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Salt Creek Township

Taken from the History of Tama County, Iowa Its Cities, Towns and Villages
Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes,
And A Complete Business Directory Of The County
By Samuel D. Chapman 1879

Contributed by Patty Delmott and Transcribed by Cyndi Vertrees

Salt Creek township is the south eastern township in the County, and lied in eighty-two north, thirteen west. It contains two towns, Chelsea and West Irving.

This township has a fine growth of timber along the banks of the Iowa River which crosses it in a south eastern direction, entering into Benton County. Along the course of the river the land is rough and broken. With this exception the surface is of a general undulating character. It contains some of the finest tracts of land in the County. Salt Creek, which meanders through the County some forty-seven miles enters the Iowa River in this township near the southeast corner, on section 36. The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad passes through the township.

With the exception of Indian Village, this is the oldest settled township in the County, and was first settled by Robert, Anthony and William Wilkinson, who came in the year 1849. G. McChambers, R. W. Wilson, J. A. willey and L. Marsh, were also old settlers coming in at an early day and improving farms.

The township was organized in the year 1856, and named after Salt Creek.

The first school was taught by Mr. Howard.

The first birth was a son of Wm. Wilkinsonís in the year 1851 and died the same year making the first death.

The first marriage was G. McChambers to Miss A. Lux.

At West Irving, there is a grist mill which was build in 1871, by Fitz, Barrett and Kenner. At an earlier day there was a saw and grist mill owned and operated aby G. s. Williams in the same place.

The following list of township officers we compile:

Justices:H. Loomis, A. Hale, L. McChensey, J. W. Taylor, A. J. Stewart, W. Benson, D. A. Stevens, C. R. Smith, E. E. Vickery, M. Smith, J. Hutchison, W. H. Graham, T. Roach, G. McChambers, H. H. Williams, C. C. Coats, T. Finch, J. Gitz and S. Smith.

Clerks: B. Pearson, H. L. Smith, C. S. Barton, J. Collister, W. P. Forsyth, E. E. Vickery, S. Hopper, J. H. Ross, E. A. Stockon, W. Camp, S. Smith, J. Shaler.

Trustees: A. J. Stewart, L. Johnson, A. Kile, T. G. Arbuthnot, S. Dudley, A. Wilkinson, J. Roberts, H. H. Williams, G. Crittenden, C. E. Conell, P. D. Smith, A. Wolf, A. J. Wes?el, B. Rector, M. Smith, R. Wilkinson, E. Hancox, J. Fitz, S. C. Bailey, P. Spence, S. Prill, T. Park, A. Hall, L. Marsh, H. W. Searls, B. Collings, J. A. Willey, S. Miles.

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