918 William/Mary Wirth Aredale, IA
Witwer, Glenn William 9-Sep-1918 Robert/Fanny Witwer Traer, IA
Yukel, Joseph 22-Sep-1917   Dysart, IA
Yuska, Edward 25-Jul-1918   Buckingham, IA

This information was transcribed by Von Mings Stachon who has been a contributor to the genealogy community in several states.  The Iowa contributions come as a result of her friendship with the Whannel family of Traer, IA.  More specifically Leroy S. Whannel who is a veteran of WW II and was a member of the crew on the ship (USS Pinto) and later on the USS General Moffitt (troop transport) that returned survivors of the Bataan Death March.

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