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Perry Township

Taken from the History of Tama County, Iowa Its Cities, Towns and Villages
Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes,
And A Complete Business Directory Of The County
By Samuel D. Chapman 1879

Contributed by Patty Delmott and Transcribed by Cyndi Vertrees

The township was organized in the year 1858, and the first election was held April 5th, of the same year for the purpose of electing township officers.

Perry lies in township 84 north, 14 west and is one of the wealthiest townships in the County. The township is nearly all prairie though containing some fine timber along the banks of the Wolf Creek and its tributaries.

The first settlement made in this township was in the year 1852. N. L. Osborn came in at this date and erected his log cabin on section 10, now owned by Giles Taylor. Still a little later in this year came N. Nash, V. Carpenter, J. P. Wood, John and James Connell, W. D. Hitchner, L. E.Wood, Robert and Daniel Connell, all settling on the north side of Wolf Creek around the village of Buckingham. These were all the settlers during 1852. A few additions were made in 1853, namely Ira and Giles Taylor and families, Mr. Spade, and Q. Helm. After this, immigration increased rapidly; the year 1854 witnessed the arrival of a number too large to enumerate, all of whom improved farms in the township.

The township is well watered by Wolf Creek passing through the northern portion, and on the south by Salt Creek and its tributaries, which afford advantages in stock raising. There are many excellent farms and the farmers are nearly all well-to-do men. J. G. Safely, James and Peter Wilson, Wm. Sprole and H. A. Hartshorn are among the heaviest farmers.

The township has contained two towns, Traer and West Union, we speak of the former in another chapter. The latter, formerly known as Charlottsville and later West Union, was laid out in 1855. Mr. Hester opened a general stock of merchandise, and other enterprises, though on a small scale, were started but soon all were gone. The location was a beautiful one, and it seemed that nothing but success would attain her growth but she soon fell and now nothing remains to tell of her past. This place was located near the north east corner of the present town of Traer.

The first marriage in the township was Mr. Nott to Miss M. Taylor, in 1853, Rev. S. W. Ingham officiating. They afterwards moved to Kansas were Mrs. Nott died in 1876. The second marriage was Rev. S. W. Ingham to Miss Cynthia Taylor a sister of the first bride, in the spring of 1854. Rev. D. Petterfish officiating.

The first birth was in the family of Mr. W. D. Hitchner, a daughter, America, born December 1st, 1852.

The first birth was in the family of Mr. W. D. Hitchner, a daughter, America, born December 1st, 1852.

The first school in the township was taught by Miss Rachel Wood in the summer of 1854 and the first school house was erected in the old town of Buckingham, in the spring of 1856.

The first post office was at Yankee Grove with S. Kingaman as Postmaster.

The first Sabbath School was organized in 1853, at the house of Mr. Osborn, with Mr. Story as Superintendnet.

Below is a list of those who have served in the various township offices:

Justices: J. W. Southwick, J. Wilson, J. A. Stewart, A. Kile, Q. D. Hartshorn, J. R. and R. McCormack, W. Sprole, A. Pratt, R. G. McIntire, W. Rogers, J. Fowler, W. T. V. Ladd, O. T. Brainard, M. B. Higby, D. Connell.

Clerks: G. W. Bradley, A. Kile, J. Wilson, W. W. Leekins, G. Frank, D. Park, M. L. Seamans, S. M. Elwood, C. C. Collins, W. H. Bowen.

Trustees: W., H. C. and J. Stokes, J. W. Southwick, H. A. and Q. D. Hartshorn, J. L. Graham, H. Beatty, L. E. Wood, Q. Wilson Sr., W. Sprole, C. Loop, A. McCormack, G. Taylor, P. Wilson, S. Everett, H. F. Gaston, J. T. Everett, M. Heath, A. Law, A. McCosh, G. Townsend, J. T. Evans.

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