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Howard Township

Taken from the History of Tama County, Iowa Its Cities, Towns and Villages
Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes,
And A Complete Business Directory Of The County
By Samuel D. Chapman 1879

Contributed by Patty Delmott and Transcribed by Cyndi Vertrees

This township was organized with boundaries as in the year 1854, but afterwards divided into nine townships, leaving it as now known in the third tier of townships from the north line and second from the west line of the County.

The township is principally prairie, though containing considerable timber, some of which is very heavy in the sought western portion, and along the streams in the west and eastern part. Christian Bruner has the honor of being the first to settle here; he built himself a cabin on section thirty-three in the spring of 1852, near the present village of Monticello. Samuel and Jacob Giger, E. Moler, R. A. Rundals, J. Reedy, R. Ray, J. Hartman, F. Spade, H. Howdyshell R. Blake, E. Myers, A. Harbaught, D. Miller, B. Hammitt, G. Zehrung, P. And L. Otterman, Wm. Gallagher, M. Hill, S. Speer, S. Bird, J. Strain, C. R. Ward, A. Leonard, W. C. Granger, J. Davis and B. C. Freet can also be numbered with the first settlers, all good and industrious framers, the most of whom are still living in the same neighborhood in which they first settled.

With regard to products, the township will favorably compare with any other in the County. In stock it ranks number one. In intelligence and business enterprise second to none. Being the home of so many good industrious farmers, this is not to be wondered at.

The township is well watered by Deer Creek and its tributaries, passing through a good portion of it.

There is one village in the township, Monticello, a name given it by C. R. Ward a resident of the place, it being the name of the town, and home of ex-President Thomas Jefferson, and has borne the name to this day. For description the reader is refered to another chapter.

The township contains one flouring Mill, established in 1854, by Christain Bruner, now owned and operated by Bruner & Reedy, located in the southwest part of the township on Deer Creek, also one Cheese Factory, with W. C. Granger as proprieter, which was established in 878.

The first marriage was a double wedding. Mr. W. T. Hollen to Miss Sarah Bruner, and Mr. Joseph Davis to Miss Rebecca Bruner, September 17, 1854, B. Hammitt, a Justice of the Peace, officiating.

The first school was taught on section 29, by Miss Skinner, in 1854.

The first death was, Benjaman Franklin, son of D. F. and Catharine Bruner, on September 10, 1853.

The Methodist were the first religious denomination. A Methodist Minister named Gamin, preached the first sermon at Christian Bruner’s house in 1853. Since that time there has been a church building erected. The denomination is in a prosperous condition.

We compile the following list of officers from the Clerk’s books.

Justices:B. Hammitt, C. R. Ward, R. Ray, J. Fay. W. C. Granger, B. Rhodes, J. Stone, H. Dunn, W. Guilford, J. Rider, G. Burke, J. Gray, C. Baxter, H. Snodgrass, E. Carpenter, A. Whitely.

Clerks: D. F. Brunner, R. Ray, J. H. Granger, J. W. Rider, E. S. Beckley, D. K. Gallagher, C. C. Granger and S. W. Hawke.

Trustees: W. C. Morrison, J. Ross, F. Davis, S. Giger, W. C. Granger, D. N. Hill, C. R. Ward, J. Stone, J. Fay, D. Miller J. Reedy, F. Homan, H. Parker, M. Ross, J. Fuller, P. Otterman, R. Ray, G. W. McCollister, A. Harbaugh, J. H. Tindall, G. Burke, E. D. Rice, H. McAnulty, J. T. McCormack, H. H. withington, G. T. Jones, J. Gray, L. A. Richards, J.H. Giger.

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