Armistice List

From a listing in the Star-Clipper that appeared on 11 Nov 1921

Traer's Soldiers on First Armistice Day, 1918

Transcribed by Von Mings Stachon.

ArmidonHerbertCo. E, 109th Ammunition trainSandstorm Division, Camp de Souge, Bordeaux district, France
ArterWesleyOrderly sergeant in First Corps schoolParis, France
BaillieFloyd In hospital in this country after being severely wounded in action in France.
BalfourMaxLieutenan, air serviceParis, France
BatemanPaul11th Infantry, 28th DivisionThiacourt sector M.G.C.
BicketLester109th Ammunition train, 34th DivisionIn France
BlakelyJ.A.Co. 3, F BattalionCamp Sherman, Ohio
BodleJohn S.Medical CorpsFt. Leavenworth, Kansas
BoettcherCarl Chaumont, France
BohnsackRolandU. S. NavyAt Brest, France
BohnstengalJohnCo. K, 11th InfantryIn France
BohnstengalWilliam49th Infantry, 83rd DivisionOn way to the front.
BradberryGeorgeCo. B, 132nd EngineersIn France
BragonierDonaldFlying schoolSouther Field, Georgia
BrownHomerLieutenant, 167th Infantry, Rainbow DivisionIn charge of military training at Springfield Normal school, Springfield, Missouri
BrysonLeoCo. E, 109 Ammunition train, Sandstorm DivisionCamp De Sourge, Bordeaux district, France
ButtsHaroldCo. C, 1st Field Signal Corps, 2nd DivisionAt front, Sedan sector
CampbellCedricHospital CorpsU.S. Navy Naval base hospital, Newport, Rhode Island
CampbellJohn67th Infantry, 34th DivisionIn France
CampbellLoganBattery C, 101st Field Artillery, 26th Division 
CaslavkaAlbertHq. Co. 52nd Artillery, C.A.CChalons, France
CaslavkaCharlesIn hospital, Tours, France
CaslavkaLouisAirdromeIn France
ChrudimskyBohush122nd Machine Gun Company, 33rd DivisionAt the front
ClangH.S.62nd Infantry, 8th DivisionCamp Fremont, California
CohrtCarlMusicianHq. Co. 87th Infantry, Camp Dodge
ConnerKeith1st Separate Brigade, Heavy ArtilleryIn action near Metz
CordrayWilliam R.Co. 11, Ruger Coast ArtilleryFt. Ruger, Hawaiian Islands
DankerWillCo. H, 351st Infantry, 88th DivisionAt the front
DrewsOtto In hospital with flu at Camp Forest, Georgia
DrinovskyAdolphCo. M, 351st Infantry, 88th DivisionIn action in France
EllingsonOscarAviation mechanic, 315th Aerial SquadronSalisburyfield, England
ElliottLloydOfficers Training SchoolCamp Taylor, Kentucky
EvansElwyn59th Infantry, 4th DivisionAt front in France
EvansWayneField ArtilleryAt the front near Metz
EvansErval S.Co. G, 5th Regiment R.E.P.S.Camp Wadsworth
FranklinBenWith 1st U.S. Cavalry on Mexican borderDouglas, Arizona
FranklinGlennMusicianIn France
GalloglyDanielInfantry and Quartermaster's Departments, Camp Johnson, Florida.Sailed for overseas shortly after Armistice
GeyerL.H.Sergeant, 213th Engineers,Camp Lewis, Washington
GravattHowardBlack Hawk DivisionIn France.
GriffinRalphLieutenant, 167th Infantry, Rainbow DivisionIn action in France
HanusAlbinCo. 48, 12th Batallion, 163rd Depot BrigadeCamp Dodge, Iowa
HarderLeRoyCo. A, 128th EngineersIn France
HarrisonEllsworth129th Field Artillery, 35th DivisionOn Verdun front, France
HayesJohn, Jr.Whipple BarracksPrescott, Arizona
HladikFrank447th Motor transport companyBordeaux, France
HotzelRoyMedical CorpsCamp Shelby, Mississippi
KahlerCharlesCo. G, 87th Infantry, 19th DivisionCamp Dodge, Iowa
KahlerHerbHq. Troop, 5th Army CorpsIn action, Harricourt, France.
KavendaFredMechanic, Co. E, 109th Ammunition trainCamp DeSouge, Bordeaux district, France
KeithLindsey304th Signal Battalion, 79th DivisionIn action at Verdun, France
KeithRobertCoast Artillery serviceFort Berry, California
KeithTomField clerkCamp Dodge, Iowa
KennedyRayCo. B, 339th M.G. Battalion, 88th DivisionBellefort, France
KinkeadClarkBattery A, 39th ArtilleryCamp Upton, New York
KladivoFrankM.O.T.C. bandFort Riley, Kansas
KolpekEmanuelCo. G, 87th InfantryCamp Dodge, Iowa
KoshatkaJamesCo. B, 349th Infantry, 88th DivisionAt front in France
KostlanCharlesMusicianCamp Meade, Maryland
KostlanErnie39th Railroad artilleryCamp Upton, New York
KostlanWilliam527th EngineersAt the front in Verdun sector, France
KubikJoeCo. C, 349th Infantry, 88th DivisionAt the front.
MaarJohn79th Division, 316th InfantryAt the front, France
McBrideWilliam E.Battery C, 17th Regiment, Field Artillery 
McCreathWillNavy Radio SchoolGreat Lakes, Illinois
McGowanR.B.Sea service in the Navy 
McKerralNeilMotor transport serviceEnroute to Fort Sam Houston, Texas
MerrittRay27th DivisionIn France
MetcalfHaroldEscourt Co. 75 Prisoner of War,St. Nazaire, France
MilesEdgarSignal Corps school for radio electriciansBurlington, Vermont
MilesLeslieCoast Artillery officers training schoolFortress Monroe, Virginia
MillerCarlBaker's schoolSan Antonio, Texas
MochalJamesMotor transport serviceMarfa, Texas
MochalMilo59th Ammunition trainFort Adams, Rhode Island
MommerFrank163rd Depot BrigadeCamp Dodge, Iowa
MontgomeryAlexCo. K, 27th InfantryCamp Dodge, Iowa
MorrowEarlQuartermaster CorpsCamp Mills, Long Island, NY
MorrowFloydSergeant, 28th Infantry, First Division, regular armyAt the front
MoweryGaye68th Coast ArtilleryIn France
MoweryWill121st Machine Gun battalion, 32nd DivisionArgonne Sector of France
NewellClarence109th Ammunition train, 34th DivisionCamp De Souge, Bordeaux, France
NovothyAntonCo. G. 87th InfantryCamp Dodge, Iowa
NovotnyJoseph J.19th DivisionIn France
NovotnyWilliamWagoner, Battery E, 72nd Artillery In France
OwensGeorgeIn Veterinary hospital serviceIn France
OwensNat Enroute to base hospital at Remaucourt, France
OwensR.A.MusicianSt. Aignan, France
PiercePalmer EBrig, General, 27th DivisionAt the front
PatonGeorge In Texs training camp
PatonHarold15th Regiment, U.S. Naval Training StationGreat Lakes, Illinois
PecenkaFrankCo. C, 349th Infrantry, 88th DivisionAt the front near Metz
PecenkaJoe  On the Meuse-Argonne front, France
PetraWillBatttery A, 127th Heavy AtilleryIn France
PloenAugustDevelopment Battalion No. 2 Camp Cody, New Mexico
PlogmanRoyCo. C, 109th Regiment, 34th DivisionIn France
PotterRalphSergeant, Reclamation Candidate, Co. 1Camp Johnson, Florida
RobbEarl313th Supply train, 88th DivisionAt front in France
RosickaF.J.79th Division, 316th InfantryAt the Meuse-Argonne front, France.
RossForrestCo. L, 320th Infantry, 80th DivisionIn France
SackettFrank116th EngineersLoaded in box car for the front; Tours, France
ScharfenbergWillInfantryCamp Shelby, Mississippi
SchlictingJohnMachine Gun Company, 29th DivisionAt front
SchrierJoeCo. D. 30th Machine Gun Battalion, 10th DivisionCamp Funstan, Kansas
ScottRalph316th Infantry, 79th DivisionOn Meuse-Argonne front, France
SedaLudwigHq. Co. 87th Infantry bandCamp Dodge, Iowa
SeemanAugustCo. 16, 163rd Depot BrigadeCamp Dodge, Iowa
SeemanDewey2nd Lieutenant, Field ArtilleryCamp Taylor, Kentucky
ShortessCliffSargeant. MajorS. A. T. C. Iowa City
ShortessGlenn2nd Lt. Battery B, 5th Reg. Field ArtilleryCamp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky
SmithFloyd  Camp Shelby, Mississippi
SmithRay V.Sergeant, Co. B, 122nd RegimentIn France
SnellSumner C.Co. F, 349th InfantryOn Meuse-Argonne front, France
SparksTomCo. 15th, 4th Battallion, 163rd Depot BrigadeCamp Dodge, Iowa
SpeerRalphCo. D, 133rd Infantry, 34th DivisionIn France
SpeerRoyCo. A, 113th Field Signal Battalion, 38th Division
SpeerRodneyU. S. MarinesIn France
StarkJohn349th Infantry, Co. C, 88th DivisionAt the front near Metz
StevensonHaroldNavyOn the way home on furlough from U.S.S. Huron, docked at Newport News, Virginia
StoufferCarlCo. E, 9th Infantry 2nd DivisionOn Meuse-Argonne front, France
StrawserK.C.Regular ArmyIn France
TaylorH.E.Second Regiment bandU.S. Naval Station, Great Lakes, Illinois
TesmerFredCo. A, 4th InfantryCamp Gordon, Georgia
ThomasPaulCo. C, 23rdM.G.O.T.S. Camp Hancock
ThompsonAlexInfantryCamp Gordon, Georgia
ThompsonBillCo. D, 20th EngineersIn France
ThompsonFred11th Infantry, 5th DivisionOn the Argonne front.
ThompsonJames123rd Field Artillery, 33rd DivisionOn the Argonne front.
TroutJoeMotor transport serviceCamp Johnston, Florida
VlasakOtto W.Co. 47th, 163rd Depot BrigadeCamp Dodge, Iowa
VorbaA.F.In service of Lee County Draft BoardFort Madison, Iowa
VorbaJohnCoast ArtilleryFort Hamilton, New York
VorbaLewisCo. 18 G.M.S.Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri
WeilerJohnMechanical training detachmentAmes, Iowa
WhannelRaymondElectricianOn a Navy submarine
WilimekAlbert151st M.G. Battalion, 42nd DivisionAt the front
WikimekAntonCo D, 120th Battalion, M.G., 32nd DivisionAt the front
WilsonJay121st Field Artillery, 32nd DivisionAt the front in Argonne, France
WirthFredCo. A, 54th Regiment, Transportation CorpsIn France
WitwerGlennCo. G, 87th Infantry, 19th DivisionCamp Dodge, Iowa
YukiJoseph J.Co. A, 163rd Depot BrigadeCamp Dodge, Iowa
YuskaEdward L.316th Infantry, 79th DivisionOn the Verdun front, France

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